GREECE Event List

Greece At Large
1875 Birth John TEMPLES-133195
1 Nov 1880 Birth James H. TEMPLE-165562
1881 Birth Gust TEMPLES-127555
28 Feb 1884 Birth James TEMPLES-127436
bef 1887 Marriage George PAPPAS-120967 and Constance KAPSLIS-120968
1887 Birth Gust PAPPAS-120966
1888 Birth Pete TEMPLES-132093
1890 Birth Andrew TEMPLES-158762
26 Oct 1892 Birth Christ G. (Chris) TEMPLES-127435
1896 Birth Chris DROSIS-159407
1897 Birth George TEMPLE-131755
17 Oct 1898 Birth Thomas TEMPLE-150452
1900 Birth Akcivon -132094
1901 Birth Thomas P. (Tom) THEODORE-169287
24 Jan 1902 Birth Irene (Rena) -129094
1903 Birth Konstantinos (Charles) GERASIS-128287
1922 Marriage Pete TEMPLES-132093 and Akcivon -132094
Birth Nicholas TEMPLE-150453
Birth Chrisanthe KARAJUINES-150454
Birth Meletu DROSIS-159412
Birth Lloa CASPAULALUS-159413
Birth George TEMPLE-165797
Birth N.K. SOPHY-165798
Birth Phyllis FERIZI-168276
Greece, Crete
Birth William A. COMAS-95971
Greece, Doridous, Arboro
1918 Residence Anna KOKALARIS-131379
Greece, Gravia
13 Nov 1880 Birth James Archie TEMPLE-136221
Greece, Karditza
21 Feb 1888 Birth Harry George KATSIKAS-16599
Greece, Thessaly
16 Mar 1894 Birth William TEMPLE-165796
Greece, Thessaly, Trikala
6 Mar 1891 Birth William TEMPLE-125273
16 Mar 1899 Birth William TEMPLE-172645

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