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WYOMING Event List

WY At Large

Birth Homer A. WELCH Jr.-38900
1884 Birth Paul N. TEMPLE-80702
May 1885 Birth Anna Grace TEMPLE-80631
1893 Birth Ethel-76890
29 Jul 1899 Birth Robert C. TEMPLE-81235
4 Sep 1901 Birth Eula H. WAGNER-69757
1907 Birth Olive F.-50006
1908 Birth Cynthia H.-49054
1909 Birth Edward TEMPLE-77570
20 Oct 1909 Birth Marguerite Pauline BEVER-31535
1913 Birth Lloyd TEMPLE-77571
1913 Moved Edgar MANNING-97677
1915 Birth Allice TEMPLE-77572
1916 Moved Flossie TEMPLE-97676
1917 Birth Helen TEMPLE-52629
1917 Birth Frances TEMPLE-77573
Nov 1917 Birth Myra TEMPLE-76891
16 Jan 1919 Death Flossie TEMPLE-97676
Jan 1920 Occupation Harlow J. TEMPLE-76604
1922 Birth Helen W. TEMPLE-60572
1925 Birth Evelyn M. TEMPLE-81390
Aug 1928 Birth Patricia A. TEMPLE-42212
bef 1942 Marriage Charles Virgil TEMPLE-60570 and Madge Arwilda (Madge) DAVIS-60574
bef 1950 Residence Byston Carnes (Byston) TEMPLE-34019
bef 1951 Residence Harry Lee (Harry) TEMPLE-42205
bef 1951 Residence Hazel M.-74828
1 Feb 1986 Death Clarence W. TEMPLE-49045
1991 Residence Madge Arwilda (Madge) DAVIS-60574
2003 Residence David W. TEMPLE-92312
2003 Residence Robin Annette LAYTON-92313
26 Feb 2007 Death William Wesley TEMPLE-102156

WY, Albany, Laramie

Jun 1880 Occupation D.L. TEMPLE-85904
Jun 1880 Occupation R.H. TEMPLE-85905
26 Oct 1882 Marriage George W. TEMPLE-89982 and Kitty L. FISHER-89983
Sep 1883 Death TEMPLE-97673
1884 Residence John Wesley WEBBER-89998
28 Dec 1884 Marriage John Wesley WEBBER-89998 and Rachel BERRY-89997
Apr 1910 Occupation Helen TEMPLE-84937
Apr 1910 Occupation Helen TEMPLE-84938
Jan 1920 Occupation Lee K. TEMPLE-76888
1970 Moved Robert D. TEMPLE-45153

WY, Campbell, Gillette

1996 Moved Frank Carle (Frank) TEMPLE-56636
2006 Residence Carolyn S. TEMPLE-56638
2006 Residence Gary L. TEMPLE-56639
29 May 2006 Death Frank Carle (Frank) TEMPLE-56636

WY, Carbon, Baggs

1910 Death Robert TEMPLE-97675

WY, Carbon, Carbon

12 Oct 1878 Death Mary TEMPLE-97674

WY, Carbon, Savery

1890 Residence Mary E. LEWIS-61632

WY, Carbon, Snake River Twp.

Apr 1910 Occupation Robert TEMPLE-84939
Apr 1910 Census Mary E.-84940

WY, Converse, Douglas

22 Nov 1948 Death Lloyd Clyde (Lloyd) TEMPLE-28267

WY, Crook Co.

Jan 1920 Occupation Theo TEMPLE-76889
Jan 1920 Census Ethel-76890
Jan 1920 Census Myra TEMPLE-76891

WY, Crook, Hulett

1923 Residence Reta Irene (Reta) BAY-49052

WY, Fremont, Lander

18 Apr 1899 Marriage Clarence E. TEMPLE-89979 and Lena D. MILFORD-89980
26 May 1990 Death Henry BATH-97685

WY, Fremont, Lost Cabin

1899 Residence Clarence E. TEMPLE-89979
1899 Residence Lena D. MILFORD-89980

WY, Fremont, Riverton

22 Sep 1993 Death Kathryn (Katie) TEMPLE-74251

WY, Goshen Co.

1912 Occupation George TEMPLE-76892
bet 1916-1918 Occupation George TEMPLE-76892

WY, Goshen, Torrington

1913 Birth Isabelle TEMPLE-76894
Jun 1915 Birth Hazel May (May) TEMPLE-76895
1916 Birth Janette P. (JAnet) TEMPLE-76896
1918 Residence George TEMPLE-76892
1918 Birth Georgia TEMPLE-76897
2 Dec 1918 Death George TEMPLE-76892
Jan 1920 Census Isabelle TEMPLE-76894
Jan 1920 Census Hazel May (May) TEMPLE-76895
Jan 1920 Census Janette P. (JAnet) TEMPLE-76896
Jan 1920 Census Georgia TEMPLE-76897
Apr 1930 Census Dave TEMPLE-75375
Apr 1930 Occupation Fred TEMPLE-75377
Apr 1930 Census Katie-75378
Apr 1930 Occupation Herman (Nip) TEMPLE-75380
Apr 1930 Census Amelia TEMPLE-75381
Apr 1930 Census Rudolph TEMPLE-75382
Apr 1930 Census Albertine (Alba) MILLER-76893
Apr 1930 Census Isabelle TEMPLE-76894
Apr 1930 Census Hazel May (May) TEMPLE-76895
Apr 1930 Census Janette P. (JAnet) TEMPLE-76896
Apr 1930 Census Georgia TEMPLE-76897
bet 1949-1959 Occupation Herman (Nip) TEMPLE-75380
13 Aug 1970 Death Donald TEMPLE-88516
2 Jul 1972 Death Katie-75378
9 Feb 1977 Death Albertine (Alba) MILLER-76893
6 Mar 1977 Death Fred TEMPLE-75377
10 Sep 1989 Death Herman (Nip) TEMPLE-75380
2 Jul 2006 Death Margaret DITTENBER-87958

WY, Johnson, Buffalo

21 Mar 1989 Death Plummer Glorus MC CRADY-49059
21 Jun 1994 Death Fern Margaret (Fern) TEMPLE-49046

WY, Laramie, Burnstown

Apr 1930 Occupation Louis Griffith (Louis) TEMPLE-39146
Apr 1930 Census Lynn G. TEMPLE-45681
Apr 1930 Census Nina L. TEMPLE-45682
Apr 1930 Census Verna L. (Vernie) DYE-45683

WY, Laramie, Cheyenne

1910 Moved George TEMPLE-76892
1910/11 Occupation George TEMPLE-76892
1915 Marriage Clarence Abner WILLIAMS-61525 and Lena Ivera MC KAY-61526
22 Nov 1919 Death Alice Beatrice (Alice) HARVARD-23137
Jan 1920 Occupation Reverend Newton Magrue TEMPLE-23133
Jan 1920 Occupation Anna Ruth (Anna) TEMPLE-23138
Jan 1920 Census Gertrude Esther (Gertrude) TEMPLE-23140
Jan 1920 Census Lois Ellen (Lois) TEMPLE-23141
Jan 1920 Census Newton William (Newton) TEMPLE-23142
Jan 1920 Census Donald West (Don) TEMPLE-23143
Jan 1920 Census Paul Eugene (Paul) TEMPLE-23144
Jan 1920 Census Alice Elizabeth (Alice) TEMPLE-23145
10 Aug 1920 Birth Dorothy Bernice WILLIAMS-34026
1927 Death Reverend Newton Magrue TEMPLE-23133
Apr 1930 Census John F. TEMPLE-81387
13 May 1942 Death David TEMPLE-97699
2003 Residence Barry TEMPLE-65048

WY, Laramie, Guernsey

Apr 1910 Census Tina-84935
Apr 1910 Census BURKE-84936

WY, Laramie, Sunrise Twp.

Apr 1910 Occupation Ervin Ira (Ervin) TEMPLE-46904
Apr 1910 Census Amy D.-50441

WY, Natrona Co.

28 Aug 1945 Death TEMPLE-97404

WY, Natrona, Casper

abt 1921 Moved Paul Edward (Paul) TEMPLE-63380
Apr 1930 Census Lula Dell (Lula) BIRD-23677
Apr 1930 Census Kathryn Adelaide (Kathryn) TEMPLE-23678
Apr 1930 Census Charles H. MOORE-45684
Apr 1930 Census Paul Edward (Paul) TEMPLE-63380
1936 Moved Paul Edward (Paul) TEMPLE-63380
31 Jul 1983 Death Herbert Joseph (Herbert) TEMPLE-49053

WY, Natrona, Midwest

Apr 1930 Occupation Fred TEMPLE-74268
Apr 1930 Census Hazel-74269
Apr 1930 Census Hazel M. TEMPLE-81388
Apr 1930 Census Charlotte W. TEMPLE-81389
Apr 1930 Census Evelyn M. TEMPLE-81390

WY, Niobrara, Lusk

bet 1905-1909 Occupation George TEMPLE-76892
Aug 1905 Moved George TEMPLE-76892

WY, Park, Cody

22 May 1942 Death Keith R. TEMPLE-97405

WY, Park, Painter

Apr 1910 Occupation Harry O. TEMPLE-39942
Apr 1910 Census Mayme (May)-40366
Apr 1910 Census Helen E. TEMPLE-40367

WY, Park, Powell

Jan 1920 Occupation Fred Walter (Fred) TEMPLE-2967
Jan 1920 Occupation David Alton (David) TEMPLE-32923
Jan 1920 Census Belle Elizabeth (Belle) TWINING-60569
Jan 1920 Census Robert Woodrow TEMPLE-60571
20 Feb 1920 Birth Charles Virgil TEMPLE-60570
1925 Residence Fred Walter (Fred) TEMPLE-2967

WY, Platte, Chugwater

Jan 1920 Occupation John TEMPLE-25285
Jan 1920 Census Nancy E. CAMPBELL-25339
Jan 1920 Occupation Earnest D. TEMPLE-52626
Jan 1920 Census Leota JORDAN-52627
Jan 1920 Census John E. TEMPLE-52628
Jan 1920 Census Helen TEMPLE-52629

WY, Sheridan Co.

Apr 1930 Occupation Clarence W. TEMPLE-49045
Apr 1930 Census Olive F.-50006

WY, Sheridan, Big Horn

abt 1911 Moved Ellen H. HENHEM-76899
1916 Residence Edward U.W. TEMPLE-76898

WY, Sheridan, Dayton

Apr 1910 Occupation Edward U.W. TEMPLE-76898
1917 Moved Edward U.W. TEMPLE-76898
Jan 1920 Occupation Edward U.W. TEMPLE-76898
Jan 1920 Census Ellen H. HENHEM-76899
Jan 1920 Census Edward W. TEMPLE Jr.-76900
Apr 1930 Occupation Edward U.W. TEMPLE-76898
Apr 1930 Occupation Ellen H. HENHEM-76899
Apr 1930 Census Edward W. TEMPLE Jr.-76900
22 Feb 1945 Death Edward U.W. TEMPLE-76898
30 Jul 1969 Death Ellen H. HENHEM-76899

WY, Sheridan, Parkman

Jan 1920 Occupation Carl TEMPLE-69717

WY, Sheridan, Sheridan

abt 1895 Misc Edward U.W. TEMPLE-76898
1910 Marriage Edward U.W. TEMPLE-76898 and Ellen H. HENHEM-76899
Apr 1910 Occupation Archibald P. (Archie) TEMPLE-42250
7 Jan 1912 Birth Edward W. TEMPLE Jr.-76900
abt 1913 Occupation Ellen H. HENHEM-76899
Apr 1930 Occupation Herbert Joseph (Herbert) TEMPLE-49053
Apr 1930 Census Cynthia H.-49054
1965 Occupation Edward W. TEMPLE Jr.-76900
1965 Residence Edward W. TEMPLE Jr.-76900
1965 Residence Agnes-89111
1965 Residence Kath TEMPLE-89112
20 Jun 1988 Death Edward W. TEMPLE Jr.-76900

WY, Sweetwater, Rock Springs

WY, Uinta Co. 27 Sep 1874 Marriage S.K. TEMPLE-89987 and Hilda HOOVER-89988

WY, Weston, Upton

1933 Residence Plummer Glorus MC CRADY-49059

Wyoming Territory

Aug 1873 Birth Edward T. PRESTON-36596

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