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Maine has had so many TEMPLE events that it has been broken down into the following (confusing) mix of counties and cities. This was to help ease the pain of loading. The general scheme is to be alphabetic by county, so long as the county is known.

"Maine 1"

ME At Large
ME, Androscoggin Co.
ME, Androscoggin, Auburn
ME, Androscoggin, Durham
ME, Androscoggin, East Poland
ME, Androscoggin, Leeds
ME, Androscoggin, Lewiston
ME, Androscoggin, Lisbon Falls

"Maine 2"

ME, Androscoggin, Lisbon
ME, Androscoggin, Livermore Falls
ME, Androscoggin, Poland
ME, Androscoggin, Sabattus
ME, Androscoggin, Turner
ME, Androscoggin, Webster Twp.
ME, Aroostook, Bancroft
ME, Aroostook, Bridgewater
ME, Aroostook, Caribou
ME, Aroostook, Caswell
ME, Aroostook, Fort Fairfield
ME, Aroostook, Grand Isle
ME, Aroostook, Houlton
ME, Aroostook, Limestone
ME, Aroostook, Mars Hill
ME, Aroostook, Monticello
ME, Aroostook, Sherman Mills
ME, Aroostook, Soldier Pond
ME, Aroostook, Wallagrass
ME, Bangor, Glenburn
ME, Bath, Merrymeeting Bay
ME, Bath, New Meadows
ME, Cumberland Co.
ME, Cumberland, Brunswick
ME, Cumberland, Cape Elizabeth
ME, Cumberland, Casco
ME, Cumberland, Cumberland
ME, Cumberland, Falmouth
ME, Cumberland, Freeport
ME, Cumberland, Gorham
ME, Cumberland, Gray
ME, Cumberland, Harpswell
ME, Cumberland, Long Island
ME, Cumberland, Naples
ME, Cumberland, New Gloucester
ME, Cumberland, Peaks Island
ME, Cumberland, Pine Point
ME, Cumberland, Portland
ME, Cumberland, Pownall
ME, Cumberland, Raymond
ME, Cumberland, Scarborough
ME, Cumberland, Standish
ME, Cumberland, Thornton Oaks
ME, Cumberland, Westbrook
ME, Cumberland, Windham
ME, Cumberland, Yarmouth
ME, Franklin, Chesterville
ME, Franklin, Farmington Falls
ME, Franklin, Kingfield
ME, Franklin, Phillips
ME, Franklin, Rangeley
ME, Franklin, Wilton
ME, Hancock, Bar Harbor
ME, Hancock, Birch Harbor
ME, Hancock, Blue Hill
ME, Hancock, Brooksville
ME, Hancock, Bucksport
ME, Hancock, Castine
ME, Hancock, Deer Isle
ME, Hancock, Ellsworth
ME, Hancock, Gouldsboro
ME, Hancock, Hancock Point
ME, Hancock, Minturn
ME, Hancock, Mt. Desert
ME, Hancock, North Brooklin
ME, Hancock, Orland
ME, Hancock, Penobscot
ME, Hancock, Prospect Harbor
ME, Hancock, Southwest Harbor
ME, Hancock, Stonington
ME, Hancock, Sullivan
ME, Hancock, Surry
ME, Hancock, Swans Island
ME, Hancock, West Brooksville

"Maine 3"

ME, Hancock, Winter Harbor
ME, Harmony, Wellington
ME, Kennebec Co.
ME, Kennebec, Albion
ME, Kennebec, Augusta
ME, Kennebec, Belgrade
ME, Kennebec, China
ME, Kennebec, Clinton
ME, Kennebec, Farmingdale
ME, Kennebec, Gardiner
ME, Kennebec, Hallowell
ME, Kennebec, Kents Hill
ME, Kennebec, Litchfield
ME, Kennebec, Manchester
ME, Kennebec, Monmouth
ME, Kennebec, Mt. Vernon
ME, Kennebec, Oakland
ME, Kennebec, Readfield
ME, Kennebec, Ring Hill
ME, Kennebec, Sidney
ME, Kennebec, Togus
ME, Kennebec, Vassalboro
ME, Kennebec, Vienna
ME, Kennebec, Waterville
ME, Kennebec, Wayne Twp.
ME, Kennebec, Winslow
ME, Kennebec, Winthrop
ME, Knox, Appleton
ME, Knox, Camden
ME, Knox, Owls Head
ME, Knox, Rockland
ME, Knox, Rockport
ME, Knox, St. George
ME, Knox, Thomaston
ME, Knox, Union
ME, Lincoln Co.
ME, Lincoln, Boothbay Harbor
ME, Lincoln, Bremen
ME, Lincoln, Dresden
ME, Lincoln, East Boothbay
ME, Lincoln, Edgecomb
ME, Lincoln, Newcastle
ME, Lincoln, Nobleboro
ME, Lincoln, Pemaquid
ME, Lincoln, Southport
ME, Lincoln, Whitefield
ME, Lincoln, Wiscasset
ME, Oxford, Bethel
ME, Oxford, Bridgeton
ME, Oxford, Brownfield
ME, Oxford, Buckfield
ME, Oxford, Denmark
ME, Oxford, Dixfield
ME, Oxford, Fryeburg
ME, Oxford, Gilead
ME, Oxford, Hiram
ME, Oxford, Norway
ME, Oxford, Oxford
ME, Oxford, Paris
ME, Oxford, Porter
ME, Oxford, Rumford
ME, Oxford, South Paris
ME, Oxford, Sumner
ME, Oxford, Waterford
ME, Penobscot Co.
ME, Penobscot, Alton
ME, Penobscot, Bangor

"Maine 4"

ME, Penobscot, Bradford
ME, Penobscot, Bradley
ME, Penobscot, Brewer
ME, Penobscot, Burlington
ME, Penobscot, Carmel
ME, Penobscot, Charleston
ME, Penobscot, Corinna
ME, Penobscot, Dexter
ME, Penobscot, Dixmont
ME, Penobscot, East Eddington
ME, Penobscot, Eddington
ME, Penobscot, Enfield
ME, Penobscot, Etna
ME, Penobscot, Greenbush
ME, Penobscot, Hampden
ME, Penobscot, Hermon
ME, Penobscot, Holden
ME, Penobscot, Howland
ME, Penobscot, Lee
ME, Penobscot, Levant
ME, Penobscot, Millinocket
ME, Penobscot, Newburgh
ME, Penobscot, Newport
ME, Penobscot, North Dexter
ME, Penobscot, North Orrington
ME, Penobscot, Old Town
ME, Penobscot, Orono
ME, Penobscot, Plymouth
ME, Penobscot, Stetson
ME, Penobscot, Webster
ME, Penobscot, West Levant
ME, Piscataquis, Abbott
ME, Piscataquis, Dover
ME, Piscataquis, Elliottsville Plantation
ME, Piscataquis, Greenville
ME, Piscataquis, Guilford
ME, Piscataquis, Kingsbury
ME, Piscataquis, Monson
ME, Piscataquis, Sangerville
ME, Portsmouth
ME, Sagadahoc Co.
ME, Sagadahoc, Bath
ME, Sagadahoc, Bowdoin

"Maine 5"

ME, Sagadahoc, Bowdoinham
ME, Sagadahoc, Freeport
ME, Sagadahoc, Georgetown
ME, Sagadahoc, Phippsburg
ME, Sagadahoc, Phippsburg, Parker Head
ME, Sagadahoc, Richmond
ME, Sagadahoc, Topsham
ME, Sagadahoc, Woolwich
ME, Sagahadoc, Georgetown
ME, Somerset Co.
ME, Somerset, Anson
ME, Somerset, Athens
ME, Somerset, Bingham
ME, Somerset, Canaan
ME, Somerset, Caratunk
ME, Somerset, Cornville
ME, Somerset, Detroit

"Maine 6"

ME, Somerset, East Madison
ME, Somerset, Embden
ME, Somerset, Fairfield
ME, Somerset, Hartland
ME, Somerset, Jackman
ME, Somerset, Madison
ME, Somerset, Mercer
ME, Somerset, Moscow
ME, Somerset, Norridgewock
ME, Somerset, Palmyra
ME, Somerset, Parlin Pond
ME, Somerset, Pittsfield
ME, Somerset, Ripley
ME, Somerset, Solon
ME, Somerset, St. Albans
ME, Somerset, The Forks
ME, Upper Gloucester
ME, Waldo, Belfast
ME, Waldo, Belmont Corner
ME, Waldo, Belmont
ME, Waldo, Burnham
ME, Waldo, East Knox
ME, Waldo, Frankfort
ME, Waldo, Freedom
ME, Waldo, Jackson
ME, Waldo, Knox
ME, Waldo, Liberty
ME, Waldo, Lincolnville
ME, Waldo, Monroe
ME, Waldo, Montville
ME, Waldo, Morrill
ME, Waldo, Palermo
ME, Waldo, Sandy Point
ME, Waldo, Searsmont
ME, Waldo, Searsport
ME, Waldo, Thorndike
ME, Waldo, Troy
ME, Waldo, Unity
ME, Waldo, West Troy
ME, Waldo, Winterport
ME, Washington, Calais
ME, Washington, Columbia Falls
ME, Washington, Eastport
ME, Washington, Jonesport
ME, Washington, Lubec
ME, Washington, Machias
ME, Washington, Milbridge
ME, Washington, Steuben
ME, Washington, Woodland
ME, York, Acton
ME, York, Alfred
ME, York, Berwick
ME, York, Biddeford
ME, York, Eliot
ME, York, Hollis Center
ME, York, Hollis
ME, York, Kennebunk
ME, York, Kennebunkport
ME, York, Kezar Falls
ME, York, Kittery
ME, York, Limerick
ME, York, Limington
ME, York, Newfield
ME, York, Parsonfield
ME, York, Saco

"Maine 7"

ME, York, Sanford
ME, York, Shapleigh
ME, York, South Berwick
ME, York, South Waterboro
ME, York, Waterboro
ME, York, Wells
ME, York, Wellsville
ME, York, West Parsonfield
ME, York, York

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