Indices to Pension Records - Remarried Widows

Index of TEMPLE and TEMPLES - Civil War, Remarried Widows

The following table lists the information for TEMPLE and TEMPLES found in the Index to Pension Application Files of Remarried Widows Based on Service in the Civil War and Later Wars and in the Regular Army After the Civil War, M 1785. Note: Given names followed by an asterisk indicate individuals with surname TEMPLES.

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Remarried Widow Full Name Name of Soldier Service Number Original Number Certificate Date of Filing Remarks Record Group Roll
Alice E. Temple Norman Daniels     449466 26 Oct 1916 Marshall A. Temple, B 133 IL Inf M 1785 7
Amanda E. Temple William J. Strain     21819 32 Jul 1907   M 1785 7
Ellen M. Temple Edwin Wales     424252 6 Sep 1901 15 Oct 1916 M 1785 7
Matilda Temple John M. Ross     55266 5 Jul 1901   M 1785 7
Sarah I. Temple William J. Swander     500478 24 May 1917   M 1785 7
Sarah J. Temple William J. Swander     500478 1 Jul 1902   M 1785 7