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KANSAS Event Index

Kansas has had so many TEMPLE events that it has been broken down into the following (confusing) mix of counties and cities. This was to help ease the pain of loading. The general scheme is to be alphabetic by county, so long as the county is known.

"Kansas 1"

KS At Large
KS, Allen, Alcox
KS, Allen, Cofachique
KS, Allen, Gas City
KS, Allen, Humboldt
KS, Allen, Iola
KS, Allen, Moran
KS, Allen, Salem Twp.
KS, Allen, Savonburg
KS, Anderson Co.
KS, Anderson, Elizabethtown
KS, Anderson, Garnett
KS, Anderson, Greeley
KS, Anderson, Jackson Twp.
KS, Arapahoe, Clear Creek
KS, Arapahoe, Denver
KS, Arapahoe, Enterprise Twp.
KS, Arapahoe, Nevada Gulch
KS, Arapahoe, South Park
KS, Arapahoe, Valley of the Platte
KS, Atchison, Atchison
KS, Atchison, Shannon
KS, Barber, Kiowa
KS, Barber, Medicine Lodge
KS, Barbour, Medicine Lodge
KS, Barton, Claflin
KS, Barton, Ellinwood
KS, Barton, Great Bend
KS, Barton, Hoisington
KS, Barton, Pawnee Rock
KS, Barton, South Bend
KS, Bourbon Co.
KS, Bourbon, Berlin
KS, Bourbon, Bronson
KS, Bourbon, Fort Scott
KS, Bourbon, Franklin
KS, Bourbon, Marion
KS, Bourbon, Porterville
KS, Bourbon, Redfield
KS, Bourbon, Uniontown
KS, Bourbon, Walnut Twp.
KS, Brown, Hiawatha
KS, Brown, Horton
KS, Brown, Padonia
KS, Butler Co.
KS, Butler, Augusta
KS, Butler, Chelsea
KS, Butler, El Dorado
KS, Butler, Midian
KS, Butler, Towanda
KS, Butler, Walnut Twp.
KS, Chase Co.
KS, Chautauqua, Belleville
KS, Chautauqua, Cedarvale
KS, Chautauqua, Lafayette
KS, Chautauqua, Peru
KS, Chautauqua, Sedan
KS, Cherokee Co.
KS, Cherokee, Baxter Springs
KS, Cherokee, Columbus
KS, Cherokee, Crawford Twp.
KS, Cherokee, Crestline
KS, Cherokee, Galena
KS, Cherokee, Garden
KS, Cherokee, Neutral
KS, Cherokee, Scammon
KS, Cherokee, Sheridan
KS, Cherokee, Weir
KS, Cherokee, West Mineral
KS, Cheyenne, St. Francis
KS, Cheyenne, Wano
KS, Clay, Clay Center
KS, Clay, Clifton
KS, Clay, Morganville
KS, Cloud Co.
KS, Cloud, Concordia
KS, Cloud, Lincoln Twp.
KS, Cloud, Miltonvale
KS, Coffey, Aliceville
KS, Coffey, Burlington

"Kansas 2"

KS, Cowley, Arkansas City
KS, Cowley, Bolton Twp.
KS, Cowley, Burden
KS, Cowley, Winfield
KS, Crawford Co.
KS, Crawford, Arma
KS, Crawford, Crawford
KS, Crawford, Girard
KS, Crawford, Hepler
KS, Crawford, Mc Cune
KS, Crawford, Opolis
KS, Crawford, Pittsburg
KS, Crawford, Sheridan
KS, De Franiak Springs
KS, Decatur Co.
KS, Decatur, Liberty
KS, Decatur, Lincoln Twp.
KS, Decatur, Lyle
KS, Decatur, Norcatur
KS, Decatur, Oberlin
KS, Dickinson, Abilene
KS, Doniphan, Center Twp.
KS, Doniphan, Wathena
KS, Doniphan, Wolf River Twp.
KS, Douglas Co.
KS, Douglas, Baldwin City
KS, Douglas, Eudora
KS, Douglas, Fairview
KS, Douglas, Lawrence
KS, Douglas, Wakarusa
KS, Edwards, Belpre
KS, Edwards, Kinsley
KS, Elk, Grenola
KS, Elk, Howard
KS, Elk, Longton
KS, Elk, Moline
KS, Elk, Paw Paw
KS, Ellis, Freedom Twp.
KS, Ellis, Hays
KS, Ellis, Pfeifer
KS, Ellsworth Co.
KS, Ellsworth, Ellsworth
KS, Ellsworth, Holyrood
KS, Ellsworth, Kanopolis
KS, Ellsworth, Langley
KS, Ellsworth, Wilson
KS, Finney Co.
KS, Finney, Garden City
KS, Finney, Garfield
KS, Ford, Dodge City
KS, Franklin, Homewood
KS, Franklin, Ottawa
KS, Franklin, Princeton
KS, Franklin, Ransomville
KS, Franklin, Rantoul
KS, Franklin, Williamsburg
KS, Geary, Alida
KS, Geary, Fort Riley
KS, Geary, Junction City
KS, Gove, Gove
KS, Graham Co.
KS, Graham, Hill City
KS, Grant, Ulysses
KS, Gray Co.
KS, Gray, Cimarron
KS, Gray, Ingalls
KS, Gray, Logan Twp.
KS, Gray, Montezuma
KS, Greeley, Harrison Twp.
KS, Greeley, Horace
KS, Greenwood, Eureka
KS, Greenwood, Fall River
KS, Greenwood, Neal
KS, Greenwood, Shell Rock
KS, Harper, Anthony
KS, Harper, Harper
KS, Harvey Co.
KS, Harvey, Burton
KS, Harvey, Halstead
KS, Harvey, Lake
KS, Harvey, Newton
KS, Harvey, Sedgwick
KS, Hodgeman Co.
KS, Hodgeman, Jetmore
KS, Hodgeman, Marena Twp.
KS, Howard, Belville
KS, Jefferson, Nortonville
KS, Jefferson, Oskaloosa
KS, Jefferson, Winchester
KS, Jewell Co.
KS, Jewell, Burr Oak
KS, Jewell, Center Twp.
KS, Jewell, Grant
KS, Jewell, Mankato
KS, Johnson Co.
KS, Johnson, Bonita
KS, Johnson, Clare
KS, Johnson, Leawood
KS, Johnson, Lenexa
KS, Johnson, Mission Heights
KS, Johnson, Monticello Twp.
KS, Johnson, Morse
KS, Johnson, Ochelltree
KS, Johnson, Olathe
KS, Johnson, Olathe, Aubry Twp.
KS, Johnson, Overland Park
KS, Johnson, Prairie Village
KS, Johnson, Shawnee Mission
KS, Johnson, Shawnee
KS, Johnson, Spring Hill
KS, Johnson, Stanley
KS, Johnson, Stillwell
KS, Kearny, Lakin
KS, Kingman Co.
KS, Kingman, Cunningham
KS, Kingman, Hoosier
KS, Kingman, Kingman
KS, Kingman, St. Leo
KS, Kingman, Varner
KS, Kingman, White
KS, Kiowa, Greensburg
KS, Kiowa, Haviland
KS, Labette Co.
KS, Labette, Bartlett
KS, Labette, Canada
KS, Labette, Chetopa
KS, Labette, Edna
KS, Labette, Hackberry
KS, Labette, Mound Valley
KS, Labette, Oswego
KS, Labette, Parsons
KS, Labette, Richland
KS, Lane, Dighton
KS, Leavenworth Co.
KS, Leavenworth, Delaware
KS, Leavenworth, Fort Leavenworth
KS, Leavenworth, Kickapoo Twp.
KS, Leavenworth, Lansing
KS, Leavenworth, Leavenworth

"Kansas 3"

KS, Leavenworth, Millwood
KS, Leavenworth, Wadsworth
KS, Lincoln Co.
KS, Lincoln, Beverly
KS, Lincoln, Cedron
KS, Lincoln, Lincoln
KS, Linn, Lincoln
KS, Linn, Prescott
KS, Lyon, Emporia
KS, Lyon, Olpe
KS, Marion, Burns
KS, Marion, Doyle Twp.
KS, Marion, Dunham
KS, Marion, Florence
KS, Marion, Goessel
KS, Marion, Peabody
KS, Marshall Co.
KS, Marshall, Axtell
KS, Marshall, Beattie
KS, Marshall, Elm Creek Twp.
KS, Marshall, Frankfort
KS, Marshall, Lincoln
KS, Marshall, Logan
KS, Marshall, Marysville
KS, Marshall, Murray
KS, Marshall, Rock
KS, Marshall, St. Bridgett Twp.
KS, Marshall, Summerfield
KS, Marshall, Vermillion
KS, Marshall, Walnut Twp.
KS, Mc Pherson Co.
KS, Mc Pherson, Canton
KS, Mc Pherson, Mc Pherson
KS, Miami, Chiles
KS, Miami, Osawatomie
KS, Miami, Paola
KS, Mitchell Co.
KS, Mitchell, Beloit
KS, Mitchell, Bloomfield
KS, Mitchell, Custer
KS, Montgomery Co.
KS, Montgomery, Caney
KS, Montgomery, Cherokee
KS, Montgomery, Cherryvale
KS, Montgomery, Coffeyville
KS, Montgomery, Elk City
KS, Montgomery, Havana
KS, Montgomery, Independence
KS, Montgomery, Liberty
KS, Montgomery, Westralia
KS, Morris, Council Grove
KS, Morton, Rolla
KS, Nemaha Co.
KS, Nemaha, Adams
KS, Nemaha, Centralia
KS, Nemaha, Clear Creek
KS, Nemaha, Nemaha Twp.
KS, Nemaha, Seneca
KS, Neosho Co.
KS, Neosho, Chanute
KS, Neosho, Erie
KS, Neosho, Ladore
KS, Neosho, Neosho
KS, Neosho, Thayer
KS, Ness Co.
KS, Ness, Bazine
KS, Ness, Beeler
KS, Ness, Brownell
KS, Ness, Center
KS, Ness, Eden Twp.
KS, Ness, High Point
KS, Ness, Ness City
KS, Ness, Ransom
KS, Ness, Waring
KS, Norton Co.
KS, Norton, Clayton
KS, Norton, Crystal
KS, Norton, Devizes
KS, Norton, Emmett
KS, Norton, Garfield Twp.
KS, Norton, Lenora
KS, Norton, Noble
KS, Norton, Norton
KS, Norton, Reager Community
KS, Norton, Rock Branch
KS, Osage Co.
KS, Osage, Burlingame
KS, Osage, Lyndon
KS, Osage, Osage
KS, Osage, Quenemo
KS, Osborne, Jackson
KS, Osborne, Valley Twp.
KS, Ottawa Co.
KS, Ottawa, Bennington
KS, Ottawa, Concord Twp.
KS, Ottawa, Culver
KS, Ottawa, Minneapolis
KS, Ottawa, Tescott
KS, Pawnee Co.
KS, Pawnee, Burdett
KS, Pawnee, Grant
KS, Pawnee, Larned
KS, Pawnee, Pawnee City
KS, Pawnee, Pleasant Ridge
KS, Pawnee, Rozel
KS, Pawnee, Santa Fe
KS, Phillips Co.
KS, Phillips, Agra
KS, Phillips, Phillipsburg
KS, Phillips, Plum
KS, Pottawatomie Co.
KS, Pottawatomie, Louisville
KS, Pottawatomie, St. Marys
KS, Pottawatomie, Wamego
KS, Pottawatomie, Westmoreland
KS, Pottawatomie, Wheaton
KS, Pratt, Cullison
KS, Pratt, Pratt
KS, Pratt, Preston
KS, Pratt, Saratoga
KS, Rawlins Co.
KS, Rawlins, Mc Donald
KS, Reno, Abbeyville
KS, Reno, Center
KS, Reno, Hutchinson
KS, Reno, Miami Twp.
KS, Reno, Nickerson

"Kansas 4"

KS, Reno, Pretty Prairie
KS, Reno, Turon
KS, Republic Co.
KS, Republic, Belleville
KS, Republic, Scandia
KS, Rice Co.
KS, Rice, Atlanta Twp.
KS, Rice, Geneseo
KS, Rice, Little River
KS, Rice, Lyons
KS, Rice, Mitchell
KS, Rice, Pollard
KS, Rice, Saxman
KS, Rice, Sterling
KS, Rice, Victoria
KS, Rice, West Washington
KS, Rice, Wilson
KS, Riley Co.
KS, Riley, Camp Funston
KS, Riley, Manhattan
KS, Rooks, Stockton
KS, Rush Co.
KS, Rush, Brownell
KS, Rush, Fairview
KS, Rush, Hampton
KS, Rush, La Crosse
KS, Rush, Mc Cracken
KS, Russell, Dorrance
KS, Russell, Luray
KS, Russell, Russell
KS, Saline, Gypsum Creek
KS, Saline, Salina
KS, Scott, Scott City
KS, Sedgwick Co.
KS, Sedgwick, Bentley
KS, Sedgwick, Cheney
KS, Sedgwick, Derby
KS, Sedgwick, Eagle Twp.
KS, Sedgwick, Grant
KS, Sedgwick, Haysville
KS, Sedgwick, Kechi
KS, Sedgwick, Mt. Hope
KS, Sedgwick, Union Twp.
KS, Sedgwick, Valley Center
KS, Sedgwick, Wichita
KS, Seward, Liberal
KS, Shawnee Co.
KS, Shawnee, Berryton
KS, Shawnee, Highland Park
KS, Shawnee, Monmouth
KS, Shawnee, Topeka
KS, Sherman Co.
KS, Sherman, Goodland
KS, Smith Co.
KS, Smith, Lebanon
KS, Stafford, St. John
KS, Stafford, Stafford
KS, Stanton, Johnson
KS, Sumner, Argonia
KS, Sumner, Caldwell
KS, Sumner, Mulvane
KS, Sumner, Oxford
KS, Sumner, Wellington
KS, Thomas, Colby
KS, Troy, Severance
KS, Wabaunsee, Alta Vista
KS, Wallace, Sharon Springs
KS, Washington, Clifton
KS, Washington, Washington
KS, Wilson Co.
KS, Wilson, Buffalo
KS, Wilson, Neodesha
KS, Wilson, New Albany
KS, Wilson, Roper
KS, Wyandotte Co.
KS, Wyandotte, Edwardsville
KS, Wyandotte, Kansas City
KS, Wyandotte, Quindaro Twp.

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