Index of Illinois Events

ILLINOIS Event Index

Illinois has had so many TEMPLE events that it has been broken down into the following (confusing) mix of counties and cities. This was to help ease the pain of loading. The general scheme is to be alphabetic by county, so long as the county is known.

"Illinois 1"

IL At Large Through 1893

"Illinois 2"

IL At Large, 1894 Through 1951

"Illinois 3"

IL At Large, 1952 Through 2013

"Illinois 4"

IL, Adams Co.
IL, Adams, Burton
IL, Adams, Gilmer
IL, Adams, Payson
IL, Adams, Plainville
IL, Adams, Quincy
IL, Adams, Richfield
IL, Adams, Riverside Twp.
IL, Alexander Co.
IL, Alexander, Cairo
IL, Alexander, Hodges Park
IL, Balchtown
IL, Baliff
IL, Boone Co.
IL, Boone, Belvidere
IL, Bureau Co.
IL, Bureau, Buda
IL, Bureau, Dover Twp.
IL, Bureau, Westfield
IL, Calhoun Co.
IL, Calhoun, Batchtown
IL, Calhoun, Belleview
IL, Calhoun, Gilead
IL, Calhoun, Hamburg
IL, Calhoun, Hardin
IL, Carroll Co.
IL, Carroll, Chadwick
IL, Carroll, Cherry Grove
IL, Carroll, Lanark
IL, Carroll, Lima
IL, Carroll, Mt. Carroll
IL, Carroll, Savanna
IL, Carroll, Shannon
IL, Carroll, Thomson
IL, Carroll, York
IL, Cass Co.
IL, Cass, Arenzville
IL, Cass, Ashland
IL, Champaign Co.
IL, Champaign, Bondville
IL, Champaign, Broadlands
IL, Champaign, Champaign
IL, Champaign, Colfax Twp.
IL, Champaign, Crittenden
IL, Champaign, Homer
IL, Champaign, Ivesdale
IL, Champaign, Ludlow
IL, Champaign, Mahomet
IL, Champaign, Penfield
IL, Champaign, Pesotum
IL, Champaign, Rantoul
IL, Champaign, Sadorus
IL, Champaign, Savoy
IL, Champaign, Scott Twp.
IL, Champaign, Seymour
IL, Champaign, Sidney
IL, Champaign, St. Joseph

"Illinois 5"

IL, Champaign, Tolono
IL, Champaign, Urbana
IL, Christian Co.
IL, Christian, Edinburg
IL, Christian, Greenwood
IL, Christian, King
IL, Christian, Morrisonville
IL, Christian, Pana
IL, Christian, Prairieton Twp.
IL, Christian, Stonington
IL, Christian, Taylorville
IL, Clark Co.
IL, Clark, Auburn
IL, Clark, Casey
IL, Clark, Johnson
IL, Clark, Marshall
IL, Clark, Melrose
IL, Clark, Orange
IL, Clark, Westfield
IL, Clay Co.
IL, Clay, Clay and Richland
IL, Clay, Flora
IL, Clay, Harter
IL, Clay, Louisville
IL, Clinton Co.
IL, Clinton, Beckemeyer
IL, Clinton, Breese Twp.
IL, Clinton, Carlyle
IL, Clinton, Clinton
IL, Coles Co.
IL, Coles, Ashmore Twp.
IL, Coles, Charleston
IL, Coles, East Oakland
IL, Coles, Lafayette Twp.
IL, Coles, Mattoon
IL, Coles, North Okaw
IL, Coles, Oakland
IL, Coles, Paradise
IL, Coles, Pleasant Grove
IL, Coles, Seven Hickory
IL, Cook Co.
IL, Cook, Arlington Heights
IL, Cook, Barrington
IL, Cook, Bartlett
IL, Cook, Berwyn
IL, Cook, Beverly
IL, Cook, Bloom Twp.
IL, Cook, Blue Island
IL, Cook, Bremen
IL, Cook, Bridgeview
IL, Cook, Brookfield
IL, Cook, Buffalo Grove
IL, Cook, Chicago Heights
IL, Cook, Chicago Ridge
IL, Cook, Chicago Through 1880

"Illinois 6"

IL, Cook, Chicago, 1881 Through 1929

"Illinois 7"

IL, Cook, Chicago, 1930 Through 2011
IL, Cook, Cicero Twp.
IL, Cook, Des Plaines
IL, Cook, Elk Grove Village
IL, Cook, Evanston
IL, Cook, Flossmoor
IL, Cook, Forest Park
IL, Cook, Franklin Park
IL, Cook, Glencoe
IL, Cook, Glenview
IL, Cook, Hanover
IL, Cook, Harvey
IL, Cook, Homewood
IL, Cook, Hyde Park Twp.
IL, Cook, Justice
IL, Cook, La Grange Park
IL, Cook, La Grange
IL, Cook, Lake Twp.
IL, Cook, Lake View
IL, Cook, Lansing
IL, Cook, Lemont
IL, Cook, Lincolnwood
IL, Cook, Maine
IL, Cook, Maywood
IL, Cook, Melrose Park
IL, Cook, Morton Grove
IL, Cook, New Trier Twp.
IL, Cook, Northbrook
IL, Cook, Northfield
IL, Cook, Norwood Park
IL, Cook, Oak Lawn
IL, Cook, Oak Park

"Illinois 8"

IL, Cook, Palatine
IL, Cook, Palos Heights
IL, Cook, Park, Calumet
IL, Cook, Prospect Heights
IL, Cook, Proviso Twp.
IL, Cook, Rich Twp.
IL, Cook, Richton Park
IL, Cook, River Forest
IL, Cook, River Grove
IL, Cook, Rodgers Park
IL, Cook, Rolling Meadows
IL, Cook, Skokie
IL, Cook, South Holland
IL, Cook, Thornton
IL, Cook, Wilmette
IL, Cook, Winnetka
IL, Cook, Worth
IL, Crawford Co.
IL, Crawford, Bellair
IL, Crawford, Hardensville
IL, Crawford, Licking
IL, Crawford, Martin
IL, Cumberland Co.
IL, Cumberland, Crooked Creek
IL, De Kalb Co.
IL, De Kalb, De Kalb
IL, De Kalb, Shabbona
IL, De Kalb, Sycamore
IL, De Witt Co.
IL, De Witt, Clinton
IL, DeWitt Co.
IL, DeWitt, Lane
IL, Douglas Co.
IL, Douglas, Arcola
IL, Douglas, Arthur
IL, Douglas, Bourbon
IL, Douglas, Bowdre
IL, Douglas, Camargo
IL, Douglas, Ficklin
IL, Douglas, Garrett
IL, Douglas, Hindsboro
IL, Douglas, Sargent
IL, Douglas, Tuscola
IL, Douglas, Villa Grove
IL, Downey Co.
IL, Du Page Co.
IL, Du Page, Bensenville
IL, Du Page, Carol Stream
IL, Du Page, Downers Grove
IL, Du Page, Elmhurst
IL, Du Page, Glen Ellyn
IL, Du Page, Hinsdale
IL, Du Page, Lombard
IL, Du Page, Milton Twp.
IL, Du Page, Naperville
IL, Du Page, Oak Brook
IL, Du Page, Oakbrook Terrace
IL, Du Page, Roselle
IL, Du Page, West Chicago
IL, Du Page, Wheaton
IL, DuPage, Winfield
IL, Edgar Co.
IL, Edgar, Chrisman
IL, Edgar, Paris
IL, Effingham Co.
IL, Effingham, Effingham
IL, Effingham, Mason
IL, Effingham, Shumway
IL, Effingham, West Twp.
IL, Eylar
IL, Fayette Co.
IL, Fayette, Farina
IL, Fayette, La Clede
IL, Fayette, Loogootee
IL, Fayette, Sharon
IL, Ford Co.
IL, Ford, Button
IL, Ford, Gibson City
IL, Ford, Kempton
IL, Ford, Paxton
IL, Franklin, Benton
IL, Franklin, Royalton
IL, Fulton, Canton
IL, Fulton, Fairview
IL, Fulton, Lewistown
IL, Gallatin Co.
IL, Gallatin, Cottonwood
IL, Gallatin, Equality
IL, Greene Co.
IL, Greene, Carrollton
IL, Greene, Greenfield
IL, Greene, Kane
IL, Greene, Macoupin and Apple Creek
IL, Greene, Rockbridge
IL, Greene, White Hall
IL, Grundy Co.
IL, Grundy, Minooka
IL, Grundy, Morris
IL, Grundy, Saratoga
IL, Hamilton Co.
IL, Hancock Co.
IL, Hancock, Basco
IL, Hancock, Bear Creek
IL, Hancock, Carthage
IL, Hancock, Dallas City
IL, Hancock, Denver
IL, Hancock, Hamilton
IL, Hancock, Montebello
IL, Hancock, Nauvoo
IL, Hancock, Plymouth
IL, Hancock, Sonora
IL, Hancock, Warsaw
IL, Hancock, Wythe
IL, Hardin, Hamburg
IL, Henderson Co.
IL, Henderson, Carman
IL, Henderson, Oquawka
IL, Henry Co.
IL, Henry, Atkinson
IL, Henry, Cambridge
IL, Henry, Galva
IL, Henry, Geneseo
IL, Henry, Kewanee
IL, Henry, Osco
IL, Iroquois Co.
IL, Iroquois, Artesia
IL, Iroquois, Ashkum
IL, Iroquois, Buckley
IL, Iroquois, Bunkum
IL, Iroquois, Concord
IL, Iroquois, Crescent
IL, Iroquois, Loda
IL, Iroquois, Martinton
IL, Iroquois, Middleport
IL, Iroquois, Milford
IL, Iroquois, Onarga
IL, Iroquois, Sheldon
IL, Iroquois, Watseka
IL, Jackson Co.
IL, Jackson, Carbondale

"Illinois 9"

IL, Jackson, De Soto
IL, Jackson, Fountain Bluff Twp.
IL, Jackson, Murphysboro
IL, Jackson, Ora Twp.
IL, Jasper Co.
IL, Jasper, Grandville
IL, Jasper, Smallwood
IL, Jasper, Willow Hill
IL, Jefferson Co.
IL, Jefferson, Bluford
IL, Jefferson, Dodds
IL, Jefferson, Mt. Vernon
IL, Jefferson, Shiloh
IL, Jersey Co.
IL, Jersey, Grafton
IL, Jersey, Jerseyville
IL, Jersey, Mississippi Twp.
IL, Jo Daviess Co.
IL, Jo Daviess, Dunleith
IL, Jo Daviess, Galena
IL, Jo Daviess, Stockton
IL, Jo Daviess, West Galena
IL, Johnson, Fremont
IL, Johnson, Reevesville
IL, Johnson, Simpson
IL, Johnson, Vienna
IL, Kane Co.
IL, Kane, Aurora Twp.
IL, Kane, Aurora
IL, Kane, Batavia
IL, Kane, Carpentersville
IL, Kane, Elgin
IL, Kane, Geneva
IL, Kane, Hampshire
IL, Kane, Montgomery
IL, Kane, Plato
IL, Kane, St. Charles
IL, Kane, Sugar Grove
IL, Kankakee Co.
IL, Kankakee, Bourbonais
IL, Kankakee, Bourbonnais
IL, Kankakee, Kankakee
IL, Kankakee, Momence
IL, Kendall Co.
IL, Kendall, Oswego
IL, Kendall, Plano
IL, Knox Co.
IL, Knox, Copley Twp.
IL, Knox, East Galesburg
IL, Knox, Galesburg
IL, Knox, Haw Creek
IL, Knox, Knox
IL, Knox, Knoxville
IL, Knox, Maquon
IL, Knox, Oneida
IL, Knox, Sparta Twp.
IL, Knox, Truro
IL, Knox, Victoria
IL, Knox, Wataga
IL, Knox, West Truro
IL, Knox, Williamsfield
IL, La Salle Co.
IL, La Salle, Bruce
IL, La Salle, Dana
IL, La Salle, Dayton
IL, La Salle, Dimmick

"Illinois 10"

IL, La Salle, Earl
IL, La Salle, Earlville
IL, La Salle, Grand Ridge
IL, La Salle, Groveland
IL, La Salle, Hope
IL, La Salle, La Salle
IL, La Salle, Leland
IL, La Salle, Ottawa
IL, La Salle, Peru
IL, La Salle, Rutland
IL, La Salle, Serena
IL, La Salle, Streator
IL, La Salle, Tonica
IL, La Salle, Troy
IL, Lake Co.
IL, Lake, Deerfield
IL, Lake, Gilmer
IL, Lake, Great Lakes
IL, Lake, Gurnee
IL, Lake, Highland Park
IL, Lake, Highwood
IL, Lake, Lake Forest
IL, Lake, Libertyville
IL, Lake, Mundelein
IL, Lake, Riverwoods
IL, Lake, Waukegan
IL, Lake, Winthrop Harbor
IL, Lake, Woodridge
IL, Lawrence, Lawrenceville
IL, Lawrence, Pinkneyville
IL, Lee Co.
IL, Lee, Dixon
IL, Lee, Melugin's Grove
IL, Lee, Sublette
IL, Livingston Co.
IL, Livingston, Ancona
IL, Livingston, Dwight
IL, Livingston, Fairbury
IL, Livingston, Long Point
IL, Livingston, Manville
IL, Livingston, Odell
IL, Logan Co.
IL, Logan, Beason
IL, Logan, Emden
IL, Logan, Lincoln
IL, Logan, Orvil
IL, Logan, West Lincoln
IL, Macon Co.
IL, Macon, Decatur
IL, Macon, Friends Creek
IL, Macon, Harristown
IL, Macon, Illini
IL, Macon, Macon
IL, Macon, Maroa
IL, Macon, Warrensburg
IL, Macoupin Co.
IL, Macoupin, Atwater
IL, Macoupin, Barr
IL, Macoupin, Benld
IL, Macoupin, Dorchester
IL, Macoupin, Gillespie
IL, Macoupin, Macoupin
IL, Macoupin, North Palmyra
IL, Macoupin, Virden
IL, Macoupin, Wilsonville
IL, Madison Co.
IL, Madison, Alton
IL, Madison, Collinsville
IL, Madison, Edwardsville
IL, Madison, Godfrey
IL, Madison, Granite City
IL, Madison, Maryville
IL, Madison, Venice
IL, Madison, Williamson
IL, Madison, Wood River Twp.
IL, Marion Co.
IL, Marion, Centralia
IL, Marion, Kinmundy
IL, Marion, Omega
IL, Marion, Salem
IL, Marion, Sandoval
IL, Marshall Co.
IL, Marshall, Hopewell Twp.
IL, Marshall, La Prairie
IL, Marshall, Lacon
IL, Marshall, Lawn Ridge
IL, Marshall, Steuben
IL, Marshall, Whitefield

"Illinois 11"

IL, Mason Co.
IL, Mason, Havana
IL, Mason, Mason City
IL, Massac Co.
IL, Massac, Hickory Grove
IL, Massac, Metropolis
IL, Mc Donough Co.
IL, Mc Donough, Good Hope
IL, Mc Donough, Industry
IL, Mc Donough, Macomb
IL, Mc Donough, Prairie City
IL, Mc Donough, Sciota
IL, Mc Henry Co.
IL, Mc Henry, Algonquin
IL, Mc Henry, Cary
IL, Mc Henry, Crystal Lake
IL, Mc Henry, Greenwood Twp.
IL, Mc Henry, Harvard
IL, Mc Henry, Marengo
IL, Mc Henry, Mc Henry
IL, Mc Henry, Prairie Grove
IL, Mc Henry, Riley
IL, Mc Henry, Woodstock
IL, Mc Lean Co.
IL, Mc Lean, Atlanta
IL, Mc Lean, Bellflower or Leroy
IL, Mc Lean, Bellflower
IL, Mc Lean, Bloomington
IL, Mc Lean, Chenoa
IL, Mc Lean, Colfax
IL, Mc Lean, Dale Twp.
IL, Mc Lean, Farmer City
IL, Mc Lean, Funk's Grove
IL, Mc Lean, Hudson
IL, Mc Lean, Le Roy
IL, Mc Lean, Leroy
IL, Mc Lean, Mc Lean
IL, Mc Lean, Mt. Hope
IL, Mc Lean, Normal
IL, Mc Lean, Towanda
IL, Mc Lean, West Twp.
IL, McDonough, Walnut Grove Twp.
IL, Menard, Petersburg
IL, Mercer Co.
IL, Mercer, Aledo
IL, Mercer, Duncan
IL, Mercer, Geneseo
IL, Mercer, Keithsburg
IL, Mercer, Millersburg Twp.
IL, Mercer, New Boston
IL, Mercer, Ogle
IL, Mercer, Preemption
IL, Mercer, Richland Grove
IL, Mercer, Suez Twp.
IL, Mercer, Viola
IL, Miami, Amboy
IL, Monroe, Valmeyer
IL, Monroe, Waterloo
IL, Montgomery Co.
IL, Montgomery, Hillsboro
IL, Montgomery, Litchfield
IL, Montgomery, Nokomis
IL, Montgomery, Raymond
IL, Montgomery, Roundtree Twp.
IL, Montgomery, Zanesville
IL, Morgan Co.
IL, Morgan, Franklin
IL, Morgan, Jacksonville
IL, Moultrie Co.
IL, Moultrie, Dalton City
IL, Moultrie, East Nelson
IL, Moultrie, Lovington
IL, Moultrie, Lowe Twp.
IL, Moultrie, Sullivan
IL, Ogle Co.
IL, Ogle, Brookville
IL, Ogle, Byron
IL, Ogle, Daysville
IL, Ogle, Forreston
IL, Ogle, Haldane
IL, Ogle, Lincoln
IL, Ogle, Pine Rock
IL, Ogle, Polo
IL, Peepsville
IL, Peoria Co.
IL, Peoria, Chillicothe
IL, Peoria, Elmwood
IL, Peoria, Hallock
IL, Peoria, Limestone
IL, Peoria, Peoria
IL, Peoria, Princeville Village
IL, Peoria, Richwood Twp.
IL, Peoria, Rome

"Illinois 12"

IL, Perry Co.
IL, Perry, Cutler
IL, Perry, Du Quoin
IL, Perry, Galum
IL, Perry, Pinckneyville
IL, Perry, Tamaroa
IL, Piatt Co.
IL, Piatt, Atwood
IL, Piatt, Bement
IL, Piatt, Cerro Gordo
IL, Piatt, Hammond
IL, Piatt, Mansfield
IL, Piatt, Monticello
IL, Piatt, Unity
IL, Piatt, White Heath
IL, Pike Co.
IL, Pike, Barry
IL, Pike, Detroit
IL, Pike, Griggsville
IL, Pike, Milton
IL, Pike, Montezuma
IL, Pike, New Canton
IL, Pike, New Hartford
IL, Pike, New Salem
IL, Pike, Perry
IL, Pike, Pittsfield
IL, Pike, Pleasant Vale
IL, Pulaski Co.
IL, Pulaski, America
IL, Pulaski, Mounds
IL, Pulaski, Ohio
IL, Pulaski, Villa Ridge
IL, Putnam, Magnolia
IL, Randolph Co.
IL, Randolph, Baldwin
IL, Randolph, Central
IL, Randolph, Chester
IL, Randolph, Clay and Richland
IL, Randolph, Coulterville
IL, Randolph, Couterville
IL, Randolph, Ellis Grove
IL, Randolph, Evansville
IL, Randolph, Houston
IL, Randolph, Percy
IL, Randolph, Prairie
IL, Randolph, Preston
IL, Randolph, Sparta
IL, Randolph, Tilden
IL, Richland Co.
IL, Richland, Decker
IL, Richland, Olney

"Illinois 13"

IL, Richland, Preston
IL, Rock Island Co.
IL, Rock Island, Barstow
IL, Rock Island, Coal Valley
IL, Rock Island, Drury Twp.
IL, Rock Island, East Moline
IL, Rock Island, Edgington
IL, Rock Island, Hampton
IL, Rock Island, Hillsdale
IL, Rock Island, Joslin
IL, Rock Island, Milan
IL, Rock Island, Moline
IL, Rock Island, Port Byron
IL, Rock Island, Rapids City
IL, Rock Island, Rock Island
IL, Rock Island, Silvis
IL, Rock Island, South Moline
IL, Rushville, Pleasant View
IL, Saline Co.
IL, Saline, Brushy
IL, Saline, Carrier Mills
IL, Saline, Cottage
IL, Saline, Eldorado
IL, Saline, Harco
IL, Sangamon Co.
IL, Sangamon, Auburn
IL, Sangamon, Cotton Hill
IL, Sangamon, Mechanicsburg
IL, Sangamon, New Berlin
IL, Sangamon, Springfield
IL, Sangamon, Thayer
IL, Schuyler, Bluff City
IL, Schuyler, Brooklyn
IL, Scott, Manchester
IL, Shelby Co.
IL, Shelby, Cowden
IL, Shelby, Herrick
IL, Shelby, Pickaway
IL, Shelby, Westervelt
IL, St. Clair Co.
IL, St. Clair, Belleville
IL, St. Clair, Centerville
IL, St. Clair, Columbia
IL, St. Clair, East Carondolet
IL, St. Clair, East St. Louis
IL, St. Clair, Freeburg
IL, St. Clair, High Prairie
IL, St. Clair, Lebanon
IL, St. Clair, Lovejoy
IL, St. Clair, Marissa
IL, St. Clair, Mascoutah
IL, St. Clair, Millstadt
IL, St. Clair, New Athens
IL, St. Clair, O'Fallon
IL, St. Clair, Pontiac
IL, St. Clair, Swansea
IL, St. Clair, Twelve Mile Prairie
IL, Stark Co.
IL, Stark, Toulon
IL, Stark, West Jersey
IL, Stephenson Co.
IL, Stephenson, Florence
IL, Stephenson, Freeport

"Illinois 14"

IL, Stephenson, Harlem
IL, Stephenson, Kent
IL, Stephenson, Lena
IL, Stephenson, Pearl City
IL, Stephenson, Silver Creek
IL, Stephenson, West Point Twp.
IL, Tazewell Co.
IL, Tazewell, Delavan
IL, Tazewell, Dillon
IL, Tazewell, East Peoria
IL, Tazewell, Fondulac
IL, Tazewell, Groveland
IL, Tazewell, Hopedale
IL, Tazewell, Morton
IL, Tazewell, Pekin
IL, Tazewell, South Pekin
IL, Tazewell, Washington Twp.
IL, Tazewll, Boynton
IL, Union Co.
IL, Union, Anna
IL, Union, Dongola
IL, Union, Jonesboro
IL, Union, Rural Twp.
IL, Union, Union
IL, Vermilion Co.
IL, Vermilion, Brookville
IL, Vermilion, Danville
IL, Vermilion, Fairmount
IL, Vermilion, Georgetown
IL, Vermilion, Hoopeston
IL, Vermilion, Ridge Farm
IL, Vermilion, Ross Twp.
IL, Vermilion, Rossville
IL, Vermilion, Vance
IL, Wabash, Mt. Carmel
IL, Warren Co.
IL, Warren, Cameron
IL, Warren, Floyd
IL, Warren, Kirkwood
IL, Warren, Lenox
IL, Warren, Little York
IL, Warren, Monmouth
IL, Warren, Roseville
IL, Washington Co.
IL, Washington, Nashville
IL, Wayne Co.
IL, Wayne, Barnhill
IL, Wayne, Fairfield
IL, Wayne, Sims
IL, White Co.
IL, White, Carmi
IL, White, Mill Shoals
IL, White, Phillips Twp.
IL, Whiteside Co.
IL, Whiteside, Albany
IL, Whiteside, Clyde
IL, Whiteside, East Clinton
IL, Whiteside, Erie
IL, Whiteside, Fenton
IL, Whiteside, Fulton
IL, Whiteside, Garden Plain

"Illinois 15"

IL, Whiteside, Morrison
IL, Whiteside, Newton Corners
IL, Whiteside, Newton
IL, Whiteside, Prophetstown
IL, Whiteside, Rock Falls
IL, Whiteside, Sterling
IL, Whiteside, Tampico
IL, Whiteside, Union Grove
IL, Whiteside, Ustick Twp.
IL, Whiteside, West Sterling
IL, Whiteside, White Pigeon
IL, Will Co.
IL, Will, Braidwood
IL, Will, Homer
IL, Will, Joliet
IL, Will, Mokena
IL, Will, Monee
IL, Will, Peotone
IL, Will, Plainfield
IL, Will, Ridgewood
IL, Will, Wesley
IL, Will, Wilton Center
IL, Will, Wilton
IL, Williamson Co.
IL, Williamson, Crab Orchard
IL, Williamson, Creal Springs
IL, Williamson, Herrin
IL, Williamson, Marion
IL, Winnebago Co.
IL, Winnebago, Harrison
IL, Winnebago, Loves Park
IL, Winnebago, Owen
IL, Winnebago, Pecatonica
IL, Winnebago, Rockford
IL, Winnebago, Rockport
IL, Winnebago, Rockton
IL, Winnebago, Winnebago
IL, Woodford, Metamora

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