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Vermont has had so many TEMPLE events that it has been broken down into the following (confusing) mix of counties and cities. This was to help ease the pain of loading. The general scheme is to be alphabetic by county, so long as the county is known.

"Vermont 1"

VT At Large

"Vermont 2"

VT, Addison Co.
VT, Addison, Bridgeport
VT, Addison, Bristol
VT, Addison, Goshen
VT, Addison, Hancock
VT, Addison, Middlebury
VT, Addison, Monkton
VT, Addison, New Haven Twp.
VT, Addison, Roxbury
VT, Addison, Shoreham
VT, Addison, Vergennes
VT, Addison, Whiting
VT, Bennington Co.
VT, Bennington, Arlington
VT, Bennington, Arlington or Sunderland
VT, Bennington, Bennington
VT, Bennington, Dorset
VT, Bennington, Landgrove
VT, Bennington, Manchester
VT, Bennington, Manchester Center
VT, Bennington, Peru
VT, Bennington, Pownal
VT, Bennington, Readsboro
VT, Bennington, Rupert
VT, Bennington, Sandgate
VT, Bennington, Shaftsbury
VT, Bennington, South Pownal
VT, Bennington, Stamford Twp.
VT, Bennington, Sunderland
VT, Bennington, Winhall Twp.
VT, Bennington, Woodford
VT, Caledonia Co.
VT, Caledonia, Barnet
VT, Caledonia, Burke Twp.
VT, Caledonia, Danville
VT, Caledonia, East Burke
VT, Caledonia, Hardwick
VT, Caledonia, Kirby Twp.
VT, Caledonia, Lyndon
VT, Caledonia, Lyndonville
VT, Caledonia, Mc Indoe
VT, Caledonia, Newark
VT, Caledonia, Ryegate
VT, Caledonia, Sheffield
VT, Caledonia, South Walden

"Vermont 3"

VT, Caledonia, St. Johnsbury
VT, Caledonia, Waterford
VT, Castleton, Middlebury
VT, Cheshire, Winchester
VT, Chittenden, Burlington
VT, Chittenden, Colchester
VT, Chittenden, Essex
VT, Chittenden, Essex Junction
VT, Chittenden, Hinesburg
VT, Chittenden, Jericho
VT, Chittenden, Milton
VT, Chittenden, Richmond
VT, Chittenden, Shelburne
VT, Chittenden, Underhill
VT, Chittenden, Westford
VT, Chittenden, Williston
VT, Chittenden, Winooski
VT, Cornwall, East Sheldon
VT, Essex, Brighton
VT, Essex, Canaan
VT, Essex, Concord
VT, Essex, Granby
VT, Essex, Guildhall
VT, Essex, Island Pond
VT, Essex, Lunenburg
VT, Fairfax, Mt. Vernon
VT, Franklin Co.
VT, Franklin, Bakersfield

"Vermont 4"

VT, Franklin, Berkshire
VT, Franklin, Enosburg
VT, Franklin, Fairfax
VT, Franklin, Fairfield
VT, Franklin, Fletcher
VT, Franklin, Franklin
VT, Franklin, Georgia
VT, Franklin, Highgate
VT, Franklin, Montgomery
VT, Franklin, Richford
VT, Franklin, Sheldon
VT, Franklin, St. Albans
VT, Franklin, Swanton
VT, Grand Isle, Grand Isle
VT, Lamoille, Belvidere Center
VT, Lamoille, Cambridge
VT, Lamoille, Eden
VT, Lamoille, Eden Mills
VT, Lamoille, Hyde Park
VT, Lamoille, Morrisville
VT, Lamoille, Stowe
VT, Lamoille, Wolcott
VT, Orange, Bradford
VT, Orange, Braintree
VT, Orange, Brookfield
VT, Orange, Chelsea
VT, Orange, Corinth
VT, Orange, East Braintree
VT, Orange, Fairlee
VT, Orange, Newbury

"Vermont 5"

VT, Orange, Randolph
VT, Orange, Randolph Center
VT, Orange, Strafford
VT, Orange, Thetford
VT, Orange, Topsham
VT, Orange, Tunbridge
VT, Orange, Vershire
VT, Orange, Washington
VT, Orange, West Fairlee
VT, Orange, West Randolph
VT, Orange, Williamstown
VT, Orleans, Albany
VT, Orleans, Charleston Twp.
VT, Orleans, Coventry
VT, Orleans, Craftsbury
VT, Orleans, Derby
VT, Orleans, Derby Line
VT, Orleans, Glover
VT, Orleans, Greensboro
VT, Orleans, Holland
VT, Orleans, Irasburg
VT, Orleans, Lowell
VT, Orleans, Newport
VT, Orleans, Orleans
VT, Orleans, Tice
VT, Orleans, Troy
VT, Orleans, West Charleston
VT, Orleans, Westfield
VT, Orleans, Westmore
VT, Richmond, Bolton Valley
VT, Rutland, Benson
VT, Rutland, Brandon
VT, Rutland, Castleton
VT, Rutland, Chittenden
VT, Rutland, Clarendon
VT, Rutland, Danby
VT, Rutland, Fair Haven
VT, Rutland, Mendon
VT, Rutland, Middletown
VT, Rutland, Mt. Holley
VT, Rutland, North Claremont
VT, Rutland, North Shrewsbury
VT, Rutland, Pawlet
VT, Rutland, Pittsford
VT, Rutland, Poultney

"Vermont 6"

VT, Rutland, Rutland
VT, Rutland, Sherburne
VT, Rutland, Shrewsbury
VT, Rutland, Tinmouth
VT, Rutland, Wells
VT, Rutland, West Pawlet
VT, Vermont Medical College
VT, Washington, Barre
VT, Washington, Berlin
VT, Washington, Cabot
VT, Washington, Calais
VT, Washington, Duxbury
VT, Washington, Graniteville
VT, Washington, Montpelier
VT, Washington, Moretown
VT, Washington, Northfield
VT, Washington, Waterbury
VT, Wilmington Co.
VT, Windham Co.
VT, Windham, Athens
VT, Windham, Bellows Falls
VT, Windham, Brattleboro
VT, Windham, Brookline
VT, Windham, Dover
VT, Windham, Dummerston

"Vermont 7"

VT, Windham, Grafton
VT, Windham, Grove
VT, Windham, Guildford
VT, Windham, Halifax
VT, Windham, Jacksonville
VT, Windham, Jamaica
VT, Windham, Londonderry
VT, Windham, Marlboro
VT, Windham, Newfane Twp.
VT, Windham, North Westminster
VT, Windham, Putney
VT, Windham, Saxtons River
VT, Windham, South Londonderry
VT, Windham, South Vernon
VT, Windham, South Woodstock
VT, Windham, Stratton
VT, Windham, Townshend
VT, Windham, Vernon
VT, Windham, Wardsboro
VT, Windham, West Dover
VT, Windham, West Dummerston
VT, Windham, West Halifax
VT, Windham, West Wardsboro
VT, Windham, Westminster
VT, Windham, Whitingham
VT, Windham, Whitington Twp.
VT, Windham, Whittingham
VT, Windham, Williamsville
VT, Windham, Wilmington
VT, Windham, Windham
VT, Windsor Co.
VT, Windsor, Barnard
VT, Windsor, Bethel
VT, Windsor, Cavendish

"Vermont 8"

VT, Windsor, Chester
VT, Windsor, Felchville
VT, Windsor, Hartford
VT, Windsor, Ludlow
VT, Windsor, North Springfield
VT, Windsor, Norwich
VT, Windsor, Perkinsville
VT, Windsor, Plymouth
VT, Windsor, Reading
VT, Windsor, Rochester
VT, Windsor, Royalton
VT, Windsor, Springfield Twp.
VT, Windsor, Stockbridge
VT, Windsor, Weathersfield
VT, Windsor, West Hartford
VT, Windsor, West Windsor
VT, Windsor, West Windsor Twp.
VT, Windsor, Weston
VT, Windsor, White River Junction
VT, Windsor, Windsor
VT, Windsor, Woodstock

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