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This section covers more than just census indices -- this covers all the information about the TEMPLE and TEMPLES enumerated in every census. No more Ancestry.com mistakes and misreadings. In addition, the data is sorted to allow you to search for children, wives, by places, as well as the traditional listing of heads of household. Also, other features provide blank census sheets, age conversion charts, correspondence to notable Temple genealogies, and a wealth of information about TEMPLES in the Census - all from Ralph L. Temple's comprehensive book on the subject, reproduced here with his kind permission. Ralph asked that these pages also acknowledge my support for reproducing his work here:

I feel grateful to have my work available on this great site by Dr. L. Parker Temple. He deserves all of the credit for making this possible. He converted all of the files from my books and made them so they are usable here. I am continually editing and adding to my files so if you have any questions or comments please e-mail me at rtemplegen@comcast.net.


How to Use and Interpret This Data

CensusA Usage Example: Dear Temples in the Census Readers
CensusDirections for Using and Understanding the Tables
CensusFederal Censuses and State Coverage Table
CensusBlank Census Forms for All Censuses
CensusAge Conversion Tables for All Censuses

Census Tables

CensusCensus Tables by Year
CensusHeads of Household By Year
CensusWives By Year
CensusChildren By Year
CensusCensus Tables by Place

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