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Oklahoma has had so many TEMPLE events that it has been broken down into the following (confusing) mix of counties and cities. This was to help ease the pain of loading. The general scheme is to be alphabetic by county, so long as the county is known.

"Oklahoma 1"

OK AT Large
OK, Adair, Bunch
OK, Adair, Stillwell
OK, Alfalfa, Carmen
OK, Alfalfa, Cherokee
OK, Atoka, Atoka
OK, Atoka, Wilson
OK, Beaver Co.
OK, Beaver, Balko
OK, Beaver, Gate
OK, Beckham, Elk City
OK, Beckham, North Fork
OK, Blaine Co.
OK, Blaine, Geary
OK, Blaine, Homestead
OK, Blaine, Hydro
OK, Blaine, Okeene
OK, Blaine, Watonga
OK, Bryan Co.
OK, Bryan, Caddo
OK, Bryan, Cartwright
OK, Bryan, Durant
OK, Caddo, Anadarko
OK, Caddo, Apache
OK, Caddo, Carnegie
OK, Caddo, Fort Cobb
OK, Caddo, Gracemont Twp.
OK, Caddo, Gracemont
OK, Caddo, Hinton
OK, Caddo, Mound Valley
OK, Canadian Co.
OK, Canadian, Calumet
OK, Canadian, El Reno
OK, Canadian, Mustang Twp.
OK, Canadian, Piedmont
OK, Canadian, West Walnut Twp.
OK, Carter Co.
OK, Carter, Akers
OK, Carter, Ardmore
OK, Carter, Berwyn Twp.
OK, Carter, Brock
OK, Carter, Cheek
OK, Carter, Graham
OK, Carter, Lone Grove
OK, Carter, Morgan
OK, Carter, Newport
OK, Carter, Wilson
OK, Cherokee, Hulbert
OK, Cherokee, Park Hill
OK, Cherokee, Tahlequah
OK, Choctaw, Corinne
OK, Choctaw, Fort Towson
OK, Choctaw, Hugo
OK, Choctaw, Wilson Twp.
OK, Cleveland, Lexington
OK, Cleveland, Liberty
OK, Cleveland, Moore Twp.
OK, Cleveland, Norman
OK, Coal, Lehigh
OK, Comanche, Chattanooga
OK, Comanche, Elgin
OK, Comanche, Fletcher
OK, Comanche, Lawton
OK, Comanche, Richards
OK, Cotton, Bryan
OK, Cotton, Randlett
OK, Craig, Vinita
OK, Creek, Bristow
OK, Creek, Drumright
OK, Creek, Mannford
OK, Creek, Mounds
OK, Creek, Sapulpa
OK, Creek, Tiger Twp.
OK, Creek, Tiger
OK, Custer Co.
OK, Custer, Clinton
OK, Custer, Washita Twp.
OK, Custer, Weatherford
OK, Delaware, Grove
OK, Delaware, Kenwood
OK, Dewey, Vici
OK, Garfield Co.
OK, Garfield, Bison

"Oklahoma 2"

OK, Garfield, Enid
OK, Garfield, Garber
OK, Garfield, Lincoln
OK, Garvin, Elmore City
OK, Garvin, Foster
OK, Garvin, Katie
OK, Garvin, Pauls Valley
OK, Garvin, Pernell
OK, Garvin, Strafford
OK, Garvin, Wynnewood
OK, Grady, Chickasha
OK, Grady, Tuttle
OK, Grant Co.
OK, Grant, Hickory Twp.
OK, Grant, Jefferson
OK, Grant, Lamont
OK, Grant, Pond Creek
OK, Greer, Mangum City
OK, Greer, Mangum
OK, Harper Co.
OK, Harper, Buffalo
OK, Harper, Good
OK, Harper, Kiawa Twp.
OK, Harper, Laverne
OK, Haskel, Keota
OK, Hughes Co.
OK, Hughes, Holdenville
OK, Indian Territory
OK, Jackson Co.
OK, Jackson, Altus
OK, Jackson, Duke
OK, Jackson, Eldorado
OK, Jackson, Elmer
OK, Jackson, Martha Twp.
OK, Jackson, Navajo
OK, Jefferson, Ryan
OK, Jefferson, Waurika
OK, Johnston, Garrett
OK, Johnston, Kenefic
OK, Johnston, Mannsville
OK, Johnston, Tishomingo
OK, Kay, Blackwell
OK, Kay, Eddy
OK, Kay, Grainville
OK, Kay, Hardy Town
OK, Kay, Longwood
OK, Kay, Newkirk
OK, Kay, Owen
OK, Kay, Ponca City
OK, Kay, Rock Falls Twp.
OK, Kay, Tonkawa
OK, Kingfisher, Cato
OK, Kingfisher, Hennessey
OK, Kingfisher, Kingfisher
OK, Kiowa, Hobart
OK, Kiowa, Mountain Park
OK, Kiowa, Mountain View
OK, Latimer, Red Oak
OK, Le Flore Co.
OK, Le Flore, Bokoshe
OK, Le Flore, Leflore
OK, Le Flore, Poteau
OK, Lincoln Co.
OK, Lincoln, Chandler
OK, Lincoln, South Fox
OK, Lincoln, Stroud
OK, Logan Co.
OK, Logan, Guthrie
OK, Logan, Seward
OK, Major, Orienta
OK, Marshall, Odell Twp.
OK, Maves, Disney
OK, Mc Clain Co.
OK, Mc Curtain Co.
OK, Mc Curtain, Broken Bow
OK, Mc Curtain, Eagle Twp.
OK, Mc Curtain, Eagletown
OK, Mc Curtain, Fowler Twp.
OK, Mc Curtain, Garvin
OK, Mc Curtain, Glover
OK, Mc Curtain, Golden
OK, Mc Curtain, Idabel
OK, Mc Curtain, Oak Hill
OK, Mc Curtain, Valliant
OK, Mc Intosh, Checotah
OK, Mc Lain, Payne
OK, McCurtain, Valliant
OK, Murray, Davis
OK, Murray, Dougherty
OK, Murray, Sulphur
OK, Muscogee, Muscogee
OK, Muskogee Co.
OK, Muskogee, Fort Gibson
OK, Muskogee, Muskogee
OK, Muskogee, Webbers Falls
OK, Noble, Perry
OK, Noble, Whiterock Twp.
OK, Nowata, Armstrong
OK, Nowata, Delaware
OK, Nowata, Lenapah
OK, Nowata, Nowata
OK, Nowata, South Coffeeville
OK, Oklahoma Co.
OK, Oklahoma, Choctaw
OK, Oklahoma, Del City
OK, Oklahoma, Edmond
OK, Oklahoma, Jones
OK, Oklahoma, Midwest City
OK, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City

"Oklahoma 3"

OK, Okmulgee, Dewar
OK, Okmulgee, Morris Twp.
OK, Okmulgee, Okmulgee
OK, Ormsby, Carson City
OK, Osage, Avant
OK, Osage, Hominy
OK, Osage, Pawhuska
OK, Osage, Skiatook
OK, Osage, Webb City
OK, Ottawa, Miami
OK, Ottawa, Narcissa
OK, Ottawa, Picher
OK, Ottawa, Quapaw
OK, Pawnee, Pawnee
OK, Pawnee, Ralston
OK, Payne, Cushing
OK, Payne, Glencoe
OK, Payne, Indian Twp.
OK, Payne, Perkins
OK, Payne, Stillwater
OK, Pittsburg, Mc Alester
OK, Pontotoc, Ada
OK, Pontotoc, Roff
OK, Pottawatomie Co.
OK, Pottawatomie, Maud
OK, Pottawatomie, Mc Cloud
OK, Pottawatomie, Shawnee
OK, Roger Mills, Cheyenne
OK, Roger Mills, Hammon
OK, Rogers, Chelsea
OK, Rogers, Claremore
OK, Rogers, Kiowa Twp.
OK, Rogers, Oologah
OK, Seminole Co.
OK, Seminole, Seminole
OK, Seminole, Wolf Twp.
OK, Sequoyah Co.
OK, Sequoyah, Mc Key Twp.
OK, Sequoyah, Muldrow
OK, Sequoyah, Sallisaw
OK, Sequoyah, Vian
OK, Stephens, Alma
OK, Stephens, Comanche
OK, Stephens, Duncan
OK, Stephens, Mc Pherson
OK, Texas, Guymon
OK, Texas, Hooker
OK, Tillman, Frederick
OK, Tillman, Grandfield
OK, Tillman, Holton
OK, Tulsa Co.
OK, Tulsa, Broken Arrow
OK, Tulsa, Owasso
OK, Tulsa, Red Fork Twp.
OK, Tulsa, Sand Springs
OK, Tulsa, Tulsa
OK, Wagoner, Coweta
OK, Wagoner, Wagoner
OK, Washington Co.
OK, Washington, Bartlesville
OK, Washington, Jackson Twp.
OK, Washington, Ramona
OK, Washita Co.
OK, Washita, Bessie
OK, Washita, Elk
OK, Wilson Co.
OK, Woods, Alva
OK, Woods, Crowell Twp.
OK, Woods, Hopeton
OK, Woodward Co.
OK, Woodward, Woodward
Oklahoma Territory, Garfield, Farney

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