Indices to Pension Records - 1812

Index of TEMPLE and TEMPLES - War of 1812

The following table lists the information for TEMPLE and TEMPLES found in the Index to War of 1812 Pension Application Files, M 313. Note: Given names followed by an asterisk indicate individuals with surname TEMPLES.

Name Survivor Original # Survivor Certificate # Widow Original # Widow Certificate # Dependent & Type Service Bounty Land Enlisted Discharged Residence of Soldier Residence of Widow Maiden Name of Widow Marriage of Soldier and Widow Death of Soldier Death of Widow Remarks Record Group
Benjamin 23366 16269       Capt Thomas Starrett's Co. of KY Mil                     M 313
Benjamin     19179 16204 Ruth, Widow Capt Brown's Co. MA Mil (alleged)                     M 313
James 18395         Pct., Rifle Co. 26 Inf                   Rejected M 313
James* 30619         Capt. Hall's Co., MS Mil                     M 313
Jesse 10312 6709 10358 5654 Tabitha, Widow Capt Thomas Starrett's Co. of KY Mil                     M 313
John 20298         Pvt. Capt William Old's Co. GA Mil                     M 313
John     15971 9602 Abigail J., Widow Capt John Temple's MA Mil                     M 313
John*     27530   Margaret A., Widow Pvt., GA Mil                   Rejected M 313
Joseph 32232 23057 43577 33065 Betsey, Widow Capt. Samuel True's Co., MA Mil                     M 313
Josiah 10630 14522       Capt. Thomas' Co., 1st US Dragoons                     M 313
Levi 29075         Capt. Andrew Carles' Co., NY Mil (alleged)                     M 313
Lowell     29061 26238 Mary, Widow Capt. Robinson's Co., VT Mil; Capt. Eldridge's Co., VT Mil                     M 313
Major A. 33817         Capt. Isaac Wadkin's Co., TN Mil (alleged)                     M 313
Robert 3580 5496 44725 35039 Eliza A., Widow Capt. Samuel Hawley's Co., NY Mil; Capt. John Fleming's Co., NY Mil WT No 34718-80-50; 35295-80-55                   M 313
Robert 18533 25241       Capt. John Martin's Co., PA Mil                     M 313
Roderick     35631 26143 Mary, Widow Capt. Giddin's Co., TN Mil                     M 313
Solomon     22107 11908 Elizabeth, Widow Capt. James Brown's Co., MA Mil                     M 313
William     22108 12315 Mary, Widow Capt Nash's Co., PA Mil                     M 313

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