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    1. Lacey Genealogy
      Footnote: Lacey, Garland Howard, comp., Ancestors and Descendants of Hiram G. Lacey and Sophia Sell by their Grandchildren (M and D Printing, Henry, IL, 1995)
    2. Lacy Genealogy
      Footnote: Lacy, Philip S., comp., The Lacy Family From Fairfield Connecticut (Privately published, 1973)
    3. Laing Family of Saratoga
      Footnote: Ward, Azuba Ruth, The Laing Family of Saratoga and Washington Counties New York (Lexington, KY, 1991)
    4. Lancaster Genealogy
      Footnote: Ware, Josephine S., comp., The Lancaster Genealogy Record Of Joseph Lancaster Of Amesbury, Massachusetts And Some Of His Descendants (the Tuttle Company, Rutland, VT)
    5. Land Records
      Footnote: Land records as cited
    6. Land Records of Arkansas
      Footnote: Allen, Desmond Walls and Bobbie Jones McLane, Comps., Arkansas Land Patents:  Carroll County (Granted Through 30 June 1908) (Arkansas Research, Conway, AR, 1991)
    7. Land Records of Granville, NC
      Footnote: Hofmann, Margaret M., The Granville District of North Carolina, 1748-1763, Abstracts of Land grants (The Roanoke News Company, Weldon, NC, 1987)
    8. Land Records of Idaho
      Footnote: Genealogical Forum of Portland, Oregon, Inc., Thousands of Idaho Surnames, Abstracted from Rejected Federal Land Apllications (Privately published, Portland, OR, 1980)
    9. Land Records of Livingston County, MI
      Footnote: Charboneau, Milton, Early Land Owners and Settlers of Livingston County Michigan 1828 to 1870s (Privately published, no place, no date)
    10. Land Records of ND
      Footnote: Bureau of Land Management Land Patent Index (Bureau of Land Management)
    11. Land Records of Newton County, MS
      Footnote: Tingle, Melvin, Book of Original Entries - Land Records of Newton County, Mississippi (Privately printed, MS, 1998)
    12. Land Records of Western NY
      Footnote: Livsey, Karen E., Western New York Land Transactions, 1804-1824 -- Extracted from the Archives of the Holland Land Company (Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD, 1991)
    13. Land Records of Wisconsin
      Footnote: Records of the pre-1908 Homestead and Cash Entry Patents from the Bureau of Land Management's General Land Office.
    14. Lane Genealogy
      Footnote: Dearinger, David B., The Descendants of Edward and Rhoda Lane of Virginia and Anderson County, Kentucky (Privately published, New York, NY, 2001)
    15. Langworthy Genealogy
      Footnote: Langworthy, William Franklin, The Langworthy Family, Some Descendants of Andrew and Rachel (Hubbard) Langworthy (The Tuttle Publishing Company, Inc., Rutland, VT, 1940)
    16. Lansing State Journal
      Footnote: Lansing State Journal
    17. Lawrence Genealogy
      Footnote: Lawrence, John, Genealogical Memoir of the Family of John Lawrence of Watertown, 1636 (Coolidge and Wiley, Boston, MA, 1847)
    18. Layne Genealogy
      Footnote: Lane, Ralph H., Descendants of John Layne of Goochland County, Virginia (Privately published, Washington, DC, 1965)
    19. Lazell Genealogy
      Footnote: Lazell, Theodore S., John Lazell of Hingham and Some of His Descendants (Privately published, Haverhill, MS, 1936)
    20. LDS Ancestral File
      Footnote: LDS Ancestral File number, and person to whom assigned
    21. LDS International Genealogical Index
      Footnote: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, LDS International Genealogical Index
    22. LDS Microfilm
      Footnote: LDS Microfilm
    23. Le Van Genealogy
      Footnote: Coon, Warren Patten, comp., Genealogical Record of the Le Van Family Descendants of Daniel Le Van and Marie Beau (Huguenots) Natives of Picardy, France, Who Settled in Amsterdam, Holland 1650-1927 (Privately published, NJ, 1927)
    24. Lea Genealogy
      Footnote: Gardner, Martha Lea Hayes, How I'm Kin to Whom:  The Leas in America (Privately published, Springfield, MO, 1979)
    25. Learned Family Genealogy
      Footnote: Learned, William Law, The Learned Family (Learned, Larned, Learnard, Larnard, and Lerned) Being Descendants of William Learned Who Was of Charlestown, Massachusetts, in 1632 (Joel Munsell's Sons, Albany, NY, 1882)
    26. Lee Genealogy
      Footnote: Lee, John W., Descendants of Needham Lee (Privately published, undated)
    27. Leibensperger Genealogy
      Footnote: Leibensperger, Elmer I., comp., History and Genealogy of the Leibensperger Family Descendants of John George Leipersberger and Catherine (The Reading Eagle Press, Reading, PA, 1948)
    28. Leicker Genealogy
      Footnote: Leiker, Anthony J., The Descendants of Johann George and Anna Elisabeth (Velte) Leicker (Privately published, Lubbock, TX, 2000)
    29. Leland Genealogy
      Footnote: Leland, Sherman, The Leland Magazine, or a Genealogical Record of Henry Leland, and his Descendants, containing an account of nine thousand six hundred and twenty four persons, in Ten Generations, and embracing nearly every person of the Name of Leland in America, from 1653 to 1850 (Wier & White, Boston, MA, 1850)
    30. Leming Genealogy
      Footnote: Leming, Sam K., Leming Family History and Geneology [sic] (Privately published, Waldron, AR, 1947)
    31. Lesley E. Vorhees Records
      Footnote: Voorhees, Lesley E., Comp., The Lesley E. Vorhees Records - Van Buren, Baldwinsville, Lysander Area Cemetery Inscriptions and Burial Records (History's People, Inc., Syracuse, NY, 1965)
    32. Letter
      Footnote: Letter as cited
    33. Letter, J.D. Eric Troop
      Footnote: Letter, J.D. Eric Troop to Chief Reference Librarian, Library of Congress, 29 Aug 1975
    34. Letter, Lucille Adamson Slocum, 18 May 1996
      Footnote: Lucille Adamson Slocum, Listing of her genealogy, descent from Abraham Temple
    35. Levi Temple Genealogy
      Footnote: Smith, Danny D., Descendants of Levi Temple, 1751-1821, of Bowdoin and Montville, Maine, through 1987 (Gardiner, Maine, printed for limited circulation by the author, 1988)
    36. Levi Temple Genealogy
      Footnote: Smith, Danny D., Descendants of Levi Temple, 1751-1821, of Bowdoin and Montville, Maine, through 1987 (Gardiner Maine, printed for limited circulation by the author, 1988)
    37. Lewis Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: Sorley, Merrow Egerton, Lewis of Warner Hall:  The History of a Family including the Genealogy of Descendants in Both the Male and Female Lines, Biographical Sketches of Its Members, and Their Descent from Other Early Virginia Families (Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1979)
    38. Lewis Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Lewis, William Terrell, Genealogy Of The Lewis Family In America, From The Middle Of The Seventeenth Century Down To The Present Time (The Courier Journal Job Printing Company, Louisville, KY, 1893)
    39. Lewis Genealogy, # 3
      Footnote: Cook, Michael L., Pioneer Lewis Families (Cook Publications, Evansville, IN, Various)
    40. Lewises, Meriwethers and Kin
      Footnote: Anderson, Sarah Travers Lews (Scott), Lewises, Meriwethers, and Their Kin (The Dietz Press, Richmond, VA, 1938)
    41. Libby Genealogy
      Footnote: Libby, Charles Thornton, The Libby Family in America, 1602-1881 (B. Thurston & Co., Portland, ME, 1882)
    42. Liddle Genealogy
      Footnote: Gifford, Martha (Liddle), Genealogy of the Liddle Family (Privately published, undated, Vineland, NJ)
    43. Liggan Genealogy
      Footnote: Wright, Loretta June Shckelford, comp., Woven Threads of Charles Liggan and George Admire and Related Lines (Arrow Printing Company, Gladstone, MO, 1998)
    44. Lightbourne Genealogy
      Footnote: Lightburn, Robert C., Supplement to Benjamin Lightbourne/Lightburn of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania and His Descendants (Privately published, Point Pleasnt Beach, NJ, 2005)
    45. Lillard Genealogy
      Footnote: Lillard, David Hicks, Jr., Lillard:  A Family of Colonial Virginia (Southern Historical Press, Inc., Greenville, SC, 1991)
    46. Lilly Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: Lilly, Julius Whiting, Lilly-Lilley-Lillie Family History (Privately published, Los Angeles Public Library, 1930)
    47. Lilly Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Prescott, Worrall D., A Genealogical and Biographical Record Concerning Mehitable (Reed) Lilly and George Lilly (Privately published, 1959)
    48. Lindsley Genealogy
      Footnote: Poole, Herbert Armstrong, The Genealogy of John Lindsley (1845-1909) and his wife Virginia Thayer Payne (1856-1941) of Boston, Massachusetts (Privately published, Milton, MA, 1950)
    49. Linkage
      Footnote: Webb, Jo S., Linkage - The Study of a Family (Continued), Volume II (Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, TX, 1985)
    50. Lively Genealogy
      Footnote: Vallentine, John F., comp., Livelys of America 1690-1968 (Economy Printers, Ashland, KY, 1981)
    51. Livermore Genealogy
      Footnote: Thwing, Walter Eliot, The Livermore Family of America (W.B. Clarke Company, Boston, MA, 1902)
    52. Livingston Genealogy
      Footnote: Kelly, Arthur C.M., comp., Settlers and Residents - The Town of Livingston, 1710-1899 (Privately published, Rhinebeck, NY, 1978)
    53. Lloyd's Clerical Directory for 1898
      Footnote: Cuccinello, Karen, ed., Lloyd's Clerical Directory for 1898
    54. Locke Genealogy
      Footnote: Locke, John Goodwin, Book Of The Lockes.  A Genealogical And Historical Record Of The Descendants Of William Locke, Of Woburn.  With An Appendix, Containing A History Of The Lockes In England, Also Of The Family Of John Locke, Of Hampton, N. H., And Kindred Families And Individuals (James Munroe and Company, Boston, MA, 1853)
    55. Lockwood Genealogy
      Footnote: Hodge, Harriet Woodbury, Some Descendants of Edmund Lockwood (1594-1635) of Cambridge, Massachusetts and his son Edmund Lockwood (c. 1625-1693) of Stamford, Connecticut (Philip V. Lockwood, Publisher, New York, NY, 1978)
    56. Long Genealogy
      Footnote: Evans, Eytive Long, comp., The Documented History of the Long Family - Switzerland to South Carolina, 1578-1956, including Allied Families (Bowen Press, Inc., Decatur, GA, 1956)
    57. Longyear Genealogy
      Footnote: Longyear, Edmund J., Comp., The Descendants of Jacob Longyear of Ulster County, New York (The Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor Company, New Haven, CT, 1942)
    58. Loomis Genealogy
      Footnote: Loomis, Elias, Descendants of Joseph Loomis in America and his Antecedents in the Old World (Privately published, 1909)
    59. Lord Genealogy
      Footnote: Lord, Kenneth, Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Lord (The Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Company, New Haven, CT, 1946)
    60. Louisa Wege Temple Eakin Family Group Sheets
      Footnote: Louisa Wege Temple Eakin, "Temple, Wege And Eakin Family Group =
    61. Loving Genealogy
      Footnote: Read, Carl and May, The Loving Family in America, 1705-1981 (Harp & Thistle, Ltd., Warner Robins, GA, 1981)
    62. Loy Family Genealogy
      Footnote: Stewart, Jennie E., The Loy Family in America (Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1984)
    63. LPT III Birth Certificate
      Footnote: A.B. Cook, Birth Certificate original (Garfield Memorial Hospital, D.C.  22 Sep 48, 1030)
    64. LPT Jr. Std Form 57
      Footnote: L. Parker Temple Jr., Application for Federal Employment (7 Dec 1964, Philadelphia, PA)
    65. Luark Genealogy
      Footnote: Luark, James E., Leark/Luark Family (Privately published, Houston, TX)
    66. Lucas Genealogy
      Footnote: Kemp, Annabelle, comp., Lucas Genealogy (The Bookman Press, Los Angeles, CA, 1964)
    67. Luce Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: McCourt, Martha F. and Thomas R. Luce, The American Descendants of Henry Luce of Martha's Vineyard 1640-1985 (Privately published, 1985)
    68. Luce Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: McCourt, Martha F., Thomas R. Luce, Robert L. Massard and Catherine M. Mayhew, The American Descendants of Henry Luce of Martha's Vineyard (New England Historical Genealogical Society, 1994)
    69. Lucken Genealogy
      Footnote: Hurd, Jill J., The Ancestors and Descendants of Jan Lucken (Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1989)
    70. Lum Genealogy
      Footnote: Lum, Edward H., Genealogy of the Lum Family (Unionist-Gazette Association, Somersville, NJ, 1927)
    71. Lundy Family
      Footnote: Armstrong, William Clinton, The Lundy Family and their Descendants (J. Heidingsfeld, New Brunswick, NJ, 1902)
    72. Lunt Genealogy
      Footnote: Lunt, Thomas S., comp., Lunt - A History of the Lunt Family in America (The Salem Press company, Salem, MA, undated)
    73. Luther Genealogy
      Footnote: Luther, Leslie L., comp., The Luther Family in America - A Genealogy of the Descendants of Captain John Luther of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (Chronicle Guidance Publications, Inc., Moravia, NY, 1976)
    74. Lyle Genealogy
      Footnote: Lyle, Oscar K., Lyle Family  The Ancestry and Posterity of Matthew, John, Daniel and Samuel Lyle, Pioneer Settlers in Virginia (Lecouver Press Company, New York, NY, 1912)
    75. Lyman Genealogy
      Footnote: Coleman, Lyman, Genealogy Of The Lyman Family In Great Britain And America; The Ancestors And Descendants Of Richard Lyman, From High Ongar In England, 1631 (J. Munsell, Albany, NY, 1872)
    76. Lyon Genealogy
      Footnote: Lyons, A.B., ed., Lyon Memorial (Press of Wm. Graham Printing Co., Detroit, MI, 1905)

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