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Oregon has had so many TEMPLE events that it has been broken down into the following (confusing) mix of counties and cities. This was to help ease the pain of loading. The general scheme is to be alphabetic by county, so long as the county is known.

"Oregon 1"

OR At Large
OR, Baker, Baker City
OR, Baker, Clifford Twp.
OR, Benton Co.
OR, Benton, Corvallis
OR, Clackamas Co.
OR, Clackamas, Canby
OR, Clackamas, Cascade Summit
OR, Clackamas, Clackamas
OR, Clackamas, Colton
OR, Clackamas, Estacada
OR, Clackamas, Lake Oswego
OR, Clackamas, Molalla
OR, Clackamas, Oregon City
OR, Clackamas, Outlook
OR, Clackamas, Pleasant Hill Twp.
OR, Clackamas, Rhododendron
OR, Clackamas, Sandy
OR, Clackamas, Springwater
OR, Clackamas, West Linn
OR, Clatsop Co.
OR, Clatsop, Astoria
OR, Clatsop, Seaside
OR, Clatsop, Warrenton
OR, Clatsop, Westport
OR, Columbia Co.
OR, Columbia, Clatsham
OR, Columbia, Clatskanie
OR, Columbia, Mist Twp.
OR, Columbia, Rainier
OR, Columbia, Scappoose
OR, Columbia, St. Helens
OR, Columbia, Union
OR, Coos Co.
OR, Coos, Coos Bay
OR, Coos, Coquille
OR, Coos, Empire City
OR, Coos, Marshfield
OR, Crook Co.
OR, Crook, Beaver Creek
OR, Crook, Laidlaw Twp.
OR, Crook, Prineville
OR, Crook, Suplee
OR, Crook, Warm Spring Indian Reservation
OR, Curry, Floras Twp.
OR, Deschutes Co.
OR, Deschutes, La Pine
OR, Deschutes, Redmond
OR, Deschutes, Sisters
OR, Dittoe's Station
OR, Douglas Co.
OR, Douglas, Anlauf
OR, Douglas, Myrtle Creek
OR, Douglas, Oakland
OR, Douglas, Reedsport
OR, Douglas, Roseburg
OR, Douglas, Scottsburg
OR, Douglas, Umpqua
OR, Douglas, Winston
OR, Grant Co.
OR, Grant, Canyon City
OR, Grant, Prairie City
OR, Harney Co.
OR, Harney, Andrews Twp.
OR, Harney, Burns
OR, Harney, Crane
OR, Harney, Hines
OR, Harney, Poison Creek Twp.
OR, Hood River Co.
OR, Hood River, Cascade Locks
OR, Hood River, Dee
OR, Jackson Co.
OR, Jackson, Central Point
OR, Jackson, Howard
OR, Jackson, Medford
OR, Jackson, Talent West
OR, Jefferson, Madras
OR, Josephine Co.
OR, Josephine, Cave Junction
OR, Josephine, Granite Hill
OR, Josephine, Grants Pass
OR, Josephine, Merlin
OR, Josephine, Murphy
OR, Josephine, Selma
OR, Klamath Co.
OR, Klamath, Klamath Falls
OR, Lake, Lakeview
OR, Lake, New Pine Creek
OR, Lake, Silver Lake
OR, Lane Co.
OR, Lane, Dorena
OR, Lane, Elmira
OR, Lane, Eugene
OR, Lane, Florence
OR, Lane, Junction City
OR, Lane, Marcola
OR, Lane, Noti
OR, Lane, Oakridge
OR, Lane, Springfield
OR, Lane, Veneta
OR, Lane, Willakenzie
OR, Lane, Zumwalt
OR, Lincoln, Morris
OR, Lincoln, Newport
OR, Lincoln, Rose Lodge
OR, Linn Co.
OR, Linn, Albany

"Oregon 2"

OR, Linn, Berlin
OR, Linn, Brownsville
OR, Linn, Center Twp.
OR, Linn, Fox Valley Twp.
OR, Linn, Gates
OR, Linn, Harrisburg
OR, Linn, Lebanon
OR, Linn, Plainview
OR, Linn, Sand Ridge
OR, Linn, Sodaville
OR, Linn, South Lebanon
OR, Linn, Sweet Home
OR, Linn, Tennessee
OR, Malheur Co.
OR, Malheur, Nyassa
OR, Malheur, Ontario
OR, Malheur, Vale
OR, Malheur, Warm Springs
OR, Marion Co.
OR, Marion, Hubbard
OR, Marion, Keizer
OR, Marion, Marion
OR, Marion, North Salem
OR, Marion, North Silverton
OR, Marion, Pringle
OR, Marion, Prospect
OR, Marion, Salem Heights
OR, Marion, Salem
OR, Marion, Sidney
OR, Marion, South Silverton
OR, Marion, St. Paul
OR, Marion, Stayton
OR, Marion, Woodburn
OR, Morrow, Lexington
OR, Multnomah Co.
OR, Multnomah, Corbett
OR, Multnomah, Gresham
OR, Multnomah, Holbrook
OR, Multnomah, Montavilla
OR, Multnomah, Morrison
OR, Multnomah, Portland
OR, Multnomah, Rigler Twp.
OR, Multnomah, Rockwood
OR, Multnomah, Russellville
OR, Multnomah, St. John's
OR, Multnomah, Sycamore Twp.
OR, Multnomah, Troutdale
OR, Multnomah, Western Twp.
OR, Polk Co.
OR, Portland Co.
OR, Sherman, Kent
OR, Tillamook Co.
OR, Tillamook, Bay City
OR, Tillamook, Tillamook
OR, Umatilla Co.
OR, Umatilla, Adams
OR, Umatilla, Echo
OR, Umatilla, Helix
OR, Umatilla, Hermiston
OR, Umatilla, Juniper Twp.
OR, Umatilla, Milton-Freewater
OR, Umatilla, Milton
OR, Umatilla, Ordnance

"Oregon 3"

OR, Umatilla, Pendleton
OR, Umatilla, Riverside
OR, Umatilla, Stanfield
OR, Umatilla, Umatilla Reservation
OR, Umatilla, Union
OR, Umatilla, Van Sycle
OR, Umatilla, Weston
OR, Union Co.
OR, Union, Cove
OR, Wallowa, Enterprise
OR, Wallowa, Wallowa
OR, Wasco Co.
OR, Wasco, Antelope Twp.
OR, Wasco, Boyd City
OR, Wasco, Clarno
OR, Wasco, Dallas
OR, Wasco, Dufur
OR, Wasco, Hood River
OR, Wasco, Maupin
OR, Wasco, Nansene
OR, Wasco, Ramsey
OR, Wasco, The Dalles
OR, Wasco, Tygh Valley Twp.
OR, Washington Co.
OR, Washington, Aloha
OR, Washington, Beaverton
OR, Washington, Forest Grove
OR, Washington, Gaston
OR, Washington, Haynes
OR, Washington, Hillsboro
OR, Wheeler Co.
OR, Yamhill Co.
OR, Yamhill, Amity
OR, Yamhill, Dayton
OR, Yamhill, Mc Minnville
OR, Yamhill, Newberg
OR, Yamhill, North Yamhill
OR, Yamhill, Sheridan
OR, Yamhill, Willamina

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