DC At Large
1876 Birth Arthur Harstocholos STEINHAUER-93581
1938 Birth Lynne TEMPLE-86898
bef 1951 Residence Dorothy Isabelle BUETTNER-93382
DC, Washington
1793 Birth Margaret -132113
1828 Birth Anna O -149894
1831 Religion Dr. John Taylor TEMPLE-5308
abt 1831 Moved Dr. John Taylor TEMPLE-5308
Feb 1838 Birth Mary E. WAUGH-136434
1840 Birth Marion F. -42637
1841 Marriage Peter PARKER-7079 and Harriet Colby WEBSTER-7080
1850 Census Mary A. TEMPLE-118414
1850 Birth Florence TEMPLE-130439
1851 Birth John TEMPLE-153186
7 Oct 1851 Marriage RADM William Grenville TEMPLE-5503 and Catlyna Tillman TOTTEN-5648
1854 Birth Henry M. TEMPLE-150636
1859 Birth Peter PARKER-8775
1860 Census General Joseph Gilbert TOTTEN-21188
1860 Census Catlyna PEARSON-28896
9 Jan 1860 Miscellaneous Willie B. TEMPLE-143432
Jun 1860 Census Catlyna Tillman TOTTEN-5648
21 Jun 1863 Death Thomas Russell (Russell) HOLT-19455
23 Dec 1863 Marriage Edward TEMPLE-5475 and Mary Jane GUNTON-5584
1864 Naturalization Henry TEMPLE-144234
22 Aug 1864 Marriage Benjamin F. TEMPLE-169303 and Mary S. JONES-169304
1865 Military Henry TEMPLE-130487
Sep 1866 Birth A.F. TEMPLE-138589
29 Mar 1867 Miscellaneous Lydia L. TEMPLE-47707
29 Mar 1867 Marriage Ezra TROTH Jr.-51975 and Lydia L. TEMPLE-47707
1868 Birth Fannie Stuart WILSON-8776
1 Oct 1868 Birth Jessie Nathaniel VARNELL-124335
bef 1870 Immigration Elizabeth TEMPLE-124293
1870 Census RADM William Grenville TEMPLE-5503
1870 Census Catlyna Tillman TOTTEN-5648
1870 Census Elizabeth TEMPLE-124293
1870 Census Ernest TEMPLE-124294
1870 Census Louisa -124295
1870 Birth William H. GILBERT-158293
17 May 1870 Marriage Hamilton TEMPLE-169305 and Mary Louisa MUNROE-169306
Aug 1870 Census Mary Ellen (Mary) FAUNCE-2334
Aug 1870 Census Solomon Elmer FAUNCE-59549
Aug 1870 Census Roxanna Curtis (Annie) WINDSOR-59550
1871 Residence RADM William Grenville TEMPLE-5503
1871 Occupation Jennie TEMPLE-137296
1871 Residence Jennie TEMPLE-137296
16 Jan 1871 Miscellaneous Charles H. TEMPLES-143433
1872 Birth Mary E. LUTZ-41980
1872 Birth James TEMPLE-130048
bet 1874 and 1888 Occupation Edward TEMPLE-5475
13 Nov 1874 Birth Ben Temple WEBSTER-30659
6 Jul 1875 Death Franklin Whitlock TEMPLE-158298
5 Aug 1875 Birth Henry Joseph (Harry) GENSLER-42536
18 Nov 1875 Birth Catherine COGAN-94543
27 Dec 1875 Birth Charles KEARNEY-156895
19 Oct 1876 Marriage Dr. James Craig (James) TEMPLE-3069 and Anna Maria (Annie) HENKEL-3154
1878 Occupation Michael Charles TEMPLE-138421
bet 1879 and 1881 Miscellaneous RADM William Grenville TEMPLE-5503
Jun 1880 Occupation Edward TEMPLE-5475
Jun 1880 Occupation RADM William Grenville TEMPLE-5503
Jun 1880 Census Mary Jane GUNTON-5584
Jun 1880 Census Catlyna Tillman TOTTEN-5648
Jun 1880 Census William GUNTON-23349
Jun 1880 Census Harriet (Hattie) BUSH-134852
Jun 1880 Census Mary -134854
Jun 1880 Occupation Charles W. TEMPLE-134855
Jun 1880 Census Birdie TEMPLE-134856
bet 1881 and 1884 Miscellaneous RADM William Grenville TEMPLE-5503
1881 Moved Ellen Kathleen (Kate) PARKER-13
bet 1882 and 1885 Occupation Charles Melvin GILLETTE-75
22 Apr 1882 Birth Florence Edna PAYNE-45474
Mar 1884 Birth Daisy ADAMS-178964
1885 Occupation Charles Melvin GILLETTE-75
1885 Death Mandel Gilbert FOSGATE-7635
1885 Residence Charles Flavia TEMPLE-79250
3 Dec 1885 Marriage Robert TEMPLE-169301 and Mildred SHINIKEN-169302
24 Mar 1886 Birth Charles Francis (Charles) TEMPLE-79249
abt 1888 Marriage UNKNOWN-60548 and Viola -60545
1888 Birth Nora C. -128844
29 Jun 1889 Death Catlyna Tillman TOTTEN-5648
abt 1890 Moved George Aldrich (George) TEMPLE-12
1890 Occupation Ellen Kathleen (Kate) PARKER-13
1890 Residence Ellen Kathleen (Kate) PARKER-13
1890 Occupation Bertram George TEMPLE-48
1890 Residence E.L. (Ella) VAUGHAN-24555
1890 Marriage Peter PARKER-8775 and Fannie Stuart WILSON-8776
1890 Occupation Jesse J. TEMPLE-124732
1890 Marriage Robert Thompson HEAD-136432 and Fannie Cooper HEISTAND-136436
13 Jan 1890 Marriage Jessie Nathaniel VARNELL-124335 and Maud Duvall TEMPLE-124334
May 1890 Occupation Edward TEMPLE-5475
bet 1891 and 1894 Residence Bertram George TEMPLE-48
1890/1 Occupation George Aldrich (George) TEMPLE-12
29 Nov 1892 Death Rebecca Virginia WRENN-32839
30 Mar 1893 Birth William Temple HOARD-45972
28 Jun 1894 Death RADM William Grenville TEMPLE-5503
15 Mar 1895 Birth Harry TEMPLE-135571
1896 Education Lafayette Parker TEMPLE Sr.-11
abt 1896 Moved Grace Lincoln (Grace) TEMPLE-6286
9 Feb 1896 Death Mary Jane GUNTON-5584
23 Apr 1896 Death Rachel Cecelia -120375
May 1897 Residence Mary TEMPLE-143430
20 May 1897 Miscellaneous Mary TEMPLE-143430
1900 Residence Ellen Kathleen (Kate) PARKER-13
abt 1900 Marriage Calvin W. (Callie) BARTLETT-59 and Cora Louise PHILLIPS-15
Apr 1900 Residence Mary TEMPLE-143430
20 Apr 1900 Miscellaneous Mary TEMPLE-143430
bef Jun 1900 Divorce George Aldrich (George) TEMPLE-12 and Ellen Kathleen (Kate) PARKER-13
Jun 1900 Census E.L. (Ella) VAUGHAN-24555
Jun 1900 Census Nellie TEMPLE-24556
Jun 1900 Census Mary TEMPLE-24557
Jun 1900 Occupation Amanda WALLACE-26105
Jun 1900 Occupation John Cameron TEMPLE-50420
Jun 1900 Occupation William J. TEMPLE-110017
Jun 1900 Census Amanda S. URICH-110004
Jun 1900 Census Robert Thompson HEAD-136432
Jun 1900 Census Mary E. WAUGH-136434
Jun 1901 Occupation Grace Lincoln (Grace) TEMPLE-6286
25 Jun 1901 Miscellaneous Grace Lincoln (Grace) TEMPLE-6286
1901/2 Residence Ellen Kathleen (Kate) PARKER-13
1902 Residence Dr. Jesse Jackson (Jesse) TEMPLE-46218
1902 Birth William TEMPLES-133260
1902 Illness Henry M. TEMPLE-150636
6 Aug 1902 Birth Andrew TEMPLE-126821
11 Dec 1902 Death Henry M. TEMPLE-150636
bet 1903 and 1925 Occupation Lafayette Parker TEMPLE Sr.-11
1903 Birth Frank TEMPLES-133261
1903 Birth Margaret H. TEMPLE-169315
May 1903 Residence Mary TEMPLE-24557
Jun 1903 Occupation Grace Lincoln (Grace) TEMPLE-6286
27 Jun 1903 Miscellaneous Grace Lincoln (Grace) TEMPLE-6286
1903/4 Residence Ellen Kathleen (Kate) PARKER-13
31 Aug 1904 Marriage Lafayette Parker TEMPLE Sr.-11 and Cora Louise (Louise) LUMSDEN-5087
bef 1905 Residence Captain Benjamin Foster (Benjamin) TEMPLE-5270
abt 1905 Moved Edward Clarence (Edward) TEMPLE-5951
abt 1905 Moved Edith Graves (Edith) TEMPLE-5952
1905 Birth Mary Evelyn BRODERS-59342
26 Jan 1905 Death Amanda WALLACE-26105
1905/6 Residence Ellen Kathleen (Kate) PARKER-13
1906 Occupation John Clayton TEMPLE-75853
1906 Birth Alice C. -169314
23 Jan 1906 Marriage Charles Melvin GILLETTE-75 and Ellen Kathleen (Kate) PARKER-13
28 Jun 1906 Birth RADM Donald Temple ELLER-27923
9 Oct 1906 Birth Phillips Lumsden TEMPLE-50
1907 Residence Ellen Kathleen (Kate) PARKER-13
bet 1908 and 1910 Residence Ellen Kathleen (Kate) PARKER-13
20 Nov 1908 Death Charles E. TEMPLE-158296
5 Jun 1909 Birth Louise Ernestine (Ernestine) TEMPLE-56
Apr 1910 Census Edward Lowe TEMPLE-5647
Apr 1910 Census Lucy T. GRAVES-5950
Apr 1910 Occupation Edward Clarence (Edward) TEMPLE-5951
Apr 1910 Occupation Edith Graves (Edith) TEMPLE-5952
Apr 1910 Occupation Susan Baylor TEMPLE(S)-20699
Apr 1910 Occupation Albert TEMPLE-44418
Apr 1910 Occupation Henry D. TEMPLE-61061
Apr 1910 Census Cora Louise PHILLIPS-15
Apr 1910 Census Calvin W. (Callie) BARTLETT-59
Apr 1910 Census David Mathious TEMPLE-44782
Apr 1910 Occupation Earl TEMPLE-133257
Apr 1910 Census William TEMPLES-133260
Apr 1910 Miscellaneous William TEMPLES-133260
Apr 1910 Census Frank TEMPLES-133261
Apr 1910 Miscellaneous Frank TEMPLES-133261
Apr 1910 Occupation Malvina L. TEMPLE-133262
May 1910 Occupation Grace Lincoln (Grace) TEMPLE-6286
1911 Residence Ellen Kathleen (Kate) PARKER-13
1911 Death Charles Melvin GILLETTE-75
20 Jan 1911 Birth Lafayette Parker (Pick) TEMPLE Jr.-2
29 May 1911 Birth Priscilla Stearns TOTTEN-38425
bet 1912 and 1914 Residence Ellen Kathleen (Kate) PARKER-13
1912 Residence Maxwell TEMPLE-165985
1912 Residence Sybil PALMER-165986
22 Apr 1912 Birth Lila Chiquita (Lila) TEMPLE-153503
1913 Birth Anna H. PYLES-136209
1915 Birth Marguerite SAXTON-140209
Oct 1915 Birth Lee T. TEMPLE-128838
1916 Residence Ellen Kathleen (Kate) PARKER-13
1916 Birth Vivian C. PYLES-136208
17 Sep 1916 Birth Clare LOVE-86896
1917 Occupation Clifford Earl TEMPLE-44419
19 Jul 1917 Birth George James TEMPLE Jr.-125000
bet 1918 and 1927 Residence Ellen Kathleen (Kate) PARKER-13
1918 Occupation Albert TEMPLE-44418
1918 Residence Mary -44420
1918 Occupation James Carter (James) TEMPLE Sr.-29795
1918 Occupation Edward Clarence (Edward) TEMPLE-5951
1918 Residence Edward Lowe TEMPLE-5647
1918 Residence Nora C. -128844
1918 Occupation George James TEMPLE Sr.-136205
1918 Occupation Jesse Clarence TEMPLE-147692
1918 Residence Mary -147693
1918 Birth Walter S. GIFFORD Jr.-176631
12 Apr 1918 Miscellaneous William Alvin TEMPLE Jr.-2388
1 Jun 1918 Birth Elizabeth -178595
12 Oct 1918 Death John J. TEMPLE-18144
1919 Residence Mary YOUNG-13642
Aug 1919 Birth Mary V. TEMPLE-128839
Jan 1920 Census Cora Louise PHILLIPS-15
Jan 1920 Occupation Calvin W. (Callie) BARTLETT-59
Jan 1920 Census Edward Lowe TEMPLE-5647
Jan 1920 Census Lucy T. GRAVES-5950
Jan 1920 Occupation Edward Clarence (Edward) TEMPLE-5951
Jan 1920 Census Edith Graves (Edith) TEMPLE-5952
Jan 1920 Occupation Grace Lincoln (Grace) TEMPLE-6286
Jan 1920 Census Mary YOUNG-13642
Jan 1920 Occupation James Carter (James) TEMPLE Sr.-29795
Jan 1920 Occupation Albert TEMPLE-44418
Jan 1920 Occupation Clifford Earl TEMPLE-44419
Jan 1920 Occupation Agnes Elizabeth TEMPLE-36522
Jan 1920 Military John E. TEMPLE-96858
Jan 1920 Census Adria M.S. TEMPLE-126361
Jan 1920 Census Colonel Russell C. LANGDON-126362
Jan 1920 Occupation Nettie TEMPLE-128832
Jan 1920 Occupation Anna Valeria (Valeria) TEMPLE-128833
Jan 1920 Occupation Thomas TEMPLE-128834
Jan 1920 Occupation Elizabeth -128835
Jan 1920 Occupation Earnest T. TEMPLE-128836
Jan 1920 Census Asta L. -128837
Jan 1920 Census Lee T. TEMPLE-128838
Jan 1920 Census Mary V. TEMPLE-128839
Jan 1920 Census Wade B. TEMPLE-128840
Jan 1920 Census Margaret -128841
Jan 1920 Occupation E. Helen -128842
Jan 1920 Occupation William TEMPLES-130764
Jan 1920 Occupation George James TEMPLE Sr.-136205
Jan 1920 Census William Hungerford SMOOT-145828
Jan 1920 Census Daisy E. TEMPLE-158290
Jan 1920 Census William H. GILBERT-158293
Jan 1920 Census Sarah Ann -177695
17 Jan 1920 Death Lucy T. GRAVES-5950
7 Jun 1920 Birth Clarence Alexander TEMPLE-158299
20 Jun 1920 Death Clarence Alexander TEMPLE-158299
3 May 1921 Marriage Loraine JOHNSON-169313 and Ada TEMPLE-169312
1 Feb 1922 Marriage Henry Robert (Harry) TEMPLE-91094 and Frieda Emma Alvina (Frieda) BLOCK-91100
26 May 1922 Birth Richard Perkins BATCHELDER Jr.-37048
17 Jul 1922 Birth Mildred Jean (Jean) DEEGAN-31177
24 Oct 1922 Marriage William Samuel (Will) TEMPLE Sr.-20284 and Marjory WATSON-20287
5 Dec 1922 Marriage Robert M. TEMPLE-169307 and Margaret V. HENDERSON-169308
29 Dec 1922 Marriage William M. HALVORSON-104554 and Lillian May (Lilly) TEMPLE-35502
19 Jan 1923 Marriage James Almon TEMPLE Sr.-40562 and Helen Marie RUST-113650
5 Mar 1923 Marriage John F. MOORE-45492 and Mattie Dora (Mattie) TEMPLE-41482
31 Mar 1923 Marriage William Hungerford SMOOT-145828 and Anna Valeria (Valeria) TEMPLE-128833
31 May 1923 Death Sarah Ann -177695
1 Dec 1923 Marriage John E. TEMPLE-96858 and Mary E. HEADLEY-122626
1924 Birth Matthew B. TEMPLE-178685
23 Feb 1924 Death Daisy E. TEMPLE-158290
26 Mar 1924 Birth Margaret Lorraine (Lorraine) SKINNER-39731
24 Apr 1924 Birth Lieutenant Colonel William Samuel (Will) TEMPLE Jr.-20288
31 Aug 1924 Marriage William LEE-169310 and Nannie TEMPLE-169309
22 Nov 1924 Birth Clifford Manning TEMPLE-45484
26 Mar 1925 Birth Ruth Love SAXTON-63430
13 May 1925 Birth Joan Marie BATCHELDER-37049
22 May 1925 Birth James Almon TEMPLE Jr.-113651
5 Jul 1925 Birth Raymond O. TEMPLE-122627
12 Dec 1925 Birth Dorothy Mae BONAR-163832
1926 Residence Sidney BAZZREA-110924
1926 Birth Solomon E. TEMPLE Jr.-178687
29 Apr 1926 Marriage Lee TEMPLE-169311 and Evelyn WADDY-143688
1927 Death Cornelia Irene (Cornelia) TEMPLE-2883
1927 Birth William G. SMOOT-145832
13 Feb 1927 Death Mary Ellen (Mary) FAUNCE-2334
10 May 1927 Death Florence Moore TEMPLE-5365
1 Dec 1928 Marriage William TEMPLES-130764 and Julia M. ZSOLDOS-130765
2 Apr 1929 Marriage Franklin Leroy (Frank) TEMPLE-67606 and Mamie Bertha HAWKINS-67607
1 Jun 1929 Marriage Roy Roosevelt (Roy) TEMPLE-22572 and Annie Gertrude (Annie) MATTHEWS-22584
18 Sep 1929 Birth Genevieve Mary TEMPLE-103363
28 Nov 1929 Marriage Allen Mitchell WALKER-22494 and Frances Stockdell (Fannie) TEMPLE-22493
Jan 1930 Census Anna Valeria (Valeria) TEMPLE-128833
Jan 1930 Census William Hungerford SMOOT-145828
29 Jan 1930 Marriage John P. MC KENNEY-169316 and Margaret H. TEMPLE-169315
Apr 1930 Occupation Kulmann (Charles Kolman) FRIEDMAN-5
Apr 1930 Census Esther KAHN-6
Apr 1930 Occupation Herbert Moses FRIEDMAN-51
Apr 1930 Census Dorothy Marion FRIEDMAN-52
Apr 1930 Occupation Jeannette Beatrice (Jeannette) FRIEDMAN-5088
Apr 1930 Occupation Wilbur Timothy (Timothy) TEMPLE-40563
Apr 1930 Occupation Melvin Roscoe TEMPLE-40565
Apr 1930 Occupation Eloise Helen (Eloise) CASE-41185
Apr 1930 Occupation Franklin Leroy (Frank) TEMPLE-67606
Apr 1930 Occupation Mamie Bertha HAWKINS-67607
Apr 1930 Occupation James Almon TEMPLE Sr.-40562
Apr 1930 Census Helen Marie RUST-113650
Apr 1930 Census James Almon TEMPLE Jr.-113651
Apr 1930 Occupation John E. TEMPLE-96858
Apr 1930 Census Mary E. HEADLEY-122626
Apr 1930 Census Raymond O. TEMPLE-122627
Apr 1930 Census George James TEMPLE Jr.-125000
Apr 1930 Census Nora C. -128844
Apr 1930 Census Sarah BONNET-130761
Apr 1930 Census Maud TEMPLE-130762
Apr 1930 Occupation William TEMPLES-130764
Apr 1930 Census Julia M. ZSOLDOS-130765
Apr 1930 Census Mary B. -130779
Apr 1930 Census John Willie HARVILLE-136206
Apr 1930 Census Vivian C. PYLES-136208
Apr 1930 Census Anna H. PYLES-136209
Apr 1930 Occupation Loraine JOHNSON-169313
Apr 1930 Census Alice C. -169314
Apr 1930 Census Margaret H. TEMPLE-169315
Apr 1930 Census John P. MC KENNEY-169316
Apr 1930 Census Charles TEMPLE-178970
Apr 1930 Census Louise GRAVES-178971
13 Dec 1930 Death Sarah BONNET-130761
1931 Residence John R. TEMPLE-46063
Jan 1931 Residence Charles TEMPLE-178970
Jan 1931 Residence Louise GRAVES-178971
28 Jan 1931 Death Louise GRAVES-178971
9 Jun 1931 Death Franklin Hicks (Frank) TEMPLE-53640
20 Jul 1931 Marriage Carrol Douglas (Carl/Buddy) TEMPLE-45524 and Ethel B. LUCAS-88122
3 Jan 1932 Birth Stanley Allyn TEMPLE-86912
Dec 1932 Residence William Montgomery (William) TEMPLE-22017
bet 1933 and 1935 Occupation Lafayette Parker (Pick) TEMPLE Jr.-2
6 Jan 1933 Death Ellen Kathleen (Kate) PARKER-13
8 Aug 1933 Death Calvin W. (Callie) BARTLETT-59
15 Sep 1933 Marriage Admiral Harry Brigham TEMPLE-31980 and Priscilla Stearns TOTTEN-38425
20 Nov 1933 Marriage Frank Lee MELTON-108314 and Alese RICHARDSON-85021
1 Jun 1934 Marriage John Eustace GREEN-108324 and Ruby Elizabeth (Ruth) TEMPLE-53729
28 Oct 1934 Birth Ruth Ellen TEMPLE-67610
1 Apr 1935 Residence Laura Virginia (Larrie) DOUGLAS-42325
1 Apr 1935 Residence Lyra WILSON-86909
1 Apr 1935 Residence Lyra J. -86911
1 Apr 1935 Residence Dorothy Elizabeth LYNCH-22043
1 Apr 1935 Residence Andrew Jackson (Andy) TEMPLE-41381
1 Apr 1935 Residence Eva PATTERSON-56060
1 Apr 1935 Residence John R. TEMPLE-46063
1 Apr 1935 Residence Colonel Francis Porter (Frank) TEMPLE-39887
1 Apr 1935 Residence Mary Virginia WALTER-56495
1 Apr 1935 Residence Bernadine Mary RODGERS-108317
1 Apr 1935 Residence Myrtle Lucielle (Myrtle) HILL-113631
1 Apr 1935 Residence Wilbur Timothy (Timothy) TEMPLE-40563
1 Apr 1935 Residence John E. TEMPLE-96858
1 Apr 1935 Residence Mary E. HEADLEY-122626
1 Apr 1935 Residence Gertrude TEMPLE-123027
1 Apr 1935 Residence Della M. -128730
1 Apr 1935 Residence William TEMPLES-130764
1 Apr 1935 Residence H. Temple TEMPLE-152993
1 Apr 1935 Residence Margaret DAVIDSON-153213
1 Apr 1935 Residence Mason TEMPLE-153216
1 Apr 1935 Residence William TEMPLE-153217
1 Apr 1935 Residence Larry TEMPLE-153218
1 Apr 1935 Residence Helen WAID-174854
1 Apr 1935 Residence Lester TEMPLE-178851
10 Aug 1935 Birth Frederick Dinsmore TRUE-69613
28 Oct 1935 Birth Joan Gladstone TEMPLE-86897
7 Dec 1935 Marriage Dale Irvin (Dale) HUNT-100688 and Helen Dorothea (Helen) TEMPLE-40301
10 Dec 1935 Birth Mark Perry SCHULTZ Jr.-40689
1936 Birth Dorothy TEMPLE-68164
10 Nov 1936 Birth John Watson SCHULTZ-40690
23 Nov 1936 Marriage Leon Lane (Leon) TEMPLE-40567 and Bernadine Mary RODGERS-108317
bet 1937 and 1953 Occupation Lafayette Parker (Pick) TEMPLE Jr.-2
5 Jan 1937 Birth Carla M. TEMPLE-57249
4 Sep 1937 Marriage Leonard Eldridge TEMPLE-99995 and Anna Elizabeth LEONATIO-100008
23 Oct 1937 Birth Faye Ilaine TEMPLE-38
aft 1937 Occupation Phillips Lumsden TEMPLE-50
1938 Residence Lafayette Parker (Pick) TEMPLE Jr.-2
1938 Birth Sandra Lou HUNT-100689
1938 Residence John Clarence (John) TEMPLE Sr.-22370
12 Feb 1938 Marriage Samuel Lyell TOUCHTON Jr.-56691 and Lyra Frances (Lyra) TEMPLE-56690
12 Nov 1938 Marriage Arthur John MUST-85342 and Eloise Johnston TEMPLE-39890
1939 Residence George Bell GLASS-63373
1939 Moved Mary Louise STOCKMAN-77308
1939 Birth Alice TEMPLE-102720
14 May 1939 Marriage Glenn Ellis MOORE-77311 and Mary Louise STOCKMAN-77308
30 Sep 1939 Marriage Colonel Francis Porter (Frank) TEMPLE-39887 and Mary Virginia WALTER-56495
1940 Residence Lena Margaret TEMPLE-52937
1940 Residence Colonel Harry Downing (Harry) TEMPLE-22376
1940 Residence Joseph Edward TEMPLE-47722
abt 1940 Residence Iverson WALKER-102999
29 Jan 1940 Marriage Bishop Gray T. TEMPLE Sr.-36271 and Maria Louise DRANE-46502
Apr 1940 Occupation Lafayette Parker (Pick) TEMPLE Jr.-2
Apr 1940 Census Jeannette Beatrice (Jeannette) FRIEDMAN-5088
Apr 1940 Census Faye Ilaine TEMPLE-38
Apr 1940 Occupation Phillips Lumsden TEMPLE-50
Apr 1940 Occupation Ruth Isabelle STREAKER-81
Apr 1940 Occupation Joseph Edward TEMPLE-47722
Apr 1940 Occupation Frances May HODGE-80937
Apr 1940 Occupation Earle Frederick (Fred) TEMPLE-36576
Apr 1940 Census Emma Frances (Emma) CASELTON-37104
Apr 1940 Occupation Johnnie Elizabeth RANER-19907
Apr 1940 Occupation Willie Fay (Fay) TEMPLE-19908
Apr 1940 Occupation John Bunyon (John) TEMPLE-19909
Apr 1940 Occupation William Montgomery (William) TEMPLE-22017
Apr 1940 Census Alice E. WOODS-22024
Apr 1940 Census William Woods TEMPLE-22027
Apr 1940 Occupation Earle Stillman (Earle) TEMPLE-2332
Apr 1940 Occupation Goodnow TEMPLE-38057
Apr 1940 Occupation Lyra WILSON-86909
Apr 1940 Census Lyra J. -86911
Apr 1940 Occupation Franklin Leroy (Frank) TEMPLE-67606
Apr 1940 Census Mamie Bertha HAWKINS-67607
Apr 1940 Census Ruth Ellen TEMPLE-67610
Apr 1940 Census Dorothy TEMPLE-68164
Apr 1940 Census Stanley Allyn TEMPLE-86912
Apr 1940 Occupation Melvin Roscoe TEMPLE-40565
Apr 1940 Occupation Anita HORAN-56938
Apr 1940 Occupation Marcus Louis (Marcus) TEMPLE-40489
Apr 1940 Census Virginia West (Cottie) BEALL-81536
Apr 1940 Occupation Eva Lucille (Lucille) TEMPLE-50618
Apr 1940 Occupation Mayme Alice (Mamie) TEMPLE-45592
Apr 1940 Occupation Russell George TEMPLE-47754
Apr 1940 Occupation Andrew Jackson (Andy) TEMPLE-41381
Apr 1940 Census Eva PATTERSON-56060
Apr 1940 Census Burnett Franklin TEMPLE-67270
Apr 1940 Occupation William Henry TEMPLE Jr.-22787
Apr 1940 Census Helen M. -113586
Apr 1940 Census Myrtle Lucielle (Myrtle) HILL-113631
Apr 1940 Occupation Wilbur Timothy (Timothy) TEMPLE-40563
Apr 1940 Census Patricia TEMPLE-113633
Apr 1940 Occupation John E. TEMPLE-96858
Apr 1940 Census Mary E. HEADLEY-122626
Apr 1940 Census Dorothy Isabelle BUETTNER-93382
Apr 1940 Occupation James Francis TEMPLE-93355
Apr 1940 Census Dorothy TEMPLE-102722
Apr 1940 Census Alice TEMPLE-102720
Apr 1940 Census Gertrude TEMPLE-123027
Apr 1940 Census Della M. -128730
Apr 1940 Occupation William TEMPLES-130764
Apr 1940 Census Julia M. ZSOLDOS-130765
Apr 1940 Miscellaneous Julia M. ZSOLDOS-130765
Apr 1940 Occupation James Archie TEMPLE-136221
Apr 1940 Occupation Lucille TEMPLE-153073
Apr 1940 Census Margaret DAVIDSON-153213
Apr 1940 Census LeGrand DAVIDSON-153214
Apr 1940 Occupation Mason TEMPLE-153216
Apr 1940 Occupation William TEMPLE-153217
Apr 1940 Census Larry TEMPLE-153218
Apr 1940 Occupation Lester TEMPLE-178851
14 Sep 1940 Marriage Carl Harley (Carl) TEMPLE-47210 and Margaret Ann REIFEL-47212
Oct 1940 Occupation William David TEMPLE II-22465
Oct 1940 Occupation Earl Herbert TEMPLE-40485
Oct 1940 Residence Dora Belle RAMSDEN-108828
Oct 1940 Occupation Phillips Lumsden TEMPLE-50
Oct 1940 Residence Ruth Isabelle STREAKER-81
Oct 1940 Occupation Colonel Francis Porter (Frank) TEMPLE-39887
Oct 1940 Occupation James Francis TEMPLE-93355
Oct 1940 Residence Dorothy Isabelle BUETTNER-93382
Oct 1940 Occupation Melvin Roscoe TEMPLE-40565
Oct 1940 Residence Melvin Roscoe TEMPLE-40565
Oct 1940 Residence Anita HORAN-56938
Oct 1940 Occupation Lafayette Parker (Pick) TEMPLE Jr.-2
Oct 1940 Residence Jeannette Beatrice (Jeannette) FRIEDMAN-5088
Oct 1940 Residence Phillips Lumsden TEMPLE-50
Oct 1940 Occupation Marcus Louis (Marcus) TEMPLE-40489
Oct 1940 Residence Virginia West (Cottie) BEALL-81536
Oct 1940 Occupation Leon Lane (Leon) TEMPLE-40567
Oct 1940 Residence Helen Marie RUST-113650
Oct 1940 Occupation Carl Harley (Carl) TEMPLE-47210
Oct 1940 Residence Margaret Ann REIFEL-47212
Oct 1940 Occupation John Bunyon (John) TEMPLE-19909
Oct 1940 Residence Johnnie Elizabeth RANER-19907
Oct 1940 Occupation George James TEMPLE Jr.-125000
Oct 1940 Residence George James TEMPLE Jr.-125000
Oct 1940 Residence Nora C. -128844
aft 14 Oct 1940 Residence Kenneth Loren TEMPLE-44864
Jul 1941 Occupation Leon Lane (Leon) TEMPLE-40567
bet 1942 and 1946 Residence Lafayette Parker (Pick) TEMPLE Jr.-2
bet 1942 and 1984 Residence Esther SALMI-151843
1942 Residence Andrew Jackson (Andy) TEMPLE-41381
1942 Residence Eva PATTERSON-56060
1942 Residence Mamie Bertha HAWKINS-67607
1942 Residence Anna M. TENEDA-56695
1942 Residence Wilbur Timothy (Timothy) TEMPLE-40563
1942 Residence William TEMPLE-136540
Feb 1942 Occupation Earle Frederick (Fred) TEMPLE-36576
Feb 1942 Residence Earle Frederick (Fred) TEMPLE-36576
Feb 1942 Occupation William Henry TEMPLE Jr.-22787
Feb 1942 Residence Helen M. -113586
Feb 1942 Occupation Franklin Leroy (Frank) TEMPLE-67606
Feb 1942 Occupation John Canfret TEMPLE-22061
Feb 1942 Occupation James Almon TEMPLE Sr.-40562
Feb 1942 Residence Myrtle Lucielle (Myrtle) HILL-113631
Feb 1942 Occupation William TEMPLES-130764
Feb 1942 Residence William TEMPLES-130764
Feb 1942 Residence William TEMPLE-153217
Jun 1942 Occupation John Barnes (John) TEMPLE-16115
Jun 1942 Residence John Barnes (John) TEMPLE-16115
Aug 1942 Occupation George James TEMPLE Jr.-125000
Aug 1942 Occupation Robert James TEMPLE-178589
13 Sep 1942 Birth TEMPLE-93672
13 Sep 1942 Death TEMPLE-93672
Dec 1942 Residence William Woods TEMPLE-22027
1943 Residence Kulmann (Charles Kolman) FRIEDMAN-5
1943 Residence William Wayne TEMPLE-79574
1943 Residence Abigail Codman TEMPLE-38181
15 May 1943 Marriage James Almon TEMPLE Sr.-40562 and Edith Virginia ALLEN-113654
29 May 1943 Marriage Paul Ellington GOAKES-108315 and Gertha Loy (Gerthie) TEMPLE-56697
6 Sep 1943 Marriage Robert Edward EARLL-50672 and Gabie Louise (Louise) TEMPLE-50665
14 Nov 1943 Marriage Claire Raymond PORTER-22046 and Mary Foster (Mary) TEMPLE-22037
13 Dec 1943 Marriage Emmett Samuel HAMILTON-169326 and Mary Maxine TEMPLE-169325
25 Dec 1943 Marriage Sanford James (Sanford) TEMPLES Jr.-48020 and Mary Catherine WEBB-72159
1944 Residence Natalya Landon (Natalie) TEMPLE-49578
bef Apr 1944 Marriage William Kiefer (William) TEMPLE-90129 and Dorothy J. -113660
Apr 1944 Occupation William Kiefer (William) TEMPLE-90129
Apr 1944 Residence Dorothy J. -113660
Jun 1944 Occupation Solomon E. TEMPLE Jr.-178687
26 Jun 1944 Marriage James Henry GEORGE-169320 and Mary Brizelle TEMPLE-169319
23 Aug 1944 Marriage Edward ADAMS-169318 and Elnora Virginia TEMPLE-169317
Dec 1944 Death Eloise Helen (Eloise) CASE-41185
1945 Residence Sanford James (Sanford) TEMPLES Jr.-48020
25 Feb 1945 Marriage Richard Jones PETERSON-101888 and Gertha Loy (Gerthie) TEMPLE-56697
bet 1946 and 1952 Residence Lafayette Parker (Pick) TEMPLE Jr.-2
Mar 1946 Residence James Almon TEMPLE Jr.-113651
Mar 1946 Residence Helen Marie RUST-113650
7 Mar 1946 Marriage Elmer W. BOTTERILL-108320 and Mayme Alice (Mamie) TEMPLE-45592
Jul 1946 Residence Kearie Eugene TEMPLE-22081
Jul 1946 Residence John Canfret TEMPLE-22061
Oct 1946 Occupation William Miller (Billy) TEMPLE-44501
31 Oct 1946 Marriage David Lorenzo TEMPLE Sr.-178004 and Helen Burnette JONES-178008
1947 Education Anne Marie STEWART-22028
1947 Residence Marie Elizabeth TEMPLE-34970
4 Oct 1947 Marriage Clifford Manning TEMPLE-45484 and Ruth Love SAXTON-63430
11 Oct 1947 Marriage Stanley Alfred HOBSON-169324 and Luella TEMPLE-169323
bet 1948 and 1962 Occupation Lafayette Parker (Pick) TEMPLE Jr.-2
19 Sep 1948 Marriage Henry Arthur TEMPLE-40484 and Helen Marie ESALEY-108304
13 Nov 1948 Marriage Sylvester TEMPLE-169327 and Sadie Mae CRAWFORD-169328
19 Apr 1949 Marriage William Woods TEMPLE-22027 and Anne Marie STEWART-22028
30 Sep 1949 Marriage Irvin Lee COLEMAN-108321 and Virginia Levy CALLAHAN-99180
20 Dec 1949 Death Maud Duvall TEMPLE-124334
bef 1950 Residence Anita HORAN-56938
bef 1950 Residence Margaret Lorraine (Lorraine) SKINNER-39731
bef 1950 Residence Myrtle Lucielle (Myrtle) HILL-113631
bef 1950 Residence Wilbur Timothy (Timothy) TEMPLE-40563
bef 1950 Residence Sister Marie S. TEMPLE-130345
bef 1950 Residence Robert James TEMPLE-178594
19 Jun 1950 Marriage Lawrence Dunbar TEMPLE-169321 and Marjorie Webb ROSS-169322
1 Sep 1950 Marriage William Edward (William) TEMPLE-78754 and Elizabeth H. YODER-93864
5 Oct 1950 Marriage James Elwood TEMPLE Sr.-132029 and Esther SALMI-151843
16 Dec 1950 Marriage Frederick Blake TEMPLE Sr.-41786 and Theresa Marie GREMIER-72716
bef 1951 Residence Ruth Isabelle STREAKER-81
bef 1951 Residence Colonel Harry Downing (Harry) TEMPLE-22376
bef 1951 Residence William Henry TEMPLE Jr.-22787
bef 1951 Residence Earle Frederick (Fred) TEMPLE-36576
bef 1951 Residence Goodnow TEMPLE-38057
bef 1951 Residence Carl Virgil TEMPLE-52632
bef 1951 Residence Frances E. THOMPSON-53169
bef 1951 Residence Mary Virginia WALTER-56495
bef 1951 Residence Dorothy GRIMM-59883
bef 1951 Residence Charles Willington TEMPLE-44855
bef 1951 Residence Clifford Manning TEMPLE-45484
bef 1951 Residence Eloise Johnston TEMPLE-39890
bef 1951 Residence James Francis TEMPLE-93355
bef 1951 Residence Sarah SHIELDS-52509
bef 1951 Residence Viola Mae (Babe) TEMPLE-47313
bef 1951 Residence Marie Elizabeth TEMPLE-34970
bef 1951 Residence Margaret Ann REIFEL-47212
bef 1951 Residence Helen Marie RUST-113650
bef 1951 Residence Helen M. -113586
bef 1951 Residence Mary Helen GRAHAM-125498
bef 1951 Residence Anna Valeria (Valeria) TEMPLE-128833
bef 1951 Residence Solomon TEMPLE-133586
bef 1951 Residence James M. TEMPLE-143813
bef 1951 Residence James TEMPLE-143817
bef 1951 Residence James TEMPLE-143818
bef 1951 Residence Laura E. TEMPLE-143861
bef 1951 Residence Elmer Lee MADDOX-144169
bef 1951 Residence William TEMPLE-144171
bef 1951 Residence Emmett TEMPLE-150496
bef 1951 Residence Lawrence A. TEMPLE-161979
bef 1951 Residence Edith O'DWYER-163691
bef 1951 Residence Hortense Ransom BELL-178103
1951 Education Major General William Alan TEMPLE-97512
1951 Residence Abigail Codman TEMPLE-38181
1951 Residence Margaret P. TEMPLE-130343
1952 Residence William Montgomery (William) TEMPLE-22017
1952 Residence Marguerite Arlene (Margaret/Peggy) TEMPLE-103607
1952 Residence Lucille TEMPLE-154865
1952 Residence Louella TEMPLE-163521
1 Feb 1952 Death Dorothy F. TEMPLE-174410
6 Nov 1952 Death Andrew Jackson (Andy) TEMPLE-41381
1953 Residence John Jeffries TEMPLE-22080
1953 Residence Mary W. TEMPLE-130356
22 Feb 1953 Death Grace Lincoln (Grace) TEMPLE-6286
1953/4 Residence Walter Lyle TEMPLE-72677
Jul 1954 Death James TEMPLE-143818
bet 1955 and 1957 Occupation Phillips Lumsden TEMPLE-50
1955 Occupation Phillips Lumsden TEMPLE-50
1955 Residence Patricia Anne TEMPLE-163416
2 Dec 1955 Marriage Elson Cooper BRITTLE-67611 and Ruth Ellen TEMPLE-67610
1956 Residence Phillips Lumsden TEMPLE-50
30 May 1958 Death Phillips Lumsden TEMPLE-50
4 Oct 1958 Death Franklin Leroy (Frank) TEMPLE-67606
20 Sep 1959 Marriage Paul Veloris LONG Jr.-41192 and Faye Ilaine TEMPLE-38
7 Sep 1960 Marriage Henry Allen BAGGOTT Jr.-163648 and Patricia Anne TEMPLE-163416
10 Nov 1961 Death John Watson SCHULTZ-40690
1963 Residence Walter Perry TEMPLE Jr.-56696
1963 Residence Jerry Rudolph (Jerry) TEMPLE-150893
1963 Residence Michelee Joyce (Mickey) CONROY-158870
bet 1965 and 1972 Occupation Lafayette Parker (Pick) TEMPLE Jr.-2
14 Dec 1965 Death William TEMPLES-130764
1968 Residence George James TEMPLE Jr.-125000
27 May 1968 Death Mamie Bertha HAWKINS-67607
1971 Residence Julia M. ZSOLDOS-130765
1971 Residence Terence W. KUEHN-131350
bet 1972 and 1985 Occupation Elizabeth Jeanne (JEanne) BANGHAM-21303
1972 Moved Truman Roswell TEMPLE Jr.-21300
May 1974 Death Emmett TEMPLE-150496
bet 1975 and 1981 Occupation Dorothy Louise (Dorothy) NELSON-38644
1976 Residence Timothy John (Timmy) TEMPLE-151604
May 1982 Death Evelyn WADDY-143688
1983 Residence Michael Alan TEMPLE-83359
Jul 1984 Death James TEMPLE-143817
1985 Miscellaneous Paul Nathaniel TEMPLE Jr.-16470
24 Feb 1985 Death Howard (Harry) TEMPLE Sr.-22814
13 Mar 1985 Death William TEMPLE-144171
1986 Residence Mary NISBET-163101
7 Jul 1987 Death Frederick Blake TEMPLE Jr.-72760
10 Dec 1990 Death Abigail Codman TEMPLE-38181
1991 Occupation William Carl (Bill) TEMPLE-52570
3 Aug 1991 Occupation Lt. Colonel Lafayette Parker TEMPLE III-1
18 Aug 1991 Death Lee TEMPLE-145500
1996 Residence Brenda TEMPLE-176991
20 Mar 1996 Death Louisa Wege (Louisa) TEMPLE-46231
26 Oct 1997 Death Laura E. TEMPLE-143861
2000 Residence Leon Lane (Leon) TEMPLE-40567
8 Oct 2000 Death Helen Burnett JONES-178212
22 Oct 2000 Death Margaret Eleanor (Eleanor) TEMPLE-53815
18 Dec 2000 Death Sister Marie S. TEMPLE-130345
25 Dec 2000 Death Mary W. TEMPLE-130356
2001 Residence Julia M. ZSOLDOS-130765
2002 Residence Robert James TEMPLE-178594
1 Dec 2002 Death Julia M. ZSOLDOS-130765
2006 Residence Louvergins (Laverne) TEMPLE-39790
2 Mar 2006 Death Elizabeth -178595
Residence Mary Boyce TEMPLE-16450
Birth Kate Bird CROSS-17645
Moved George MASON-27803
Occupation Louise Ann (Louise) TEMPLE-28962
Occupation Andrew Jackson (Andy) TEMPLE-41381
Occupation Dr. Jesse Jackson (Jesse) TEMPLE-46218
Birth UNKNOWN-60548
Marriage Charles Fessenden PARKER-8513 and Mary F. BALL-8516
Marriage George Waverly NEWELL-19670 and Florence Moore TEMPLE-5365
Birth William COGAN-94563
Birth El GRIFFIN-94564
Birth TEMPLES-133258
Birth PYLES-136207
Occupation Carol Sue HYLTON-175990
DC, Washington, College Hill
7 Apr 1824 Marriage Dr. John Taylor TEMPLE-5308 and Elizabeth Ann STAUGHTON-5328
DC, Washington, Georgetown
1856 Birth Jessie THORINGTON-12305
5 Mar 1862 Death Elizabeth TEMPLE-152179

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