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Mexico At Large
1829 Birth Carmen -109113
1847 Moved James A. TEMPLES-34141
bet 9 Apr 1847 and 26 Aug 1848 Military General Robert Emmet (Robert) TEMPLE-5499
1847/8 Military James A. TEMPLES-34141
6 Jan 1848 Death James A. TEMPLES-34141
bet 1850 and 1852 Miscellaneous RADM William Grenville TEMPLE-5503
1874 Moved Augustus van Lennip TEMPLE-6025
10 May 1878 Moved Arthur Dix TEMPLE-6026
1882 Birth Alido TEMPLES-115637
1885 Birth Pablo PEREZ-116149
1889 Birth Benita -116532
1895 Birth Theo TEMPLE-115763
1902 Birth Benito LONGORIA Jr.-87828
1902 Birth Erlinda GONZALES-149280
1903 Birth Daniel NELSON-53882
bet 1905 and 1929 Occupation Anna Laura (Laura) TEMPLE-5588
1908 Birth Mercedes -116207
1919 Birth Robert E. TEMPLE-122970
Sep 1919 Occupation Samuel M. TEMPLE-111517
Jan 1920 Occupation Alido TEMPLES-115637
1922 Birth Louis JBARRA-97176
1942 Occupation Martin TEMPLE-127453
Birth J. GONZALES-149285
Birth Felicitos RODRIGES-149286
Mexico, Azcapotzalco
23 Jun 1949 Death Anna Laura (Laura) TEMPLE-5588
Mexico, Canaea
1905 Residence Clotilde GUTIERREZ-124246
Mexico, Chihuahua, Chihuahua
23 Mar 1934 Birth Arthur Lee HERREN-104672
9 Apr 1966 Death Minnie Lee TEMPLE-33916
Mexico, Chihuahua, Ciudad Juarez
10 Apr 1950 Death William Lloyd TEMPLE-44364
Mexico, Guanajuato, San Miguel Allende
9 Sep 1997 Death Thomas Lewis Latane (Latane) TEMPLE III-29441
Mexico, Leon
20 Apr 1886 Birth Maria Julia de la Concepcion TEMPLE-6251
Mexico, Mexico City
1886 Birth Julia TEMPLE-127451
27 May 1894 Birth Sara de la Luz TEMPLE-6253
1910 Miscellaneous Anna Laura (Laura) TEMPLE-5588
2 Mar 1922 Miscellaneous Anna Laura (Laura) TEMPLE-5588
abt 1930 Death Augustus van Lennip TEMPLE-6025
24 Jun 1958 Marriage Richard Clarkson (Richard) TEMPLE-38211 and Edith Irmgard LOBEMEIER-94659
Mexico, Negras, Piedras
1901 Moved Arthur Dix TEMPLE-6026
Mexico, San Antonio Tlayacapan
2013 Residence Judith Ann (Judy) TEMPLE-33088
Mexico, San Dimas
20 Nov 1881 Birth Jose Edmund TEMPLE-6249
6 Jan 1884 Birth Arthur Reyes TEMPLE-6250
Mexico, Sonora, Empalme
bet 1911 and 1920 Residence Clementine Tabitha (Tabitha) KEELING-23861
bef 1920 Occupation Horace Jewell (Jewell) TEMPLE-6277
1920 Residence Clementine Tabitha (Tabitha) KEELING-23861
1 Apr 1920 Death Horace Jewell (Jewell) TEMPLE-6277
3 Apr 1920 Birth Horatia Jewell (Jewell) TEMPLE-23862
Mexico, Sonora, Guaymas
23 Apr 1918 Miscellaneous Horace Jewell (Jewell) TEMPLE-6277
16 May 1918 Miscellaneous Clementine Tabitha (Tabitha) KEELING-23861
Mar 1920 Miscellaneous Horace Jewell (Jewell) TEMPLE-6277
27 Apr 1920 Miscellaneous Clementine Tabitha (Tabitha) KEELING-23861
Mexico, Sonora, Magdalena de Kina
1 Jun 1919 Birth Josephine SILVA-156091
Mexico, Sonora, Nogales
Nov 1942 Residence Robert TEMPLE-127456
Mexico, Sonora, Pitiquito
1919 Birth Robert TEMPLE-127456
Mexico, Tampico
17 Nov 1847 Death John B. TEMPLE-107776
11 Jan 1848 Death James TEMPLE-107777
aft 1920 Residence William Wotham TEMPLE-33252
15 Feb 1922 Birth William Wortham TEMPLE Jr.-65965
21 Dec 1923 Birth Charles Allen TEMPLE-78633
1924 Residence Hester May HEPPLE-63328
1924 Occupation William Wotham TEMPLE-33252

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