Irish Free State Events


The Irish Free State existed from late 1922 through late 1937, so clearly some of the events below are mis-assigned and will be corrected. During that time, its boundaries changed, finally emerging as the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Sources are often unclear about which geo-political entity they refer to when they simply say "ireland," so it is very possible that some of the events here should be in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. All three webpages should be consulted if you are looking for Irish ties.

Irish Free State
1858 Birth Julia A. TEMPLE-117220
1 Jul 1862 Birth Margaret BURKE-96663
1864 Birth Heron TEMPLE-116368
24 Jun 1865 Birth Margaret LANE-93357
1866 Birth Dennis F. MARONEY-116639
1870 Birth Thomas M. LEARY-48967
12 Mar 1871 Birth Susanna M. STOUT-3261
1878 Birth Margaret -52992
1891 Birth Joseph O'BRIEN-97057
1893 Birth Mary J. HALLISEY-116355
1895 Birth Frank BOSHELL-158102
1896 Birth Mary Kathleen TEMPLE-158101
1897 Birth John A. TEMPLE-141694
1897 Birth Nellie TEMPLE-158239
1898 Birth Julia A. BARNICLE-42870
1899 Birth Agnes TEMPLE-116474
1903 Birth Patrick TEMPLE-117960
1904 Birth John TEMPLE-117958
1906 Birth Mary TEMPLE-117654
1906 Birth Kathleen TEMPLE-117959
1908 Marriage James F. TEMPLE-116354 and Mary J. HALLISEY-116355
5 Mar 1908 Birth Patrick Joseph (Patrick) TEMPLE-119545
Birth Patrick CONNERS-47113
Birth J.T. MULCAHEY-52790
Birth William BURKE-96675
Birth Mary SULLIVAN-96676
Birth UNKNOWN-116351
Birth James F. TEMPLE-116354
Irish Free State, County Cowan
16 Sep 1907 Birth Elizabeth Mary SMITH-3301
Irish Free State, County Offaly
1922 Residence Patrick TEMPLE-111506

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