TEMPLES in the Census - Main Index

TEMPLEs in the Census - 1790 to 1930

Main Index

Intro Introduction Ralph L. Temple's introduction to the research in these pages, including the Directions for Using the Tables.

How to Use and Interpret This Data:

Readers Dear Readers An example of how to use Temples in the Census.

Censuses Federal Censuses Display of the differing information content and states in the censuses.

Directions Directions for Using TEMPLEs in the Census Specific explanations about conventions, abbreviations and different Census formats.

Conversions "Rise of the Temples" versus "Some Temple Pedigrees" Conversion of reference numbers between two important Temple genealogies.

Ages Age Conversion Charts Age Conversions across the censuses, 1790-1930.

Forms Blank Census Forms Blank Forms for the Federal Censuses by year.

Census Tables:

Tables Colonial and Federal Censuses Index by year to the censuses (the main index to the detailed census data).

Heads Heads of Household By Year Census data sorted by Heads of Household

Wives Wives By Year Census data sorted by Wives (1850-1930)

Children Children By Year Census data sorted by Children (1850-1930)

Places Census Tables by Place Census data sorted by Place of Census

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