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    1. Jackson Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: Jackson, Halliday, Proceedings Of The Sesqui-Centennial Gathering Of The Descendants Of Isaac And Ann Jackson, At Harmony Grove, Chester Co., PA, Eighth Month, Twenty-Fifth, 1875. Together With The Family Genealogy (Privately published, The Committee for the Family, Philadelphia, PA, 1878)
    2. Jackson Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Holcomb, Brent H., Jackson of North Pacolet:  Descendants of Samuel Jackson, Sr. (Died 1796, Spartanburg County, South Carolina) (Privately published, Columbia, SC, 1991)
    3. Jacquith Genealogy
      Footnote: Jaquith, George Oakes and Georgetta Jaquith Walker, The Jacquith Family in America (New England Historical Genealogical Society, Boston, MA, 1982)
    4. James Jefferson Horton Genealogy
      Footnote: Horton, Fred R., James Jefferson Horton and his Descendants (Gainesville, GA, 1959)
    5. James Temple Genealogy
      Footnote: Dowdey, Pat, <>, Descendants of James TEMPLE (Unpublished)
    6. Jarvis Genealogy
      Footnote: Jarvis, George Atwater, The Jarvis Family (Hartford, CT, 1879)
    7. Jenks Genealogy
      Footnote: Browne, William B., Comp., Genealogy of the Jenks Family of America (Rumford Press, Concord, NH, 1952)
    8. Jennings Genealogy
      Footnote: Jennings, Clark W., Waves of Time - The Ancestry of Clark W. Jennings (Privately published, Hickory, NC, 1994)
    9. Jett Genealogy
      Footnote: Jett, Lois M. and Ernest C. Jett, Jett Trails Revisited - A Genealogical Study of the Jett Family of Virginia (The Amundsen Publishing Company, Decorah, IA, 1999)
    10. Jewett Genealogy
      Footnote: Jewett, Frederick Clarke, History and Genealogy of the Jewetts in America (New York, NY, 1908)
    11. Jipson Genealogy
      Footnote: Hawkins, Alan H., A Genealogy of The Jipson-Jepson-Gipson Family of Maine - The Descendants of William Jepson (ca. 1695-1723) of Moywater, co. Mayo, Ireland and Wells, Maine (The Mattanawcook Observer, South Portland, ME, 1991)
    12. Joan King Family File
      Footnote: Joan King Family File submitted as a GEDCOM
    13. John Temple Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: Raybuck, Dorothy Bell Hetrick, Family History of the descendants of John Temple of Chirnside, Scotland
    14. John Temple Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Schendel, Dorothy, and Neva Bennett, Mary Nolan, Tammie Prochaska, Gwenn Taggart, Ralph Temple, Jim Sterrett, Descendants of John Temple (March 1999)
    15. Johnson Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: Johnson, Rev. William W., Records of the Descendants of John Johnson of Ipswich and Andover, Mass., 1635 -1892 (Originally published at North Greenfield, Wisconsin 1892; reproduced on two microfiche 1987)
    16. Johnson Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Johnson, Jerry Wade, ed., The Family - The Descendants of Charles Johnson and Related Families (Privately published, 1982)
    17. Johnson Genealogy, # 3
      Footnote: Johnson, Eddis, and Hugh Buckner Johnston, comps., The Johnsons and Johnstons of Corrowaugh In Isle Of Wight County, Virginia (Unigraphic, Inc., Evansville, IN, 1979)
    18. Johnson Genealogy, # 4
      Footnote: Jessie Owen Shaw, The Johnsons and Their Kin of Randolph (Privately published, 1955, Washington, DC.)
    19. Johnson Genealogy, # 5
      Footnote: Johnson, Paul Franklin, et al, Genealogy of Captain John Johnson of Roxbury, Massachusetts (The Commonwealth Press, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, 1951)
    20. Joiner Genealogy
      Footnote: Pierce, Mary Joiner, Joiner, Mashburn and Allied Families (Privately published, Salt Lake City, UT, undated)
    21. Jones Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: Jones, L.H., Captain Robert Jones of London and Virginia, Antecedants and Descendants (Albany, NY, 1891)
    22. Jones Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Rogers, W. Wayne, comp., Greener Pastures from the Tidewater to Texas and Beyond - Jones of Maryland, Magill of Scotland, Haley of Virginia, Toliver of North Carolina, Ancestors and Descendants of Arthur Harvin Jones (1856-1925) and Martha Frances Magill (1863-1943) (BookCrafters, Chelsea, MI, 1966)
    23. Jones Genealogy, # 3
      Footnote: Thompson, Laura Jones, comp., Jones, Richardson, Duhamel and Allied Families of Maryland (Privately published, Chicago, IL, 1962)
    24. Jones Temples Genealogy
      Footnote: Temples, Joseph Wayne, The Descendants of Jones Temples and Ann Veazey Temples (abt. 1785 - abt 1839) (December 2000)
    25. Jordan Genealogy
      Footnote: Annonsen, Adelbert Jean, comp., The Family Jordan (Penobscot Press, 2001)
    26. Judkins Genealogy
      Footnote: Judkins, Elizabeth Littlefield, Job Judkins of Boston and His Descendants (Privately published, 1962)
    27. Judson Genealogy
      Footnote: Dolby, Linda-Jeanne, comp., Descendants of William Judson of Connecticut (The Gregath Publishing Company, Wyandotte, OK, 2001)
    28. Jury Records of Florida
      Footnote: Bouknecht, Carol Cox, comp., Florida Jury and Witness Certificates, Gadsden County, 1849-1861 (Privately published, Tallahassee, FL, 1991)

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