Indian Territory Events


Indian Territory, Camp Supply
1884 Residence D. Mary TEMPLE-30862
1884 Residence John J. WOOTTEN-30865
Indian Territory, Chickasaw Nation
Jun 1900 Census Georgia E. (Georgie) MELTON-51888
Jun 1900 Census George M. MELTON-51890
Jun 1900 Census Sarah E. SMEDLEY-55643

Oklahoma, Indian Territory
1872 Birth Margaret Elizabeth ROBERTSON-3195
1872 Birth Fannie Cooper HEISTAND-122834
Oct 1884 Birth Myrtle ANDRES-90004
1890 Census Joel Taylor (Taylor) TEMPLE-21892
1890 Illness Joel Taylor (Taylor) TEMPLE-21892
1891 Marriage John O. LUMSDEN-23344 and Sarrah Dellar TIGNOR-40457
1892 Residence W.J. TEMPLE-148352
19 Sep 1892 Miscellaneous Emily TEMPLE-148351
19 Mar 1894 Birth Loyal Ernest (Loyal) TEMPLE-48451
31 Aug 1894 Birth Fern O. TEMPLE-42304
1896 Residence W.J. TEMPLE-148352
1896 Residence Mary Harriett FRUMAN-148355
1898 Birth Ruth -142691
7 May 1899 Marriage W.J. TEMPLE-148352 and Martha Ellen COWAN-148354
1900 Residence Quilla Fay TEMPLE-18497
Jun 1900 Census Walter B. SATTERWHITE-56123
Jun 1900 Census Joseph SATTERWHITE-59526
Jun 1900 Census Amanda -59527
25 Oct 1900 Birth Okla DAVIS-29233
7 Jan 1903 Marriage Oliver H. TEMPLE-48000 and Roma POPEJAY-48001
Oklahoma,Indian Territory, Antlers
13 Apr 1896 Marriage W.J. TEMPLE-148352 and Mary Harriett FRUMAN-148355
Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Korbo
1903 Residence Oliver H. TEMPLE-48000
1903 Residence Roma POPEJAY-48001
Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Tamaha
1899 Residence W.J. TEMPLE-148352
1899 Residence Martha Ellen COWAN-148354

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