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    1. Rackley Genealogy
      Footnote: Potter, Eloise Fretz and Timothy Wiley Rackley, Rackley - A Southern Colonial Family, The Descendants of Edward Rackley of Virginia (Potter Publication Services, Zebulon, NC, 1996)
    2. Railway Passenger Lists
      Footnote: Rasmussen, Louis J., Railway Passenger Lists of the Overland Trains to San Francisco and the West (Adams Press, Chicago, IL)
    3. Randall Genealogy
      Footnote: Randall, Frank Alfred, Randall And Allied Families William Randall (1609-1693) Of Scituate And His Descendants With Ancestral Families (Raveret-Weber Printing Company, Chicago, IL, 1943)
    4. Randolph Genealogy
      Footnote: Metcalfe, Howard Hurtig, Randolph Lineages - Being the Ancestry of Iris Patricia Followes from the time of the Saxon Invasion of England (The Anundsen Publishing Co., Decorah, IA, 1991)
    5. Randolphs of Virginia, # 1
      Footnote: Randolph, Robert Isham, The Randolphs of Virginia, A Compilation of the Descendants of William Randolph of Turkey Island and his wife Mary Isham of Bermuda Hundred (Chicago, date not found)
    6. Randolphs of Virginia, # 2
      Footnote: Randolph, Grady Lee, comp., The Randolphs of Virginia (After the American Revolution) - A Compilation of Data of the Descendants of Henry Randolph of Henrico and his Nephew William Randolph of Turkey Island (Darby Printing, Atlanta, GA, 1990)
    7. Rawson Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: Crane, Ellery Bicknell, The Rawson Family - A Revised Memoir Of Edward Rawson, Secretary Of The Colony Of Massachusetts Bay, From 1650 To 1686; With Genealogical Notices Of His Descendants, Including Nine Generations (Charles Hamilton, Worcester, MA, 1875)
    8. Rawson Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Rawson, Sullivan S., The Rawson Family. Memoir Of Edward Rawson, Secretary Of The Colony Of Massachusetts Bay, From 1651 To 1686; With Genealogical Notices Of His Descendants (Privately published, Boston, MA, 1849)
    9. Raymond Genealogy
      Footnote: Raymond, Samuel, Genealogies of the Raymond Families of New England, 1630-1886 (J.J. Little & Company Press, NY, 1886)
    10. Reams, Reames Genealogy
      Footnote: Smith, H.C., The Reams, Reames Family and Allied Families (Privately published, 1983)
    11. Reasor-Herbert Genealogy
      Footnote: Herbert, Eunice Ann Cox, comp., Michael Reasor and Anna Herbert Descendants and Related Families of Brown, Pectol, Galloway, Scott, Razor and McCutcheon (Malan Industries, Burbank, CA, 1968)
    12. Recollection of LP Temple Jr.
      Footnote: Recollection of LP Temple Jr.
    13. Records of Indentures in Philadelphia
      Footnote: Publication Committee of the Pennsylvania-German Society, Record of Indentures of Individuals Bound Out as Apprentices, Servants, Etc. and of German and Other Redemptioners in the Office of the Mayor of the City of Philadelphia October 3, 1771, to October 5, 1773 (Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1973)
    14. Records of Revolutionary Veterans
      Footnote: Brown, Margie G., Genealogical Abstracts - Revolutionary War Veterans Scrip Act 1852, abstracted from the Bureau of Land Management Records (The Anundsen Publishing Company, Decorah, IA, 1990)
    15. Records of the Charleston Orphan House
      Footnote: King, Susan L., History and Records of the Charleston Orphan House (SCMAR, Columbia, SC, 1994)
    16. Records of the First Baptist Church
      Footnote: Records of the First Baptist Church of Washington, DC. (Genealogical Records Committee, District of Columbia Daughters of the American Revolution, 1942)
    17. Records of the First Church of Cambridge
      Footnote: Sharples, Stephen Paschall, Ed., Records of the Church of Christ at Cambridge in New England, 1632-1830, Comprising the Ministerial Records of Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths, Admission to Covenant and Communion, Dismissals and Church Proceedings (Eben Putnam, Boston, MA, 1906)
    18. Redfield Genealogy
      Footnote: Redfield, W. C., Genealogy of the Redfield Family In The United States (Privately Published, 1839)
    19. Redfield Genealogy, Revised
      Footnote: Redfield, John Howard, Genealogy of the Redfield Family In The United States, Being A Revision And Extension Of The Genealogical Tables Compiled In 1839, By William C. Redfield (Munsell & Rowland, Albany, NY, 1860)
    20. Reed Family in Europe and America
      Footnote: Reed, Jacob Whittemore, History of The Reed Family in Europe and America (John Wilson and Son, Boston, MA, 1861)
    21. Reed Genealogy
      Footnote: Reed-Wright, Ella, Reed-Read Lineage - Captain John Reed of Providence, R.I., and Norwalk, Conn. and His Descendants Through His Sons John and thomas 1660-1909 (The Mattatuck Press, Inc., Waterbury, CT, 1909)
    22. Reflections of Ashley County
      Footnote: Carpenter, Robert A., Comp., Reflections of Ashley County, Including History of Ashley County by Y.W. Etheridge (Privately published, 1987)
    23. Reminiscences of a Ranger
      Footnote: Bell, Horace, Reminiscences of a Ranger; or, Early Times in Southern California (Yarnell, Caystile & Mathes, Printers, Los Angeles, CA, 1881)
    24. Reminiscences of the National Metropolis
      Footnote: Poore, Perley, Comp., Reminiscences of Sixty Years in the National Metropolis
    25. Renneker Genealogy
      Footnote: Boaz, Thurmond DeWitte, Jr., Comp., Garrett Henry Renneker (1830-1877) and His Descendants (Privately published, McLean, VA, 1981)
    26. Renninger Genealogy
      Footnote: Reniger, Jerilyn Jacklin, comp., Friedrich Renninger - Reninger in the United States and Canada (Craft Printers, Ltd., Lansing, MI, 1984)
    27. Repertoire des Mariages Comte de Notre Dame de Que
      Footnote: Repertoire des Mariages Comte de Notre Dame de Quebec 1825-1850
    28. Replogle Genealogy
      Footnote: Raymond, Edith Madeline Replogle, and Paul Hudson Replogle, Comps., The Replogle-Reprogle Genealogy (News Review Publishing Co., Moscow, ID, 1984)
    29. Report of the Commissioners
      Footnote: A Report Of The Record Commissioners Of The City Of Boston, Containing Miscellaneous Papers (Rockwell and Church, City Printers, Boston, MA, 1886)
    30. Report of the Ohio Genealogical Society
      Footnote: The Report of the Ohio Genealogical Society
    31. Resolutions of First Congregational Church
      Footnote: Kilbourn, E.B., Clerk pro tem, Resolutions of First Congregational Church and Society (Racine, WI, 27 Jan 1886)
      Text: Resolutions of First Congregational Church and Society in memory of L.F. Parker, deceased.
      At a meeting of the board of trustees of this society held on Saturday evening Dec. 26th. 1885 the following preamble and resolutions were presented and unanimously adopted.-
      WHEREAS:  La Fayette Parker, an old, and honored member of this board, has recently been removed by death whereby our ranks have been broken and a wide vacancy created, which is keenly felt and deplored by those of us who remain:  and
      WHEREAS:  It is fitting that the records of this society should bear some memorial of one who has so long been devoted to its interests and born so active a part in its cares and duties therefore be it
      RESOLVED:  That in the death of Mr. Parker this board has been deprived a wise counselor, an active and able collaborator, a steadfast and reliable friend.
      RESOLVED:  That by the same event this society has lost one of its main and most reliable supporters; one whose cheerful devotion to its secular interests and unwavering faith in its success, was at all times an example and an inspiration to every member.  We shall do well
      to keep his memory fresh in our hearts and that by every measure emulate his faith and example.
      RESOLVED:  That we bear grateful testimony to the pure and upright life of our Brother, his christian bearing in every walk and his triumphant faith in a better and a brighter world so feelingly and beautifully expressed before he took his departure.
      RESOLVED:  That it is proper as well as grateful privilege to make honorable and tender mention of the Brother of our deceased friend, Isiah G. Parker, one of the earliest members and the first clerk of this society, whose death was so recent that the two brothers who were so loving in life were not divided in death.
      RESOLVED:  That the membership of this church and society partake very deeply of the affliction of our dear sister whose bereavement is our bereavement, and whose loss is our loss, she scarcely needs any assurance of our sympathy for our tears have mingled with her tears, and our prayers have ascended to the common father that she may be supported and comforted in her sore trial and affliction.
      RESOLVED:  That an engrossed copy of these proceedings be presented to the family of our deceased brother.

      The above resolutions were also unanimously adopted by the church and society at a special meeting held January 27th. 1886.
    32. Resseguie Genealogy
      Footnote: Morris, John E., Comp., The Resseguie Family.  A Historical And Genealogical Record Of Alexander Resseguie, Of Norwalk, Conn., And Four Generations Of His Descendants (Press of the Case, Lockwood & Brainard Company, Hartford, CT, 1888)
    33. Revolutionary Virginia
      Footnote: Tarter, Brent, Comp., Revolutionary Virginia - The Road to Independence (University Press of Virginia, 1983)
    34. Reynolds Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: Reynolds, Marion H., Comp., The History and Descendants of John and Sarah Reynolds (1630? - 1923) of Watertown, Mass., and Wethersfield, Stamford and Greenwich, Conn. (The Reynolds Family Association, Brooklyn, NY, 1924)
    35. Reynolds Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Tillman, S.F., Christopher Reynolds and His Descendants (Privately published, Chevy Chase, MD, 1959)
    36. Rezabek Genealogy
      Footnote: Rezabek, Marvin P., Comp., Of Bushes and Starlings... A Genealogy of Two Bohemian Families - Rezabek (c. 1695-1980), Spacek (c. 1822-1980) (Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1981)
    37. Rice-Munsell Family Genealogy
      Footnote: Gillette, Ellen Kathleen Parker Temple, Rice-Munsell Family Genealogy (Unpublished manuscript, undated.)
    38. Rice County, Minnesota Plat Book
      Footnote: Dalby, John, Ed., Every Name Index to the 1900 Plat Book of Rice County, Minnesota (Minnesota Genealogical Society, St. Paul, MN, 1993)
    39. Rice Family History
      Footnote: Wood. A.H., Genealogical History of the Rice Family (1858)
    40. Rice Family Supplement
      Footnote: Rice, Frederick R., Supplement to The Rice Family:  Descendants of Deacon Edmund Rice; A Supplement to 1858 (Edmund Rice (1638) Association, Inc., 1967)
    41. Richard Arrow Smith Genealogy
      Footnote: Blackwell, Rebecca L., Richard Arrow Smith of Wake Co., North Carolina and His Descendants - Smith and Related Families of Wake and Johnston Counties, North Carolina (Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, MD, 1993)
    42. Richard Milhous Nixon Genealogy
      Footnote: Bell, Raymond Martin, The Ancestry of Richard Milhous Nixon (Privately published, Washington, PA, 1972)
    43. Richardson Genealogy
      Footnote: Vinton, John Adams, The Richardson Memorial, Comprising a Full History and Genealogy of the Posterity of the Three Brothers, Ezekiel, Samuel, and Thomas Richardson, Who Came from England, and United With Others in the Foundation of Woburn, Massachusetts, in the Year 1641, of John Richardson, of Medfield, 1679, of Amos Richardson, of Boston, 1640, of Edward and William Richardson, of Newbury, 1643, With Notices of Richardsons in England and Elsewhere (Brown Thurston and Company, Portland, ME, 1876)
    44. Richmond Gazette Newspaper
      Footnote: Richmond Virginia Gazette Newspaper
    45. Riddle Genealogy
      Footnote: Ridlon, G.T., History of the Ancient Ryedales And Their Descendants in Normandy, Great Britain, Ireland, and America From 860 to 1884, Comprising the Genealogy and Biography, For About One Thousand Years, Of the Families Of Riddell, Riddle, Ridlon, Ridley, Etc (Vox Populi Press - Huse, goodwin and Co., Lowell, MA, 1884)
    46. Rise of the Temples
      Footnote: Temple, Albert R. and Danny D. Smith, The Rise of the Temples:  A Millennium of Power and Progress, 716 AD to the Present (The Temple Family Association, Cincinnati, OH, 1973)
    47. Rives Genealogy
      Footnote: Childs, James Rives, Reliques of the Rives (Ryves) - Being Historical And Genealogical Notes Of The Ancient Family Of Ryves Of County Dorset And Of The Rives Of Virginia (J.P. Bell Company, Inc., Lynchburg, VA, 1929)
    48. Rix Genealogy
      Footnote: Rix, Guy S., Comp., History And Genealogy Of The Rix Family Of America Containing Biographical Sketches And Genealogies Of Both Males And Females (The Grafton Press, New York, NY, 1906)
    49. Roberdeau Genealogy
      Footnote: Buchanan, Roberdeau, Genealogy Of The Roberdeau Family, Including A Biography Of General Daniel Roberdeau, Of The Revolutionary Army, And The Continental Congress; And Signer Of The Articles Of Confederation (Joseph L. Pearson, Printer, Washington, DC, 1876)
    50. Robert Temple Genealogy
      Footnote: Temple Family Tree (Alan Temple, Martinsburg, WV, 2013)
    51. Roberts-Allen Genealogy
      Footnote: Roberts, Merritt E., Comp., Roberts-Allen Families and Related Families - Davis, Highfill, Rogers (Olive Press Publications, Los Olivos, CA, 1985)
    52. Rock Creek Cemetery Records
      Footnote: Sluby, Paul E., Sr., and Stanton L. Wormley, Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, D.C., Old Interment Records, 1822-1906 (Columbian Harmony Society, Washington, DC, 1992)
    53. Rockwood Genealogy
      Footnote: Rockwood, Elbridge L., A Historical and Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Timothy Rockwood (Privately published, Boston, MA, 1856)
    54. Rogers Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: Daniel, Elizabeth S. and Jeanne E. Sawtell, eds., Descendants of Thomas Rogers, Pilgrim, And Some of His Descendants (Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1980)
    55. Rogers Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Rogers, James Swift, James Rogers of New London, CT., and His Decendants (Priavtely published, Boston, MA, 1902)
    56. Rogers Genealogy, # 3
      Footnote: Edmondson, Eleanor Rogers, Descendants of Doswell Rogers (Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1976)
    57. Rogers Genealogy, # 4
      Footnote: Bain, Charlotte E. and Samuel W. Faris, comps., Descendants of Micajah Rogers, Sr. (ca. 1776-1846) of Surry County, Virginia (Privately published, Williamsburg, VA 2001)
    58. Rogers Genealogy, # 5
      Footnote: Brabson, Estalena Rogers, Rogers Relatives with Origins in Blount County, Tennessee (Tri-County News, Sevierville, TN, 1970)
    59. Rogers Genealogy, # 6
      Footnote: Rogers, Hopewell L., Rogers - Some of the Descendants of Giles Rogers An Immigrant to Virginia in 1664 (Privately published, Louisville, KY, 1940)
    60. Rohrbach Genealogy
      Footnote: Rohrbach, Lewis Bunker, Rohrbach Genealogy - The Rorabaugh, Rohrbough, Rohrbaugh, Rohrabough, Rohrabaugh, Rorabough, and Rhorabaugh families of America who are descendants of Johann Reinhart Rohrbach who emigrated from Germany to America in 1749 (Courier-Gazette Inc., Rockland, ME, 1982)
    61. Rollins & Clark Genealogy
      Footnote: Crawford, Lillie Rollins, Rollins & Clark with Allied Families (The Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1991)
    62. Rollins Genealogy
      Footnote: Rollins, Clarence E., comp., The Rollins Family From Delaware to Indiana and Beyond (Privately published, Roswell, NM, 1989)
    63. Romaeyne Genealogy
      Footnote: Ackerman, Herbert S., The Romaeyne Familoy (Privately published, Ridgewood, NJ, 1953)
    64. Romine Genealogy
      Footnote: McDonnell, Mildred A., comp., The Romine Family (Romeyn, Romaine, Romyn, etc.) (Privately published, Tacoma park, Md, 1968)
    65. Roquemore Genealogy
      Footnote: Huffaker, Josephine Costello, comp., The Roquemore Report of 1967 (Privately published, 1967)
    66. Ross County, OH, Families, Vol. II
      Footnote: Ross County Genealogical Society, Ross County, Ohio, Families, Volume II (Adams Press, Chicago, IL, 1979)
    67. Ross County, OH, Families, Vol. III
      Footnote: Ross County Genealogical Society, Ross County, Ohio, Families, Volume III (Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1982)
    68. Ross Genealogy
      Footnote: Haliburton, Gordon MacKay, The Story of the Rev. Duncan Ross - Pioneer Minister in Pictou, Nova Scotia (Stoney Hill Press, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, 1990)
    69. Roswell Temple
      Footnote: Larrabee, Teneriffe Temple, The Descendants of Roswell Temple and Elizabeth Case, who lived in Washington County, New York, from 1801 to 1893.  Also, the genealogy of all their offspring to and through the year 1946, being a supplement to "Some Temple Pedigrees." (Edward Brothers, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, 1947)
    70. Routh Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: Routh, Ross H., comp. and ed., Routh Family Revisited - A Genealogy (Copyprint, El Paso, TX, 1978)
    71. Routh Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Turpin, Tom, et al., comps. and eds., The Joseph Routh Family (1747-1979) (Privately published, MO, 1979)
    72. Royer Genealogy
      Footnote: Francis, J.G., Genealogical Records of the Royer family in America or more especially those of Sebastian Royer's Familoy Based on Original Records of Michael Zug (J.G. Francis, Lebanon, PA, 1928)
    73. Rudy Genealogy
      Footnote: Winegeard, William Osborne, The Rudys of God's House and Related Families - A History and Genealogy, 1574-1985 (Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1986)
    74. Ruffin Genealogy
      Footnote: Daniel, H.H., William Ruffin Family History (Privately published, 1977)
    75. Rufus Parks Pedigree
      Footnote: Berry, Brian J.L., The Rufus Parks Pedigree, Seventeen Centuries of One Family's Ancestry (Prestige Printers, Inc., McKinney, TX, 1990)
    76. Rugg-Holt Genealogies
      Footnote: Dobbins, Mary Rugg, Comp., Rugg-Holt Genealogies (Gerald Hodges Commercial Printing, Booneville, MS, 1981)
    77. Rugg Genealogy
      Footnote: Rugg, Ellen R., The Descendants of John Rugg (Frederick H. Hitchcock, New York, NY, 1911)
    78. Russ Genealogy
      Footnote: Taylor, Dorothy Russ, The Russ Family - Descendants of John of Newbury and Andover, Massachusetts 1635-1977 (Privately published, Alexandria, VA, 1978)
    79. Russell Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: Hoggle, Bertha Jean (Thomas) Johnson, com., The Russell Family - Descendants of Caleb and Nancy (Grady) Russell and Other Related Families (Privately published, Greensboro, AL, 2002)
    80. Russell Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Pooler, Marjorie Russell, Valentine Russell and his Descendants (Privately published, Urbana, OH, 1983)
    81. Russey Genealogy
      Footnote: Russey, George Sirrine, Jr., The Russey Family in America, 2nd Edition (Privately published, San Antonio, TX, 1978)

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