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Titles Beginning With S


    1. S.A.R. Membership Application
      Footnote: Individual applicant, Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970
    2. S.A.R. Membership Application
      Footnote: Application for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution
    3. Sabin Genealogy
      Footnote: Morris, Gordon Alan, and Thomas J. and Dixie Prittie, Comps., The Descendants of William Sabin of Rehoboth, Massachusetts (Penobscot Press, 1994)
    4. Saddleback Ancestors
      Footnote: Orange County Genealogical Society, Saddleback Ancestors - Rancho Families of Orange County, California (Orange County Genealogical Society, 1969)
    5. Sadler Genealogy
      Footnote: Smola, Joan Coker, Comp., Sadler-Saddler, A Record of the Family and the Descendants of Thomas Sadler, Sr. (1720-1796) and Rebeccah Featherson (1722-1796/99) of Brunswick County Virginia (Privately published, Sapulpa, OK, 1994)
    6. Safford Genealogy
      Footnote: Culbertson, Sidney Methiot, Comp., The Ohio Valley Saffords, Originally Compiled In 1895 By Reginald Heber Smith And Sidney Methiot Culbertson From The Notes And Researches Of Judge William Harrison Safford And His Son William Edwin Safford (The Kistler Press, Denver, CO, 1932)
    7. Saint Lawrence Baptismal Records
      Footnote: Hamilton, Anna, Saint Lawrence Baptismal Records, Daviess County, Kentucky (McDowell Publications, Utica, KY, 1985)
    8. Salle Genealogy
      Footnote: Bailey, Jack Dalton, comp., The Family History of the French Huguenot Abraham Salle and his descendants (Privately published, Harrodsburg, KY, 1992)
    9. Salzburger Genealogy
      Footnote: Gnann, Pearl Rahn, comp., Georgia Salzburgers and Allied Families (Southern Historical Press, Inc., Greenville, SC, 1990)
    10. San Angelo Genealogical and Historical Society
      Footnote: Stalkin' Kin Quarterly (San Angelo Genealogical and Historical Society, Inc., San Angelo, TX)
      Text: In the DAR Library
    11. Sanborn Genealogy
      Footnote: Sanborn, V.C., Genealogy of the family of Samborne or Sanborn in England and America 1194-1898 (The Rumford Press, Concord, NH, 1899)
    12. Sanders Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: McConnell, Catherine S., Sanders Saga (Virginia Book Company, Berryville, VA, 1972)
    13. Sanders Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Sanders, Holden E., The Sanders Family:  An American Odyssey (McDowell Publications, Utica, NY, 1988)
    14. Sanford Genealogy
      Footnote: Sanford, Carlton E., Thomas Sanford - The Emigrant to New England, Ancestry, Life and Descendants 1632-4 (The Tuttle Company, Rutland, VT, 1911)
    15. Sappington Genealogy
      Footnote: Giulvezan, Mrs. Isabel S., Descendants of John Sappington and Jemima Fowler (Mar, 1976)
    16. Sargent Record
      Footnote: Sargent, Edwin Everett, William Sargent of Ipswich, Newbury, Hampton, Salisbury and Amesbury, New England, US, with His Descendants and Their Intermarriages and Other Sargent Branches (The Caledonian Company, Printers and Publishers, St. Johnsbury, VT, 1899)
    17. Sausaman-Sassaman Genealogy
      Footnote: Sausaman, William Amel, The Sausaman-Sassaman Family in America (Springfield, IL, 1964)
    18. Sawyer Families of New England
      Footnote: Sawyer, Eleanor Grace, Sawyer Families of New England, 1636-1900 (Penobscot Press, Camden, ME, 1995)
    19. Sawyer Genealogy
      Footnote: Sawyer, Fred E., A Genealogical Dictionary of the Early Sawyer Families of New England, ca 1632-1900 (Neves Printing Co., Blackfoot, ID, 1983)
    20. Scarborough Genealogy
      Footnote: Boone, Roger S., Some Quaker Families - Scarborough/Haworth (Privately published, 1991)
    21. Scarborough Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Boyd, Thomas O., Family History of John Scarborough And His Descendants of Brunswick County, Virginia, Montgomery County, North Carolina, and Stewart County and Henry County, tennessee (Privately published, 2008)
    22. Scarborough Genealogy, # 3
      Footnote: Morgan, Marjorie, ed., Some Quaker Families - Scarborough-Haworth (Privately published, 1997)
    23. Schenck-Shenk-Shank Genealogy
      Footnote: Shank, Thomas L., Schenck-Shenk-Shank History of the Descendants of Andreas Schenck in America 1732-1874 (Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1985)
    24. Scholl Genealogy
      Footnote: Scholl, John William, Scholl, Sholl, Shull Genealogy  - The Colonial Branches (The Grafton Press, New York, NY, 1930)
    25. School Records of Carroll County, MO
      Footnote: The Carroll County Genealogical Association, Country Schools of Carroll County, Missouri From Its Inception to 1954 (Walsworth Publishing Company, Inc., Marceline, MO)
    26. School Records of Sonoma County, CA, # 1
      Footnote: Sonoma County Genealogical Society, Inc., Early School Attendance Records of Sonoma County California Beginning 1858 (Heritage Books, Westminster, MD, 2004)
    27. School Records of Sonoma County, CA, # 2
      Footnote: Sonoma County Genealogical Society, Inc., The 1930 School Census of Sonoma Counjty, California (Heritage Books, Westminster, MD, 2004)
    28. School Records of Texas
      Footnote: White, Gifford, Texas Scholastics 1854-1855 - A State Census of School Children Copied From The Originals in the Archives Division, Texas State Library, Austin, TX (Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie MD, 1991)
    29. School Yearbooks
      Footnote: Yearbooks from the cited school
    30. Schupp Genealogy
      Footnote: Shupp, Atwood James and Katherine F.Shupp, Early German American Schupp/Shupp/Shup Families and Their Descendants From the 1600s to The Present (Closson Press, Apollo, PA, 1995)
    31. Schwenkfelder Genealogy
      Footnote: Brecht, Samuel Kriebel, The Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families - Seekers of Religious Liberty Who Fled From Silesia to Saxony and Thence to Pennsylvania in the Years 1731 to 1737 (Rand McNally & Company, New York City, NY, 1923)
    32. Scofield Genealogy
      Footnote: Scofield, Harriet, comp., A Scofield Survey (Privately published, High Point, NC, 1972)
    33. Scoggins Genealogy
      Footnote: Scoggins, Margaret B., comp., Scoggins Family - An American Saga 1640-2002 (The Anundsen Publishing Co., Decorah, IA, 2002)
    34. Scots Banished to the US
      Footnote: Dobson, David, Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations, 1650-1775 (Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD, 1984)
    35. Scots in the USA and Canada, 1825-1875
      Footnote: Dobson, David, Scots in the USA and Canada, 1825-1875 (Genealogical Publsihing Company, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1998)
    36. Scott Genealogy
      Footnote: Scott, Mary and Edith, Comps., Our Scott and Blair Kinfolk (Privately published, Miltonvale, KS, 1992)
    37. Scudder Genealogy
      Footnote: Kloos, Roberta, comp., Scudder Family in New Jersey (Privately published, La Habra, CA, 1989)
    38. Sealock Genealogy
      Footnote: Jackson, Kendrick G., revised by Hackett, Joan, The Sealock Genealogy (Privately pubkished, Pittsburgh, PA, 1996)
    39. Sears Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: May, Samuel P., The Descendants of Richard Sares (Sears) of Yarmouth, Mass., 1638-1888 (Joel Munsell's Sons, Publishers, Albany, NY, 1890)
    40. Sears Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Sears, L. Ray, III, Sears Genealogical Catalog (Advanced Business Systems, Duncan, OK, 1992)
    41. Seattle Genealogical Society Family Chart
      Footnote: Seattle Genealogical Society Family Chart
    42. Selby Genealogy
      Footnote: Hurley, William Neal, Jr., Selby Families of Maryland (Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, MD, 2001)
    43. Selden Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: Kennedy, Mary S., Seldens of Virginia and Allied Families (Frank Allaben Genealogical Company, New York, NY, 1911)
    44. Selden Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Selden, Edna Mae, Selden and Kindred of Virginia (Virginia Stationery Company, Richmond, VA, 1941)
    45. Selden Genealogy, # 3
      Footnote: Selden, Jefferson Sinclair, Jr., comp., Samuel Selden the Immigrant and His Wife Rebecca Yeo Selden (Privately published, 1980)
    46. Sellards Genealogy
      Footnote: Cox, Clayton R., Comp., Appalachia Crossroads, Descendants of Hezekiah Sellards [Father of Jenny Wiley] (Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1977)
    47. Sellers Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: Sellers, Terry, Jr., Iron Butterfly (The Donnell Group, Montgomery, AL, 2008)
    48. Sellers Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Watters, Clark Heaslett and Elizabeth Stone Watters, comps., Some Descendants of William Sellers Who Was In Tarboro, North Carolina In 1750 (Privately published, 1974)
    49. Semmes America
      Footnote: Humphreys, Anderson, Semmes America (Humphreys, Ink, Inc., Memphis, TN, 1989)
    50. Senter Genealogy
      Footnote: Senter, Geary M., comp., John Senter and Jean Foster Descendants Circa 1693 - 2005 (Privately published, undated)
    51. Septennial Census of Pennsylvania
      Footnote: Pennsylvania, Septennial Census, 1779-1863
    52. Sevier Family History
      Footnote: Sevier, Cara Bales and Nancy S. Madden, Sevier Family History with the collected letters of Gen. John Sevier, first Governor of Tennessee and 28 Collateral Family Lineages (Washington, DC, 1961)
    53. Sewall Genealogy
      Footnote: Graves, Eben W., The Descendants of Henry Sewall (1576-1656) of Manchester and Coventry, England, and Newbury and Rowley, Massachusetts (Newbury Street Press, Boston, MA, 2007)
    54. Sewell Genealogy
      Footnote: Family History Sheet of Jonathan Sewell, provided by Charlotte Holbrook
    55. Shadow of the Smokies
      Footnote: In the Shadow of the Smokies (Smoky Mountain Historical Society, Sevierville, TN, 1984)
    56. Shaffer - Swick Genealogy
      Footnote: Christensen, Grace Hildy Croft, Shaffer-Swick Families and Allied Families (Privately published, Provo, UT, 1983)
    57. Shambach Genealogy
      Footnote: Shambach, LeRoy F., My Ancestors and Genealogical History of the Shambach Family (The Sunbury Daily Item, Inc., Sunbury, PA, 1968)
    58. Shannon Genealogy
      Footnote: Shannon, Dexal R., Shannon (Circa 1571 to 1990) (Privately published, West Plains, MO, 1990)
    59. Sharples-Sharpless Family
      Footnote: Anderson, Bart, Ed., The Sharples-Sharpless Family (West Chester, PA, 1966)
    60. Sharpless Genealogy
      Footnote: Cope, Gilbert, Genealogy of the Sharpless Family, descended from John and Jane Sharples, settlers near Chester PA 1682 (Bi-Centennial Committee, Philadelphia, PA, 1887)
    61. Shattuck Genealogy
      Footnote: Larson, Beatrix Marie, Shattuck Memorials No. II - of The Descendants of William Shattuck Te Progenitor of the Families in America That Have Borne His Name Including An Introduction, and An Appendix Containing Collateral Information (Privately published, Viola, WI, 1977)
    62. Shaw Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: Chew, Emma Mae and Enos, The Shaws of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Kansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Virginia and New York (Privately published, Inverness, FL, 1990)
    63. Shaw Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Farwell, Harriette F., Shaw Records - A Memorial Of Roger Shaw, 1594-1661 (E.C. Bowler, Bethel, ME, 1904)
    64. Shealy Genealogy
      Footnote: Shealy Family Committee, Genealogical Skeches of the Shealy Family (Privately published, 1982)
    65. Shelburne Genealogy
      Footnote: Buck, Richard W., Shelburne - The Book of John (Family History Publishers, Bountiful, UT, 1991)
    66. Shepard Genealogy
      Footnote: Shepard, Gerald Faulkner, Comp., The Shepard Families of New England (The New Haven Colony Historical Society, New Haven, CT, 1972)
    67. Sherman Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: Sherman, Thomas Townsend, Sherman Genealogy, Including Families of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk, England, Some Descendants of the Immigrants Captain John Sherman, Reverend John Sherman, Edmund Sherman and Samuel Sherman, and the Descendants of Honorable Roger Sherman and Honorable Charles R. Sherman (Tobias A. Wright, New York, 1920)
    68. Sherman Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Sherman, Roy V., et al, Some of the Descendants of Philip Sherman, The First Secretary of Rhode Island (University of Akron, OH, 1968)
    69. Sherman Genealogy, # 3
      Footnote: Sherman, John H., Sherman Directory, An Alphabetical Listing of over 25,000 Shermans with known Vital Records and Relationships (Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1991)
    70. Sherman Genealogy, # 4
      Footnote: Sherman, Roy V., The New England Shermans (University of Akron, OH, 1974)
    71. Sherrill Genealogy
      Footnote: Sherrill, William Andre, Jacob Sherrill, Son of Adam and Elizabeth, And Some of Their Descendants (Mesa, AZ, 1983)
    72. Ship Crew Lists of MA
      Footnote: Salem, Mass., Crew Lists Index, 1799-1879 (Mystic Seaport,
    73. Shipley Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: The Shipleys of Maryland, The Shipleys of Maryland - A Study of the Descendants of Adam Shipley of Yorkshire, England, Who Came to annapolis, Maryland, in 1668 (Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 2002)
    74. Shipley Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Anderson, Grover C., Will and Elizabeth Shipley, Their Descendants, and Related Families (Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1982)
    75. Shipp Genealogy
      Footnote: Shipp, Ralph D., comp., The Shipp Family Genealogy (Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1975)
    76. Shirley Temple - American Princess
      Footnote: Edwards, Anne, Biography of Shirley Temple, giving two generations of ancestors (William Morrow and Company, Inc., NY, 1988)
    77. Shirley Temple Autobiography
      Footnote: Black, Shirley Temple, Child Star - An Autobiography (McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., New York, NY, 1988)
    78. Shively Genealogy
      Footnote: Mc Dowell, Lottie Compton, Descendants of Henry and Mary Banta Shively (Privately published, 1971)
    79. Shockley Genealogy
      Footnote: Neises, Beverly J. and James H. Gates, Richard Shockley and Elizabeth Adkins - Their Ancestors and Descendants (Evansville Bindery, Inc., Evansville, IN, 2003)
    80. Shofner Genealogy
      Footnote: Blanks, James Rightman, Comp., The Shofner Family Genealogy - A Genealogical History of the Descendants of Michael Shofner (1721-1810) (Family History Publishers, Bountiful, UT, 1989)
    81. Shore Genealogy
      Footnote: Shore, Leo Jane, Ancestors and Descendants of Frederick Shore - Switzerland, 1570 - Surry county, North Carolina, 1750 with the History and Genealogy of Related Families (Multi Busines Press, Hillsboro, KS, 1983)
    82. Shuey Genealogy
      Footnote: Shuey, D.B., History Of The Shuey Family In America From 1732 To 1919 (Privately published, Galion, OH, 1919)
    83. Shumway Genealogy
      Footnote: Shumway, Asahel Adams, Family Genealogy of the Shumway Family in the United States. (George Shumway Publisher, York, PA, 1909)
    84. Shurtleff Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: Shurtleff, Benjamin, comp., Descendants of William Shurtleff of Plymouth and Marshfield, Massachusetts (Privately published, Revere, MA, 1912)
    85. Shurtleff Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Shurtleff, Roy L., Descendants of William Shurtleff, Revised Edition (Privately published, San Francisco, CA, 1976)
    86. Shurtleff Genealogy, # 3
      Footnote: Shurtliff, Alfred Jonathan, The Descendants of Luman Andros Shurtleff (Privately published, Pocatello, ID, undated)
    87. Sibley Genealogy
      Footnote: Sibley, James Scarborough, Comp., The Sibley Family in America, 1629-1972 (Privately published, Midlothian, TX, 1982)
    88. Sidman-Sidnam Genealogy
      Footnote: Wachter, Evelyn Sidman, Sidman-Sidnam Families of Upstate New York (Gateway Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD, 1981)
    89. Signal Corps in the War of the Rebellion
      Footnote: Brown, Joseph Willard, The Signal Corps, U.S.A. in the War of the Rebellion (U.S. Veteran Signal Corps Association, Boston, MA, 1896)
    90. Silverthorn Genealogy
      Footnote: Reed, Frank Fremont, comp., History of the Silverthorn Family (Silverthorn(e) Family Association, Santa Barbara, CA, 1982)
    91. Simmons-Troutman Genealogy
      Footnote: Carver, Fred E. and Margaret R., The Ancestors and Descendants of Jonathan Simmons and Mary Troutman And of Their Children (Privately published, Yakima, WA, 1970)
    92. Simon Genealogy
      Footnote: Redding, Dolores Simmons, Seed of Simon (Mitchell Printing, Lakeland, FL, 1988)
    93. Simpson Genealogy
      Footnote: McFarland, Robert H. and Twilah M. (Seefeld), Simpson Connections - John and Hannah Simpson of Prince William County, Virginia and Their Descendants (McFarland Home Enterprises, Rolla, MS, 1987)
    94. Sisson-Plemon Genealogy
      Footnote: Olson, Raymond L., Comp., Ancestry and Descendants of Ezra Sisson (1824-1898) and Amelia Plemon (1828-1914) (Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1991)
    95. Sisson Genealogy
      Footnote: Berry, Brian J.L., Yankee Heritage - A Sisson Ancestry (Privately published, McKinney, TX, 1991)
    96. Sittler Index of Surnames
      Footnote: Sittler, Marvin, Sittler Index of Surnames for which Information has been Abstracted from The Lincoln, Nebraska, State Journal, May 1873-Dec 31 1899 (The Lincoln-Lancaster County Genealogical Society, Lincoln, NE, 1984)
    97. Sitton-Gibson Genealogy
      Footnote: Sitton, Enid Wells, comp., Sitton and Gibson Genealogy - Descendants of three Revolutionary War Soldiers:  Joseph Sitton, North Carolina; Guyon Gibson, South Carolina; Thomas Kennedy, Virginia (Privately published, 1967)
    98. Sivert Genealogy
      Footnote: Bates, Estelle Enos, The Descendants of John Frederick Sivert and Martha Curtis Sivert (Privately published, Irving, TX, 1973)
    99. Sixteen Hundred Lines To Pilgrims
      Footnote: Mayo, Mary E., Ed., Sixteen Hundred Lines To Pilgrims - Lineage Books of the National Society Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims (Edwards Brothers, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI, Various)
    100. Sixty Years in Southern California, 1853-1913
      Footnote: Newmark, Maurice H. and Marco R., Eds., Sixty Years in Southern California, 1853-1913, containing the reminiscences of Harris Newmark (The Knickerbocker Press, New York, NY, 1916)
    101. Sizer Genealogy
      Footnote: Holch, Lillian Hubbard, Comp. and Ed., Sizer Genealogy - A History of Antonio de Zochier Who Changed His Name to Anthony Sizer (Bowles-Printer Genealogical Publisher, Brooklyn, NY, 1941)
    102. Slafter Memorial
      Footnote: Slafter, Rev. Edmund F., Memorial of John Slafter With A Genealogical Account of His Descendants (Henry W. Dutton & Son, Boston, MA, 1869)
    103. Slemons Genealogy
      Footnote: Riedel, Julia Slemons, Brigadier General William F. Slemons, C.S.A. - His Ancestors and Descendants (Privately published, Kansas City, MO, 1992)
    104. Sloan, Hale and Smith Family History
      Footnote: Justice, Jean Fitch, Sloan, Hale and Smith Family History (Privately published, Eden Prairie, MN, 1996)
    105. Slonaker Genealogy
      Footnote: Slonaker, James Rollin, comp., A History and Genealogy of the Slonaker Descendants in America Since Early 1700 (Lyday Printing Company, Los Angeles, CA, 1941)
    106. Small Genealogy
      Footnote: Underhill, Lora Altine (Woodbury), Descendants of Edward Small of New England and the Allied Families with Tracings of English Ancestry (Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, MA, 1934)
    107. Smedley Genealogy
      Footnote: Cope, Gilbert, Comp., Genealogy of the Smedley Family - Descended from George and Sarah Smedley, Settlers in Chester County, Penna. (Wickersham Printing Company, Lancaster, PA, 1901)
    108. Smeltzer Genealogy
      Footnote: Smeltzer, Marjorie R., The Smeltzers of Kilcooly and Their Irish Palatine Kissing Cousins (Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1981)
    109. Smith-Bryant Genealogy
      Footnote: Smith, Tenney, Charles Smith and Rachel Amy Bryant - Their Ancestors and Descendants (The Vermont Publishing Company, Brattleboro, VT, 1938)
    110. Smith-Phillips Genealogy
      Footnote: Newman, Yolande Templeton, Comp., Smith and Phillips History - A Genealogical History of the Families of James and Mary Smith, Samuel and Lydia Smith, and Francis and Mary Phillips (Edwards Brothers, Inc., South Bend, IN, 1964)
    111. Smith Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: Cheek, Linda Gale Smith, comp., Smith Wills - Deeds and Family Histories (Southern Historical Press, Inc., Easley, SC, 1993)
    112. Smith Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Cable, Edith Smith, Hundreds of Early Immigrants and Settlers in the Pedigree of Edith Smith (Access Laserpress, Glendale, AZ, 1991)
    113. Smith Genealogy, # 3
      Footnote: Smith, Micah Pearce, Jr., A Genealogy of Micah Pearce Smith and Others (Privately published, Norman, OK, 1987)
    114. Smith Genealogy, # 4
      Footnote: Smith, L. Bertrand, Jesse Smith - His Ancestors and Descendants (Frank Allaben Genealogical Company, New York, NY, 1909)
    115. Smith Genealogy, # 5
      Footnote: McCourt, James E. et al., The American Descendants of Rev. John Smith who married 13 Jun 1643 Susanna Hinckley (Rainbow Press, Torrington, CT, 1997)
    116. Smith Genealogy, # 6
      Footnote: Harris, Joseph S., Record Of The Smith Family Descended From John Smith Born 1655 In County Monaghan, Ireland (Press of George F. Lasher, Philadelphia, PA, 1906)
    117. Smith Genealogy, # 7
      Footnote: Wulfeck, Dorothy Ford, Comp., Smith of Virginia (Privately published, Naugatuck, CT, 1966)
    118. Smith Genealogy, # 8
      Footnote: Groeger, Barbara Johns, Out On A Limb (Photo Arts, Inc., El Cajon, CA, 1960)
    119. Smith Genealogy, # 9
      Footnote: Smith, Dorothy Emma, Daddy's Relatives (Privately published, Salt Lake City, UT, 1960)
    120. Smith of Scotland Neck
      Footnote: Smith, Caliborne Thweatt, Jr., Smith of Scotland Neck - Planters on The Roanoke (Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1976)
    121. Smithson Genealogy
      Footnote: Dieterle, Diane, Comp., Thomas Smithson (1675-1732) of Baltimore County, Maryland, and His Descendants (Amundsen Publishing Company, Decorah, IA, 1993)
    122. Snider Genealogy
      Footnote: Willett, Charles E., The Afred C. Willett Family History (Collier Printing Company, Kingsport, TN, 1994)
    123. Snively Genealogy
      Footnote: Washburn, Elizabeth F., Snively-Snavely:  The Swiss Ancestors and American Descendants of Johann Jacob Schnebele (1659-1743) and Other Snivelys and Snavelys of Southeastern Pennsylvania (Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1986)
    124. Snow-Estes Genealogy
      Footnote: Snow, Nora E., The Snow-Estes Ancestry (Privately published, Hillburn, NY, 1939)
    125. Snyder Genealogy
      Footnote: Wallace, Edith Clay, comp., Descendants of Abraham Snyder (Privately published, undated)
    126. Soblett Genealogy
      Footnote: Allen, Cameron, The Soblett (Sublet) Family of Manakintown, King William Parish, Virginia (The Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, Inc., Detroit, MI, 1994)
    127. Social Blue Book of California
      Footnote: Ryan, William Desmond, ed., Social Blue Book of California (Social Blue Book of California, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA)
    128. Social List of Washington, DC
      Footnote: Murray, Jean Shaw, The Social List of Washington, D.C (The Green Book) and Social Precedence in Washington (Privately published, Washington, DC, 1984)
    129. Social Register
      Footnote: Social Register of cited location
    130. Some Ancestral Lines
      Footnote: Shattuck, Mrs. Leroy N., Some Ancestral Lines -Families and Allied Lines of Cook, Goodrich, Gray, Hadley, Houghton, Smith and Windsor (Leominster, MA, DAR, April 1951)
    131. Some Colonial Families
      Footnote: Doliante, Sharon J., Maryland and Virginia Colonials:  Genealogies of Some Colonial Families (Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD, 1991)
    132. Some Georgia County Records
      Footnote: Lucas, Rev. Silas Emmett, Jr., Comp., Some Georgia County Records, Vol. 1: Columbia, Hancock, Jefferson, and Warren Counties; Vol. 2:  Clarke, Jasper, Morgan, Putnam, Oglethorpe and Greene Counties; Vol. 4: Burke, Butts, Columbia, Emanuel, Greene, Hancock, Jasper, Morgan and Richmond Counties, Georgia (Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC, 1977)
    133. Some Prominent Virginia Families
      Footnote: du Bellet, Louise Pecquet, Some Prominent Virginia Families (J.P. Bell Company, Inc, Lynchburg, VA, 1907)
    134. Some Temple Pedigrees
      Footnote: Temple, Levi Daniel, Some Temple Pedigrees, A Genealogy of the Known Descendants of Abraham Temple who settled in Salem, Mass. in 1636 (David Clapp & Son, Boston, MA, 1900)
    135. Some Temple Pedigrees Supplement
      Footnote: Material added by the DAR to their copy of Levi Temple's book. Corrections and additional material.
    136. Roderick Temple Genealogy
      Footnote: Temple, Elmer Edwin, Some Temple Pedigrees - A Genealogy of the Known Descendants of Roderick Temple Who Settled near Nashville, Tennessee (Privately published, 1973)
    137. Sommer Genealogy
      Footnote: Christensen, Grace Hildy Croft, comp., Lineage and Descendants of Joseph Sommer and Elisabeth Barbe Garber (Privately published, Provo, UT, 1991)
    138. Soper Genealogy
      Footnote: Soper, Earl F., The New Soper Compendium (Privately published, Berne, NY, 1989)
    139. Southeastern Michigan Pioneer Families
      Footnote: Lewis, Helen F., Comp., Southeastern Michigan Pioneer Families - Especially Lenawee County and New York Origins (Kinship, Rhinebeck, NY, 1994)
    140. Southeastern Pennsylvania - A History
      Footnote: Nolan, J. Bennett, Southeastern Pennsylvania - A History of the Counties of Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia, and Schuykill (Lewis Historical Publishing Company, Inc. Philadelphia, PA, 1943)
    141. Southern Christian Advocate
      Footnote: Southern Christian Advocate newspaper
    142. Southern Colonial Families
      Footnote: Avant, David A., Jr., Some Southern Colonial Families in multiple volumes. (L'Avant Studios, Tallahassee, FL, 1989)
    143. Southern Historical Society Papers
      Footnote: Brock, Robert Alonzo, ed., Southern Historical Society Papers (Southern Historical Society, Richmond, VA)
    144. Southern Lineages
      Footnote: Wynn, A. Evans, Southern Lineages - Records of Thirteen Families (Walter W. Brown Publishing Company, Atlanta, GA, 1940)
    145. Southgate Genealogy
      Footnote: Chapman, Leonard B., Monograph On The Southgate Family Of Scarborough, Maine Their Ancestors And Descendants (Hubbard W. Bryant, Bookseller and Publisher, Portland, ME, 1907)
    146. Southwest Virginia Families
      Footnote: Trimble, David B., Southwest Virginia Families (Privately published, San Antonio, TX, 1974)
    147. Sowers Genealogy
      Footnote: Owen, Ruth Sowers, A Thousand Doors:  The History of Philip Sauer (Sowers) and His 14 Children (Privately published, 1970)
    148. Spach Genealogy
      Footnote: Foltz, Herman E., Adam and Maria Spach - Their Family (Whitline Ink Incorporated, Boonville, NC, 1998)
    149. Sparn Genealogy
      Footnote: Spahr, Max, comp., Computerized data Base, Sparn, Spaar, Spahr 1495-1995 (Privately published, Cape Coral, FL, 1995)
    150. Spear Genealogy
      Footnote: Spear, Verne Raymond, The Descendants of George Spear who settled at Braintree, Massachusetts, 1642-1988 (The Trade Press, West Springfield, MA, 1988)
    151. Speare Genealogy
      Footnote: Speare, Charles Leon, The Speare Family from 1642 - Genealogical Record of Certain Branches (The Tuttle Publishing Company, Rutland, VT, 1938)
    152. Speere Genealogy
      Footnote: Speer, Rollo Clayton, Comp., The Generations of George Speere, 1642-1942, Three Centuries of American Life (Privately published, Ogden, Utah, 1942)
    153. Spelman Genealogy
      Footnote: Barbour, Fannie Cooley Williams, Spelman Genealogy The English Ancestry and American Descendants of Richard Spelman of Middletown, Connecticut, 1700 (Frank Allaben Genealogical Company, New York, NY, 1910)
    154. Spicer Genealogy
      Footnote: Grube, Jean B., Descendants of Nathan Spicer (1735-1811) (Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1979)
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