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ALASKA Event List

AK At Large
bet 1879 and 1885 Occupation George Howard (George) TEMPLE-6507
1882 Birth Evon TEMPLE-145778
1885 Birth Elena -145779
1898 Birth Vera M. -152804
1906 Birth Charlie TEMPLE-164587
1910 Birth Sidney S. MOLVER-155872
1912 Birth Howard JONES-170084
1916 Birth Fanny TEMPLE-170083
1924 Birth James E. TEMPLE-136517
1930 Birth Robert TEMPLE-152805
5 Mar 1931 Birth William Mullen TEMPLE-125705
1932 Birth Mary TEMPLE-152806
Feb 1941 Occupation Galen M. TIMPKE-175685
1946/7 Military Robert Leslie (Robert) TEMPLE-36543
1948 Moved Lonnie Hartwell TEMPLE-33089
bef 1951 Residence Clifford S. JENSEN-21661
14 Sep 1954 Divorce Louis Martin ORR-23934 and Juliette Burnice (Juli) TEMPLE-23339
Nov 1958 Marriage Delbert LeRoy LORENZ-109476 and Jo Ann VARNESS-90543
1965 Residence Diana Dell TEMPLE-166593
2008 Residence Rick TEMPLE-88656
AK, Aleutians East, Akutan
1917 Occupation Elbert Alexander (Elbert) TEMPLE-115516
AK, Anchorage, Anchorage
1952 Moved Doris (Midge) TEMPLE-173227
1985 Residence Tennessee M. (Tennie) TEMPLE-42403
20 Nov 1990 Divorce Kenneth H. TEMPLE-158315 and Suzanna M. HALBERSTADT-158316
1991 Occupation William Douglas TEMPLE-151385
20 May 1991 Death William Douglas TEMPLE-151385
28 Feb 1993 Death Dell Anderson WOLFINGTON Jr.-176019
14 Oct 1995 Death Henry Evan (Henry) TEMPLE-145780
2000 Residence Joan Marie (Joan) TEMPEL-75038
27 Sep 2000 Divorce Bert A. TEMPLE-158800 and Tamara L. SANDERS-158801
2005 Residence Rebekah TEMPEL-147023
2010 Residence Joan Marie (Joan) TEMPEL-75038
2013 Residence Lynn -88028
6 Jun 2013 Death Thomas Wilson (Tom) TEMPLE-88027
2015 Residence Jacob TEMPLE-176649
2015 Residence Jennifer -176651
14 Aug 2018 Death Doris (Midge) TEMPLE-173227
2020 Residence Brandon TEMPLE-122106
AK, Anchorage, Chugiak
2000 Residence Tim CRITCHLOW-170755
AK, Anchorage, Spenard
1962 Residence Robert L. MOORE-155936
AK, Bethel, Akiachuk
1932 Birth Eddie ALEXIE-170089
1938 Birth Lucy TEMPLE-170088
1959 Residence Lucy TEMPLE-170088
AK, Bethel, Bethel
1935 Residence Fanny TEMPLE-170083
1935 Occupation Howard JONES-170084
Apr 1935 Marriage Howard JONES-170084 and Fanny TEMPLE-170083
Jun 1942 Marriage Zachariah Evan TEMPLE-170087 and Margaret PANINGAYAK-170081
1988 Residence Frank TEMPLE-142122
1989 Residence Frank TEMPLE-142122
1998 Miscellaneous Hilda TEMPLE-142123
2001 Residence Alexie TEMPLE-142118
AK, Bethel, Ekoomute
22 Sep 1947 Death David Piyoguok TEMPLE-170085
AK, Bethel, Goodnews Bay
1916 Birth Henry Evan (Henry) TEMPLE-145780
AK, Bethel, Kwigillingok
1906 Birth Margaret PANINGAYAK-170081
1910 Birth Zachariah Evan TEMPLE-170087
20 Sep 1959 Marriage Eddie ALEXIE-170089 and Lucy TEMPLE-170088
AK, Bethel, Napakiak
1942 Residence Margaret PANINGAYAK-170081
1942 Occupation Zachariah Evan TEMPLE-170087
1947 Occupation Henry Evan (Henry) TEMPLE-145780
1947 Residence Alma Nerista (Nerista) POKACHAK-145781
6 Aug 1947 Marriage Henry Evan (Henry) TEMPLE-145780 and Alma Nerista (Nerista) POKACHAK-145781
5 May 1948 Death Willie TEMPLE-170086
AK, Bristol Bay, Naknek
2001 Residence Thomas Wilson (Tom) TEMPLE-88027
AK, Dillingham, Dillingham
Jan 1993 Death Fannie Evon TEMPLE-164588
AK, Dillingham, Kangeranaramiut Village
23 May 1919 Birth Fannie Evon TEMPLE-164588
Jan 1920 Occupation Evon TEMPLE-145778
Jan 1920 Census Elena -145779
Jan 1920 Census Henry Evan (Henry) TEMPLE-145780
Jan 1920 Census Charlie TEMPLE-164587
Jan 1920 Census Fannie Evon TEMPLE-164588
AK, Fairbanks, Eielson Air Force Base
1948 Occupation Hubert Baston EPPS-109474
1948 Occupation Daisy Juanita TEMPLE-42209
AK, Fairbanks, Fairbanks
Jan 1949 Marriage Hubert Baston EPPS-109474 and Daisy Juanita TEMPLE-42209
1 Feb 1967 Marriage Charles Meserve TEMPLE Jr.-129070 and Gail Kay GIBSON-146017
31 Jan 2012 Divorce Justin C. TEMPLE-158802 and Stormy M. -158803
AK, Fairbanks, North Pole
bet 2000 and 2016 Residence Daniel (Dan) TEMPEL-78669
AK, Juneau, Juneau
1917 Occupation William TEMPLE-125273
2004 Residence Jeffrey R. TEMPLE-142125
2004 Residence Ralph W. TEMPLE-142132
2007 Residence Darcey TEMPLE-142121
AK, Kenai Peninsula, Homer
Oct 2001 Residence Smith Bradley (Brad) TEMPLE-33087
2003 Residence Lorraine Annette TEMPLE-142131
2013 Residence Reba TEMPLE-88030
2013 Residence Jill TEMPLE-88031
AK, Kenai Peninsula, Kenai
1983 Divorce John R. TEMPLE-142127 and Leanne -142129
1991 Residence John TEMPLE-151386
1996 Residence Lisa C. -142126
1997 Residence Linda K. TEMPLE-142130
30 Nov 1999 Divorce John R. TEMPLE-142127 and Lisa C. -142126
3 Oct 2001 Death Lonnie Hartwell TEMPLE-33089
6 Jun 2013 Death Thomas TEMPLE-153885
AK, Kenai Peninsula, Seward
1917 Residence Elbert Alexander (Elbert) TEMPLE-115516
25 Dec 2001 Death Smith Bradley (Brad) TEMPLE-33087
AK, Kenai Peninsula, Sterling
2 Feb 2007 Death Ethel Pearl (Ethel) TEMPLE-21660
2019 Residence Juanita TEMPLE-118114
AK, Ketchikan Gateway, Ward Cove
2007 Residence Rebecca Marie TEMPLES-65732
AK, Ketchikan, Ketchikan
Apr 1910 Census Frederick Walter (Fred) TEMPLE-2967
1912 Occupation Frederick Walter (Fred) TEMPLE-2967
5 Dec 1912 Birth Leona Fern TEMPLE-109472
24 Sep 1914 Birth Robert Woodrow TEMPLE-60571
Oct 1930 Occupation Veronica E. (Vera) MULLEN-125121
Oct 1930 Occupation William TEMPLE-125273
1993 Residence Kathryn L. TEMPLE-142128
AK, Kodiak Island, Kodiak
2001 Miscellaneous Jared TEMPLE-142124
AK, Loomavock
1914 Birth Alma Nerista (Nerista) POKACHAK-145781
AK, Lumavik
19 Aug 1912 Birth Alma Nerista (Nerista) POKACHAK-145781
AK, Matanuska-Susitna, Palmer
12 Nov 1989 Death Mildred TEMPLE-145782
AK, Petersburg, Petersburg
23 Oct 1911 Birth Lillian May TEMPLE-98401
1937 Birth Jo Ann VARNESS-90543
1958 Occupation Delbert LeRoy LORENZ-109476
1958 Occupation Jo Ann VARNESS-90543
Nov 1958 Residence Delbert LeRoy LORENZ-109476
AK, Sitka
2019 Residence Rick TEMPLE-88656
AK, Valdez-Cordova, Valdez
1990 Residence Angela TEMPLE-142119
1994 Residence Clyde TEMPLE-142120
AK, Wrangel-Petersburg, Petersburg
1990 Residence Richard D. TEMPLE-142133
1998 Residence Scott TEMPLE-142134
AK, Yukon, Dawson City
bet 1898 and 1904 Moved Ernest Everett (Ernest) TEMPLE-40368
AK, Yukon, Iditarod River
Dec 1909 Census Gustava (Gustaf) TEMPLE-129092
AK, Yukon, Klondike
1921 Occupation Charles TEMPLE-172398

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