South Africa Events


Events after 31 May 1910 and before 31 May 1961 belong to the Union of South Africa; events after that time were under the Republic of South Africa. The alignment of the dates will be corrected in the next release of this webpage.

Union of South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal, Durban
Nov 1943 Education William Wortham TEMPLE Jr.-65965
Nov 1943 Education Charles Allen TEMPLE-78633
Union of South Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town
1942 Occupation William Wortham TEMPLE Sr.-33252

Republic of South Africa
bet 1899 and 1902 Military Reginald Herbert Montague TEMPLE-62371
Republic of South Africa, Cape Town
2012 Residence William TEMPLE-148318
2012 Residence Katie TEMPLE-148319
2012 Residence Sarah TEMPLE-148320
Republic of South Africa, Heidelberg
bet 1901 and 1905 Miscellaneous Reginald Herbert Montague TEMPLE-62371
Marriage Reginald Herbert Montague TEMPLE-62371 and Beatrice WOODD-62372
Republic of South Africa, Simon's Town
24 Aug 1937 Birth Peter Livermore TEMPLE-131891

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