Northern Ireland Events


The Irish Free State existed from late 1922 through late 1937. During that time, its boundaries changed, finally emerging as the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Sources are often unclear about which geo-political entity they refer to when they simply say "ireland," so it is very possible that some of the events here should be in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. All three webpages should be consulted if you are looking for Irish ties.

United Kingdom, Northern Ireland
25 Dec 1817 Birth Andrew HENDERSON-77977
1851 Birth David CLOUGHLY-158222
Nov 1854 Birth Annie A. MC MURRAY-2371
May 1856 Birth Mary KELLY-116360
Dec 1857 Birth James J. TEMPLE-114138
1860 Birth Elizabeth -158223
1863 Birth Robert PHILLIPS-41968
1887 Birth Mary Jane BIRNEY-111540
Birth Alexander MORTLAND-95467

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