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Titles Beginning With U


    1. U.S. Public Records Index
      Footnote: U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 2
    2. Ulmer Genealogy
      Footnote: Daniel, H.H., Ulmer (Privately published, Bay Springs, MS, 1990)
    3. Underhill Genealogy
      Footnote: Frost, Josephine C., ed., Underhill Genealogy - Descendants of Capt. John Underhill, in 4 Volumes. (Myron C. Taylor, for the Underhill Society of America, 1932)
    4. Underhill Genealogy Supplement
      Footnote: Deats, Edwin R., Comp., Underhill Genealogy, Volumes 5 and 6, supplement to Underhill Genealogy - Descendants of Capt. John Underhill (Underhill Society of America, Inc., Gateway Press, Baltimore, MD, 1980)
    5. Underwood Genealogy, # 1
      Footnote: Underwood, Lucien Marcus, Comp., The Underwood Families of America (The New Era Printing Company, Lancaster, PA, 1913)
    6. Underwood Genealogy, # 2
      Footnote: Galeener-Moore, Laverne, Underwood Biographical Dictionary, Volume 2: Part Two (Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, MD, 1997)
    7. Underwood Genealogy, # 3
      Footnote: Underwood, Burl, The Underwoods From Roaring Gap (NC) To Dumplin Valley (TN) and Onward and Related Families (Privately published, undated)
    8. Upchurch Genealogy
      Footnote: West, Belle Lewter, Upchurch Family of England, Virginia and North Carolina (The Seeman Printery, Inc., Durham, NC, 1972)
    9. Urner Genealogy
      Footnote: Urner, Isaac N., revised and updated by Barbara Urner Johnson, Genealogy of the Urner Family and Sketch of the Coventry Brethren Church in Chester County, Pennsylvania (Privately published, Bakersfield, Ca, 1996)
    10. US Baseball Questionnaires
      Footnote: U.S., Baseball Questionnaires, 1945-2005
    11. US Public Records Index
      Footnote: US Public Records Index

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