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Great Britain, South Wales

1854 Birth John TEMPLE-47958
Sep 1855 Birth Samuel TEMPLE-47915
1858 Birth Mary TEMPLE-51951
Apr 1863 Birth Amelia TEMPLE-47923

Great Britain, Wales

Birth Margaret WILLIAMS-57238
Birth Edward KINSEY-57431
1729 Birth John WHITE-15650
1826 Birth Dr. Thomas J. GRIFFITHS-23653
16 Aug 1834 Birth John S. MORRIS-25644
2 Apr 1841 Birth Thomas M. JONES-50258
Jan 1842 Birth Hannah-42156
bef 1855 Marriage George TEMPLE-47919 and Theresa-47922
1870 Birth Richard T. TEMPLE-81244
Jun 1883 Birth Hugh WILLIAMS-30148

Great Britain, Wales, Aberstwyth

17 Jul 1968 Death Marjorie ALLITT-23191

Great Britain, Wales, South Wales

1820 Birth David L. EVANS-96593
1824 Birth Margaret-96594

Great Britain, Wales, Wrexham

5 May 1914 Birth Marjorie ALLITT-23191

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