HAWAII Event List

HI At Large
1909 Birth Catherine -130562
23 Aug 1916 Birth Anthony Herrero LUGONE-68486
1924 Birth Marion TAMURA-104363
1 Apr 1935 Residence Russell Edwin TEMPLE Sr.-66189
1 Apr 1935 Residence Joseph Edward TEMPLE-47722
3 Nov 1947 Birth Barbara Lois TEMPLE-104364
bef 1951 Residence Winifred Ellie (Ella) TEMPLE-20053
bef 1951 Residence Charles Marion TEMPLE-23913
1955 Residence Jean Margaret (Jean) TEMPLE-10033
1968 Residence George TEMPLE-149572
1981 Residence Theodore F. (Ted) TEMPEL-91444
1986 Moved Frank Sydney ANDREWS-22634
1987 Residence Jana Mariko TEMPLE-166717
1991 Residence Eric A. TEMPLE-80942
1991 Residence Cornelius Demetri TEMPLE-156059
2008 Residence William M. TEMPLE-144366
2008 Residence Rochelle A. TEMPLE-144369
2008 Residence Kristi N. TEMPLE-144370
2008 Residence William M.H. TEMPLE-144371
2011 Residence Kevin Patrick TEMPLE-79170
2011 Residence Kay Charmaine TEMPLE-79168
9 Nov 2014 Death Esther N. -109901
Death Drury MELONE-18719
HI, Hawaii, Hilo
16 Sep 1978 Death Frances Marion TEMPLE-24086
HI, Hawaii, Keaau
6 Oct 2009 Death Constance TEMPLE-147810
HI, Honolulu, Aiea
15 Jul 2003 Death Eileen Roberta (Eileen) TEMPLE-24112
HI, Honolulu, Ewa
Apr 1940 Census William Grimes (Bill) TEMPLE Jr.-27993
HI, Honolulu, Honolulu
abt 1900 Death John Adams TEMPLE-1579
15 Nov 1905 Birth Louis Robert TEMPLE-594
4 Jan 1907 Birth Eugene Thomas TEMPLE-593
15 Jan 1908 Birth Maybelle Caroline (Mabelle) TEMPLE-596
1910 Occupation Lawrence M. (Larry) TEMPLE-124610
1925 Residence John Hamilton (John) TEMPLE-61019
28 Aug 1926 Birth Clara Gladys PACHECO-165088
Apr 1930 Census Thomas Henry TEMPLE-52939
Apr 1930 Census Lawrence M. (Larry) TEMPLE-124610
Apr 1930 Census Catherine -130562
Jun 1934 Occupation Lawrence M. (Larry) TEMPLE-124610
1 Apr 1935 Residence Paulino S. TEMPLE-152821
1 Apr 1935 Residence Caballero F. -152822
12 Sep 1936 Marriage Charles Marion TEMPLE-23913 and Ferne Marie BRUNK-25474
Apr 1940 Occupation Charles Marion TEMPLE-23913
Apr 1940 Occupation Ferne Marie BRUNK-25474
Apr 1940 Occupation Winifred Ellie (Ella) TEMPLE-20053
Apr 1940 Census Marion TAMURA-104363
Apr 1940 Census Catherine -130562
Oct 1940 Residence Nasario Sabanal TEMPLE-172650
1942 Residence Charles Marion TEMPLE-23913
1942/3 Military Staff Sergeant Clement Ransom (Clement) TEMPLE-121285
1 Oct 1943 Burial Captain John A. TEMPLE-126699
29 Sep 1945 Birth Maiden Yuan EWART-121789
27 Mar 1946 Burial Seaman 2nd Class Willard Meredith (Meredith) TEMPLE-62601
25 Jan 1949 Burial Private First Class Howard Willis TEMPLE-44856
1962 Residence Dr. Sydney Absalom TEMPLE Jr.-68703
May 1966 Residence Maiden Yuan EWART-121789
1998 Residence Arthur L. TEMPLE-123917
29 May 2000 Death Marian Evelyn PEARSON-26873
HI, Honolulu, Kaawa
16 Jan 2007 Death Frank Sydney ANDREWS-22634
19 Jul 2007 Death Irvine Charlton TEMPLE-22633
HI, Honolulu, Kailua
28 Dec 2011 Death Andrew Lyall (Lyall and A.L.) TEMPLE-24790
HI, Honolulu, Kaneohe
2011 Residence Andrew Lyall (Lyall and A.L.) TEMPLE-24790
HI, Honolulu, Pearl Harbor
7 Dec 1941 Death Houston TEMPLES-40277
7 Dec 1941 Death Robert Monroe (Monroe) TEMPLE-53438
HI, Honolulu, Red Hill
Feb 1942 Occupation Byron Samuel (Samuel) TEMPLE-41397
HI, Honolulu, Schofield Barracks
1 Apr 1935 Residence Benjamin Youle TEMPLE-56390
HI, Honolulu, Wahiawa
Apr 1940 Military John Charles TEMPLE-87376
Apr 1940 Census Wilbur N. TEMPLE-74275
1 Sep 1989 Death Clara Gladys PACHECO-165088
HI, Honolulu, Waialua
Oct 1940 Occupation Richard Mills TEMPLE-130854
HI, Kauai, Lihue
2000 Residence Dale (Sunny) TEMPLE-98094
HI, Kawaihae
19 Apr 1867 Death William TEMPLE-176044
HI, Maui, Maui
3 Jul 2002 Marriage Jeffrey Michael GIESLER-111965 and Abby Jo KNIES-112148
HI, Oahu, Ewa
Apr 1930 Occupation Colonel John Parr (John) TEMPLE-52150
Apr 1930 Census Charlotte C. ELLIOTT-52155
Apr 1930 Census Henry Elliott TEMPLE-52156
Apr 1930 Census Leonard Eldridge TEMPLE-99995
Sandwich Islands
1825 Occupation Jonathan (Don Juan) TEMPLE-5733
1825 Residence Jonathan (Don Juan) TEMPLE-5733

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