Index of Iowa Events

IOWA Event Index

Iowa has had so many TEMPLE events that it has been broken down into the following (confusing) mix of counties and cities. This was to help ease the pain of loading. The general scheme is to be alphabetic by county, so long as the county is known.

"Iowa 1"

Iowa Territory
IA At Large

"Iowa 2"

IA, Adair, Greenfield
IA, Adair, Prussia Twp.
IA, Adair, Stuart
IA, Allamakee Co.
IA, Allamakee, Harper's Ferry
IA, Allamakee, Iowa
IA, Allamakee, Lansing
IA, Allamakee, Makee
IA, Allamakee, New Albin
IA, Allamakee, Waukon
IA, Appanoose Co.
IA, Appanoose, Centerville
IA, Appanoose, Cincinnati
IA, Appanoose, Exline
IA, Appanoose, Griffinsville
IA, Appanoose, Johns
IA, Appanoose, Milledgeville
IA, Appanoose, Moravia
IA, Appanoose, Moulton
IA, Appanoose, Mystic
IA, Appanoose, Numa
IA, Appanoose, Taylor
IA, Appanoose, Vermillion
IA, Audubon Co.
IA, Audubon, Audubon
IA, Audubon, Brayton
IA, Audubon, Exira
IA, Audubon, Melville
IA, Benton Co.
IA, Benton, Big Grove
IA, Benton, Blairstown
IA, Benton, Bruce
IA, Benton, Leroy
IA, Benton, Taylor
IA, Benton, Vinton
IA, Black Hawk Co.
IA, Black Hawk, Cedar Falls
IA, Black Hawk, La Porte City
IA, Black Hawk, Waterloo
IA, Boone Co.
IA, Boone, Boone
IA, Boone, Dodge
IA, Boone, Madrid
IA, Boone, Ogden
IA, Bremer Co.
IA, Bremer, Fairfield
IA, Bremer, Janesville
IA, Bremer, Lafayette Twp.
IA, Bremer, Plainfield
IA, Bremer, Sumner
IA, Bremer, Washington
IA, Bremer, Waverly
IA, Buchanan Co.
IA, Buchanan, Independence
IA, Buena Vista Co.
IA, Buena Vista, Marathon
IA, Buena Vista, Newell
IA, Buena Vista, Sioux Rapids
IA, Buena Vista, Storm Lake
IA, Butler Co.
IA, Butler, Aplington
IA, Butler, Butler
IA, Butler, Clarksville
IA, Butler, Dayton
IA, Butler, Fremont
IA, Butler, Greene
IA, Butler, Monroe
IA, Butler, New Hartford
IA, Butler, Plainfield
IA, Butler, Roots Siding
IA, Butler, Shell Rock Twp.
IA, Butler, Shell Rock
IA, Calhoun, Center Twp.
IA, Calhoun, Farnhamville
IA, Calhoun, Greenfield Twp.
IA, Calhoun, Lake City
IA, Calhoun, Rinard
IA, Calhoun, Rockwell City
IA, Calhun, Manson
IA, Carroll, Carroll
IA, Cass Co.
IA, Cass, Atlantic

"Iowa 3"

IA, Cass, Cass
IA, Cass, Grove Twp.
IA, Cass, Lewis
IA, Cass, Massena
IA, Cass, Pymosa
IA, Cedar Co.
IA, Cedar, Durant
IA, Cedar, Inland
IA, Cedar, Lowden
IA, Cedar, Tipton
IA, Cedar, West Branch
IA, Cerro Gordo Co.
IA, Cerro Gordo, Canaan
IA, Cerro Gordo, Mason City
IA, Cerro Gordo, Pleasant Valley
IA, Cerro Gordo, Swaledale
IA, Cherokee Co.
IA, Cherokee, Cherokee
IA, Cherokee, Marcus
IA, Cherokee, Meriden
IA, Cherokee, Rock
IA, Chickasaw Co.
IA, Chickasaw, Bradford
IA, Chickasaw, Fredericksburg
IA, Chickasaw, Lawler
IA, Chickasaw, Little Turkey
IA, Chickasaw, Nashua
IA, Chickasaw, New Hampton
IA, Clarke Co.
IA, Clarke, Franklin
IA, Clarke, Jamison
IA, Clarke, Osceola
IA, Clarke, Ward Twp.
IA, Clay, Garfield
IA, Clay, Spencer
IA, Clayton Co.
IA, Clayton, Edgewood
IA, Clayton, Elk
IA, Clayton, Elkader
IA, Clayton, Lodomilli
IA, Clayton, Marquette
IA, Clayton, Mc Gregor
IA, Clayton, Monona
IA, Clayton, Strawberry Point
IA, Clinton Co.
IA, Clinton, Clinton
IA, Clinton, Deep Creek Twp.
IA, Clinton, Elk River
IA, Clinton, Lyons
IA, Clinton, Wheatland
IA, Crawford Co.
IA, Crawford, Denison
IA, Crawford, Westside
IA, Dallas Co.
IA, Dallas, Adel
IA, Dallas, Granger
IA, Dallas, Grant
IA, Dallas, Perry
IA, Dallas, Spring Valley
IA, Dallas, Sugar Grove
IA, Davis Co.
IA, Davis, Bloomfield
IA, Davis, Salt Creek
IA, De Kalb, Auburn
IA, Decatur, Garden Grove
IA, Decatur, High Point
IA, Decatur, Lamoni
IA, Decatur, Le Roy
IA, Decatur, Leon
IA, Decatur, Woodland
IA, Delaware Co.
IA, Delaware, Adams
IA, Delaware, Coffin's Grove Twp.
IA, Delaware, Delaware
IA, Delaware, Delhi
IA, Delaware, Dundee
IA, Delaware, Greeley
IA, Delaware, Honey Creek
IA, Delaware, Manchester
IA, Delaware, Oneida
IA, Delaware, York
IA, Des Moines Co.
IA, Des Moines, Burlington

"Iowa 4"

IA, Des Moines, Flint River
IA, Des Moines, Franklin
IA, Des Moines, West Burlington
IA, Dickinson, Arnold's Peak
IA, Dickinson, Lake Park
IA, Dickinson, Spirit Lake
IA, Dubuque, Dubuque
IA, Dubuque, Epworth
IA, Dubuque, Key West
IA, Dubuque, Vernon
IA, Emmet, Estherville
IA, Emmet, Twelve Mile Lake
IA, Fayette Co.
IA, Fayette, Clermont
IA, Fayette, Elgin
IA, Fayette, Fayette
IA, Fayette, Oelwein
IA, Fayette, Randalia
IA, Fayette, Scott
IA, Fayette, West Union
IA, Floyd Co.
IA, Floyd, Charles City
IA, Floyd, Marble Rock
IA, Floyd, Nora Springs
IA, Floyd, Rock Grove
IA, Floyd, Rockford
IA, Floyd, Rudd
IA, Floyd, Scott
IA, Floyd, St. Charles
IA, Franklin Co.
IA, Franklin, Hampton
IA, Fremont, Franklin
IA, Fremont, Randolph
IA, Fremont, Sidney
IA, Fremont, Tabor
IA, Fremont, Thurman
IA, Greene Co.
IA, Greene, Churdan
IA, Greene, Cooper
IA, Greene, Dana
IA, Greene, Dawson
IA, Greene, Grand Junction
IA, Greene, Greenbriar Twp.
IA, Greene, Hardin
IA, Greene, Jefferson
IA, Greene, Paton
IA, Greene, Rippey
IA, Greene, Scranton
IA, Grundy Co.
IA, Grundy, Black Hawk
IA, Grundy, Clay
IA, Grundy, Colfax
IA, Grundy, Conrad
IA, Grundy, Felix
IA, Grundy, Grundy Center
IA, Grundy, Holland
IA, Grundy, Morrison
IA, Grundy, Reinbeck
IA, Grundy, Washington
IA, Grundy, Wellsburg
IA, Guthrie, Adair
IA, Guthrie, Bayard
IA, Guthrie, Bear Grove
IA, Guthrie, Highland
IA, Guthrie, Panora
IA, Guthrie, Valley Twp.
IA, Hamilton Co.
IA, Hamilton, Blairsburg
IA, Hamilton, Ellsworth
IA, Hamilton, Hamilton
IA, Hamilton, Independence
IA, Hamilton, Jewell Junction
IA, Hamilton, Jewell
IA, Hamilton, Kamrar
IA, Hamilton, Liberty
IA, Hamilton, Rose Grove
IA, Hamilton, Webster City
IA, Hamilton, Williams
IA, Hancock, Britt
IA, Hancock, Crystal Lake
IA, Hardin Co.
IA, Hardin, Ackley
IA, Hardin, Clay
IA, Hardin, Eldora
IA, Hardin, Gifford
IA, Hardin, Iowa Falls
IA, Hardin, Jackson
IA, Hardin, Owasa
IA, Hardin, Pleasant Twp.
IA, Hardin, Radcliffe
IA, Hardin, Steamboat Rock
IA, Hardin, Union
IA, Harrison, Missouri Valley
IA, Harrison, St. John's
IA, Harrison, Union
IA, Harrison, Woodbine
IA, Henry Co.
IA, Henry, Boyleston
IA, Henry, Center
IA, Henry, Hillsboro
IA, Henry, Jackson
IA, Henry, Lowell
IA, Henry, Mt. Pleasant
IA, Henry, New London
IA, Henry, Salem
IA, Henry, Trenton
IA, Henry, Trenton, Richland
IA, Howard Co.
IA, Howard, Afton
IA, Howard, Cresco
IA, Howard, Riceville
IA, Howard, Vernon Springs
IA, Humboldt, Bode
IA, Humboldt, Dakota City
IA, Humboldt, Humboldt
IA, Humboldt, Pioneer
IA, Iowa, Marengo
IA, Iowa, Millersburg
IA, Iowa, Victor
IA, Jackson Co.
IA, Jackson, Bellevue
IA, Jackson, Fulton
IA, Jackson, Marquoketa
IA, Jasper Co.

"Iowa 5"

IA, Jasper, Kellogg
IA, Jasper, Newton
IA, Jasper, Reasnor
IA, Jefferson Co.
IA, Jefferson, Bellevue
IA, Jefferson, Cedar
IA, Jefferson, Fairfield
IA, Jefferson, Walnut
IA, Jefferson, West Fairfield
IA, Johnson, Iowa City
IA, Johnson, Lone Tree
IA, Jones, Anamosa
IA, Jones, Onslow
IA, Jones, Oxford Junction
IA, Keokuk Co.
IA, Keokuk, Clear Creek
IA, Keokuk, Delta
IA, Keokuk, Keota
IA, Keokuk, Richland
IA, Keokuk, Thornburg
IA, Keokuk, Washington
IA, Keokuk, Webster
IA, Kossuth Co.
IA, Kossuth, Algona
IA, Kossuth, Burt
IA, Kossuth, German Twp.
IA, Kossuth, Irvington Twp.
IA, Kossuth, Titonka
IA, Lawrence Co.
IA, Lee Co.
IA, Lee, Charleston
IA, Lee, Donnellson
IA, Lee, Fort Madison
IA, Lee, Franklin Centre
IA, Lee, Franklin
IA, Lee, Jefferson
IA, Lee, Keokuk
IA, Lee, Montrose
IA, Lee, West Point
IA, Linn, Bertram
IA, Linn, Cedar Rapids
IA, Linn, Clinton
IA, Linn, Marion
IA, Linn, Mt. Vernon
IA, Linn, Spring Grove Twp.
IA, Louisa Co.
IA, Louisa, Columbus Junction
IA, Louisa, Columbus
IA, Louisa, Concord
IA, Louisa, Evergreen
IA, Louisa, Jefferson
IA, Louisa, Lake Odessa
IA, Louisa, Letts
IA, Louisa, Oakville
IA, Louisa, Wapello
IA, Lucas, Bethlehem
IA, Lucas, Chariton
IA, Lucas, Oakley
IA, Lucas, Russell
IA, Lyon Co.
IA, Lyon, Grant
IA, Lyon, Rock Rapids
IA, Madison Co.
IA, Madison, Lincoln
IA, Madison, Macksburg
IA, Madison, Truro
IA, Madison, Walnut Twp.
IA, Madison, Webster
IA, Madison, Winterset
IA, Mahaska Co.
IA, Mahaska, Cedar
IA, Mahaska, Fremont
IA, Mahaska, Garfield
IA, Mahaska, Jefferson Twp.
IA, Mahaska, Oskaloosa
IA, Marion Co.
IA, Marion, Bussey
IA, Marion, Columbia
IA, Marion, Gosport
IA, Marion, Hamilton
IA, Marion, Knoxville
IA, Marion, Liberty Twp.
IA, Marion, Otley
IA, Marion, Pella
IA, Marion, Washington
IA, Marshall Co.
IA, Marshall, Bangor

"Iowa 6"

IA, Polk, Fort Des Moines
IA, Polk, Grimes
IA, Polk, Jefferson
IA, Polk, Johnston
IA, Polk, Lovington
IA, Polk, Madison
IA, Polk, Mitchellville
IA, Polk, Polk City
IA, Polk, Ridgedale
IA, Polk, Saylor
IA, Polk, Saylorville
IA, Polk, Urbandale
IA, Polk, Webster Twp.
IA, Polk, West Des Moines
IA, Pottawattamie Co.
IA, Pottawattamie, Avoca
IA, Pottawattamie, Council Bluffs
IA, Pottawattamie, Loveland
IA, Pottawattamie, Neola
IA, Poweshiek, Deep River Twp.
IA, Poweshiek, Deep River
IA, Poweshiek, Grant Twp.
IA, Poweshiek, Grinnell
IA, Poweshiek, Montezuma
IA, Poweshiek, Washington
IA, Ridgedale
IA, Ringgold, Tingley
IA, Ringgold, Watterson
IA, Sac, Lake View
IA, Sac, Odebolt
IA, Sac, Sac City
IA, SAC, Schaller
IA, Scott Co.
IA, Scott, Bettendorf
IA, Scott, Big Rock
IA, Scott, Blue Grass
IA, Scott, Davenport
IA, Scott, Le Claire
IA, Scott, Rockingham
IA, Shelby, Elk Horn
IA, Shelby, Harlan
IA, Sioux, Boyden
IA, Sioux, Maurice
IA, Sioux, Orange City
IA, Sioux, Rock Valley
IA, Story Co.
IA, Story, Ames
IA, Story, Gilbert
IA, Story, Indian Creek
IA, Story, Nevada
IA, Story, Slater
IA, Story, Story City
IA, Story, Washington
IA, Tama Co.
IA, Tama, Clark
IA, Tama, Dysart
IA, Tama, Garwin
IA, Tama, Geneseo
IA, Tama, Indian Village
IA, Tama, Perry
IA, Tama, Spring Creek
IA, Tama, Tama
IA, Tama, Toledo
IA, Taylor Co.
IA, Taylor, Bedford
IA, Taylor, Blockton
IA, Taylor, Lenox
IA, Union Co.
IA, Union, Afton
IA, Union, Creston
IA, Union, Cromwell
IA, Union, Douglas
IA, Union, Jones
IA, Union, Lorimor
IA, Union, New Hope
IA, Union, Sand Creek
IA, Union, Spaulding Twp.
IA, Van Buren Co.

"Iowa 7"

IA, Van Buren, Farmington
IA, Van Buren, Selma
IA, Van Buren, Van Buren
IA, Van Buren, Village Twp.
IA, Wapello Co.
IA, Wapello, Agency
IA, Wapello, Bladensburg
IA, Wapello, Center
IA, Wapello, Competine
IA, Wapello, Eldon
IA, Wapello, Farson
IA, Wapello, Kirksville
IA, Wapello, Ottumwa
IA, Wapello, Pleasant Twp.
IA, Wapello, Washington
IA, Warren, Indianola
IA, Warren, Norwalk
IA, Warren, Prole
IA, Washington Co.
IA, Washington, Ainsworth
IA, Washington, Brighton
IA, Washington, Dutch Creek
IA, Washington, Franklin
IA, Washington, Gowrive
IA, Washington, Iowa
IA, Washington, Kalona
IA, Washington, Lime Creek Twp.
IA, Washington, Marion
IA, Washington, Oregon
IA, Washington, Riverside
IA, Washington, Washington
IA, Washington, West Chester
IA, Wayne Co.
IA, Wayne, Allerton
IA, Wayne, Benton
IA, Wayne, Clay
IA, Wayne, Corydon
IA, Wayne, Humeston
IA, Wayne, Promise City
IA, Wayne, Read
IA, Wayne, Richman Twp.
IA, Wayne, Walnut Twp.
IA, Wayne, Washington
IA, Webster Co.
IA, Webster, Clare
IA, Webster, Douglas Twp.
IA, Webster, Fort Dodge
IA, Webster, Gowrie
IA, Webster, Lehigh
IA, Webster, Wahkonsa
IA, Webster, Washington
IA, Westfield Twp. Plymouth
IA, Winnebago, Buffalo Center
IA, Winneshiek, Decorah
IA, Winneshiek, Pleasant Twp.
IA, Woodbury Co.
IA, Woodbury, Anthon
IA, Woodbury, Correctionville
IA, Woodbury, Kedron
IA, Woodbury, Rock Branch
IA, Woodbury, Rock Twp.
IA, Woodbury, Sergeant Bluff
IA, Woodbury, Sioux City
IA, Woodbury, Sloan
IA, Worth Co.
IA, Worth, Fertile Twp.
IA, Worth, Northwood
IA, Wright, Clarion
IA, Wright, Eagle Grove
IA, Wright, Rowan

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