Index of South Dakota Events


South Dakota has had so many TEMPLE events that it has been broken down into the following (confusing) mix of counties and cities. This was to help ease the pain of loading. The general scheme is to be alphabetic by county, so long as the county is known.

"South Dakota 1"

SD At Large
SD, Aurora Co.
SD, Beadle Co.
SD, Beadle, Belle Prairie
SD, Beadle, Huron
SD, Bennett Co.
SD, Bennett, Martin
SD, Bon Homme Co.
SD, Bon Homme, Avon
SD, Bon Homme, Cleveland Twp.
SD, Bon Homme, Jackson Twp.
SD, Bon Homme, Tyndall
SD, Brookings Co.
SD, Brookings, Afton Twp.
SD, Brookings, Brookings
SD, Brown Co.
SD, Brown, Aberdeen
SD, Brule Co.
SD, Brule, Chamberlain
SD, Brule, Pukwana
SD, Butte Co.
SD, Butte, Belle Fourche
SD, Butte, Deermont
SD, Butte, Newell
SD, Butte, Nisland
SD, Butte, Vale
SD, Clark Co.
SD, Clark, Carpenter
SD, Clark, Clark
SD, Clark, Darlington Twp.
SD, Clark, Day
SD, Clark, Hague Twp.
SD, Clark, Henry
SD, Clark, Lake
SD, Clark, Lincoln
SD, Clark, Willow Lake
SD, Clary, Burbank
SD, Clay Co.
SD, Clay, Vermillion
SD, Clay, Wakonda
SD, Codington Co.
SD, Codington, Fuller Twp.
SD, Codington, Richland Twp.
SD, Codington, Watertown
SD, Corson Co.
SD, Corson, Bullhead
SD, Corson, McIntosh
SD, Corson, Watauga
SD, Custer, Custer
SD, Davison Co.
SD, Davison, Mitchell
SD, Day Co.
SD, Day, Bristol
SD, Day, Pierpont
SD, Day, Waubay
SD, Day, Webster
SD, Deuel Co.
SD, Deuel, Clear Lake
SD, Deuel, Havana Twp.
SD, Douglas, Armour
SD, Douglas, Belmont Twp.
SD, Edmunds, Bowdle
SD, Edmunds, Ipswich
SD, El Dorado
SD, Fall River Co.
SD, Fall River, Edgemont
SD, Fall River, Hot Spring
SD, Fall River, Hot Springs
SD, Faulk Co.
SD, Grant Co.
SD, Grant, Big Stone City
SD, Grant, Blooming Valley Twp.
SD, Grant, Kilborn
SD, Grant, Lura Twp.
SD, Grant, Madison
SD, Grant, Marvin
SD, Grant, Milbank
SD, Grant, Osceola Twp.
SD, Grant, Strandburg
SD, Grant, Summit
SD, Grant, Twin Brooks
SD, Gregory Co.
SD, Gregory, Dixon
SD, Haakon, Philip Twp.
SD, Haakon, Phillip
SD, Haakon, Pleasant View
SD, Hamlin Co.
SD, Hamlin, Bemis
SD, Hamlin, Brantford
SD, Hamlin, Estelline
SD, Hamlin, Garfield Twp.
SD, Hamlin, Hamlin
SD, Hand Co.
SD, Hanson, Emery
SD, Harding Co.
SD, Harding, Buffalo Twp.
SD, Harding, Camp Crook
SD, Hughes Co.
SD, Hughes, Pierre
SD, Hutchinson Co.
SD, Hutchinson, Freeman
SD, Hutchinson, Menno
SD, Hutchison Co.
SD, Hyde, Highmore
SD, Hyde, Stephen
SD, Jackson, Cedar Twp.
SD, Jerauld, Alpena
SD, Kingsbury Co.
SD, Kingsbury, Arlington
SD, Kingsbury, Baker
SD, Kingsbury, De Smet
SD, Kingsbury, Iroquois
SD, Kingsbury, Lake Preston
SD, Lake, Madison

"South Dakota 2"

SD, Lake, Nunda
SD, Lawrence Co.
SD, Lawrence, Deadwood
SD, Lawrence, Lead
SD, Lawrence, Spearfish
SD, Lawrence, Terraville
SD, Lawrence, Terry
SD, Lawrence, Terryville
SD, Lincoln Co.
SD, Lincoln, Delapre Twp.
SD, Lincoln, Grant
SD, Lincoln, Harrisburg
SD, Lincoln, La Valley Twp.
SD, Lincoln, Lennox
SD, Lincoln, Lynn Twp.
SD, Lincoln, Tea
SD, Lincoln, Worthing
SD, Lyman Co.
SD, Marshall, Veblen
SD, Mc Cook Co.
SD, Mc Cook, Bridgewater
SD, Mc Cook, Jefferson Twp.
SD, Mc Cook, Salem
SD, Mc Cook, Spencer
SD, Mc Pherson Co.
SD, Mc Pherson, Eureka
SD, Meade Co.
SD, Meade, Lovell
SD, Meade, Sturgis
SD, Meade, Sulfur
SD, Meade, Sulphur
SD, Meade, Upper Red Owl Twp.
SD, Mellette, Prospect Twp.
SD, Mellette, Wood
SD, Minnehaha Co.
SD, Minnehaha, Burk
SD, Minnehaha, Hartford
SD, Minnehaha, Humboldt
SD, Minnehaha, Sioux Falls
SD, Minnehaha, Swan Lake
SD, Moody Co.
SD, Moody, Colman
SD, Moody, Flandreau
SD, Oglala Lakota, Pine Ridge
SD, Pennington Co.
SD, Pennington, Caputa
SD, Pennington, Owanka Twp.
SD, Pennington, Rapid City
SD, Pennington, Rockerville
SD, Perkins, Bison
SD, Perkins, Bixby Twp.
SD, Potter, Gettysburg
SD, Roberts Co.
SD, Roberts, Lake Twp.
SD, Roberts, Lee Twp.
SD, Roberts, Ortley
SD, Roberts, Sisseton
SD, Roberts, Springdale
SD, Roberts, Summit
SD, Roberts, Wilmot
SD, Shannon, Kyle
SD, Shannon, Porcupine
SD, Shannon, Rockyford
SD, Sioux, Fort Yates
SD, Todd Co.
SD, Tripp Co.
SD, Tripp, Carter
SD, Turner Co.
SD, Turner, Centerville
SD, Turner, Chancellor
SD, Turner, Davis
SD, Turner, Germantown Twp.
SD, Turner, Hurley
SD, Turner, Marion
SD, Turner, Middleton Twp.
SD, Turner, Monroe
SD, Turner, Parker
SD, Turner, Turner Twp.
SD, Union Co.
SD, Union, Elk Point
SD, Walworth, Mobridge
SD, Washington Co.
SD, Willacy Co.
SD, Yankton Co.
SD, Yankton, Utica Twp.
SD, Yankton, Volin Twp.
SD, Yankton, Yankton
SD, Ziebach, Dupree

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