Index of Indiana Events

INDIANA Event Index

Indiana has had so many TEMPLE events that it has been broken down into the following (confusing) mix of counties and cities. This was to help ease the pain of loading. The general scheme is to be alphabetic by county, so long as the county is known.

"Indiana 1"

IN At Large Through 1896

"Indiana 2"

IN At Large, 1897 Through 2014

"Indiana 3"

IN, Adams, Decatur
IN, Adams, Preble
IN, Adams, St. Marys
IN, Adams, Union Twp.
IN, Allen Co.
IN, Allen, Fort Wayne
IN, Allen, Grabill
IN, Allen, Hoagland
IN, Allen, Leo
IN, Allen, Marion Twp.
IN, Allen, Monroeville
IN, Allen, New Haven
IN, Allen, Wayne
IN, Allen, Woodburn
IN, Bartholomew Co.
IN, Bartholomew, Azalia
IN, Bartholomew, Columbus
IN, Bartholomew, East Columbus
IN, Bartholomew, Elizabethtown
IN, Bartholomew, Hartsville
IN, Bartholomew, Hope
IN, Bartholomew, Ogilville
IN, Bartholomew, Rock Creek
IN, Bartholomew, Taylorsville
IN, Bartholomew, Union Twp
IN, Bartholomew, Walesboro
IN, Benton, Ambia
IN, Benton, Fowler
IN, Benton, Hickory Grove
IN, Benton, Oxford
IN, Benton, Parish Grove
IN, Benton, Templeton
IN, Blackford, Harrison
IN, Blackford, Hartford City
IN, Blackford, Montpelier
IN, Boone Co.
IN, Boone, Jamestown
IN, Boone, Lebanon
IN, Boone, Marion
IN, Boone, Perry
IN, Boone, Whitestown
IN, Brown, Nashville
IN, Carroll Co.
IN, Carroll, Adams
IN, Carroll, Bringhurst
IN, Carroll, Burnettsville
IN, Carroll, Carrollton
IN, Carroll, Delphi
IN, Carroll, Jefferson Twp.
IN, Carroll, Lockport
IN, Carroll, Monticello
IN, Carroll, Rock Creek Twp.
IN, Carroll, Rock Creek
IN, Carroll, Rockfield
IN, Carroll, Washington
IN, Carroll, Woodville
IN, Cass Co.
IN, Cass, Jefferson
IN, Cass, Logansport
IN, Cass, New Waverly
IN, Cass, Walton
IN, Clark Co.
IN, Clark, Bethlehem
IN, Clark, Borden
IN, Clark, Carwood
IN, Clark, Charlestown
IN, Clark, Clarksville

"Indiana 4"

IN, Clark, Jeffersonville
IN, Clark, Memphis
IN, Clark, New Washington
IN, Clark, Sellersburg
IN, Clark, Silver Creek Twp.
IN, Clark, Underwood
IN, Clark, Utica
IN, Clark, Wood Twp.
IN, Clark, Wood
IN, Clark, Wood, Starlight
IN, Clay, Brazil
IN, Clay, Clay City
IN, Clay, Eel River
IN, Clay, Knightsville
IN, Clinton Co.
IN, Clinton, Forest Twp.
IN, Clinton, Frankfort
IN, Clinton, Kirklin
IN, Clinton, Owen
IN, Clinton, Rossville
IN, Clinton, Sugar Creek Twp.
IN, Crawford Co.
IN, Crawford, Curby
IN, Crawford, English
IN, Crawford, Grantsburg
IN, Crawford, Jennings
IN, Crawford, Leavenworth
IN, Crawford, Liberty
IN, Crawford, Marengo
IN, Crawford, Milltown
IN, Crawford, Milltown, Whiskey Run Twp.
IN, Crawford, Patoka
IN, Crawford, Sharpstown
IN, Crawford, Sterling Twp.
IN, Crawford, Taswell
IN, Crawford, Temple
IN, Daviess, Odon
IN, Daviess, Washington Twp.

"Indiana 5"

IN, Daviess, Washington
IN, De Kalb, Auburn
IN, De Kalb, Corunna
IN, De Kalb, Fairfield
IN, De Kalb, Garrett
IN, De Kalb, Keyser
IN, De Kalb, St. Joseph
IN, De Kalb, Waterloo
IN, De Kalb, Waterton
IN, Dearborn Co.
IN, Dearborn, Aurora
IN, Dearborn, Center
IN, Dearborn, Curtis Twp.
IN, Dearborn, Lawrenceburg
IN, Dearborn, Washington Twp.
IN, Decatur, Fugit
IN, Decatur, Greensburg
IN, Decatur, Jackson
IN, Decatur, Lafayette Twp.
IN, Decatur, Milford
IN, Decatur, Rossburg
IN, Decatur, Sardinia
IN, Decatur, Westport
IN, Delaware Co.
IN, Delaware, Center Twp.
IN, Delaware, Eaton
IN, Delaware, Muncie
IN, Delaware, Niles
IN, Delaware, Perry Twp.
IN, Dubois Co.
IN, Dubois, Bainbridge Twp.
IN, Dubois, Birdseye
IN, Dubois, Bretzville
IN, Dubois, Celestine
IN, Dubois, Evansville
IN, Dubois, Ferdinand
IN, Dubois, Hall Twp.
IN, Dubois, Harbison
IN, Dubois, Holland
IN, Dubois, Huntingburg
IN, Dubois, Ireland
IN, Dubois, Jackson Twp.
IN, Dubois, Jasper Twp.
IN, Dubois, Jasper
IN, Dubois, Jefferson Twp.
IN, DuBois, Kellerville
IN, Dubois, Madison
IN, Dubois, Marion
IN, Dubois, Schnellville
IN, Dubois, South Huntingburg
IN, Dubois, St. Anthony
IN, Dubois, St. Henry
IN, Dubois, Velpen
IN, Elkhart Co.
IN, Elkhart, Benton
IN, Elkhart, Bristol
IN, Elkhart, Concord
IN, Elkhart, Elkhart
IN, Elkhart, Goshen
IN, Elkhart, Middlebury
IN, Elkhart, Nappanee
IN, Elkhart, Wakarusa
IN, Fairfield, Lafayette
IN, Fayette Co.
IN, Fayette, Columbia
IN, Fayette, Connersville
IN, Fayette, Jackson
IN, Floyd Co.
IN, Floyd, Borden
IN, Floyd, Floyds Knob
IN, Floyd, Georgetown
IN, Floyd, Greenville
IN, Floyd, New Albany

"Indiana 6"

IN, Fountain Co.
IN, Fountain, Attica
IN, Fountain, Cain
IN, Fountain, Veedersburg
IN, Franklin Co.
IN, Franklin, Blooming Grove
IN, Franklin, Brookville
IN, Franklin, Mixersville
IN, Franklin, Oldenburg
IN, Franklin, White Water
IN, Fulton Co.
IN, Gage, Lincoln Twp.
IN, Gibson, Hazleton
IN, Gibson, Oakland City
IN, Gibson, Princeton
IN, Grant Co.
IN, Grant, Center Twp.
IN, Grant, Marion
IN, Grant, Upland
IN, Greene Co.
IN, Greene, Marco
IN, Greene, Owensboro
IN, Greene, Worthington
IN, Hamilton, Atlanta
IN, Hamilton, Carmel
IN, Hamilton, Delaware
IN, Hamilton, Fishers
IN, Hamilton, Indianapolis
IN, Hamilton, Noblesville
IN, Hamilton, Sheridan
IN, Hamilton, Westfield
IN, Hamilton, White River Twp.
IN, Hancock Co.
IN, Hancock, Blue River
IN, Hancock, Buck Creek Twp.
IN, Hancock, Center
IN, Hancock, Charlestown
IN, Hancock, Charlottesville
IN, Hancock, Fortville
IN, Hancock, Greenfield
IN, Hancock, Mohawk
IN, Hancock, New Palestine
IN, Hancock, Vernon
IN, Harrison Co.
IN, Harrison, Blue River
IN, Harrison, Bradford Twp.
IN, Harrison, Central Barren
IN, Harrison, Corydon
IN, Harrison, Crandall
IN, Harrison, Elizabeth
IN, Harrison, Franklin Twp.
IN, Harrison, Jackson Twp.
IN, Harrison, Jackson
IN, Harrison, Laconia
IN, Harrison, Lanesville
IN, Harrison, Morgan Twp.
IN, Harrison, New Salisbury
IN, Harrison, Palmyra
IN, Harrison, Ramsey
IN, Harrison, White Cloud
IN, Hendricks Co.
IN, Hendricks, Avon
IN, Hendricks, Bridgeport
IN, Hendricks, Brown
IN, Hendricks, Brownsburg
IN, Hendricks, Coatesville
IN, Hendricks, Danville
IN, Hendricks, Eel River
IN, Hendricks, Liberty
IN, Hendricks, Lizton
IN, Hendricks, North Salem
IN, Hendricks, Plainfield
IN, Hendricks, Union Twp.
IN, Hendricks, Union
IN, Henry Co.
IN, Henry, Center
IN, Henry, Knightstown
IN, Henry, Middletown
IN, Henry, New Castle
IN, Henry, New Lisbon
IN, Henry, Spiceland
IN, Henry, Wayne
IN, Highland
IN, Howard Co.
IN, Howard, Center Twp.
IN, Howard, Kokomo
IN, Howard, Monroe
IN, Howard, New London
IN, Howard, Russiaville
IN, Howard, Taylor Twp.
IN, Howard, West Middleton
IN, Huntington, Huntington
IN, Huntington, Jackson
IN, Huntington, Warren
IN, Ison
IN, Jackson Co.
IN, Jackson, Brownstown
IN, Jackson, Cortland
IN, Jackson, Crothersville
IN, Jackson, Driftwood Twp.
IN, Jackson, Jackson
IN, Jackson, Medora
IN, Jackson, Seymour

"Indiana 7"

IN, Jackson, Sparksville
IN, Jackson, Vallonia
IN, Jackson, Vernon Twp.
IN, Jasper Co.
IN, Jasper, Rensselaer
IN, Jay Co.
IN, Jay, Portland
IN, Jay, Wayne Twp.
IN, Jefferson Co.
IN, Jefferson, Barbersville
IN, Jefferson, Dupont
IN, Jefferson, Graham Twp.
IN, Jefferson, Hanover
IN, Jefferson, Lancaster
IN, Jefferson, Madison
IN, Jefferson, Monroe Twp.
IN, Jefferson, North Madison
IN, Jefferson, Pommiskey
IN, Jefferson, Saluda Twp.
IN, Jefferson, Smyrna Twp.
IN, Jefferson, Smyrna
IN, Jennings Co.
IN, Jennings, Bigger Twp.
IN, Jennings, Brewersville
IN, Jennings, Center Twp.
IN, Jennings, Commiskey
IN, Jennings, Geneva Twp.
IN, Jennings, Montgomery
IN, Jennings, North Vernon
IN, Jennings, Paris Crossing
IN, Jennings, Queensville
IN, Jennings, Sand Creek Twp.
IN, Jennings, Scipio
IN, Jennings, Vernon
IN, Johnson Co.
IN, Johnson, Bargersville
IN, Johnson, Blue River Twp.
IN, Johnson, Edinburgh
IN, Johnson, Franklin
IN, Johnson, Greenwood
IN, Johnson, New Whiteland
IN, Joseph, St, Walkerton
IN, Knox Co.
IN, Knox, Bicknell
IN, Knox, Vincennes
IN, Kosciusko Co.
IN, Kosciusko, Lake
IN, Kosciusko, Leesburg
IN, Kosciusko, Milford
IN, Kosciusko, North Webster
IN, Kosciusko, Packerton
IN, Kosciusko, Pierceton
IN, Kosciusko, Plain Twp.
IN, Kosciusko, Silver Lake
IN, Kosciusko, Syracuse
IN, Kosciusko, Warsaw
IN, Kosciusko, Winona Lake
IN, La Grange Co.
IN, La Grange, La Grange
IN, La Grange, Milford Twp.
IN, La Grange, South Milford
IN, La Grange, Wolcottville
IN, La Porte Co.
IN, La Porte, La Porte
IN, La Porte, Michigan City
IN, La Porte, Mill Creek
IN, Lagrange, Howe
IN, Lagrange, Lima Twp.
IN, Lagrange, Stroh
IN, Lake Co.
IN, Lake, Centre Twp.
IN, Lake, Crown Point
IN, Lake, Dyer
IN, Lake, Eagle Creek
IN, Lake, East Chicago
IN, Lake, Gary
IN, Lake, Griffith
IN, Lake, Hammond

"Indiana 8"

IN, Lake, Hobart
IN, Lake, Indiana Harbor
IN, Lake, Merrillville
IN, Lake, Munster
IN, Lake, North Twp.
IN, Lake, Schererville
IN, Lake, St. John
IN, Lake, Whiting
IN, Lake, Winfield
IN, Lawrence Co.
IN, Lawrence, Bartlettsville
IN, Lawrence, Bedford
IN, Lawrence, East Oolitic
IN, Lawrence, Heltonville
IN, Lawrence, Marion Twp.
IN, Lawrence, Mitchell
IN, Lawrence, Oolitic
IN, Lawrence, Peerless
IN, Lawrence, Pleasant Run Twp.
IN, Lawrence, Shawswick Twp.
IN, Lawrence, Spice Valley Twp.
IN, Madison Co.
IN, Madison, Alexandria
IN, Madison, Anderson
IN, Madison, Chesterfield
IN, Madison, Elwood
IN, Madison, Lafayette Twp.
IN, Madison, Pendleton
IN, Marion Co.
IN, Marion, Beech Grove
IN, Marion, Camby
IN, Marion, Indianapolis

"Indiana 9"

IN, Marion, Lawrence
IN, Marion, Marion Heights
IN, Marion, Mars Hill
IN, Marion, Perry Twp.
IN, Marion, University Heights
IN, Marion, Warren Park
IN, Marion, Washington Twp.
IN, Marion, Wayne
IN, Marshall Co.
IN, Marshall, Bourbon Twp.
IN, Marshall, Bremen
IN, Marshall, Culver
IN, Marshall, Inwood
IN, Marshall, Plymouth
IN, Marshall, Union
IN, Martin Co.
IN, Martin, Columbia
IN, Martin, Halbert Twp.
IN, Martin, Loogootee
IN, Martin, Mitcheltree
IN, Martin, Natchez
IN, Martin, Shoals Twp.
IN, Martin, Shoals
IN, McDonald, Richwood
IN, Miami Co.
IN, Miami, Bunker Hill
IN, Miami, Deedsville
IN, Miami, Jefferson Twp.
IN, Miami, Peru
IN, Monroe Co.
IN, Monroe, Bloomington
IN, Monroe, Chapel Hill
IN, Monroe, Indian Creek Twp.
IN, Monroe, Perry Twp.
IN, Monroe, Perry
IN, Monroe, Polk
IN, Monroe, Van Buren
IN, Montgomery Co.
IN, Montgomery, Coal Creek Twp.
IN, Montgomery, Crawfordsville
IN, Montgomery, Darlington Twp.
IN, Montgomery, New Market
IN, Montgomery, New Richmond
IN, Montgomery, Richmond
IN, Montgomery, Scott
IN, Montgomery, St. Johnsville
IN, Montgomery, Walnut Twp.
IN, Montgomery, Wingate
IN, Morgan Co.
IN, Morgan, Martinsville
IN, Morgan, Mooresville
IN, Morgan, Paragon
IN, Mt. Carmel
IN, Newton, Kentland
IN, Nichols
IN, Noble Co.
IN, Noble, Albion
IN, Noble, Avilla
IN, Noble, Kendallville
IN, Noble, LaOtto
IN, Noble, Orange
IN, Noble, Pierceton
IN, Noble, Rome City
IN, Noble, Sparta
IN, Noble, Wawaka Twp.
IN, Orange Co.
IN, Orange, French Lick Twp.
IN, Orange, Greenfield
IN, Orange, Paoli
IN, Orange, West Baden
IN, Owen Co.
IN, Owen, Clay Twp.
IN, Owen, Franklin Twp.
IN, Owen, Freedom
IN, Owen, Gosport
IN, Owen, Quincy Twp.
IN, Owen, Spencer
IN, Parke Co.
IN, Parke, Greene Twp.
IN, Parke, Jackson Twp.
IN, Parke, Union Twp.
IN, Perry Co.
IN, Perry, Bristow
IN, Perry, Cannelton
IN, Perry, Clark Twp.
IN, Perry, Harrison Twp.
IN, Perry, Siberia

"Indiana 10"

IN, Perry, St. Croix
IN, Perry, Tell City
IN, Perry, Uniontown
IN, Pike Co.
IN, Pike, Petersburg
IN, Pike, Zoar
IN, Porter Co.
IN, Porter, Boone Twp.
IN, Porter, Chesterton
IN, Porter, Hebron
IN, Porter, Jackson Twp.
IN, Porter, Kouts
IN, Porter, Malden
IN, Porter, Merrillville
IN, Porter, Portage
IN, Porter, Porter
IN, Porter, Valparaiso
IN, Porter, Wheeler
IN, Posey Co.
IN, Posey, Cynthiana
IN, Posey, Mt. Vernon
IN, Posey, Poseyville
IN, Posey, St. Philip
IN, Putnam Co.
IN, Putnam, Franklin
IN, Putnam, Greencastle
IN, Putnam, Jackson Twp.
IN, Putnam, New Maysville
IN, Putnam, Putnam
IN, Putnam, Raccoon
IN, Putnam, Roachdale
IN, Randolph Co.
IN, Randolph, Deerfield
IN, Randolph, Jackson Twp.
IN, Randolph, Parker City
IN, Randolph, Randolph
IN, Randolph, Ridgeville
IN, Randolph, Saratoga
IN, Randolph, Union City
IN, Randolph, Ward Twp.
IN, Randolph, Washington Twp.
IN, Randolph, Wayne Twp.
IN, Randolph, White River Twp.
IN, Randolph, Winchester
IN, Ripley Co.
IN, Ripley, Center Twp.
IN, Ripley, Johnson Twp.
IN, Ripley, Versailles
IN, Rush Co.
IN, Rush, Arlington
IN, Rush, Circleville
IN, Rush, Jackson Twp.
IN, Rush, Milroy
IN, Rush, Noble
IN, Rush, Richland
IN, Rush, Ripley
IN, Rush, Rushville
IN, Rush, Walnut Ridge
IN, Scott Co.
IN, Scott, Austin
IN, Scott, Jennings Twp.
IN, Scott, Scottsburg
IN, Shelby Co.
IN, Shelby, Addison
IN, Shelby, Brandywine
IN, Shelby, Geneva
IN, Shelby, Shelbyville
IN, Shelby, Van Buren
IN, Solon
IN, Spencer Co.
IN, Spencer, Carter Twp.
IN, Spencer, Dale
IN, Spencer, Ferdinand
IN, Spencer, Grandview
IN, Spencer, Grass Twp.
IN, Spencer, Harrison Twp.
IN, Spencer, Lincoln City
IN, Spencer, New Boston
IN, Spenc