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The people on whom we have only Given Names cover so much information that the list as been separated to ease opening of the documents. Below, find the alphabetic range for the given names you are interested in, and then go to that page. There you will find the listing of the given names and their TEMPLE connection.

"Given Names # 1"

A. to Bettie M.

"Given Names # 2"

Betty to Dolores M.

"Given Names # 3"

Domka to Ethel Y.

"Given Names # 4"

Ethelyn to Izilla

"Given Names # 5"

J. to Lessie L.

"Given Names # 6"

Leta to Marguerite T.

"Given Names # 7"

Mari to Marybeth

"Given Names # 8"

Mathilda to Reba H.

"Given Names # 9"

Rebecca to Sumiko

"Given Names # 10"

Susan to Zora Adell

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