Montana Events

MONTANA Event List

MT AT Large
abt 1865 Birth Rose BITNEY-9810
abt 1865 Moved Friederich (Fred) TEMPLE-114326
1872 Birth Melvin L. GRUWELL-95695
6 Jan 1877 Birth Mabel TEMPLE-114329
5 Dec 1879 Birth John Fred TEMPLE-114330
1882 Birth Anna -141663
1883 Moved Ernest Everett (Ernest) TEMPLE-40368
1884 Birth William TEMPLE-115348
Sep 1888 Birth Mary Louise TEMPLE-47634
15 Nov 1889 Birth Charlotte (Lottie) TEMPLE-39946
1890 Birth Hazel -79283
1890 Birth Clarence TEMPEL-134251
1892 Birth Lorna Elsie -114792
1892 Birth Ruth TURNER-134252
1893 Birth Mellisa ROUSE-82005
1893 Birth William J. FITZPATRICK-115721
1895 Birth Ray TEMPLE-146715
1901 Marriage William JEFTS-119844 and Hermia TEMPLE-114328
1902 Birth Merle M. JEFTS-119845
1903 Birth Annabelle DORMAN-96029
1904 Birth Percy A. JEFTS-119846
15 Mar 1904 Birth Frances L. -23149
1905 Birth Mabel S. JEFTS-119847
1907 Marriage John FLETCHER-43372 and Charlotte (Lottie) TEMPLE-39946
5 Apr 1907 Birth Gladys Cecelia CAMERON-56827
1908 Moved Bessie V. SHONG-40369
25 May 1908 Birth Phyllis E. WALTERS-88243
1909 Marriage Ernest Everett (Ernest) TEMPLE-40368 and Bessie V. SHONG-40369
1909 Birth M. Russel JEFTS-119848
28 Dec 1909 Birth Helen Elizabeth (Helen) TEMPLE-40367
8 Oct 1910 Birth Theodore PARKS-80227
1912 Birth Anna Harriet FLETCHER-43373
1912 Birth Francis E. TEMPEL-134255
1913 Birth Genevieve R. MARTIN-142385
1914 Moved Benjamin H. (Bennie) RAHR-68194
1914 Birth James C. TEMPEL-134256
1916 Birth Arthur TEMPEL-145871
1917 Birth Sylvia Fern JEFTS-137589
30 Mar 1918 Birth Harry L. RASCHKA-90469
Nov 1918 Birth Robert TEMPLE-114791
1919 Birth Alice -88198
1919 Birth H. Beulah TEMPLE-145277
1921 Birth Mary TEMPEL-71017
1922 Birth Leonard P. TEMPLE-70912
1923 Death John FLETCHER-43372
14 Jan 1923 Birth John F. TEMPEL-71018
1924 Birth Harry Kenneth MC KENZIE-94853
1925 Birth Andrew Lyall (Lyall) TEMPLE-24790
1925 Birth William R. (Bill) TEMPEL-71019
1926 Birth Keith Ellsworth (Keith) TEMPLE-24789
4 Jul 1927 Birth Theodore Burton (Ted) TEMPEL-71020
1928 Birth Irene F. TEMPLE-43374
1929 Marriage Albert Leopold TEMPEL-47092 and Bertha A. CRAWFORD-47128
1929 Birth Harold E. TEMPLE-85044
bef 1930 Marriage Charles George TEMPLE Sr.-142384 and Genevieve R. MARTIN-142385
1930 Birth Charles TEMPLE-85046
1931 Birth Patricia Ann BARLOW-144170
1933 Birth Benard C. (Ben) TEMPEL-71184
2 Mar 1933 Birth Marian TEMPEL-82423
Jan 1939 Marriage Paul Joseph TEMPEL-47123 and Lou Isabelle HENRY-87227
2 Feb 1940 Marriage Charles Henry TEMPLE-40373 and Margaret LUCHT-68184
1943 Marriage Jack L. TEMPLE-62117 and Elizabeth Arlene OLSON-77009
14 Nov 1948 Marriage Lloyd Leonard HEYDON-71170 and Dorothy E. TEMPEL-71027
bef 1950 Residence Esther Louise BEDFORD-93707
bef 1950 Residence Ruth TEMPLE-115975
bef 1951 Residence Helen TEMPLE-42247
bef 1951 Residence Warren Gibson TEMPLE-62112
bef 1951 Residence George Michael TEMPEL-47093
bef 1951 Residence Albert Leopold TEMPEL-47092
bef 1951 Residence Ernest John (Ernie) TEMPEL-71024
bef 1951 Residence Robert Paul (Bert) TEMPEL-71021
bef 1951 Residence Deloris H. (Dolly) ERICKSON-72839
bef 1951 Residence Frances Leone (Leone) FREELAND-71187
bef 1951 Residence Ruth Phyllis (Ruth) FREEMAN-83680
bef 1951 Residence Ruby V. STEPHEN-111085
bef 1951 Residence Gertrude L. FROST-134663
bef 1951 Residence Ruth Emily HICKAM-134665
10 Dec 1958 Marriage TEMPLE-140911 and Alberta -140912
1960 Residence Louise TEMPEL-134603
1960/1 Residence Beatha TEMPEL-134616
1962 Residence Mary KREITMEIR-71014
1965 Residence Lois June TEMPLE-56479
1967/8 Residence J.K. TEMPEL-134682
1971 Residence Denise Ann MC CORMICK-84486
bet 1976 and 1979 Residence Daniel Theodore (Dano) TEMPEL-71207
1981 Residence Dolores Ann TEMPEL-134940
1981 Residence John Marvin CICON-134941
1983 Residence Donald TEMPLE-25675
3 Dec 1991 Death Daniel Theodore (Dano) TEMPEL-71207
1999 Residence Linda TEMPLES-78460
Death John BITNEY-23248
Death Eliza Jane GUILD-23249
Birth Catherine MC COMBE-95959
Birth Luella Arlene BAKKEN-106318
MT, Beaverhead Co.
1942 Residence Warren Gibson TEMPLE-62112
MT, Beaverhead, Beaverhead
23 Jul 1873 Marriage Hiram BRUNDAGE-138905 and Mary Jane (Mary) TEMPLE-114324
Jun 1880 Occupation James TEMPLE-114325
MT, Beaverhead, Dillon
1917 Occupation Paul Hamilton (Paul) TEMPLE-31603
15 Mar 1918 Birth Ruby V. STEPHEN-111085
Jan 1920 Occupation Paul Hamilton (Paul) TEMPLE-31603
Jan 1920 Census Grace E. GUIDICI-62113
Jan 1920 Census Amanda GRANT-62116
13 Feb 1921 Birth Warren Gibson TEMPLE-62112
1923 Birth Jack L. TEMPLE-62117
Apr 1930 Census Warren Gibson TEMPLE-62112
Apr 1930 Census Grace E. GUIDICI-62113
Apr 1930 Census Jack L. TEMPLE-62117
Apr 1940 Occupation Paul Hamilton (Paul) TEMPLE-31603
Apr 1940 Census Grace E. GUIDICI-62113
Apr 1940 Census Warren Gibson TEMPLE-62112
Apr 1940 Census Jack L. TEMPLE-62117
1961 Residence Grace E. GUIDICI-62113
6 Jul 1961 Miscellaneous Grace E. GUIDICI-62113
14 Jun 1986 Death Grace E. GUIDICI-62113
2002 Residence Sally TEMPEL-91553
MT, Big Horn Co.
27 Sep 1951 Death Nora -117798
MT, Big Horn, Lodge Grass
Apr 1940 Census Nora -117798
Apr 1940 Census Donald TEMPLE-140737
MT, Broadwater Co.
12 Oct 1918 Death Leslie C. TEMPLE-114332
MT, Broadwater, Radersburg
5 Jun 1875 Birth Hermia TEMPLE-114328
Jun 1880 Occupation Friederich (Fred) TEMPLE-114326
Jun 1880 Census Sarah A. RICHARDS-114327
Jun 1880 Census Hermia TEMPLE-114328
Jun 1880 Census Mabel TEMPLE-114329
Jun 1880 Census John Fred TEMPLE-114330
26 Aug 1883 Birth George Albert (Albert) TEMPLE-114331
16 Feb 1890 Birth Leslie C. TEMPLE-114332
1893 Birth Sarah TEMPLE-139751
13 May 1893 Death Sarah A. RICHARDS-114327
Jun 1900 Occupation Friederich (Fred) TEMPLE-114326
Jun 1900 Occupation Hermia TEMPLE-114328
Jun 1900 Census George Albert (Albert) TEMPLE-114331
Jun 1900 Census Leslie C. TEMPLE-114332
Apr 1910 Census Hermia TEMPLE-114328
Apr 1910 Occupation John Fred TEMPLE-114330
Apr 1910 Occupation Leslie C. TEMPLE-114332
Apr 1910 Census William JEFTS-119844
Apr 1910 Census Merle M. JEFTS-119845
Apr 1910 Census Percy A. JEFTS-119846
Apr 1910 Census Mabel S. JEFTS-119847
Apr 1910 Census M. Russel JEFTS-119848
1917 Occupation Leslie C. TEMPLE-114332
1918 Residence William JEFTS-119844
1928 Death Sarah TEMPLE-139751
1974 Death Fred TEMPLE-139752
MT, Carbon Co.
abt 1898 Marriage Thomas S. WOODS-68190 and Lela M. TEMPLE-50785
Feb 1920 Occupation Harry O. TEMPLE-39942
Feb 1920 Census Mary Amanda (Mayme/May) BUCK-40366
Feb 1920 Census Helen Elizabeth (Helen) TEMPLE-40367
Apr 1930 Occupation Harry O. TEMPLE-39942
21 Mar 1976 Death Harry O. TEMPLE-39942
MT, Carbon, Bridger
30 Oct 1998 Death Chester Welding TEMPLE-39950
2004 Residence Doris S. -70017
MT, Carbon, Bridges
Jan 1920 Census Hugh G. JORDEN Sr.-105629
Jan 1920 Census Jane Ann (Jennie) TEMPLE-105636
MT, Carbon, Golden
Apr 1940 Occupation Harry O. TEMPLE-39942
MT, Carbon, Red Lodge
1 Mar 1897 Death Hannah TEMPLE-124238
MT, Carter, North Hammond
18 Dec 1889 Birth Charles S. POORBAUGH-42256
MT, Cascade Co.
Apr 1910 Occupation Isaac Vincent (Ike) TEMPLE-5586
Apr 1930 Occupation Jacob Charles (Jake) TEMPEL-47091
Apr 1930 Census Isabella M. PFEFFER-47120
Apr 1930 Occupation Frank John TEMPEL-47121
Apr 1930 Census Bernice Ann TEMPLE-47122
Apr 1930 Census Paul Joseph TEMPEL-47123
Apr 1930 Census Mary Cecelia TEMPLE-47124
Apr 1930 Census Anna Irene TEMPLE-47125
Apr 1930 Census Leo William (Leo) TEMPEL-47126
Apr 1930 Census Margaret Christine TEMPEL-47127
16 Jan 1941 Death Isabell Lou TEMPLE-133478
MT, Cascade, Cascade
21 Jul 1928 Birth Alta Dean FORTNER-66790
MT, Cascade, First Sun River Bench Twp.
Apr 1940 Occupation Jacob Charles (Jake) TEMPEL-47091
Apr 1940 Census Isabella M. PFEFFER-47120
Apr 1940 Occupation Mary Cecelia TEMPLE-47124
Apr 1940 Occupation Anna Irene TEMPLE-47125
Apr 1940 Occupation Margaret Christine TEMPEL-47127
Apr 1940 Occupation Leo William (Leo) TEMPEL-47126
MT, Cascade, Fort Shaw
1 May 1988 Death Bernice Ann TEMPLE-47122
MT, Cascade, Great Falls
10 Jan 1897 Birth Agnes R. CECIL-23562
20 Dec 1920 Death Norris Kane BOTSFORD-113217
8 May 1930 Birth Patricia (Pat) TEMPEL-82438
1 Apr 1935 Residence Lou Isabelle HENRY-87227
Apr 1940 Occupation Mary TEMPEL-71017
16 Jan 1941 Death Lou Isabelle HENRY-87227
27 Dec 1941 Marriage Paul Joseph TEMPEL-47123 and Grace Martha GAVLE-71902
1946 Residence Elayne M. TEMPLE-134476
6 Feb 1946 Marriage Leo William (Leo) TEMPEL-47126 and Deloris H. (Dolly) ERICKSON-72839
6 Jan 1948 Death Jacob Charles (Jake) TEMPEL-47091
13 Sep 1963 Death Isabella M. PFEFFER-47120
9 Feb 1971 Death Frank John TEMPEL-47121
1979 Residence Dawn Adair BENNETT-98478
Mar 1985 Death Louise TEMPEL-134603
20 Mar 1985 Death Louise Christine HEYEN-71023
5 Mar 1988 Death Jerry Kent TEMPEL-71206
28 May 1988 Death Edith T. TEMPLE-64679
15 Dec 1989 Death Denise Ann MC CORMICK-84486
30 Dec 1992 Death Paul Joseph TEMPEL-47123
1993 Residence Leo William (Leo) TEMPEL-47126
3 Feb 1994 Death Catherine Mary TEMPLE-64680
2001 Residence Robert TEMPEL-72044
2001 Residence Susan Gail TEMPEL-72045
2001 Residence Clinton Howard TEMPEL-71176
2001 Residence Ellen Muriel TEMPEL-71177
13 Aug 2002 Death Deloris H. (Dolly) ERICKSON-72839
bef 2005 Residence Gary Wayne (Gary) TEMPLE Sr.-123538
2005 Residence Sherry WATT-134825
2007 Residence Margaret Christine TEMPEL-47127
2007 Residence Ellen TEMPEL-72840
2007 Residence Faith TEMPEL-72841
2007 Residence Bill TEMPEL-72846
16 Oct 2007 Death Leo William (Leo) TEMPEL-47126
2009 Residence Clinton Howard TEMPEL-71176
2009 Residence Ellen Muriel TEMPEL-71177
2012 Residence Marvin OVERTON-71178
12 Jan 2012 Death Ellen Muriel TEMPEL-71177
7 Aug 2013 Death Janet Elizabeth TEMPEL-88167
30 Nov 2013 Death Margaret Christine TEMPEL-47127
24 Feb 2015 Death Clinton Howard TEMPEL-71176
MT, Cascade, Hardy
3 Jun 1979 Death Robert Leroy TEMPLE Jr.-98471
MT, Cascade, Sand Coulee
22 Aug 1922 Birth Andrew James (Andy) KAKALECIK-72847
MT, Cascade, Taft
Apr 1930 Occupation Albert Leopold TEMPEL-47092
Apr 1930 Census Bertha A. CRAWFORD-47128
MT, Cascade, Ulm
Oct 1939 Birth Nancy I. TEMPEL-87228
Apr 1940 Occupation Paul Joseph TEMPEL-47123
Apr 1940 Census Lou Isabelle HENRY-87227
Apr 1940 Census Nancy I. TEMPEL-87228
MT, Choteau, Big Sandy
3 Sep 1917 Birth George Edwin TEMPEL-145868
MT, Choteau, Harlem
Jun 1900 Census Ada -114334
Jun 1900 Occupation Burton TEMPLE-114335
Jun 1900 Occupation Pearly TEMPLE-114336
Jun 1900 Occupation Thomas EVERETT-114337
MT, Chouteau Co.
Jan 1920 Occupation Jacob Charles (Jake) TEMPEL-47091
Jan 1920 Census Isabella M. PFEFFER-47120
Jan 1920 Occupation Frank John TEMPEL-47121
Jan 1920 Occupation George Michael TEMPEL-47093
Jan 1920 Occupation Albert Leopold TEMPEL-47092
Jan 1920 Census Edith T. TEMPLE-64679
Jan 1920 Census Catherine Mary TEMPLE-64680
Jan 1920 Census Bernice Ann TEMPLE-47122
Jan 1920 Census Paul Joseph TEMPEL-47123
Jan 1920 Census Mary Cecelia TEMPLE-47124
Jan 1920 Census Anna Irene TEMPLE-47125
Jan 1920 Census Leo William (Leo) TEMPEL-47126
Jan 1920 Census Margaret Christine TEMPEL-47127
Jan 1920 Census William J. TEMPLE-118500
Jan 1920 Occupation William TEMPEL-145866
Jan 1920 Census Emma HAMMEN-145867
Feb 1920 Census Howard R. TEMPLE-119524
Feb 1920 Census George Edwin TEMPEL-145868
Feb 1920 Census Edna TEMPEL-145869
Feb 1920 Census Irene TEMPEL-145870
Feb 1920 Census Arthur TEMPEL-145871
MT, Chouteau, Big Sandy
13 Dec 1921 Death Mary Ann (Dolly) TEMPLE-9791
1922 Residence Samuel Mack (Mack) TEMPLE-27082
1936 Death Robert Warren (Robert) TUTTLE-9801
MT, Chouteau, Fort Benton
Nov 1899 Death Robert TEMPLE-133477
MT, Crow Creek Valley
25 Nov 1907 Death Friederich (Fred) TEMPLE-114326
MT, Dawson Co.
1883 Moved Charles TEMPLE-29595
1 Mar 1897 Death Hannah S. GOODWIN-50784
1902 Moved Arthur Allen TEMPLE-39943
1905 Death Charles TEMPLE-29595
1905 Miscellaneous Anna BUTTS-68181
Apr 1910 Occupation Carl Chester (Carl) TEMPLE-39945
Apr 1910 Occupation Anna BUTTS-68181
1914 Marriage Carl Chester (Carl) TEMPLE-39945 and Agnes M. JONAS-39948
1918 Miscellaneous Ernest Everett (Ernest) TEMPLE-40368
Jan 1920 Occupation Arthur Allen TEMPLE-39943
Jan 1920 Occupation Charles Orville TEMPLE-39944
Jan 1920 Occupation Carl Chester (Carl) TEMPLE-39945
Jan 1920 Census Agnes M. JONAS-39948
Jan 1920 Occupation Ernest Everett (Ernest) TEMPLE-40368
Jan 1920 Census Bessie V. SHONG-40369
Jan 1920 Census Irma M. TEMPLE-40372
Jan 1920 Census Charles Henry TEMPLE-40373
11 Feb 1920 Birth Chester Welding TEMPLE-39950
10 Jun 1925 Death Anna BUTTS-68181
30 Dec 1926 Death Keith Ellsworth (Keith) TEMPLE-24789
Mar 1930 Birth Ruth L. RAHR-68202
Apr 1930 Occupation Thomas Joseph (Tom) TEMPLE-24897
Apr 1930 Occupation Elsie Virginia (Elsie) STRONG-24898
Apr 1930 Occupation Arthur Allen TEMPLE-39943
Apr 1930 Occupation Charles Orville TEMPLE-39944
Apr 1930 Occupation Carl Chester (Carl) TEMPLE-39945
Apr 1930 Occupation Charlotte (Lottie) TEMPLE-39946
Apr 1930 Census Agnes M. JONAS-39948
Apr 1930 Census Ray Donald TEMPLE-39949
Apr 1930 Census Chester Welding TEMPLE-39950
Apr 1930 Occupation Ernest Everett (Ernest) TEMPLE-40368
Apr 1930 Census Bessie V. SHONG-40369
Apr 1930 Census Charles Henry TEMPLE-40373
Apr 1930 Census Anna Harriet FLETCHER-43373
Apr 1930 Census Irene F. TEMPLE-43374
1 Apr 1935 Residence Thomas Joseph (Tom) TEMPLE-24897
1 Apr 1935 Residence Elsie Virginia (Elsie) STRONG-24898
1 Apr 1935 Residence Donald Joseph TEMPLE-24899
Apr 1940 Occupation Ernest Everett (Ernest) TEMPLE-40368
Apr 1940 Census Bessie V. SHONG-40369
Apr 1940 Occupation Arthur Allen TEMPLE-39943
Apr 1940 Occupation Carl Chester (Carl) TEMPLE-39945
Apr 1940 Census Agnes M. JONAS-39948
Apr 1940 Census Chester Welding TEMPLE-39950
Apr 1940 Census Ray Donald TEMPLE-39949
Apr 1940 Census Irene F. TEMPLE-43374
Apr 1940 Census Harold Warren TEMPLE-53136
Apr 1940 Occupation Charles Orville TEMPLE-39944
Apr 1940 Occupation Charlotte (Lottie) TEMPLE-39946
Apr 1940 Occupation Anna Harriet FLETCHER-43373
1944 Residence Ray Donald TEMPLE-39949
27 Feb 1971 Death Agnes M. JONAS-39948
3 Dec 1972 Death Charles Orville TEMPLE-39944
6 Jul 1999 Death James N. RAHR-68195
MT, Dawson, Belle Prairie
1904 Moved Ernest Everett (Ernest) TEMPLE-40368
9 Nov 1909 Birth Irma M. TEMPLE-40372
Apr 1910 Occupation Arthur Allen TEMPLE-39943
Apr 1910 Occupation Charles Orville TEMPLE-39944
Apr 1910 Occupation Ernest Everett (Ernest) TEMPLE-40368
Apr 1910 Census Bessie V. SHONG-40369
Apr 1910 Census Irma M. TEMPLE-40372
MT, Dawson, Glendive
1 Apr 1887 Birth Carl Chester (Carl) TEMPLE-39945
1902 Moved Charles TEMPLE-29595
1915 Moved Katherine Alice (Alice) TEMPLE-28431
1915 Moved Thomas Chapman (Thomas) TEMPLE-2440
1918 Occupation Ernest Everett (Ernest) TEMPLE-40368
1921 Birth John B. RAHR-68198
1924 Moved Katherine Alice (Alice) TEMPLE-28431
1924 Moved Benjamin H. (Bennie) RAHR-68194
1925 Birth Alice Marie RAHR-68199
1 Feb 1926 Birth Ray Donald TEMPLE-39949
2 Mar 1929 Marriage Thomas Joseph (Tom) TEMPLE-24897 and Elsie Virginia (Elsie) STRONG-24898
26 Nov 1935 Birth Harold Warren TEMPLE-53136
Apr 1940 Occupation Charles Henry TEMPLE-40373
1944 Moved Ernest Everett (Ernest) TEMPLE-40368
1950 Residence Harold Warren TEMPLE-53136
1955 Moved Margaret LUCHT-68184
8 Jan 1969 Death Ernest Everett (Ernest) TEMPLE-40368
1971 Death Benjamin H. (Bennie) RAHR-68194
10 Jul 1975 Death Bessie V. SHONG-40369
7 Jan 1977 Death Carl Chester (Carl) TEMPLE-39945
1978 Death Katherine Alice (Alice) TEMPLE-28431
bef 1986 Residence Charles Henry TEMPLE-40373
1986 Moved Margaret LUCHT-68184
1992 Moved James (Jim) TEMPLE-54214
19 Jan 1996 Death Ray Donald TEMPLE-39949
2006 Residence Greg TEMPLE-54213
2006 Residence James (Jim) TEMPLE-54214
2006 Residence Tom TEMPLE-54215
7 May 2008 Death Irma M. TEMPLE-40372
2010 Residence Greg TEMPLE-54213
2010 Residence Tom TEMPLE-54215
11 Jul 2010 Death Joan Kay HAUSER-54218
11 Jul 2010 Death Joan Kay TEMPLE-137518
MT, Dawson, Intake
1917 Occupation Carl Chester (Carl) TEMPLE-39945
1917 Residence Agnes M. JONAS-39948
1918 Occupation Arthur Allen TEMPLE-39943
1918 Residence Carl Chester (Carl) TEMPLE-39945
MT, Dawson, Loughboro
19 Feb 1917 Birth Charles Henry TEMPLE-40373
bet 1957 and 1979 Occupation Margaret LUCHT-68184
MT, Dawson, Red Lodge
1899 Marriage Charles TEMPLE-29595 and Anna BUTTS-68181
2001 Residence William Franklin TEMPLE III-83986
MT, Fergus Co.
Apr 1910 Occupation Homer Edwin (Homer) TEMPLE-6410
MT, Fergus, Lewistown
Jan 1920 Census Robert TEMPLE-114791
MT, Fergus, Roundup
Apr 1910 Occupation Amelia -119841
MT, Flathead, Kalispell
6 Jan 1909 Birth Hugh Lambert WARRINER-66032
Apr 1940 Census John E. TEMPEL-142389
Apr 1940 Census Elizabeth S. -142390
2003 Residence Benard C. (Ben) TEMPEL-71184
2010 Residence Benard C. (Ben) TEMPEL-71184
MT, Flathead, Lakeside
2000 Residence John F. TEMPEL-71018
20 Oct 2000 Death Frances Leone (Leone) FREELAND-71187
MT, Flathead, Somers
26 Jan 1909 Death Nellie TEMPLE-140327
17 Dec 1947 Marriage Enoch B. ANDERSON-82795 and Margaret Beatrice (Maggie) TEMPEL-71025
MT, Flathead, Whitefish
bef 1920 Moved Helen TEMPLE-42247
Jan 1920 Occupation Paul Edmond TEMPLE-42257
24 Nov 1922 Birth Jeanne Cecilia (Jeannie) TEMPLE-52766
30 Aug 1955 Death Charles S. POORBAUGH-42256
MT, Folsom
1912 Residence George Washington (George) TEMPLE-10029
MT, Fort Keough
Death Monroe P. THORINGTON-12304
MT, Fort Peck
1938 Residence Roy TEMPLE-123229
1939 Residence Ned TEMPLE-123222
MT, Gallatin Co.
Apr 1910 Occupation George Albert (Albert) TEMPLE-114331
20 Nov 1965 Death Flossie May (Flossie) LYALL-24788
MT, Gallatin, Bozeman
1890 Residence Rose Ann -55068
21 Sep 1890 Marriage Moses (Amos) TEMPLE-32312 and Rose Ann -55068
Nov 1892 Moved Hoxa Allen (Allen) TEMPLE-18174
1917 Occupation Thomas Albert (Albert) TEMPLE-109472
1918 Occupation John Fred TEMPLE-114330
Jan 1920 Occupation John Fred TEMPLE-114330
Jan 1920 Occupation George Albert (Albert) TEMPLE-114331
Jan 1920 Occupation Lorna Elsie -114792
15 Apr 1925 Birth Janice Anne MURRAY-37669
Apr 1930 Occupation Zeta Ann (Zeta) TEMPLE-37731
abt 1976 Moved Dorothy E. TEMPEL-71027
1993 Residence Edna Martha TEMPEL-88176
1993 Residence Paulette Marie TEMPEL-88177
1998 Residence Ruth K. REMSBERG-111091
2000 Residence Maria TEMPLE-91548
21 Sep 2000 Death James Robert TEMPLE-27456
2001 Residence Dorothy E. TEMPEL-71027
24 Nov 2008 Death Shirley Jane TEMPLE-94259
2011 Residence Michael (Mike) TEMPLE-139164
2014 Residence Edna Martha TEMPEL-88176
2014 Residence Paulette Marie TEMPEL-88177
Birth Wilda PARKER-9584
Marriage Arlo T. AXELSON-9585 and Wilda PARKER-9584
MT, Gallatin, Manhattan
2007 Residence Sue TEMPEL-78387
MT, Gallatin, Middle Creek Valley
Jun 1880 Occupation Moses (Amos) TEMPLE-32312
1890 Residence Moses (Amos) TEMPLE-32312
MT, Gallatin, Salesville
1918 Occupation George Albert (Albert) TEMPLE-114331
1918 Residence Lorna Elsie -114792
MT, Gallatin, South Bozeman
Jun 1900 Occupation John Fred TEMPLE-114330
MT, Gallatin, Three Forks
13 Sep 2011 Death Frankie Cheryl PATE-139165
MT, Garfield Co.
23 Jun 1927 Death Reverend Newton Magrue TEMPLE-23133
MT, Glacier Co.
2 Aug 1960 Death Ed TEMPLE-111081
MT, Glacier, Cut Bank
1920 Birth James Thomas (Jim) WILLIAMSON-64913
aft 1989 Moved James (Jim) TEMPLE-54214
MT, Granite, Philipsburg
14 Jun 1898 Marriage James H. TEMPLE-33932 and Eva May DAWSON-49752
MT, Hill, Alma
1917 Occupation Edward H. TEMPEL-71013
1918 Occupation Gustave (Gus) TEMPEL-71022
22 Sep 1925 Birth Kenneth Raymond (Kenny) TEMPEL-71026
MT, Hill, Grassy Lake
Birth Charles Frederick NORRIS Jr.-37883
MT, Hill, Havre
23 Jun 1917 Marriage Gustave (Gus) TEMPEL-71022 and Louise Christine HEYEN-71023
Jan 1920 Occupation Charles (Charley) TEMPLE-48410
Jan 1920 Occupation Leo Dunham (Leo) TEMPLE-48442
Jan 1920 Census Mabel M. DUNHAM-48443
Jan 1920 Occupation Gertrude Trepisla TEMPLE-48446
Jan 1920 Census Russell E. TEMPLE-48447
1922 Residence Charles (Charley) TEMPLE-48410
27 Aug 1929 Birth Robert Paul (Bert) TEMPEL-71021
4 May 1937 Birth Clinton Howard TEMPEL-71176
Jun 1979 Death Mary TEMPEL-145872
1988 Residence Daniel Theodore (Dano) TEMPEL-71207
24 Apr 1993 Death Gertrude L. FROST-134663
26 May 2010 Death John F. TEMPEL-71018
MT, Hill, Lucerne
1918 Occupation Fred Henry TEMPEL-44543
MT, Jefferson Co.
5 May 1874 Marriage Friederich (Fred) TEMPLE-114326 and Sarah A. RICHARDS-114327
Apr 1910 Occupation Bert TEMPLE-119843
MT, Jefferson, Boulder
Jun 1900 Occupation Mabel TEMPLE-114329
MT, Lake, Polson
13 Dec 1975 Death Alberta -140912
MT, Lake, Ravalli
22 Jun 1938 Death UNKNOWN-117271
MT, Lake, Ronan
Apr 1940 Occupation Flossie May (Flossie) LYALL-24788
Apr 1940 Census Andrew Lyall (Lyall) TEMPLE-24790
MT, Lewis and Clark Co.
2 Feb 1998 Death Alvin E. TEMPLE-48696
MT, Lewis and Clark, Helena
aft 1868 Death William MONTGOMERY-9668
9 Jan 1902 Miscellaneous Charles Murray TEMPLE-40349
Jan 1920 Census Clarence TEMPEL-134251
Jan 1920 Census Ruth TURNER-134252
Jan 1920 Census Dima S.A. -134254
Jan 1920 Census Francis E. TEMPEL-134255
Jan 1920 Census James C. TEMPEL-134256
Feb 1920 Census Genevieve R. MARTIN-142385
Feb 1920 Census Thomas S. MARTIN-142386
Feb 1920 Census Lena R. -142387
29 Sep 1928 Birth Betty Rae BLAISDELL-26972
1 Jan 1930 Birth Charles George TEMPLE Jr.-111082
1933 Birth Joann TEMPLE-142388
Apr 1940 Census Charles George TEMPLE Jr.-111082
Apr 1940 Occupation Genevieve R. MARTIN-142385
Apr 1940 Census Thomas S. MARTIN-142386
Apr 1940 Census Lena R. -142387
Apr 1940 Census Joann TEMPLE-142388
22 Mar 1953 Death Hermia TEMPLE-114328
27 May 1975 Death Geraldine CRISWELL-62114
25 Jan 1978 Death Warren Gibson TEMPLE-62112
25 Feb 1984 Death Charles George TEMPLE Jr.-111082
12 Feb 1992 Death Ruby V. STEPHEN-111085
1993 Residence Thomas Wayne TEMPEL-88175
2007 Residence Jane TEMPEL-72845
2008 Moved Grace Martha GAVLE-71902
2009 Residence Crystal -136568
2014 Residence Thomas Wayne TEMPEL-88175
17 Dec 2014 Death Grace Martha GAVLE-71902
MT, Lewis and Clark, Marysville
1891 Occupation Friederich (Fred) TEMPLE-114326
1891 Occupation Thomas TEMPLE-124237
MT, Lewis and Clark, Park City
1887 Moved Charles TEMPLE-29595
MT, Lewis and Clark, Prickly Pear Valley
Aug 1870 Occupation Samuel TEMPLE-114321
MT, Lewis and Clark, Ten Mile Creek
Jul 1870 Occupation Moses (Amos) TEMPLE-32312
MT, Liberty Co.
1 Apr 1935 Residence Fred Henry TEMPEL-44543
MT, Liberty, Alma
5 Sep 1917 Birth Edward Ernest (Ed) TEMPEL-71016
12 May 1931 Birth Ellen Muriel TEMPEL-71177
MT, Liberty, Chester
1916 Moved Edward H. TEMPEL-71013
18 Dec 1928 Birth Dorothy E. TEMPEL-71027
Apr 1940 Occupation Fred Henry TEMPEL-44543
1988 Residence Denise Ann MC CORMICK-84486
6 Apr 1998 Death Margaret Beatrice (Maggie) TEMPEL-71025
2000 Residence Dolores TEMPEL-75054
2001 Residence Kenneth Raymond (Kenny) TEMPEL-71026
6 May 2001 Death Ernest John (Ernie) TEMPEL-71024
2002 Residence Lillian -91550
2002 Residence Janet TEMPEL-91554
2002 Residence Karen TEMPEL-91561
21 Apr 2002 Death Kenneth Raymond (Kenny) TEMPEL-71026
2003 Residence Edward Ernest (Ed) TEMPEL-71016
2003 Residence Russ TEMPEL-75047
31 Oct 2003 Death Helen TEMPEL-71015
2009 Residence John F. TEMPEL-71018
3 Mar 2009 Death Theodore Burton (Ted) TEMPEL-71020
2010 Residence Dolores TEMPEL-75054
2010 Residence Edward Ernest (Ed) TEMPEL-71016
2012 Residence Russ TEMPEL-82645
29 Mar 2012 Death Joyce A. (Jo) MC DANIEL-71186
6 Feb 2013 Death Edward Ernest (Ed) TEMPEL-71016
MT, Liberty, Fairview
Apr 1930 Occupation Fred Henry TEMPEL-44543
MT, Liberty, Joplin
13 Feb 1923 Birth Margaret Beatrice (Maggie) TEMPEL-71025
5 Apr 1935 Marriage William Norton (Bill) HODGES-71179 and Helen TEMPEL-71015
20 May 1943 Death Gustave (Gus) TEMPEL-71022
bet 1946 and 1978 Residence John F. TEMPEL-71018
7 Apr 1976 Death Lloyd Leonard HEYDON-71170
1988 Residence Greg TEMPEL-71204
1988 Residence Renee TEMPEL-71202
1998 Residence Ernest John (Ernie) TEMPEL-71024
2000 Residence Butch TEMPEL-75034
2000 Residence Tim TEMPEL-75053
2001 Residence Marilyn GILLIS-72042
2001 Residence Ronald TEMPEL-72043
bef 2003 Residence Helen TEMPEL-71015
2003 Residence Theodore Burton (Ted) TEMPEL-71020
2003 Residence Butch TEMPEL-75034
2009 Residence Elvina CADY-71189
2009 Residence Renee TEMPEL-71202
2009 Residence Greg TEMPEL-71204
2010 Residence John F. TEMPEL-71018
2010 Residence Butch TEMPEL-75034
2010 Residence Tim TEMPEL-75053
26 May 2013 Death Lonna LYBECK-75048
MT, Liberty, Tingdahl
Apr 1930 Occupation Edward H. TEMPEL-71013
Apr 1930 Census Mary KREITMEIR-71014
Apr 1930 Census Helen TEMPEL-71015
Apr 1930 Census Edward Ernest (Ed) TEMPEL-71016
Apr 1930 Census Mary TEMPEL-71017
Apr 1930 Census John F. TEMPEL-71018
Apr 1930 Census William R. (Bill) TEMPEL-71019
Apr 1930 Census Theodore Burton (Ted) TEMPEL-71020
Apr 1930 Census Robert Paul (Bert) TEMPEL-71021
Apr 1930 Occupation Gustave (Gus) TEMPEL-71022
Apr 1930 Census Louise Christine HEYEN-71023
Apr 1930 Census Ernest John (Ernie) TEMPEL-71024
Apr 1930 Census Margaret Beatrice (Maggie) TEMPEL-71025
Apr 1930 Census Kenneth Raymond (Kenny) TEMPEL-71026
Apr 1930 Census Dorothy E. TEMPEL-71027
Apr 1940 Occupation Gustave (Gus) TEMPEL-71022
Apr 1940 Census Louise Christine HEYEN-71023
Apr 1940 Occupation Ernest John (Ernie) TEMPEL-71024
Apr 1940 Census Margaret Beatrice (Maggie) TEMPEL-71025
Apr 1940 Census Kenneth Raymond (Kenny) TEMPEL-71026
Apr 1940 Census Dorothy E. TEMPEL-71027
Apr 1940 Census Clinton Howard TEMPEL-71176
Apr 1940 Census Ellen Muriel TEMPEL-71177
Apr 1940 Occupation Edward H. TEMPEL-71013
Apr 1940 Census Mary KREITMEIR-71014
Apr 1940 Occupation Edward Ernest (Ed) TEMPEL-71016
Apr 1940 Occupation John F. TEMPEL-71018
Apr 1940 Census William R. (Bill) TEMPEL-71019
Apr 1940 Census Theodore Burton (Ted) TEMPEL-71020
Apr 1940 Census Robert Paul (Bert) TEMPEL-71021
Apr 1940 Census Benard C. (Ben) TEMPEL-71184
MT, Lincoln, Libby
Jan 1920 Occupation Albert Leopold TEMPEL-47092
Jan 1920 Occupation George Michael TEMPEL-47093
2000 Residence Rod TEMPEL-75037
2010 Residence Rod TEMPEL-75037
MT, Madison Co.
1870 Occupation John E. TEMPLE-47527
1870 Census Elizabeth Josephine (Eliza) MORTON-47528
1870 Census Mary J. TEMPLE-47529
MT, Madison, Ruby Valley
Jun 1880 Occupation John E. TEMPLE-47527
Jun 1880 Census Elizabeth Josephine (Eliza) MORTON-47528
Jun 1880 Occupation John TEMPLE-114322
Jun 1880 Census Elizabeth Josephine HORD-114323
MT, Madison, Sheridan
1960 Death Ed TEMPLE-133476
MT, Madison, Virginia City
bef 1864 Miscellaneous Jack TEMPLE-119076
Jul 1870 Occupation John TEMPLE-114322
Jul 1870 Census Elizabeth Josephine HORD-114323
Jul 1870 Census Mary Jane (Mary) TEMPLE-114324
21 Jun 1876 Birth William Joseph BRUNDAGE-138906
MT, Meagher, Martinsdale
1984 Residence Olive P. TEMPLE-111083
2 Dec 2001 Death Lois June TEMPLE-56479
MT, Missoula, Flathead
Apr 1910 Occupation George Washington (George) TEMPLE-10029
Apr 1910 Occupation George TEMPLE-113920
1978 Moved John F. TEMPEL-71018
MT, Missoula, Frenchtown
Jun 1900 Occupation Cecil Warren (Cecil) TEMPLE-2452
MT, Missoula, Missoula
26 Jun 1883 Death Arthur Parker MITCHELL-11716
9 Jun 1941 Death Mary Ellen KENNEDY-24896
29 Aug 1960 Death Edward H. TEMPEL-71013
11 Jun 1979 Death Mary KREITMEIR-71014
2000 Residence Scott TEMPEL-75039
2007 Residence Cleo TEMPEL-72843
2010 Residence Scott TEMPEL-75039
2011 Residence Mary Caroline (Carrie) TEMPLE-79968
MT, Park Co.
6 Dec 1998 Death Ruth K. REMSBERG-111091
MT, Park, Livingston
11 May 1890 Birth Flossie May (Flossie) LYALL-24788
2004 Moved Dorothy E. TEMPEL-71027
7 Mar 2009 Death Dorothy E. TEMPEL-71027
MT, Park, Mill Creek Flat
Apr 1930 Occupation Alice Elizabeth (Alice) TEMPLE-23145
Apr 1930 Occupation Flossie May (Flossie) LYALL-24788
Apr 1930 Census Andrew Lyall (Lyall) TEMPLE-24790
MT, Park, Springdale
17 Dec 1903 Death Randell Ransom David (Ransom) CADY-76100
MT, Petroleum, Winnett
27 Nov 1917 Birth Grace Martha GAVLE-71902
MT, Phillips, Saco
1917 Occupation Herman Eugene TEMPLE-2866
1 Sep 1918 Birth Margaret LUCHT-68184
bef 1937 Residence Margaret LUCHT-68184
9 Jun 1956 Marriage Harold Warren TEMPLE-53136 and Dorothy LUCHT-54206
MT, Pondera, Brady
2 Apr 1951 Death Albert Leopold TEMPEL-47092
MT, Powell Co.
3 Apr 1968 Death Nellie Frances (Nellie) SAGER-24529
MT, Powell, Deer Lodge
29 Jul 1957 Death Clifford Earl (Clifford) TEMPLE-49049
MT, Ravali, Hamilton
22 Jun 1938 Death Florence Jenny THOMPSON-42018
MT, Ravalli, Hamilton
5 Oct 2001 Death Myrtle Pauline LINTHICUM-155340
12 Mar 2013 Death Bradley C. TEMPLE-142443
MT, Ravalli, Stevensville
13 Sep 1994 Death Capitola Ruth HORN-103785
20 Apr 1996 Death Newton William (Newton) TEMPLE-23142
MT, Richland, Sidney
10 Dec 1904 Birth Louise Katherine JOSEPHSEN-24722
MT, Roosevelt, Froid
23 Sep 1923 Birth Elizabeth Arlene OLSON-77009
MT, Rosebud Co.
15 Aug 1996 Death June C. MYERS-76769
MT, Rosebud, Hathaway
1972 Residence Charles Orville TEMPLE-39944
MT, Sanders, Hot Springs
Aug 1970 Death Helen TEMPLE-42247
MT, Sanders, Trout Creek
29 Mar 1950 Death Myron Christie SCHAAL-24105
MT, Sheridan Co.
Apr 1930 Occupation Claude L. TEMPEL-134162
Apr 1930 Census Rose E. -134164
Apr 1930 Census William H. WEISS-134165
Apr 1930 Census William R. WEISS-134166
MT, Silver Bow, Butte
17 Aug 1894 Birth Grace E. GUIDICI-62113
25 Jan 1895 Birth Marjorie Chess HOPKINS-23088
1899 Birth Evelyn May (Babe) DICKSON-112226
1913 Death Mary Louise TEMPLE-47634
1913 Moved Mary Louise TEMPLE-47634
25 Dec 1915 Marriage James Latimer BRUCE-47635 and Leah Sidney HILLS-69075
1917 Occupation Samuel Major (Sam) TEMPLE-56480
2000 Residence Linda TEMPEL-75033
2010 Residence Linda TEMPEL-75033
Birth Nellie DONIHUE-23090
MT, Stillwater Co.
1 May 1956 Death Arthur A. TEMPLE-142382
MT, Sweet Grass, Big Timber
Jun 1900 Occupation Charles Murray TEMPLE-40349
MT, Teton, Choteau
26 Feb 1992 Death Beatha TEMPEL-134616
2003 Residence Mary TEMPEL-71017
2010 Residence Mary TEMPEL-71017
MT, Teton, Fairfield
24 Feb 2014 Death Patricia (Pat) TEMPEL-82438
MT, Teton, Power
bet 1916 and 1919 Miscellaneous Isabella M. PFEFFER-47120
bet 1916 and 1919 Residence Jacob Charles (Jake) TEMPEL-47091
1917 Occupation Frank John TEMPEL-47121
8 May 1917 Birth Leo William (Leo) TEMPEL-47126
1918 Miscellaneous Edith T. TEMPLE-64679
1918 Confirmation Catherine Mary TEMPLE-64680
1918 Confirmation Bernice Ann TEMPLE-47122
1918 Occupation George Michael TEMPEL-47093
1919 Miscellaneous Frank John TEMPEL-47121
28 May 1919 Birth Margaret Christine TEMPEL-47127
Apr 1930 Occupation George Michael TEMPEL-47093
Apr 1940 Occupation Frank John TEMPEL-47121
bef 1971 Residence Frank John TEMPEL-47121
MT, Toole Co.
29 Dec 1916 Birth Mildred P. TEMPLE-70911
Jun 1919 Birth Private First Class Donald R. TEMPLE-70910
Jan 1920 Occupation Harry O. TEMPLE-37737
Jan 1920 Census Bernice DUNNINGTON-62943
Jan 1920 Census Mildred P. TEMPLE-70911
Jan 1920 Census Private First Class Donald R. TEMPLE-70910
6 Sep 1926 Death Ella Mariah (Ella) GIBSON-31590
MT, Toole, Ethridge
1917 Occupation Harry O. TEMPLE-37737
1917 Residence Bernice DUNNINGTON-62943
10 Jun 1923 Birth James Edgar (James) TEMPLE-70913
MT, Toole, Shelby
14 Feb 1946 Marriage John F. TEMPEL-71018 and Frances Leone (Leone) FREELAND-71187
MT, Valley Co.
1 Apr 1935 Residence Jane I. MURPHY-9816
1 Apr 1935 Residence Edward William (Ned) TEMPLE-76746
1 Apr 1935 Residence Roy Klondike TEMPLE Jr.-76749
13 Nov 1953 Death William TEMPLE-133724
MT, Valley, Glasgow
10 Jul 1921 Birth Geraldine Faye MILLER-130930
1 Apr 1935 Residence Clifford D. JOHNSON-145278
MT, Valley, Opheim
1 Apr 1935 Residence H. Beulah TEMPLE-145277
MT, Wheatland Co.
29 Jul 1984 Death Olive P. TEMPLE-111083
MT, Wheatland, Harlowton
Apr 1940 Occupation Ed TEMPLE-141907
MT, Wibaux Co.
Apr 1930 Occupation Thomas Chapman (Thomas) TEMPLE-2440
Apr 1930 Census Mary Ellen KENNEDY-24896
Apr 1930 Census Phoebe Ellen (Phoebe) TEMPLE-53657
16 Jun 1934 Birth Donald Joseph TEMPLE-24899
MT, Wibaux, Been
1918 Occupation Thomas Chapman (Thomas) TEMPLE-2440
1918 Residence Mary Ellen KENNEDY-24896
1918 Occupation Thomas Joseph (Tom) TEMPLE-24897
MT, Yellowstone Co.
Jan 1920 Census Flora O. (Flo) SANDO-114794
Jan 1920 Census Sylvanus SANDO-114795
Jan 1920 Census Clara Jane (Jane) -114796
Jan 1920 Census Robert TEMPLE-114797
bef 1956 Residence Arthur A. TEMPLE-142382
5 Jun 1961 Death Paul Hamilton (Paul) TEMPLE-31603
7 Apr 1986 Death Charles Henry TEMPLE-40373
16 Oct 1993 Death Alice Louise HENRY-111087
9 Aug 2004 Death Doris S. -70017
MT, Yellowstone, Billings
Apr 1910 Occupation Samuel Mack (Mack) TEMPLE-27082
Apr 1910 Occupation Archer Clifton (Archie) TEMPLE-39271
Apr 1910 Census Marion Wilsie (Wilsie) DICE-46972
Apr 1910 Census Thad TEMPLE-48707
Apr 1910 Census David F. (Dave) TEMPLE-48708
Apr 1910 Census Phyllis TEMPLE-48709
20 Jun 1915 Birth Earla Jane BEVER-31536
1916 Residence Jane Ann (Jennie) TEMPLE-105636
20 Jan 1916 Birth Walter JORDEN-105650
29 Mar 1931 Birth Ruth Phyllis (Ruth) FREEMAN-83680
1979 Occupation Kathy TEMPLE-68186
27 Jan 1999 Death Randy A. JENSEN-134478
25 Jun 2005 Death Gary Wayne (Gary) TEMPLE Sr.-123538
2007 Residence Wayne Casper TEMPLE-61708
MT, Yellowstone, Columbus
1899 Moved Charles TEMPLE-29595
Jun 1900 Occupation Charles TEMPLE-29595
Jun 1900 Census Harry O. TEMPLE-39942
Jun 1900 Occupation Arthur Allen TEMPLE-39943
Jun 1900 Occupation Charles Orville TEMPLE-39944
Jun 1900 Census Carl Chester (Carl) TEMPLE-39945
Jun 1900 Census Charlotte (Lottie) TEMPLE-39946
Jun 1900 Census Anna BUTTS-68181
MT, Yellowstone, Laurel
18 Mar 1921 Birth Nathalie Marian (Dolly) LEHR-145013
bef 1976 Residence Harry O. TEMPLE-39942
1993 Death Louise TEMPLE-140328

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