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Virginia has had so many TEMPLE events that it has been broken down into the following (confusing) mix of counties and cities. This was to help ease the pain of loading. The general scheme is to be alphabetic by county, so long as the county is known.

"Virginia 1"

VA At Large Through 1859

"Virginia 2"

VA At Large, 1860 Through 1916

"Virginia 3"

VA At Large, 1917 Through 2000
VA, "Evergreen"
VA, "Hewick"
VA, Accomack Co.
VA, Accomack, Accomac
VA, Accomack, Hallwood
VA, Albemarle Co.
VA, Albemarle, Fredericksville
VA, Albemarle, Millwood
VA, Albemarle, Rockridge
VA, Albemarle, White Hall
VA, Alexandria, Alexandria
VA, Alleghany Co.
VA, Amelia Co.
VA, Amelia, Amelia
VA, Amelia, Giles
VA, Amelia, Namozine
VA, Amherst Co.
VA, Amherst, Amherst
VA, Amherst, Elon
VA, Archibaldson
VA, Arlington, Arlington
VA, Augusta Co.
VA, Augusta, Augusta Springs
VA, Augusta, Pastures Twp.
VA, Bath Co.
VA, Bath, Alum Springs
VA, Beaufort Co.
VA, Bedford Co.
VA, Bedford, Bedford
VA, Bedford, Forest
VA, Belmont, Fairview
VA, Bland, Seddon
VA, Botetourt Co.
VA, Botetourt, Fincastle
VA, Brunswick Co.
VA, Brunswick, Alberta
VA, Brunswick, Brodnax
VA, Brunswick, Lawrenceville
VA, Brunswick, Lillmans Twp.
VA, Brunswick, Meherrin

"Virginia 4"

VA, Brunswick, Merchant
VA, Brunswick, Powellton
VA, Brunswick, Powellton Twp.
VA, Brunswick, Red Oak
VA, Brunswick, Tillmans Twp.
VA, Brunswick, Totaro
VA, Brunswick, Warfield
VA, Brunswick, White Plains
VA, Buckingham Co.
VA, Campbell, Altavista
VA, Caroline Co.
VA, Caroline, "Broomfield"
VA, Caroline, Bowling Green
VA, Caroline, Cedar Vale
VA, Caroline, Madison Twp.
VA, Caroline, Woodford
VA, Charles Co.
VA, Charles, Charles City
VA, Charles, Sherley Hundred
VA, Charles, Warwick Swamp
VA, Charlotte Co.
VA, Chesapeake, Chesapeake
VA, Chesterfield Co.
VA, Chesterfield, "Campfield"
VA, Chesterfield, Chester
VA, Chesterfield, Chesterfield
VA, Chesterfield, Manchester
VA, Chesterfield, Matoaca
VA, Chesterfield, Midlothian
VA, Chesterfield, Richmond
VA, Clarke Co.
VA, Colonial Heights, Colonial Heights
VA, Culpeper, "Mulberry Green"
VA, Culpeper, Culpeper
VA, Cumberland Co.
VA, Cumberland, Ca Ira
VA, Danville, Danville
VA, Dinwiddie Co.
VA, Dinwiddie, Bath Parish
VA, Dinwiddie, Carson
VA, Dinwiddie, Church Road
VA, Dinwiddie, Darvills
VA, Dinwiddie, Dewitt
VA, Dinwiddie, Dinwiddie
VA, Dinwiddie, Mc Kenney
VA, Dinwiddie, Rowanty Twp.
VA, Dinwiddie, Sapony

"Virginia 5"

VA, Elizabeth City Co.
VA, Elizabeth City, Wythe Twp.
VA, Emporia City, Emporia
VA, Essex Co.
VA, Essex, Miller's Tavern
VA, Essex, South Farnham
VA, Essex, Tappahannock
VA, Essex, Wayland
VA, Fairfax Co.
VA, Fairfax, Annandale
VA, Fairfax, Burke
VA, Fairfax, Fairfax
VA, Fairfax, Herndon
VA, Fairfax, Lorton
VA, Fairfax, Mc Lean
VA, Fairfax, Mt. Vernon
VA, Fairfax, Vienna
VA, Fairview
VA, Falls Church, Falls Church
VA, Fauquier Co.
VA, Fauquier, Marshall
VA, Flower Hundred
VA, Franklin Co.
VA, Franklin, Franklin
VA, Franklin, Rocky Mount
VA, Frederick Co.
VA, Frederick, Shawnee Twp.
VA, Frederick, Winchester
VA, Gloucester Co.
VA, Gloucester, Gloucester
VA, Goochland Co.
VA, Goochland, Byrd Twp.
VA, Goochland, James River
VA, Greenbrier Co.
VA, Greenville Co.
VA, Greenville, Belfield Twp.
VA, Halifax Co.
VA, Halifax, South Boston
VA, Halifax, Virgilina
VA, Hall's Hill
VA, Hampshire Co.
VA, Hampton City, Hampton
VA, Hampton City, South Hampton
VA, Hanover Co.
VA, Hanover, "Garland Hill"
VA, Hanover, Ashland
VA, Hanover, Dundee
VA, Hanover, Hanover
VA, Hanover, Mechanicsville
VA, Hanover, Point of Fork
VA, Hanover, St. Paul's Parish
VA, Harrisonburg City, Harrisonburg
VA, Henrico Co.
VA, Henrico, "Rockets"
VA, Henrico, Brookland
VA, Henrico, Fairfield
VA, Henrico, Fairfield Twp.
VA, Henrico, Madison
VA, Henrico, Tuckahoe
VA, Henry, Collinsville
VA, Henry, Ridgeway
VA, Highland Co.
VA, Hopewell City, Hopewell
VA, Isle of Wight Co.
VA, Isle of Wight, Smithfield
VA, James City, Toano
VA, Kent Co.
VA, King and Queen Co.
VA, King and Queen, "Chatham Hill"
VA, King and Queen, "Drinking Springs"
VA, King and Queen, "Hillsboro"
VA, King and Queen, "Locust Grove"
VA, King and Queen, Boush Green
VA, King and Queen, Loudon
VA, King and Queen, Newtown
VA, King and Queen, Pleasant Hill
VA, King and Queen, St. Stephens
VA, King and Queen, Stevensville
VA, King and Queen, Walkerton

"Virginia 6"

VA, King William Co.
VA, King William, "Cownes"
VA, King William, "Presque Isle"
VA, King William, Acquinton Twp.
VA, King William, Aylette
VA, King William, Burlington
VA, King William, King William
VA, King William, Millington
VA, King William, West Point Twp.
VA, Lancaster, Irvington
VA, Lexington, Lexington
VA, Loudon Co.
VA, Loudon, Ashburn
VA, Loudon, Leesburg
VA, Louisa, Bellemont
VA, Lunenburg Co.
VA, Lunenburg, Victoria
VA, Lynchburg, Lynchburg
VA, Maidens, Dabneys
VA, Marion Co.
VA, Martinsville, Martinsville
VA, Mathews, Port Haywood
VA, Mecklenburg Co.
VA, Mecklenburg, Bracey
VA, Mecklenburg, La Crosse
VA, Mecklenburg, La Crosse Twp.
VA, Mecklenburg, South Hill
VA, Mercer Co.
VA, Middlesex Co.
VA, Middlesex, "Warner Hall"
VA, Montgomery, Blacksburg
VA, Nansemond, Suffolk
VA, Nelson Co.
VA, New Kent Co.
VA, New Kent, Lanexa
VA, Newport News, Newport News
VA, Norfolk Co.
VA, Norfolk, Butts Road
VA, Norfolk, Norfolk
VA, Norfolk, Pleasant Grove
VA, Norfolk, Tanner Creek Twp.
VA, Norfolk, Washington Twp.
VA, Norfolk, Western Branch Twp.
VA, Northampton Co.
VA, Northampton, Exmore
VA, Northumberland Co.
VA, Nottaway Co.
VA, Nottoway Co.
VA, Ohio Co.
VA, Orange Co.
VA, Orange, Orange
VA, Orange, Unionville
VA, Page, Luray
VA, Pendleton, South Fork
VA, Petersburg, "Clermont"
VA, Petersburg, Fort Lee

"Virginia 7"

VA, Petersburg, Petersburg
VA, Pittsylvania Co.
VA, Pittsylvania, Danville
VA, Pittsylvania, Tunstall
VA, Portsmouth, Portsmouth
VA, Powhatan, Powhatan
VA, Prince Edward Co.

"Virginia 8"

VA, Prince George Co.
VA, Prince George, Blackwater
VA, Prince George, Bland Twp.

"Virginia 9"

VA, Prince George, Brandon Twp.
VA, Prince George, Bristol Parish
VA, Prince George, City Point
VA, Prince George, Disputanta
VA, Prince George, Prince George
VA, Prince George, Rives
VA, Prince George, Templeton Twp.
VA, Prince William, Dale Parish
VA, Prince William, Gainesville
VA, Princess Anne Co.
VA, Princess Anne, Seaboard Twp.
VA, Pulaski Co.
VA, Pulaski, Draper
VA, Pulaski, Dublin
VA, Radford, Radford
VA, Rappahannock, Washington
VA, Richmond Co.
VA, Richmond, "Ampthill"
VA, Richmond, Emmerton
VA, Richmond, Richmond

"Virginia 10"

VA, Roanoke, Cave Spring
VA, Roanoke, Roanoke
VA, Roanoke, Salem
VA, Roanoke, Vinton
VA, Rockbridge Co.
VA, Rockbridge, Brownsburg
VA, Rockbridge, Lexington
VA, Rockbridge, Natural Bridge
VA, Rockingham Co.
VA, Rockingham, Bridgewater
VA, Rockingham, Mt. Crawford
VA, Rockingham, Port Republic
VA, Russell, Honaker
VA, Salem, Manchester
VA, Sampson Co.
VA, Shant Co.
VA, Shenandoah Co.
VA, Smyth, Chilhowie
VA, Southampton Co.
VA, Spotsylvania Co.
VA, Spotsylvania, "Berclair"
VA, Spotsylvania, Chancellorsville
VA, Spotsylvania, Cortland
VA, Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg
VA, Spotsylvania, Spotsylvania
VA, Stafford Co.
VA, Staunton City, Staunton
VA, Suffolk, Holland
VA, Surry Co.
VA, Surry, Albemarle
VA, Surry, Dendron
VA, Surry, Southwark
VA, Sussex Co.
VA, Sussex, Jarratt
VA, Sussex, Littleton
VA, Sussex, Newville Twp.
VA, Sussex, Wakefield
VA, Sussex, Ward's Creek
VA, Sussex, Waverly
VA, Tazewell Co.
VA, Virginia Beach, Diamond Springs
VA, Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach
VA, Warren, Front Royal
VA, Warwick Co.
VA, Washington Co.
VA, Washington, Abingdon
VA, Washington, Plasterco
VA, Washington, Saltville
VA, Washington, Watauga
VA, Waynesboro, Waynesboro
VA, Winchester, Winchester
VA, Wythe Co.
VA, Wythe, Cripple Creek
VA, Wythe, Wytheville
VA, York Co.
VA, York, Williamsburg
VA, York, York
VA, York, Yorktown

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