IOWA Events, Part 4

IOWA Event List Four

IA, Marion Co. through IA, Polk, West Des Moines

IA, Marion Co.
24 Apr 1853 Birth Byron Carson PARKER-11496
5 May 1854 Death Jotham KEYES-10317
16 Dec 1856 Birth Minerva A. (Nerva) STRAHAN-42339
22 Jan 1858 Birth Catherine (Kate) TEMPLE-25279
18 Oct 1860 Birth Mary Ann (Dolly) TEMPLE-9791
15 May 1868 Birth William Arthur (William) TEMPLE-30044
abt 1870 Moved Esther TEMPLE-3050
4 Oct 1880 Birth Gertie Mae (Mae) DERRY-42350
27 Sep 1883 Marriage John Alva (John) TEMPLE-29714 and Minerva A. (Nerva) STRAHAN-42339
1895 Birth Anna May TEMPLE-42648
16 Feb 1899 Death Elizabeth FORSYTH-11498
2 Dec 1914 Marriage Robert Orin (Orin) TEMPLE-42341 and Ruth Ann (Ruthy) RAWLINS-42344
6 Jan 1915 Marriage Sidney Milton TEMPLE-42340 and Myrtle Elizabeth (Myrtle) RAWLINS-42342
Jan 1943 Occupation Warren Dean (Warren) TEMPLE-44243
IA, Marion, Bussey
1988 Residence Barbara Ann TEMPLE-48567
IA, Marion, Columbia
25 Oct 1895 Birth Robert Orin (Orin) TEMPLE-42341
6 Feb 1924 Birth Glen Floyd GULLION-45608
1954 Residence William Jones (Willie) TEMPLE(S)-17215
IA, Marion, Gosport
1879 Moved Mary Ann -29712
29 Jun 1884 Birth William Daniel (Bill) TEMPLE-42349
11 Mar 1886 Birth Mary Ellen TEMPLE-42646
16 Aug 1888 Birth Amos Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-42647
20 Oct 1890 Birth Sidney Milton TEMPLE-42340
10 Jul 1893 Death Anna May TEMPLE-42648
27 Sep 1896 Marriage Allen MITCHELL-41108 and Eleanor Flora (Eleanor/Flossy) TEMPLE-29715
19 Aug 1910 Death Minerva A. (Nerva) STRAHAN-42339
9 Mar 1917 Birth Gladys Neva (Neva) TEMPLE-42346
5 Jun 1917 Occupation Amos Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-42647
13 Dec 1917 Death Amos Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-42647
15 Mar 1919 Birth Cecil Ray TEMPLE-42348
29 Jan 1920 Death Kermit TEMPLE-42343
1938 Residence Robert Orin (Orin) TEMPLE-42341
Aug 1944 Residence Ruth Ann (Ruthy) RAWLINS-42344
IA, Marion, Hamilton
19 Jan 1873 Birth Jesse Theopolis PARKER-11500
28 Feb 1875 Birth Sarah Catherine PARKER-11501
2 Aug 1876 Birth Nancy GIBSON-11506
1 Sep 1876 Birth Cora Belle PARKER-11502
20 Sep 1877 Birth Alice M. PARKER-11503
1 May 1880 Birth Jennie PARKER-11505
17 Sep 1880 Birth Mary Elizabeth PARKER-11504
14 Dec 1882 Death Jennie PARKER-11505
14 Oct 1896 Death Sarah Catherine PARKER-11501
23 Dec 1896 Marriage Jesse Theopolis PARKER-11500 and Nancy GIBSON-11506
1899 Marriage John Hamen GIBSON-11508 and Mary Elizabeth PARKER-11504
9 Feb 1901 Birth Hazel Elizabeth GIBSON-11509
20 May 1903 Birth Philip Leroy GIBSON-11510
17 Jul 1907 Birth Paul James GIBSON-11511
3 Mar 1910 Birth Florence Alice GIBSON-11512
6 Jul 1910 Death Cora Belle PARKER-11502
10 Sep 1914 Birth Johnnie Parker GIBSON-11513
19 Feb 1925 Death Lucien Lindsey PARKER-11493
Death Jesse Theopolis PARKER-11500
IA, Marion, Knoxville
1907 Moved Mary Ann -29712
Apr 1910 Census Mary Ann -29712
Apr 1910 Occupation Henry C. TEMPLE-29713
Apr 1910 Occupation John Alva (John) TEMPLE-29714
Apr 1910 Occupation William Arthur (William) TEMPLE-30044
Apr 1910 Census Minerva A. (Nerva) STRAHAN-42339
Apr 1910 Occupation Sidney Milton TEMPLE-42340
Apr 1910 Census Robert Orin (Orin) TEMPLE-42341
Apr 1910 Census William Daniel (Bill) TEMPLE-42349
Apr 1910 Occupation Amos Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-42647
1915 Census Mary Ann -29712
1915 Occupation Henry C. TEMPLE-29713
14 Oct 1915 Birth Robert Glenn (Tub) TEMPLE-42345
17 Oct 1915 Death Mary Ann -29712
1917 Description Sidney Milton TEMPLE-42340
1917 Residence Myrtle Elizabeth (Myrtle) RAWLINS-42342
1918 Occupation William Daniel (Bill) TEMPLE-42349
1918 Residence John Alva (John) TEMPLE-29714
Jan 1920 Occupation William Daniel (Bill) TEMPLE-42349
Jan 1920 Census Gertie Mae (Mae) DERRY-42350
Jan 1920 Census Hannah OGDEN-42352
1925 Census Henry C. TEMPLE-29713
1925 Census Eleanor Flora (Eleanor/Flossy) TEMPLE-29715
1925 Census William Arthur (William) TEMPLE-30044
1925 Census William Daniel (Bill) TEMPLE-42349
1925 Census Gertie Mae (Mae) DERRY-42350
Apr 1930 Occupation Henry C. TEMPLE-29713
Apr 1930 Census Eleanor Flora (Eleanor/Flossy) TEMPLE-29715
Apr 1930 Occupation William Arthur (William) TEMPLE-30044
Apr 1930 Occupation William Daniel (Bill) TEMPLE-42349
Apr 1930 Census Gertie Mae (Mae) DERRY-42350
29 Aug 1932 Birth Lois Arlene REESER-165202
28 Jan 1933 Death William Arthur (William) TEMPLE-30044
19 Oct 1933 Death Henry C. TEMPLE-29713
4 Mar 1934 Death Gertie Mae (Mae) DERRY-42350
12 Mar 1935 Death William Daniel (Bill) TEMPLE-42349
17 Apr 1943 Marriage Handy Austin MERIWEATHER-45605 and Gladys Neva (Neva) TEMPLE-42346
15 Aug 1944 Death Robert Orin (Orin) TEMPLE-42341
11 Dec 1944 Birth Donna Lee EDWARDS-80886
28 Jul 1946 Marriage Glen Floyd GULLION-45608 and Viola Marie (Marie) TEMPLE-44245
1949 Residence Warren Dean (Warren) TEMPLE-44243
Oct 1949 Occupation Warren Dean (Warren) TEMPLE-44243
17 Oct 1949 Marriage Warren Dean (Warren) TEMPLE-44243 and Betty Jean ULLRICH-122184
2 Apr 1962 Marriage Melvin R. TEMPLE Sr.-45610 and Donna Lee EDWARDS-80886
9 Oct 1962 Death Nancy GIBSON-11506
Feb 1975 Death Handy Austin MERIWEATHER-45605
1983 Residence Viola Marie (Marie) TEMPLE-44245
21 Jan 1984 Death Viola Marie WALGENBACH-141990
1988 Residence Melvin R. TEMPLE Sr.-45610
10 Oct 1988 Death Warren Dean (Warren) TEMPLE-44243
1992 Residence Gladys Neva (Neva) TEMPLE-42346
19 May 1992 Death Robert Glenn (Tub) TEMPLE-42345
8 Nov 1996 Death Gladys Neva (Neva) TEMPLE-42346
6 Jun 2002 Death William Robert (Robert) TEMPLE Jr.-63641
21 Jul 2005 Death Glen Floyd GULLION-45608
2020 Residence Melvin R. TEMPLE Sr.-45610
2020 Residence Melvin R. TEMPLE Jr.-45611
IA, Marion, Liberty Twp.
1856 Occupation Josiah TEMPLE-9789
1856 Census Rebecca (Beck) WHITE-23197
1856 Census Sarah Elizabeth (Sarah) TEMPLE-25278
1856 Census Mary Jane TEMPLE-25284
1856 Census Lorenzo D. TEMPLES-53404
Jun 1860 Occupation Josiah TEMPLE-9789
Jun 1860 Census Rebecca (Beck) WHITE-23197
Jun 1860 Census Sarah Elizabeth (Sarah) TEMPLE-25278
Jun 1860 Census Catherine (Kate) TEMPLE-25279
Jun 1860 Census Mary Jane TEMPLE-25284
Jun 1860 Census Lorenzo D. TEMPLES-53404
Jun 1860 Occupation John F. TEMPLES-132871
Jun 1860 Census Annabelle -132872
IA, Marion, Otley
6 Sep 1881 Birth Eva M. TEMPLE-165582
IA, Marion, Pella
Jul 1860 Census Wernerd (Warner) SMEENK-77676
6 Mar 1888 Birth Lavern Daily (Vernie) TEMPLE-2626
26 Oct 1898 Birth Paul Dewitt (Paul) TEMPLE-2630
1905 Census Reverend Ezra Sommerville (Ezra) TEMPLE-2020
1905 Census Mary Adelaide (Mary) PEPPERS-2625
1905 Census Ray Darwin TEMPLE-2627
1905 Census Obed Darius (Dick) TEMPLE-2628
1905 Census Ruth Dorcas (Ruth) TEMPLE-2629
1905 Census Paul Dewitt (Paul) TEMPLE-2630
1905 Census Arvilla Darcus (Arvilla) TEMPLE-23673
1905 Census Harriet Doris (Harriet) TEMPLE-23674
25 Aug 2020 Death Donna Lee EDWARDS-80886
Occupation Reverend Ezra Sommerville (Ezra) TEMPLE-2020
IA, Marion, Washington
Jul 1870 Occupation William Henry (William) TEMPLE-42291
Jul 1870 Census Mary Jane (Mary) ALEXANDER-42292
Jul 1870 Census James William TEMPLE-42293
Jul 1870 Census Lucinda Jane (Lucy) TEMPLE-42294
Jul 1870 Census John Thomas (John) TEMPLE-42295
Jul 1870 Census Charles Henry TEMPLE-42296
Jul 1870 Census Araminta Florence (Florence) TEMPLE-42297
Jul 1870 Census Franklin M. (Frank) TEMPLE-42299
Jul 1870 Census Luticia Mary TEMPLE-51366
Aug 1870 Occupation William E. TEMPLE-29710
Aug 1870 Census Mary Ann -29712
Aug 1870 Occupation Henry C. TEMPLE-29713
Aug 1870 Census John Alva (John) TEMPLE-29714
Aug 1870 Census Eleanor Flora (Eleanor/Flossy) TEMPLE-29715
Aug 1870 Census William Arthur (William) TEMPLE-30044
1885 Census Mary Ann -29712
1885 Census Henry C. TEMPLE-29713
1885 Census Eleanor Flora (Eleanor/Flossy) TEMPLE-29715
1885 Census William Arthur (William) TEMPLE-30044
1895 Census Mary Ann -29712
1895 Census Henry C. TEMPLE-29713
1895 Census John Alva (John) TEMPLE-29714
1895 Census William Arthur (William) TEMPLE-30044
1895 Census Minerva A. (Nerva) STRAHAN-42339
1895 Census Sidney Milton TEMPLE-42340
1895 Census William Daniel (Bill) TEMPLE-42349
1895 Census Mary Ellen TEMPLE-42646
1895 Census Amos Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-42647
1895 Census Anna May TEMPLE-42648
1895 Census Flora TEMPLE-131441
Jun 1900 Occupation John Alva (John) TEMPLE-29714
Jun 1900 Census Minerva A. (Nerva) STRAHAN-42339
Jun 1900 Census William Daniel (Bill) TEMPLE-42349
Jun 1900 Census Mary Ellen TEMPLE-42646
Jun 1900 Census Amos Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-42647
Jun 1900 Census Sidney Milton TEMPLE-42340
Jun 1900 Census Robert Orin (Orin) TEMPLE-42341
1905 Census Mary Ann -29712
1905 Census Henry C. TEMPLE-29713
1905 Census John Alva (John) TEMPLE-29714
1905 Census William Arthur (William) TEMPLE-30044
1905 Census Minerva A. (Nerva) STRAHAN-42339
1905 Census Sidney Milton TEMPLE-42340
1905 Census Robert Orin (Orin) TEMPLE-42341
1905 Census William Daniel (Bill) TEMPLE-42349
1905 Census Mary Ellen TEMPLE-42646
1905 Census Amos Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-42647
1915 Occupation John Alva (John) TEMPLE-29714
1915 Occupation William Arthur (William) TEMPLE-30044
1915 Occupation Sidney Milton TEMPLE-42340
1915 Occupation Robert Orin (Orin) TEMPLE-42341
1915 Census Ruth Ann (Ruthy) RAWLINS-42344
1915 Census Amos Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-42647
Jan 1920 Census John Alva (John) TEMPLE-29714
Jan 1920 Occupation Sidney Milton TEMPLE-42340
Jan 1920 Occupation Robert Orin (Orin) TEMPLE-42341
Jan 1920 Census Myrtle Elizabeth (Myrtle) RAWLINS-42342
Jan 1920 Census Kermit TEMPLE-42343
Jan 1920 Census Ruth Ann (Ruthy) RAWLINS-42344
Jan 1920 Census Robert Glenn (Tub) TEMPLE-42345
Jan 1920 Census Gladys Neva (Neva) TEMPLE-42346
Jan 1920 Census John Le Roy (John/Roy) TEMPLE-42347
Jan 1920 Census Cecil Ray TEMPLE-42348
1925 Census Sidney Milton TEMPLE-42340
1925 Census Myrtle Elizabeth (Myrtle) RAWLINS-42342
Apr 1930 Occupation John Alva (John) TEMPLE-29714
Apr 1930 Occupation Sidney Milton TEMPLE-42340
Apr 1930 Occupation Myrtle Elizabeth (Myrtle) RAWLINS-42342
Apr 1940 Occupation Robert Orin (Orin) TEMPLE-42341
Apr 1940 Census Ruth Ann (Ruthy) RAWLINS-42344
Apr 1940 Census Warren Dean (Warren) TEMPLE-44243
Apr 1940 Census Viola Marie (Marie) TEMPLE-44245
22 Dec 1973 Marriage Dennis Leigh COZAD-114164 and Barbara Jean (Barbara) TEMPLE-114145
IA, Marshall Co.
12 Jun 1901 Birth Ida Lucille TEMPLE-62775
12 Jul 1983 Death Steven Carl TEMPEL-147427
IA, Marshall, Bangor
1870 Census Russell S. THRALL-30032
Aug 1870 Occupation Edwin Freeman (Edwin) TEMPLE-17888
Aug 1870 Census Charles TEMPLE-17893
Aug 1870 Census Clarinda Adelia (Clara) DORMAN-30031
Aug 1870 Census Sarah Jane (Jince) TEMPLE-30033
1996 Death Jane TEMPLE-150957
IA, Marshall, Lamoille
2008 Residence Wayne TEMPEL-72091
IA, Marshall, Laurel
31 Jan 1925 Birth Lila Genevive (Jean) TEMPLE-61356
IA, Marshall, Marshalltown
1862 Death Isaac Butler PARKER-8021
15 Nov 1878 Birth Delmar Edwin (Dell) TEMPLE-17894
Jan 1921 Moved Francis M. (Frank) TEMPLE-30042
Jan 1921 Moved Frank TEMPLE-170111
28 Mar 1921 Death Francis M. (Frank) TEMPLE-30042
28 Mar 1921 Death Frank TEMPLE-170111
1925 Census Elmer O. FISHER-140256
29 May 1930 Marriage Ralph Irwin BRISTLEY-60637 and Sophia E. TEMPLE-60620
3 Jan 1931 Death Charles Edwin LAMB-54594
13 Mar 1932 Death Julia A. TEMPLE-61068
1 Apr 1935 Residence Martha TEMPEL-152975
4 Jan 1936 Marriage Albert KLAR-60638 and Jennie TEMPLE-60621
25 Nov 1937 Marriage Walter R.F. TEMPEL-120303 and Helen Pearl BROWN-120322
8 Nov 1939 Birth Lawrence Dean TEMPLE-86291
1940 Residence Dale Ellis NEIDEIGH-76856
Apr 1940 Occupation Kenneth M. TEMPLE-55065
Apr 1940 Census Ruth A. SEARS-77598
Apr 1940 Census Lawrence Dean TEMPLE-86291
2 Oct 1944 Birth Wanda Kay TEMPLE-106732
12 Dec 1944 Death Wanda Kay TEMPLE-106732
12 Dec 1944 Death Wanda Kay TEMPLE-142088
Mar 1946 Residence Howard Irving TEMPLE-55064
1947 Marriage Fred J. ROHDE-48426 and Lois Lorraine TEMPLE-48423
2016 Residence Linda TEMPLE-106730
2016 Residence Madlyn TEMPLE-106731
15 Jul 2016 Death Nellie VAN GORP-86290
IA, Marshall, Melbourne
2016 Residence Michael Ray (Mike) TEMPLE-109745
2016 Residence Linda TEMPLE-109748
IA, Marshall, State Center
abt 1894 Birth P.T. MELLOWS-98250
IA, Miami Co.
17 Sep 1888 Birth Annie TEMPLE-56654
IA, Mills Co.
5 Oct 1862 Marriage John C. QUESENBERRY-142395 and Nancy Savannah TEMPLE-142394
12 Oct 1881 Marriage Frank Augustus (Frank) TEMPLE-2853 and Emma Rosewood (Emma) BELLWOOD-2863
14 Sep 1899 Birth Edwin N. (Eddie) LEWIS-25661
1 Apr 1935 Residence Guy Herbert TEMPLE-40167
1 Apr 1935 Residence Elsie Ina TEMPLE-40165
1 Apr 1935 Residence Mary Iretia (Mary) SMITH-98256
IA, Mills, Emerson
bet 1933 and 1936 Residence Jesse Wade TEMPLE-2608
1933 Residence Mary Iretia (Mary) SMITH-98256
1 Jul 1936 Death Jesse Wade TEMPLE-2608
IA, Mills, Glenwood
26 Mar 1883 Birth Olive J. (Ollie) TAGUE-75474
1885 Occupation Jesse Wade TEMPLE-128935
1910 Birth Corinne TEMPLE-128937
1915 Occupation Jesse Wade TEMPLE-128935
1915 Census Ireta -128936
1915 Census Corinne TEMPLE-128937
Jan 1920 Census William Mc Lean TEMPLE-48407
Jan 1920 Miscellaneous William Mc Lean TEMPLE-48407
10 Dec 1922 Death William Mc Lean TEMPLE-48407
IA, Mills, Malvern
1936 Residence Mable Corrine (Corrine) TEMPLE-98257
IA, Mills, Pacific Junction
1929 Residence Victor Andrew (Victor) HAROLD-86284
IA, Mills, Plattville
1925 Census Laura M. EVANS-140285
IA, Mitchell Co.
8 Dec 1856 Birth John Alva (John) TEMPLE-29714
1858 Birth Mary CUMMINGS-98214
1865 Birth Flora TEMPLE-131441
4 Oct 1865 Marriage James Franklin (James) TEMPLE-50213 and Mary Eloise (Mary, Ella) ACKLEY-50217
27 Jan 1867 Marriage William Henry (Henry) TEMPLE-50212 and Amelia KENYON-60379
8 Aug 1868 Marriage Carlos CRANDALL-51134 and Susannah (Susan) PETERMAN-50211
28 Mar 1897 Death Sheldon H. DUDLEY-53235
Death Ebenezer TEMPLE-23881
IA, Mitchell, Carpenter
1959 Occupation Richard Burdette TEMPLE-114944
1959 Occupation Audrey Mae JOHNSON-114945
IA, Mitchell, Cedar
1854 Moved James F. TEMPLE-29716
17 Mar 1857 Marriage James F. TEMPLE-29716 and Caroline Augusta (Caroline) SMALLEY-29717
May 1858 Birth Minnie M. TEMPLE-29718
abt 1859 Election James F. TEMPLE-29716
10 May 1859 Birth Eleanor Flora (Eleanor/Flossy) TEMPLE-29715
Jun 1860 Occupation Ebenezer TEMPLE-23881
Jun 1860 Census Mary (Mercy) TEMPLE-28754
Jun 1860 Occupation William E. TEMPLE-29710
Jun 1860 Census Mary TEMPLE-29711
Jun 1860 Census Mary Ann -29712
Jun 1860 Census Henry C. TEMPLE-29713
Jun 1860 Census John Alva (John) TEMPLE-29714
Jun 1860 Census Eleanor Flora (Eleanor/Flossy) TEMPLE-29715
Jun 1860 Occupation James F. TEMPLE-29716
Jun 1860 Census Caroline Augusta (Caroline) SMALLEY-29717
Jun 1860 Census Minnie M. TEMPLE-29718
Jun 1860 Occupation William Henry (Henry) TEMPLE-50212
Jun 1860 Census James Franklin (James) TEMPLE-50213
Jun 1860 Census Isaac N. TEMPLE(S)-50214
Jun 1860 Census Joseph TEMPLE-50215
Jun 1860 Census Thomas TEMPLE-50216
Jun 1860 Census Edwin Rollin (Edwin) TEMPLE-50223
Jun 1860 Census Katherine TEMPLE-50245
Jun 1860 Census Susan ULREY-43765
Apr 1862 Birth Frank C. TEMPLE-30045
Jul 1870 Census Mary TEMPLE-29711
Jul 1870 Occupation James F. TEMPLE-29716
Jul 1870 Census Caroline Augusta (Caroline) SMALLEY-29717
Jul 1870 Census Minnie M. TEMPLE-29718
Jul 1870 Census Frank C. TEMPLE-30045
Jul 1870 Census Susannah (Susan) PETERMAN-50211
Jul 1870 Occupation Isaac N. TEMPLE(S)-50214
Jul 1870 Census Joseph TEMPLE-50215
Jul 1870 Census Thomas TEMPLE-50216
Jul 1870 Census Edwin Rollin (Edwin) TEMPLE-50223
Jun 1880 Occupation James F. TEMPLE-29716
Jun 1880 Census Caroline Augusta (Caroline) SMALLEY-29717
Jun 1880 Occupation Minnie M. TEMPLE-29718
Jun 1880 Census Frank C. TEMPLE-30045
1885 Occupation James F. TEMPLE-29716
1885 Census Caroline Augusta (Caroline) SMALLEY-29717
1885 Census Minnie M. TEMPLE-29718
1885 Census Frank C. TEMPLE-30045
IA, Mitchell, Dry Run
3 Jul 1875 Marriage Edwin Rollin (Edwin) TEMPLE-50223 and Elizabeth Ellen Marie (Libby) MIDGELEY-50224
IA, Mitchell, Dudley
24 Feb 1898 Death Martha Maria (Maria) TEMPLE-31842
IA, Mitchell, Osage
1856 Census Ebenezer TEMPLE-23881
1856 Census Mary (Mercy) TEMPLE-28754
1856 Occupation William E. TEMPLE-29710
1856 Census Mary TEMPLE-29711
1856 Census Mary Ann -29712
1856 Census Henry C. TEMPLE-29713
1856 Census James F. TEMPLE-29716
1856 Census Albert TEMPLE-50210
1856 Census Susannah (Susan) PETERMAN-50211
1856 Census William Henry (Henry) TEMPLE-50212
1856 Census James Franklin (James) TEMPLE-50213
1856 Census Isaac N. TEMPLE(S)-50214
1856 Census Joseph TEMPLE-50215
1856 Census Thomas TEMPLE-50216
1856 Census Edwin Rollin (Edwin) TEMPLE-50223
1856 Census Katherine TEMPLE-50245
abt 1858 Election James F. TEMPLE-29716
17 Mar 1863 Death Mary (Mercy) TEMPLE-28754
30 Nov 1868 Birth Francis Sheridan (Sheridan) TEMPLE-50219
Jun 1870 Occupation William Henry (Henry) TEMPLE-50212
Jun 1870 Occupation James Franklin (James) TEMPLE-50213
Jun 1870 Occupation Joseph TEMPLE-50215
Jun 1870 Occupation Thomas TEMPLE-50216
Jun 1870 Census Mary Eloise (Mary, Ella) ACKLEY-50217
Jun 1870 Census Sherman Albert William Frank (Albert) TEMPLE-50218
Jun 1870 Census Francis Sheridan (Sheridan) TEMPLE-50219
Jun 1870 Census Amelia KENYON-60379
Jun 1870 Census Katie TEMPLE-60380
1886 Birth Ray TEMPLE-146297
1914 Moved Merton Charles DUNNING-140246
1925 Census Martha Hannah TEMPEL-140245
1925 Census Merton Charles DUNNING-140246
1925 Census Merton Claude DUNNING Jr.-140247
1925 Census Oliver DUNNING-140248
1925 Census Walter Claude DUNNING-140249
1925 Census Verna DUNNING-140250
14 Oct 1988 Death Elma TEMPLE-70985
IA, Monona, Mapleton
25 Dec 1899 Marriage Elmer HENRY-57133 and Florence Irene (Florence) TEMPLE-649
Jun 1900 Census Florence Irene (Florence) TEMPLE-649
Jun 1900 Census Elmer HENRY-57133
1908 Birth Charlotte F. HENRY-57134
1925 Census Elmer HENRY-57133
1925 Census Charlotte F. HENRY-57134
1925 Census Earl HENRY-57135
1925 Census Ralph HENRY-57136
1925 Census Greta HENRY-57137
1925 Census Elmer HENRY-57138
1925 Census Florence HENRY-57139
1925 Census Belle HENRY-57140
1925 Census Caroline WITTENNIER-57142
IA, Monona, Ute
1 Apr 1935 Residence William Logan (Bill) TEMPLE-52942
1 Apr 1935 Residence Alice Elizabeth (Alice) DONNELLY-52943
1 Apr 1935 Residence Sister Madonna M. (Donna) TEMPLE-52944
1 Apr 1935 Residence Mary Patricia (Patricia) TEMPLE-52945
1 Apr 1935 Residence Robert Craig TEMPLE-52946
1 Apr 1935 Residence Stanton William (Tony) TEMPLE-52947
Apr 1940 Occupation William Logan (Bill) TEMPLE-52942
Apr 1940 Census Alice Elizabeth (Alice) DONNELLY-52943
Apr 1940 Census Sister Madonna M. (Donna) TEMPLE-52944
Apr 1940 Census Mary Patricia (Patricia) TEMPLE-52945
Apr 1940 Census Robert Craig TEMPLE-52946
1943 Residence Robert Craig TEMPLE-52946
IA, Monroe Co.
1854 Moved John Franklin TEMPLE Sr.-9788
1864 Moved William Perry (William) TEMPLE-9792
5 Aug 1865 Birth Etta Bell TEMPLE-9793
22 Dec 1867 Marriage John Franklin TEMPLE Sr.-9788 and Cornelia Iowa WYRICK-10019
30 Dec 1874 Marriage John R. GOODWIN-98206 and Mary Jane TEMPLE-25284
16 Dec 1875 Marriage David W. (Cap) TEMPLE-51362 and Catherine (Kate) TEMPLE-25279
15 Aug 1876 Death Frances Naomia TEMPLE-10023
1877 Birth Leona A. (Ona) TEMPLE-57213
1877 Birth Jesse J. BROWN-90380
1 Nov 1877 Birth John Hamen GIBSON-11508
10 Feb 1880 Marriage Robert Warren (Robert) TUTTLE-9801 and Mary Ann (Dolly) TEMPLE-9791
28 Sep 1881 Birth Warren Walter TUTTLE-9802
21 Feb 1883 Birth Hattie Sophie TEMPLE-10020
1884 Birth Etta Lucille TUTTLE-9803
1886 Birth Dollie Mary Elizabeth TEMPLE-57215
2 Apr 1889 Marriage John TEMPLE-25285 and Nancy Ellen CAMPBELL-25339
IA, Monroe, Albia
21 Jan 1867 Death Annabelle LONG-9790
22 Aug 1870 Birth Alice Viola TEMPLE-10022
20 May 1872 Birth Frances Naomia TEMPLE-10023
7 Apr 1874 Birth Minnie May TEMPLE-10024
25 Feb 1876 Birth John Franklin (John) TEMPLE Jr.-10025
24 Aug 1878 Birth Dorcas Amelia (Dorcas) TEMPLE-10026
5 Sep 1880 Birth Ernest Morrow (Ernest) TEMPLE-10027
18 May 1886 Birth Mary Iretia (Mary) SMITH-98256
3 Mar 1960 Death Ernest Dow TEMPLE-52626
IA, Monroe, Bluff Creek
1877 Birth Della Castilla GOODWIN-98207
Oct 1879 Birth Isaiah GOODWIN-98208
Jul 1880 Census Mary Jane TEMPLE-25284
1925 Census Mary E. WAKE-140282
IA, Monroe, Buxton
21 Nov 1910 Birth Pauline MADISON-48695
IA, Monroe, Foster
10 Sep 1892 Birth Ernest Dow TEMPLE-52626
IA, Monroe, Liberty
1860 Census John Franklin TEMPLE Sr.-9788
IA, Monroe, Mantua
1915 Occupation William TEMPLE-140359
1915 Census Sarah M. -140360
IA, Monroe, Monroe
Jun 1870 Occupation John Franklin TEMPLE Sr.-9788
Jun 1870 Census Mary Ann (Dolly) TEMPLE-9791
Jun 1870 Census William Perry (William) TEMPLE-9792
Jun 1870 Census Cornelia Iowa WYRICK-10019
Jun 1870 Census Dr. Isaiah Ulysses (Doc) TEMPLE-10021
Jun 1870 Census David W. (Cap) TEMPLE-51362
Jun 1870 Census Elizabeth TEMPLE-51363
Jun 1880 Occupation John Franklin TEMPLE Sr.-9788
Jun 1880 Occupation Josiah TEMPLE-9789
Jun 1880 Census Mary Ann (Dolly) TEMPLE-9791
Jun 1880 Occupation William Perry (William) TEMPLE-9792
Jun 1880 Census Etta Bell TEMPLE-9793
Jun 1880 Census Cornelia Iowa WYRICK-10019
Jun 1880 Census Dr. Isaiah Ulysses (Doc) TEMPLE-10021
Jun 1880 Census Alice Viola TEMPLE-10022
Jun 1880 Census Minnie May TEMPLE-10024
Jun 1880 Census John Franklin (John) TEMPLE Jr.-10025
Jun 1880 Census Dorcas Amelia (Dorcas) TEMPLE-10026
Jun 1880 Census Rebecca (Beck) WHITE-23197
Jun 1880 Census Catherine (Kate) TEMPLE-25279
Jun 1880 Occupation John TEMPLE-25285
Jun 1880 Occupation David W. (Cap) TEMPLE-51362
Jun 1880 Census Leona A. (Ona) TEMPLE-57213
Jun 1880 Census Rosetta Belle (Jettie) TEMPLE-57214
Jun 1900 Occupation Josiah TEMPLE-9789
Jun 1900 Occupation John TEMPLE-25285
Jun 1900 Census Nancy Ellen CAMPBELL-25339
Jun 1900 Census Ernest Dow TEMPLE-52626
2 Jan 1975 Death William Dean COOK-104679
IA, Monroe, Troy
1860 Occupation Daniel Peter (Daniel) TEMPLE-13114
IA, Montgomery Co.
22 Dec 1859 Marriage William TEMPLE-110090 and Rebecca SILKETTE-110091
31 Dec 1864 Marriage Anthony SHANK-28470 and Mary Alice TEMPLE-26621
IA, Montgomery, Coburg
8 Dec 1883 Birth Daisy Marcella CORWIN-28477
1885 Census Roswell B. TEMPLE-1214
1885 Census Sabrina Ann (Sabra) CANNON-26620
abt 1888 Birth Clyde Temple CORWIN-28476
IA, Montgomery, Elliott
10 Nov 1923 Birth Betty Ruth (Beth) SANDELL-104589
IA, Montgomery, Frankfort
Jul 1860 Occupation William TEMPLE-110090
Jul 1860 Census Rebecca SILKETTE-110091
IA, Montgomery, Grant
Dec 1891 Birth Fred W. HASSEBROCK-75974
1925 Census Fred W. HASSEBROCK-75974
IA, Montgomery, Red Oak
1859 Miscellaneous Roswell B. TEMPLE-1214
25 Aug 1864 Death Wilson O. TEMPLE-28473
1870 Occupation Roswell B. TEMPLE-1214
1870 Census Sabrina Ann (Sabra) CANNON-26620
1870 Census Harriet Ida (Hattie) TEMPLE-28474
1 Oct 1879 Marriage Theodore Henry CORWIN-28475 and Harriet Ida (Hattie) TEMPLE-28474
4 Nov 1879 Marriage Solomon David TEMPLE-43169 and Flora W. FORBES-43174
Jun 1880 Occupation Roswell B. TEMPLE-1214
Jun 1880 Census Sabrina Ann (Sabra) CANNON-26620
Jun 1880 Census Mary Alice TEMPLE-26621
Jun 1880 Occupation Jeremiah L. MOHLER-28469
7 Aug 1881 Birth Gladys MOHLER-28471
1882 Birth Gladys MAPLES-76465
23 Jul 1884 Marriage Jeremiah L. MOHLER-28469 and Mary Alice TEMPLE-26621
1892 Death Roswell B. TEMPLE-1214
1895 Census Sabrina Ann (Sabra) CANNON-26620
1901 Death Sabrina Ann (Sabra) CANNON-26620
13 Dec 1905 Marriage Jesse Wade TEMPLE-2608 and Mary Iretia (Mary) SMITH-98256
8 Nov 1918 Death Jeremiah L. MOHLER-28469
1925 Census Mary Alice TEMPLE-26621
1925 Census Gladys MOHLER-28471
1925 Census Gladys MAPLES-76465
5 Mar 1926 Death Mary Alice TEMPLE-26621
IA, Moville, Woodbury
1925 Census Nellie V. GRAHAM-45987
IA, Muscatine Co.
1845 Birth Joshua TEMPLE-123819
27 Sep 1848 Marriage Douglas DUNSMAN-162172 and Mary Ann TEMPLE-162171
21 Apr 1850 Marriage Andrew J. TEMPLE-123845 and Maria L. WHEELER-123846
1855 Birth Charles W. ANSON-43327
25 Dec 1876 Death Thomas LEWIS-144286
23 Jul 1877 Marriage James Warry VINER-43343 and Melcina TEMPLE-43342
1878 Birth Charles VINER-44520
23 Mar 1879 Marriage John MC INTYRE-43333 and Columbia F. TEMPLE-43332
1880 Birth Lettie ANSON-98219
1886 Birth Laura Belle ANSON-57451
31 Aug 1886 Marriage Charles Wesley (Charles, Nick) TEMPLE-43328 and Rachel Lavina (Lucy) WAGNER-43329
18 Oct 1886 Birth Florence Emeline VINER-60190
29 Jul 1888 Birth Jesse VINER-57452
27 Apr 1889 Birth TEMPLE-60191
27 Apr 1889 Death TEMPLE-60191
23 Apr 1899 Birth Frank E. ANSON-57076
26 Nov 1899 Birth Mable VINER-57453
1911 Birth Clyde TURNER-90747
Mar 1985 Death Carrie DE WEERDT-48344
Birth Harold Ludwig TOBIAS-97588
IA, Muscatine, Cedar
Jun 1860 Occupation Nathaniel (Nathan) TEMPLE-43334
Jun 1860 Census Martha EDGINGTON-43335
Jun 1860 Census Joshua (Josh) TEMPLE-43336
27 Jun 1861 Birth Melcina TEMPLE-43342
7 Feb 1862 Birth Cora TEMPLE-43326
2 Nov 1863 Birth Columbia F. TEMPLE-43332
20 Jan 1866 Birth Charles Wesley (Charles, Nick) TEMPLE-43328
16 Feb 1868 Birth Adeline (Addie) TEMPLE-43330
1870 Census Cora TEMPLE-43326
1870 Census Charles Wesley (Charles, Nick) TEMPLE-43328
1870 Census Adeline (Addie) TEMPLE-43330
1870 Census Columbia F. TEMPLE-43332
1870 Census Melcina TEMPLE-43342
May 1880 Birth Elnora VINER-57130
Jun 1880 Census Cora TEMPLE-43326
Jun 1880 Census Charles Wesley (Charles, Nick) TEMPLE-43328
Jun 1880 Census Adeline (Addie) TEMPLE-43330
Jun 1880 Occupation Nathaniel (Nathan) TEMPLE-43334
Jun 1880 Census Martha EDGINGTON-43335
Jun 1880 Census Melcina TEMPLE-43342
Jun 1880 Census James Warry VINER-43343
17 Jan 1894 Birth Ira Laeartes (Ira) TEMPLE-43344
1895 Census Charles Wesley (Charles, Nick) TEMPLE-43328
1895 Census Rachel Lavina (Lucy) WAGNER-43329
1895 Census Nathaniel (Nathan) TEMPLE-43334
1895 Census Martha EDGINGTON-43335
1895 Census Ira Laeartes (Ira) TEMPLE-43344
1895 Census Jesse Austin TEMPLE-43349
6 Dec 1895 Birth Minnie Leona TEMPLE-48399
3 May 1898 Birth Harry Earl TEMPLE Sr.-48400
Jun 1900 Occupation Nathaniel (Nathan) TEMPLE-43334
Jun 1900 Census Martha EDGINGTON-43335
Jun 1900 Occupation Charles Wesley (Charles, Nick) TEMPLE-43328
Jun 1900 Census Rachel Lavina (Lucy) WAGNER-43329
Jun 1900 Census Jesse Austin TEMPLE-43349
Jun 1900 Census Ira Laeartes (Ira) TEMPLE-43344
Jun 1900 Census Minnie Leona TEMPLE-48399
Jun 1900 Census Harry Earl TEMPLE Sr.-48400
Jun 1900 Census Melcina TEMPLE-43342
Jun 1900 Census James Warry VINER-43343
23 Jul 1900 Death UNKNOWN-176453
1905 Census Charles Wesley (Charles, Nick) TEMPLE-43328
1905 Census Rachel Lavina (Lucy) WAGNER-43329
1905 Census Ira Laeartes (Ira) TEMPLE-43344
1905 Census Jesse Austin TEMPLE-43349
1905 Census Minnie Leona TEMPLE-48399
1905 Census Harry Earl TEMPLE Sr.-48400
1905 Census Amanda Elizabeth (Manda) TEMPLE-48401
4 Jan 1905 Birth Floyd Harold TEMPLE-48404
29 Dec 1909 Birth George Albert (George) TEMPLE-48405
Apr 1910 Occupation Charles Wesley (Charles, Nick) TEMPLE-43328
Apr 1910 Census Rachel Lavina (Lucy) WAGNER-43329
Apr 1910 Occupation Jesse Austin TEMPLE-43349
Apr 1910 Census Minnie Leona TEMPLE-48399
Apr 1910 Census Harry Earl TEMPLE Sr.-48400
Apr 1910 Census Amanda Elizabeth (Manda) TEMPLE-48401
Apr 1910 Census Francis Allen TEMPLE-48402
Apr 1910 Census Floyd Harold TEMPLE-48404
Apr 1910 Census George Albert (George) TEMPLE-48405
1915 Occupation Jesse Austin TEMPLE-43349
1917 Occupation Jesse Austin TEMPLE-43349
IA, Muscatine, Muscatine
1860 Occupation John TEMPLE-124626
1860 Census Maria -124627
1860 Census Maria Maillard TEMPLE-124628
2 Sep 1880 Marriage Charles W. ANSON-43327 and Cora TEMPLE-43326
17 Jan 1882 Marriage Jasper SNYDER-43331 and Adeline (Addie) TEMPLE-43330
6 Jan 1907 Birth Francis Allen TEMPLE-48402
25 Jan 1913 Birth Pearl Anna TEMPLE-48406
21 Oct 1913 Marriage Ira Laeartes (Ira) TEMPLE-43344 and Hazel E. SKEELS-57297
7 Sep 1914 Birth Harold Wilbur TEMPLE Sr.-98352
1915 Occupation Ira Laeartes (Ira) TEMPLE-43344
1915 Census Minnie Leona TEMPLE-48399
1915 Census Harry Earl TEMPLE Sr.-48400
1915 Census Amanda Elizabeth (Manda) TEMPLE-48401
1915 Census Francis Allen TEMPLE-48402
1915 Census Floyd Harold TEMPLE-48404
1915 Census George Albert (George) TEMPLE-48405
1915 Census Pearl Anna TEMPLE-48406
1915 Census Harold Wilbur TEMPLE Sr.-98352
1915 Census Lucy -140341
18 Feb 1915 Marriage Fred H. DANCE-98247 and Minnie Leona TEMPLE-48399
23 Feb 1915 Marriage Harry Earl TEMPLE Sr.-48400 and Sybil Adaline HIATT-98235
1917 Occupation Ira Laeartes (Ira) TEMPLE-43344
1918 Residence Rachel Lavina (Lucy) WAGNER-43329
1 Jun 1918 Marriage Ira Laeartes (Ira) TEMPLE-43344 and Lettie Ruth HOLLAND-43345
Jan 1920 Occupation Charles Wesley (Charles, Nick) TEMPLE-43328
Jan 1920 Census Rachel Lavina (Lucy) WAGNER-43329
Jan 1920 Occupation Ira Laeartes (Ira) TEMPLE-43344
Jan 1920 Census Lettie Ruth HOLLAND-43345
Jan 1920 Occupation Amanda Elizabeth (Manda) TEMPLE-48401
Jan 1920 Census Francis Allen TEMPLE-48402
Jan 1920 Occupation Thomas TALLY-48403
Jan 1920 Census Floyd Harold TEMPLE-48404
Jan 1920 Census George Albert (George) TEMPLE-48405
Jan 1920 Census Pearl Anna TEMPLE-48406
3 Jul 1920 Marriage Harold Ludwig TOBIAS-97588 and Amanda Elizabeth (Manda) TEMPLE-48401
22 Jul 1920 Birth Virgil Leaertis TEMPLE-43346
14 Oct 1921 Birth Lorraine Ethel Louise OPPELT-46311
12 Jun 1923 Birth Ira Leaertes (Ira/Boogie) TEMPLE Jr.-43347
13 Jul 1923 Birth Verna Genevieve BABBITT-94003
1925 Census Charles Wesley (Charles, Nick) TEMPLE-43328
1925 Census Rachel Lavina (Lucy) WAGNER-43329
1925 Census Columbia F. TEMPLE-43332
1925 Census Melcina TEMPLE-43342
1925 Census James Warry VINER-43343
1925 Census Ira Laeartes (Ira) TEMPLE-43344
1925 Census Lettie Ruth HOLLAND-43345
1925 Census Virgil Leaertis TEMPLE-43346
1925 Census Ira Leaertes (Ira/Boogie) TEMPLE Jr.-43347
1925 Census Minnie Leona TEMPLE-48399
1925 Census Francis Allen TEMPLE-48402
1925 Census Thomas TALLY-48403
1925 Census George Albert (George) TEMPLE-48405
1925 Census Pearl Anna TEMPLE-48406
1925 Census Frank E. ANSON-57076
1925 Census Margaret Ellen (Maggie) MC INTYRE-57080
1925 Census Hazel Blanche MC INTYRE-57086
1925 Census Clarence Howard FOWLER-57088
1925 Census Florence TEMPLE-57089
1925 Census Clarence Myers CARR-57091
1925 Census Ethel Crane FOWLER-57092
1925 Census Susie VINER-57129
1925 Census Emil Johnson STEFFENS-57203
1925 Census Leona Lavina STEFFENS-57204
1925 Census Laura Belle ANSON-57451
1925 Census Jesse VINER-57452
1925 Census Mable VINER-57453
1925 Residence Francis Allen TEMPLE-48402
1925 Residence Vera M. HUDNALL-90734
1925 Census Melvina EDGINGTON-140229
1925 Census Steven Lindsey EDGINGTON-140253
1925 Census Mary Elizabeth EDGINGTON-140304
26 Aug 1925 Birth William Duane (Bill) TEMPLE-43348
5 Sep 1925 Marriage Francis Allen TEMPLE-48402 and Vera M. HUDNALL-90734
1927 Residence Columbia F. TEMPLE-43332
13 Aug 1927 Death Columbia F. TEMPLE-43332
1 Sep 1927 Birth Richard Wayne CLARKE-101194
22 Feb 1929 Death James Warry VINER-43343
Apr 1930 Occupation Charles Wesley (Charles, Nick) TEMPLE-43328
Apr 1930 Occupation Ira Laeartes (Ira) TEMPLE-43344
Apr 1930 Occupation Lettie Ruth HOLLAND-43345
Apr 1930 Census Virgil Leaertis TEMPLE-43346
Apr 1930 Census Ira Leaertes (Ira/Boogie) TEMPLE Jr.-43347
Apr 1930 Census William Duane (Bill) TEMPLE-43348
Apr 1930 Occupation George Albert (George) TEMPLE-48405
Apr 1930 Census Richard Wayne CLARKE-101194
2 Feb 1932 Death Clara K. COOPER-175868
1934 Residence Harold Wilbur TEMPLE Sr.-98352
1934 Residence Elizabeth Anne DALEY-98356
25 Aug 1934 Marriage Harold Wilbur TEMPLE Sr.-98352 and Elizabeth Anne DALEY-98356
29 Dec 1934 Birth Kenneth A. TEMPLE-65255
1937 Birth Robert TEMPLE-65258
Apr 1940 Census Charles Wesley (Charles, Nick) TEMPLE-43328
Apr 1940 Miscellaneous Charles Wesley (Charles, Nick) TEMPLE-43328
Apr 1940 Occupation Ira Laeartes (Ira) TEMPLE-43344
Apr 1940 Occupation Virgil Leaertis TEMPLE-43346
Apr 1940 Occupation Lettie Ruth HOLLAND-43345
Apr 1940 Occupation Ira Leaertes (Ira/Boogie) TEMPLE Jr.-43347
Apr 1940 Census William Duane (Bill) TEMPLE-43348
Apr 1940 Occupation George Albert (George) TEMPLE-48405
Apr 1940 Census Mildred I. JAMES-65250
Apr 1940 Census Albert D. TEMPLE-65259
Apr 1940 Census Robert TEMPLE-65258
Apr 1940 Census Kenneth A. TEMPLE-65255
Apr 1940 Birth Ron TEMPLE-65254
Apr 1940 Census Ron TEMPLE-65254
1941 Residence Ira Leaertes (Ira/Boogie) TEMPLE Jr.-43347
9 Aug 1941 Death Charles Wesley (Charles, Nick) TEMPLE-43328
1942 Residence Carl Emile TEMPLE-61243
1943 Residence William Duane (Bill) TEMPLE-43348
27 Jun 1945 Birth Richard Donald (Dick) TEMPLE-68593
18 Nov 1945 Death Melcina TEMPLE-43342
1947 Birth Stephen Thomas TEMPLE-162179
1948 Birth Patricia Dianne FAULKNER-162180
1949 Residence Ira Leaertes (Ira/Boogie) TEMPLE Jr.-43347
28 Sep 1959 Marriage Harold Wilbur TEMPLE Jr.-98353 and Florence Mae TOWNSLEY-98357
7 Aug 1960 Death Jesse Austin TEMPLE-43349
16 Jun 1961 Marriage Donald Albert CHAPMAN-94009 and Linda Annette TEMPLE-94007
13 Mar 1966 Marriage Stephen Thomas TEMPLE-162179 and Patricia Dianne FAULKNER-162180
27 Sep 1969 Marriage Donald William GRAHAM-162181 and Patricia Dianne FAULKNER-162180
25 Oct 1976 Death Ira Laeartes (Ira) TEMPLE-43344
11 Apr 1981 Marriage David Lee OSBORN-162183 and Frances Marie TEMPLE-162182
4 May 1993 Death Verna Genevieve BABBITT-94003
2005 Residence Ira Leaertes (Ira/Boogie) TEMPLE Jr.-43347
2008 Residence Gregory L. (Greg) TEMPLE-94005
2008 Residence Paul TEMPLE-94006
2008 Residence Linda Annette TEMPLE-94007
30 Oct 2008 Death Ira Leaertes (Ira/Boogie) TEMPLE Jr.-43347
2011 Residence Cynthia R.T. TEMPEL-80395
10 Jun 2018 Death Gregory L. (Greg) TEMPLE-94005
Birth Joe SNIDER-162154
IA, Muscatine, Nichols
2005 Residence Ronald TEMPLE-63657
IA, Muscatine, Orono
Jun 1859 Death Margaret TEMPLE-136265
IA, Muscatine, Pike
1885 Occupation Nathaniel (Nathan) TEMPLE-43334
1885 Census Martha EDGINGTON-43335
IA, Muscatine, Wilton
1924 Residence Robert Fulton HICKEY-49057
IA, Nebraska Co.
30 Nov 1846 Birth Walter Benjamin (Walter) TEMPLE-1785
IA, North Bend
19 Apr 1858 Birth Elizabeth Ann HAWK-62691
IA, O'Brien, Hartley
1915 Census Martha TEMPLE-140352
1918 Occupation Marvin Hughett TEMPLE-37780
Apr 1930 Occupation Wilbur Roy (Wilbur) TEMPLE-41998
Apr 1930 Census Louis Kirk (Kirk) TEMPLE-42000
Apr 1930 Census Mae W. HAMILTON-42353
IA, O'Brien, Paullina
27 Nov 1895 Marriage George E. DUNN-61422 and Marian (Mary) TEMPLE-37781
Jan 1920 Census Almira M.(Mira) TEMPLE-40838
Jan 1920 Occupation Clark C. CHAUNCEY-40839
Jan 1920 Census Victoria H. LUTZ-40842
Apr 1940 Census Victoria H. LUTZ-40842
Apr 1940 Census Almira M.(Mira) TEMPLE-40838
1950 Death Clark C. CHAUNCEY-40839
1955 Death Victoria H. LUTZ-40842
IA, O'Brien, Sanborn
1925 Census Clara Lucinda (Clara) TEMPLE-2528
1925 Census John Milton SMOCK-16252
1925 Census Leah M. SMOCK-40136
1 Oct 1928 Death John Milton SMOCK-16252
23 Apr 1946 Death Clara Lucinda (Clara) TEMPLE-2528
IA, O'Brien, Sheldon
Apr 1940 Occupation Wilbur Roy (Wilbur) TEMPLE-41998
Apr 1940 Census Mae W. HAMILTON-42353
1949 Residence Robert Dobson TEMPLE-42001
IA, O'Brien, Union Twp.
1895 Census Annie TEMPLE-131442
Jun 1900 Occupation Marvin Hughett TEMPLE-37780
Jun 1900 Census Nellie Amelia (Nellie) BRUCE-37785
Apr 1930 Census Almira M.(Mira) TEMPLE-40838
Apr 1930 Census Clark C. CHAUNCEY-40839
Apr 1930 Census Victoria H. LUTZ-40842
IA, Osceola, Baker
1925 Census Adolph KNACK-140281
IA, Osceola, Holman
1925 Census John W. HASSEBROCK-75975
IA, Osceola, Sibley
1915 Occupation Marvin Hughett TEMPLE-37780
Apr 1940 Occupation Martha TEMPEL-152975
5 Dec 1949 Marriage Elwin Lewis TEMPEL-72095 and Julia Anne BAILEY-72096
IA, Page, Clarinda
2 Feb 1929 Marriage Victor Andrew (Victor) HAROLD-86284 and Elsie Ina TEMPLE-40165
IA, Page, Hawleyville
4 Sep 1863 Birth Arminta Ann (Mint) MC ALPINE-28263
IA, Page, Morton Twp.
Jun 1880 Census Catherine TEMPLE-128238
Jun 1880 Census Isaiah BEAM-128239
Jun 1880 Census John M. TEMPLE-129808
Jun 1880 Census Laura BEAM-135129
Jun 1880 Census William S. BEAM-135130
Jun 1880 Census Bessie BEAM-135131
Jun 1880 Census De Witt BEAM-135132
Jun 1880 Census Harry BEAM-135133
Jun 1880 Census Ethel BEAM-135134
1885 Census John M. TEMPLE-129808
IA, Page, Shenandoah
10 Dec 1874 Marriage C.A. TEMPLE-142398 and Susan WALKER-142399
3 Sep 1875 Birth Cinderella C. (Rella) CROMWELL-21356
14 Jan 1878 Death Elizabeth -124621
Jun 1971 Death William Walter BOATWRIGHT-57106
IA, Palo Alto Co.
Sep 1893 Birth Anna TEMPLE-72060
IA, Palo Alto, Emmetsburg
3 Aug 1880 Birth Ella L. TEMPLE-114887
13 Nov 1889 Birth John Henry (John) TEMPLE-72058
6 Jun 1922 Marriage Robert E. MILLS-162109 and Josephine Virginia PATTERSON-162106
IA, Palo Alto, Vernon
1895 Census Henry J. TEMPLE-72057
1895 Census John Henry (John) TEMPLE-72058
1895 Census Mattie Evelyn (Mattie) TEMPLE-72059
1895 Census Anna TEMPLE-72060
1895 Census Mattie KLUNER-72065
IA, Palo Alto, West Bend
5 Mar 1893 Birth Ralph Hale TEMPLE-21831
13 Sep 1896 Birth Juanita TEMPLE-21835
2 Dec 1896 Death Lincoln E. TEMPLE-21826
12 Dec 1901 Death Tillotson C. TEMPLE-5403
1905 Census Mattie E. BUTTON-21829
Apr 1910 Occupation Mattie E. BUTTON-21829
1915 Census Mattie E. BUTTON-21829
abt 1917 Residence Ralph Hale TEMPLE-21831
2 Sep 1919 Death Mattie E. BUTTON-21829
IA, Plymouth Co.
Apr 1878 Birth Elmer HENRY-57133
IA, Plymouth, America
Apr 1930 Occupation Oscar Otis TEMPLE-74271
IA, Plymouth, Le Mars
18 Jul 1873 Birth Rhoda VAN SICKLE-52941
26 Nov 1897 Marriage Clifford L. TEMPLE-51214 and Rhoda VAN SICKLE-52941
1905 Census Clifford L. TEMPLE-51214
1905 Census William Logan (Bill) TEMPLE-52942
Apr 1910 Occupation Rhoda VAN SICKLE-52941
Apr 1910 Census William Logan (Bill) TEMPLE-52942
Apr 1910 Census Henry W. VAN SICKLE-52952
1 Jan 1914 Marriage James W. DUNN-98339 and Nellie Amelia (Nellie) BRUCE-37785
1915 Occupation Rhoda VAN SICKLE-52941
1915 Census William Logan (Bill) TEMPLE-52942
IA, Plymouth, LeMars
1885 Census John TEMPLE-130387
IA, Plymouth, Remsen
Apr 1940 Occupation Oscar Otis TEMPLE-74271
Feb 1942 Residence Oscar Otis TEMPLE-74271
IA, Pocahontas, Plover
21 Dec 1906 Birth Elsie Virginia (Elsie) STRONG-24898
bef 1934 Moved Thomas Joseph (Tom) TEMPLE-24897
16 Jun 1934 Birth Donald Joseph TEMPLE-24899
IA, Polk Co.
1865 Moved John TEMPLE-30034
8 Mar 1866 Birth John D. TEMPLE-48409
1867 Birth Charles (Charley) TEMPLE-48410
1868 Birth Frederick (Freddie) TEMPLE-48411
21 Aug 1870 Death Eddie HILTON-26916
1871 Birth Willis COACHRANE-43178
19 Aug 1872 Death Jesse Kilgore HILTON-26918
28 Sep 1872 Death Charles Henry HILTON-26917
Nov 1873 Birth Anna POWELL-50577
19 May 1874 Birth Nellie May (Nellie) TEMPLE-50580
1878 Birth Elizabeth (Lizzie) LAIN-48433
31 Aug 1881 Death Hannah TEMPLE-33304
1885 Marriage John D. TEMPLE-48409 and Ella ANDREWS-60205
2 Jun 1887 Birth Nellie Arvilla TEMPLE-3368
2 Jun 1887 Birth Nellie A. TEMPLE-142093
23 Mar 1888 Marriage Charles (Charley) TEMPLE-48410 and Mabel M. DUNHAM-48443
15 May 1888 Marriage John D. TEMPLE-48409 and Mary Amy HUNT-48437
19 Dec 1888 Marriage George TEMPLE-30041 and Lucy A. HAMILTON-50600
19 Dec 1889 Death John TEMPLES-30807
21 Jan 1893 Birth Frances Elma (Frankie) TEMPLE-48438
27 Dec 1893 Marriage Claude B. TEMPLE-48431 and Elizabeth (Lizzie) LAIN-48433
4 Sep 1894 Marriage Samuel E. ALBIN-98210 and Mary Ann (Mary) CARTWRIGHT-31420
4 Sep 1894 Marriage Samuel E. ALBIN-142095 and Mary Anna TEMPLE-142094
26 Nov 1894 Birth Josie Irene TEMPLE-50599
23 Dec 1898 Marriage Wesley C. FLINT-142097 and Lucy TEMPLE-142096
15 Mar 1900 Marriage Edwin James (Jim) TEMPLE-48412 and Lillian -60194
8 Jan 1902 Marriage James B. HANSELMAN-50592 and Myrtle Elizabeth (Eliza) TEMPLE-50591
29 Oct 1904 Marriage William BURGESS-142099 and Maud TEMPLE-142098
20 Jun 1910 Marriage J.H. VAN BEL-142101 and Della TEMPLE-142100
11 Jan 1911 Marriage William Walter BOATWRIGHT-57106 and Frances Elma (Frankie) TEMPLE-48438
30 Dec 1914 Marriage Archie Elmore KINSEY-57152 and Mary Esther (Mary) TEMPLE-48439
20 Jul 1916 Marriage John Thomas (Thomas/Tom) TEMPLE-41545 and Ruby Ida BECKER-41546
27 Mar 1920 Marriage John Elwood (John) TEMPLE-52630 and Jean Esther (Jean) TOWERS-52633
27 Nov 1924 Birth Elizabeth Irene TEMPLE-52636
1952 Death Gertrude A. OCHELTREE-48432
1956 Death Claude B. TEMPLE-48431
1959 Death Daniel Bert (Bert) TEMPLE-48413
IA, Polk, Altoona
1930 Birth James L. JOHNSON-122230
6 Jan 2009 Death Vera Eloise (Vera) TEMPLES-43371
IA, Polk, Ankeny
25 Nov 1918 Death Sarah Emma (Emma) DIXSON-75461
17 Feb 1943 Birth Myrtle Pauline LINTHICUM-164724
abt 1970 Death Mary Ann -142091
2012 Residence Evelyn Marie (Evelyn) TEMPLE-48421
23 Dec 2017 Death Barry Frank TEMPLE-173944
Dec 2019 Residence Jill TEMPLE-175805
IA, Polk, Bloomfield
Aug 1870 Occupation George Frederick TEMPLE-6198
Aug 1870 Census Mary Agnes (Mary) PETERS-6403
30 Sep 1908 Birth Helen I. SANER-78531
1925 Census Cynthia Jane DOUGLASS-43098
IA, Polk, Camp Dodge
Jan 1920 Occupation Merle Claude (Merl) TEMPLE-57094
1954 Death Anna POWELL-50577
IA, Polk, Crocker
Jun 1880 Census John LAIN-57098
Jun 1880 Census Ida RILEY-57099
Jan 1920 Occupation Francis M. (Frank) TEMPLE-30042
Jan 1920 Census John L. TEMPLE-75463
IA, Polk, Delaware
Jun 1900 Occupation William TEMPEL-146803
IA, Polk, Des Moines
1860 Birth Edward Douglas FINCH-17849
10 Jun 1871 Birth Edwin James (Jim) TEMPLE-48412
26 Sep 1878 Birth Matilda Jane (Matilda) GUNN-6546
abt 1882 Birth William BURGESS-49724
bet 1884 and 1899 Occupation Edward Ames TEMPLE-2287
1884 Moved Edward Ames TEMPLE-2287
1884 Residence Thomas TEMPLE-172795
15 Apr 1884 Birth Bertha TEMPLE-150740
11 Sep 1886 Birth Elenore (Ella) JOHNSON-69487
3 Jul 1888 Death Elizabeth PARKER-12330
1893 Residence Walter TEMPLE-165772
1893 Residence Rena SNYDER-165773
17 Aug 1893 Birth Herler TEMPLE-165771
21 Nov 1894 Marriage Edward (Ed) TEMPLE-50576 and Anna POWELL-50577
1895 Census Charlotte TEMPLE-131434
1895 Census Ashley TEMPLE-131435
21 Aug 1895 Birth Elva Bernice KINSEY-57118
8 Nov 1895 Birth Mary Esther (Mary) TEMPLE-48439
1896 Birth Hazel E. SKEELS-57297
Jan 1900 Census Mary Ellen (Ella) TEMPLE-41871
Jan 1900 Census William Theodore WHITE-41874
Jan 1900 Census Clifford Elmer WHITE-57454
Jan 1900 Census Fremont WHITE-57455
Jun 1900 Occupation Edward Ames TEMPLE-2287
Jun 1900 Census Cecelia Ann (Cecelia) TEMPLE-2290
Jun 1900 Census Elizabeth J. -81023
Jun 1900 Census Edith A. TEMPLE-140254
Jun 1900 Census Oliver M. FISHER-140255
Jun 1900 Census Gladys M. FISHER-142055
17 Jun 1903 Marriage Chester F. GLADSTONE II-53396 and Alice Myrtle TEMPLE-50574
1 Jun 1904 Death Benjamin F. GUE-12374
21 Oct 1904 Marriage William BURGESS-49724 and Martha Maude (Maude) TEMPLE-43175
1905 Census Edward Ames TEMPLE-2287
1905 Census Cecelia Ann (Cecelia) TEMPLE-2290
1905 Census Edwin James (Jim) TEMPLE-48412
1905 Census Leo Dunham (Leo) TEMPLE-48442
1905 Census Mabel M. DUNHAM-48443
1905 Census Gertrude Trepisla TEMPLE-48446
1905 Census Stanley ELLIOTT-60193
1905 Census Lillian -60194
1905 Census Adam TEMPLE-72578
1 Jan 1906 Marriage Carl TEMPLE-48420 and Winifred Ethel (Winnie) LANDON-48427
14 Aug 1907 Marriage Eckard W. GREIF-57120 and Mabel E. TEMPLE-57119
1909 Occupation Marcellus Luther TEMPLE-2012
1910 Residence Louise Forrest TEMPLE-2851
Apr 1910 Census Cecelia Ann (Cecelia) TEMPLE-2290
Apr 1910 Census Helen E. (Nell) BROOME-5953
Apr 1910 Census Charles Liston TEMPLE-5954
Apr 1910 Occupation John Dwight (Dwight) TEMPLE-26992
Apr 1910 Census Robert B. TEMPLE-44374
Apr 1910 Census William Mc Lean TEMPLE-48407
Apr 1910 Occupation Charles (Charley) TEMPLE-48410
Apr 1910 Census Leo Dunham (Leo) TEMPLE-48442
Apr 1910 Census Mabel M. DUNHAM-48443
Apr 1910 Occupation Gertrude Trepisla TEMPLE-48446
Apr 1910 Census Helen FINCH-60011
Apr 1910 Occupation Harvey O. TEMPLETON-133482
Apr 1910 Census Rhoda B. -133483
Apr 1910 Census Mabel L. TEMPLETON-133484
Apr 1910 Census Cora Loretta TEMPLETON-133485
12 Jun 1912 Marriage Eugene M. ERRETT-48448 and Gertrude Trepisla TEMPLE-48446
8 Sep 1913 Birth Frank Henry TEMPLE-44375
12 Feb 1914 Marriage Benjamin L. (Ben) HASBROOK-53400 and Mabel C. TEMPLE-3369
1915 Census Cecelia Ann (Cecelia) TEMPLE-2290
1915 Occupation John Dwight (Dwight) TEMPLE-26992
1915 Occupation Charles (Charley) TEMPLE-48410
1915 Census Leo Dunham (Leo) TEMPLE-48442
1915 Census Mabel M. DUNHAM-48443
1915 Census Minnie -140351
16 Feb 1915 Death Edward Floyd (Edward) TEMPLE-2848
20 Feb 1915 Death Maria TEMPLE-151344
1917 Occupation William Anthony (William) TEMPLE-61086
1917 Occupation James Monroe TEMPLE-29411
1917 Residence Elizabeth Jane HOKE-53433
1917 Occupation Leo Dunham (Leo) TEMPLE-48442
12 Dec 1917 Birth Charlene Helena TEMPLE-60203
13 Nov 1919 Birth Sidney Edward TEMPLE-57264
Jan 1920 Occupation Stacy Edward (Edward) TEMPLE-48441
Jan 1920 Census Helena Gertrude (Helena) HAZELRIGG-57263
Jan 1920 Census Sidney Edward TEMPLE-57264
Jan 1920 Census Sidney Marshall HAZELRIGG-57265
Jan 1920 Census Sabra E. COLE-57266
Jan 1920 Occupation William Anthony (William) TEMPLE-61086
Jan 1920 Occupation George K. HARKER-85695
Jan 1920 Occupation George TEMPLE-129141
17 May 1920 Birth Ruby Marie GUESSFORD-75796
16 May 1922 Birth Gladys Grace GUESSFORD-75813
23 Jun 1922 Death Ellen S. (Nellie) TEMPLE-130784
3 Jul 1922 Marriage Albert Claude TEMPLE-50587 and Florence H. ROBERTS-50589
16 Aug 1922 Birth Donald Gene (Don) TEMPLE-52635
30 Dec 1922 Marriage Louis Ireton WOLFE-90701 and Thelma Ames TEMPLE-2862
9 Mar 1923 Birth Betty Jean ULLRICH-122184
9 Mar 1923 Birth Betty Jean ULLRICH-166754
17 Sep 1923 Birth Donna G. TEMPLE-57267
19 Jun 1924 Birth James Temple BERGGREN-41572
1925 Census Louise Forrest TEMPLE-2851
1925 Census Jane Elizabeth (Jennie) BADGER-2911
1925 Census Bessie Viola TEMPLE-2912
1925 Census Edward Douglas FINCH-17849
1925 Census John Dwight (Dwight) TEMPLE-26992
1925 Census Ira Leo (Bud) ROWE-27108
1925 Census Theodore T. MC CLINTOCK-39864
1925 Census Frank H. CALVEY-50560
1925 Census Otis Gale ADAMSON-57075
1925 Census Jean L. ROWE-57187
1925 Census Jane L. ROWE-57188
1925 Census Edward G. WAGNER-57447
1925 Census Clifford Elmer WHITE-57454
1925 Census Elsie MC MAHON-61081
1925 Census William Anthony (William) TEMPLE-61086
1925 Census Virgil Forest TEMPLE-74273
1925 Residence Gertrude FROEMEL-42354
1925 Residence Gordon Tillman TEMPLE-28266
1925 Census Wallace Henry EVANS-91076
26 Feb 1926 Birth Joan Faith TEMPLE-53439
14 Jul 1927 Death John D. TEMPLE-48409
1929 Residence Helen I. SANER-78531
18 Dec 1929 Death Mary Ellen (Ella) TEMPLE-41871
Apr 1930 Occupation Harry Grant (Harry) TEMPLE-21043
Apr 1930 Census Lucille Margaret (Lucille) DELLOYE-21055
Apr 1930 Occupation John Thomas (Thomas/Tom) TEMPLE-41545
Apr 1930 Census Ruby Ida BECKER-41546
Apr 1930 Census Jean Catherine TEMPLE-42079
Apr 1930 Occupation Ethel May (Ethel) TEMPLE-48450
Apr 1930 Census Gwendolyn TEMPLE-62605
Apr 1930 Census Moritz B. ZEINER-62616
Apr 1930 Census Savannah WILLIAMS-97915
Apr 1930 Occupation Paul TEMPLES-131105
11 Jun 1930 Marriage Melvin Carl (Melvin) TEMPLE-48434 and Dorothy May HUNT-66467
1935 Residence Carl Edwin (Edwin) CARLSON-48424
23 Mar 1935 Marriage Carl Virgil TEMPLE-52632 and Margaret Evelyn MORGAN-57248
1 Apr 1935 Residence Paul Nathaniel TEMPLE Jr.-16470
1 Apr 1935 Residence Alice Marie (Marie) WHITE-16462
1 Apr 1935 Residence Paul Nathaniel TEMPLE Sr.-2614
1 Apr 1935 Residence Mary Ida (Mary) TEMPLE-41544
1 Apr 1935 Residence Carl Virgil TEMPLE-52632
1 Apr 1935 Residence Margaret Evelyn MORGAN-57248
16 Oct 1935 Marriage Carl Edwin (Edwin) CARLSON-48424 and Evelyn Marie (Evelyn) TEMPLE-48421
17 Feb 1936 Marriage William E. VALDER Jr.-41566 and Mary Ida (Mary) TEMPLE-41544
Mar 1937 Residence Louise Forrest TEMPLE-2851
5 Mar 1937 Death Louise Forrest TEMPLE-2851
Jul 1937 Miscellaneous Seth Justin (Seth) TEMPLE-1826
1939 Occupation Elsie MC MAHON-61081
1939 Residence William Anthony (William) TEMPLE-61086
Apr 1940 Census Samuel McClelland (Mack) TEMPLE-27082
Apr 1940 Occupation William Anthony (William) TEMPLE-61086
Apr 1940 Occupation Elsie MC MAHON-61081
Apr 1940 Occupation Mary Ida (Mary) TEMPLE-41544
Apr 1940 Occupation Frances Gertrude TEMPLE-41536
Apr 1940 Occupation Edna Mae (Edna) TEMPLE-52631
Apr 1940 Occupation Robert Dobson TEMPLE-42001
16 Oct 1940 Residence Katherine Dorothy -102466
1 Jul 1941 Birth Robert Dwight TEMPLE-6243
15 Sep 1941 Death Samuel McClelland (Mack) TEMPLE-27082
27 Sep 1941 Birth Donna Joy LACHER-75808
1942 Residence Donald Gene (Don) TEMPLE-52635
Feb 1942 Occupation Everett G. TEMPLE-166077
Feb 1942 Residence Leota ALEXANDER-166078
6 Feb 1942 Marriage Everett G. TEMPLE-166077 and Leota ALEXANDER-166078
16 Feb 1942 Occupation Arthur TEMPLE-25795
1 Sep 1942 Birth John LeRoy TEMPLE-75799
1943 Residence James Waldo (James) TEMPLE-52634
1943 Residence Robert Lee GLOVER-159550
bef 1945 Residence Troy Albert TEMPLE-28287
20 Jan 1945 Marriage Eugene R. ALBRIGHT-107897 and Elizabeth Irene TEMPLE-52636
Aug 1945 Occupation Lyndon Lee GUESS-122136
17 Aug 1945 Marriage Norman Arthur FOLLOWWILL-119285 and Mary Alice TEMPLE-52637
18 Aug 1945 Marriage Lyndon Lee GUESS-122136 and Viola Grace TEMPLE-47351
17 Mar 1946 Birth Patricia Jo MOISER-132445
20 Jul 1946 Marriage Donald Gene (Don) TEMPLE-52635 and Darlene V. WONDERS-114105
31 Aug 1946 Marriage Lowell Landon (Lowell) TEMPLE-48430 and Ruth Muriel MAURICE-89129
24 Oct 1946 Birth Larry James TEMPLE-75800
2 Jan 1947 Birth Charles Francis KIRCHHERR-41540
27 Sep 1947 Death Reverend Ezra Sommerville (Ezra) TEMPLE-2020
Aug 1948 Residence Maurice Elvin NICKEL-103338
31 Oct 1948 Death Anne MORRISON-48436
bet 1949 and 1966 Occupation John William TEMPLE Jr.-42717
Dec 1949 Residence Elizabeth Jane HOKE-53433
12 Dec 1949 Death James Monroe TEMPLE-29411
Jan 1950 Occupation Joseph L. THOMPSON-103233
7 Jan 1950 Marriage Joseph L. THOMPSON-103233 and Joan Faith TEMPLE-53439
Sep 1951 Residence Barbara Genelle TEMPLE-86603
9 Sep 1951 Marriage James L. JOHNSON-122230 and Barbara Genelle TEMPLE-86603
18 Dec 1956 Death Albert Claude TEMPLE-50587
2 Dec 1961 Death George Richard STRUTHERS-78805
1973 Residence Melvin Carl (Melvin) TEMPLE-48434
Apr 1975 Death William Anthony (William) TEMPLE-61086
Apr 1979 Death William E. VALDER Jr.-41566
3 Oct 1979 Death Winifred Ethel (Winnie) LANDON-48427
13 May 1980 Death Frances Elma (Frankie) TEMPLE-48438
23 Feb 1981 Death Clyde CRABTREE-66834
Apr 1983 Death Elizabeth Jane HOKE-53433
9 Jun 1983 Death Viola Marie (Marie) TEMPLE-44245
Aug 1986 Death Ethel May (Ethel) TEMPLE-48450
Dec 1991 Death Major HILL-124009
3 Mar 1992 Death Raquila Shonte TEMPLE-170031
11 May 1992 Death Alvena Mae TEMPLE-44825
11 Aug 1994 Death Carl Edwin (Edwin) CARLSON-48424
23 Apr 2002 Death Marcia Diane STOCKER-48418
Mar 2005 Death Laquarius M. TEMPLE-170003
23 Sep 2006 Death Curtis TEMPLE Jr.-138359
5 Jun 2007 Death Eleana -141982
2008 Residence Harold TEMPEL-147058
2008 Residence Emily TEMPEL-147062
2010 Residence Paul L. TEMPLE-86281
30 Sep 2010 Death Janice WAGES-119296
2011 Residence Amanda R. TEMPLE-52293
9 Nov 2011 Death John William TEMPLE Jr.-42717
2013 Residence Sok CHENG-88443
29 Jun 2017 Death Sandra Kay LYTLE-88339
16 Aug 2017 Death Michael Ray (Mike) TEMPLE-109745
2018 Residence Jo -114162
2019 Residence Linda TEMPLE-109748
23 Dec 2019 Death Barbara Jean ALLEN-175803
Residence Samuel (Sammy) TEMPLE-27106
Residence Bertha L. TEMPLE-29675
IA, Polk, Fort Des Moines
1936 Birth Paul L. TEMPLE-86281
1938 Birth Carroll David TEMPLE-86282
Apr 1940 Occupation John Elwood (John) TEMPLE-52630
Apr 1940 Census Jean Esther (Jean) TOWERS-52633
Apr 1940 Census James Waldo (James) TEMPLE-52634
Apr 1940 Census Donald Gene (Don) TEMPLE-52635
Apr 1940 Census Elizabeth Irene TEMPLE-52636
Apr 1940 Census Mary Alice TEMPLE-52637
Apr 1940 Census Paul L. TEMPLE-86281
Apr 1940 Census Carroll David TEMPLE-86282
1944 Residence Charles Edward (Charles) TEMPLE-53434
IA, Polk, Grimes
15 Dec 1883 Birth Carl TEMPLE-48420
15 Feb 1895 Birth Merle Claude (Merl) TEMPLE-57094
12 Feb 1909 Birth Melvin Carl (Melvin) TEMPLE-48434
1917 Residence Helena Gertrude (Helena) HAZELRIGG-57263
1918 Occupation Claude B. TEMPLE-48431
1918 Residence Gertrude A. OCHELTREE-48432
1918 Occupation Daniel Bert (Bert) TEMPLE-48413
1918 Occupation John Elwood (John) TEMPLE-52630
Jan 1920 Census Tabitha WEST-48408
Jan 1920 Occupation Frederick (Freddie) TEMPLE-48411
Jan 1920 Occupation Edward (Ed) TEMPLE-50576
Jan 1920 Census Anna POWELL-50577
Jan 1920 Census Madge May TEMPLE-50578
Jan 1920 Census Nellie May (Nellie) TEMPLE-50580
Jan 1920 Occupation Frederick E. (Fred) KINSEY-50581
11 Feb 1920 Marriage James Kenneth BROWN-57083 and Madge May TEMPLE-50578
21 May 1924 Birth Lowell Landon (Lowell) TEMPLE-48430
1925 Census Edward (Ed) TEMPLE-50576
1925 Census Anna POWELL-50577
1925 Census Elva Bernice KINSEY-57118
Apr 1930 Occupation Edward (Ed) TEMPLE-50576
Apr 1930 Census Anna POWELL-50577
1935 Residence Evelyn Marie (Evelyn) TEMPLE-48421
1937 Residence Nellie May (Nellie) TEMPLE-50580
Nov 1937 Residence Frederick (Freddie) TEMPLE-48411
Apr 1940 Occupation Edward (Ed) TEMPLE-50576
Apr 1940 Census Anna POWELL-50577
May 1941 Residence Dorothy Virginia (Dorothy) TEMPLE-48422
29 May 1941 Marriage James Cyrus MOSIER-48425 and Dorothy Virginia (Dorothy) TEMPLE-48422
6 Oct 1942 Death Nellie May (Nellie) TEMPLE-50580
1946 Residence Carl TEMPLE-48420
Oct 1948 Residence Frederick (Freddie) TEMPLE-48411
Feb 1950 Residence Anna POWELL-50577
22 Feb 1950 Death Edward (Ed) TEMPLE-50576
IA, Polk, Herrold
1876 Birth Archibald H. MANUEL-175748
IA, Polk, Jefferson
Jul 1870 Occupation John TEMPLE-30034
Jul 1870 Census William TEMPLE-30039
Jul 1870 Census George TEMPLE-30041
Jul 1870 Census Francis M. (Frank) TEMPLE-30042
Jul 1870 Census Tabitha WEST-48408
Jul 1870 Census John D. TEMPLE-48409
Jul 1870 Census Charles (Charley) TEMPLE-48410
Jul 1870 Census Frederick (Freddie) TEMPLE-48411
Jul 1870 Census Adams TEMPLE-30040
Jul 1870 Census Edward (Ed) TEMPLE-50576
19 Sep 1875 Birth Alice Myrtle TEMPLE-50574
30 Jul 1877 Birth Hannah TEMPLE-50585
26 Jan 1878 Birth Myrtle Elizabeth (Eliza) TEMPLE-50591
14 Oct 1879 Birth Bertha Mae TEMPLE-50586
16 Feb 1880 Birth Daniel Bert (Bert) TEMPLE-48413
Jun 1880 Occupation John TEMPLE-30034
Jun 1880 Census Adams TEMPLE-30040
Jun 1880 Illness Adams TEMPLE-30040
Jun 1880 Occupation George TEMPLE-30041
Jun 1880 Census Francis M. (Frank) TEMPLE-30042
Jun 1880 Illness Francis M. (Frank) TEMPLE-30042
Jun 1880 Census Sarah E. CARTWRIGHT-31418
Jun 1880 Census Tabitha WEST-48408
Jun 1880 Census John D. TEMPLE-48409
Jun 1880 Census Charles (Charley) TEMPLE-48410
Jun 1880 Census Frederick (Freddie) TEMPLE-48411
Jun 1880 Census Edwin James (Jim) TEMPLE-48412
Jun 1880 Census Daniel Bert (Bert) TEMPLE-48413
Jun 1880 Census Claude B. TEMPLE-48431
Jun 1880 Census Edward (Ed) TEMPLE-50576
Jun 1880 Census Nellie May (Nellie) TEMPLE-50580
Jun 1880 Census Hannah TEMPLE-50585
Jun 1880 Census Bertha Mae TEMPLE-50586
Jun 1880 Census Myrtle Elizabeth (Eliza) TEMPLE-50591
30 Aug 1881 Death Hannah TEMPLE-50585
1885 Occupation John TEMPLE-30034
1885 Occupation Adams TEMPLE-30040
1885 Census Adams TEMPLE-30040
1885 Census Francis M. (Frank) TEMPLE-30042
1885 Census Francis M. (Frank) TEMPLE-30042
1885 Census Tabitha WEST-48408
1885 Census John D. TEMPLE-48409
1885 Census Charles (Charley) TEMPLE-48410
1885 Census Frederick (Freddie) TEMPLE-48411
1885 Census Daniel Bert (Bert) TEMPLE-48413
1885 Census Carl TEMPLE-48420
1885 Census Claude B. TEMPLE-48431
1885 Census Edward (Ed) TEMPLE-50576
1885 Census Nellie May (Nellie) TEMPLE-50580
11 Mar 1889 Death Roxie TEMPLE-60202
30 Mar 1889 Birth Mabel E. TEMPLE-57119
19 Dec 1889 Death John TEMPLE-30034
1890 Death TEMPLE-60204
5 Nov 1890 Birth TEMPLE-60204
22 Jun 1892 Marriage Frederick E. (Fred) KINSEY-50581 and Nellie May (Nellie) TEMPLE-50580
1895 Census Tabitha WEST-48408
1895 Census Frederick (Freddie) TEMPLE-48411
1895 Census Edwin James (Jim) TEMPLE-48412
1895 Census Daniel Bert (Bert) TEMPLE-48413
1895 Census Carl TEMPLE-48420
1895 Census Claude B. TEMPLE-48431
1895 Census Elizabeth (Lizzie) LAIN-48433
15 Oct 1895 Birth Madge May TEMPLE-50578
27 Mar 1898 Birth John Elwood (John) TEMPLE-52630
Jun 1900 Occupation Edward (Ed) TEMPLE-50576
Jun 1900 Census Anna POWELL-50577
Jun 1900 Census Madge May TEMPLE-50578
Jun 1900 Census Fred TEMPLE-57093
Jun 1900 Census Merle Claude (Merl) TEMPLE-57094
Jun 1900 Occupation Edwin James (Jim) TEMPLE-48412
Jun 1900 Census Lillian -60194
Jun 1900 Census Stanley ELLIOTT-60193
19 Jan 1904 Birth TEMPLE-60201
22 Jan 1904 Death TEMPLE-60201
1905 Census Tabitha WEST-48408
1905 Census John D. TEMPLE-48409
1905 Census Frederick (Freddie) TEMPLE-48411
1905 Census Daniel Bert (Bert) TEMPLE-48413
1905 Census Carl TEMPLE-48420
1905 Census Winifred Ethel (Winnie) LANDON-48427
1905 Census Claude B. TEMPLE-48431
1905 Census Mary Amy HUNT-48437
1905 Census Frances Elma (Frankie) TEMPLE-48438
1905 Census Mary Esther (Mary) TEMPLE-48439
1905 Census Nellie J. TEMPLE-48440
1905 Census Stacy Edward (Edward) TEMPLE-48441
1905 Census Edward (Ed) TEMPLE-50576
1905 Census Anna POWELL-50577
1905 Census Madge May TEMPLE-50578
1905 Census John Elwood (John) TEMPLE-52630
1905 Census Mabel E. TEMPLE-57119
20 Nov 1906 Birth Ethel May (Ethel) TEMPLE-48450
8 May 1907 Birth Edna Mae (Edna) TEMPLE-52631
Apr 1910 Census Tabitha WEST-48408
Apr 1910 Occupation John D. TEMPLE-48409
Apr 1910 Occupation Frederick (Freddie) TEMPLE-48411
Apr 1910 Occupation Daniel Bert (Bert) TEMPLE-48413
Apr 1910 Occupation Carl TEMPLE-48420
Apr 1910 Census Winifred Ethel (Winnie) LANDON-48427
Apr 1910 Census Melvin Carl (Melvin) TEMPLE-48434
Apr 1910 Census Mary Amy HUNT-48437
Apr 1910 Occupation Frances Elma (Frankie) TEMPLE-48438
Apr 1910 Census Frances Elma (Frankie) TEMPLE-48438
Apr 1910 Census Mary Esther (Mary) TEMPLE-48439
Apr 1910 Census Nellie J. TEMPLE-48440
Apr 1910 Census Stacy Edward (Edward) TEMPLE-48441
Apr 1910 Census Ethel May (Ethel) TEMPLE-48450
Apr 1910 Occupation Edward (Ed) TEMPLE-50576
Apr 1910 Census Anna POWELL-50577
Apr 1910 Census Madge May TEMPLE-50578
Apr 1910 Census John Elwood (John) TEMPLE-52630
Apr 1910 Census Edna Mae (Edna) TEMPLE-52631
16 Nov 1910 Birth Dorothy Virginia (Dorothy) TEMPLE-48422
4 Sep 1912 Birth Geneva M. TEMPLE-48435
1915 Census Adams TEMPLE-30040
1915 Census Tabitha WEST-48408
1915 Occupation John D. TEMPLE-48409
1915 Occupation Frederick (Freddie) TEMPLE-48411
1915 Occupation Edwin James (Jim) TEMPLE-48412
1915 Occupation Daniel Bert (Bert) TEMPLE-48413
1915 Occupation Daniel Bert (Bert) TEMPLE-48413
1915 Occupation Carl TEMPLE-48420
1915 Census Dorothy Virginia (Dorothy) TEMPLE-48422
1915 Census Winifred Ethel (Winnie) LANDON-48427
1915 Occupation Claude B. TEMPLE-48431
1915 Census Melvin Carl (Melvin) TEMPLE-48434
1915 Census Geneva M. TEMPLE-48435
1915 Census Mary Amy HUNT-48437
1915 Census Stacy Edward (Edward) TEMPLE-48441
1915 Census Ethel May (Ethel) TEMPLE-48450
1915 Census Anna POWELL-50577
1915 Census John Elwood (John) TEMPLE-52630
1915 Census Edna Mae (Edna) TEMPLE-52631
1915 Census Carl Virgil TEMPLE-52632
1915 Census Fred TEMPLE-57093
6 Feb 1916 Birth Evelyn Marie (Evelyn) TEMPLE-48421
Jan 1920 Occupation Claude B. TEMPLE-48431
Jan 1920 Census Gertrude A. OCHELTREE-48432
21 May 1924 Birth Lois Lorraine TEMPLE-48423
1925 Census Tabitha WEST-48408
1925 Census Daniel Bert (Bert) TEMPLE-48413
1925 Census Carl TEMPLE-48420
1925 Census Evelyn Marie (Evelyn) TEMPLE-48421
1925 Census Dorothy Virginia (Dorothy) TEMPLE-48422
1925 Census Lois Lorraine TEMPLE-48423
1925 Census Winifred Ethel (Winnie) LANDON-48427
1925 Census Lowell Landon (Lowell) TEMPLE-48430
1925 Census Claude B. TEMPLE-48431
1925 Census Gertrude A. OCHELTREE-48432
1925 Census Melvin Carl (Melvin) TEMPLE-48434
1925 Census Geneva M. TEMPLE-48435
1925 Census Ethel May (Ethel) TEMPLE-48450
1925 Census Madge May TEMPLE-50578
1925 Census Nellie May (Nellie) TEMPLE-50580
1925 Census Frederick E. (Fred) KINSEY-50581
1925 Census Dwight Edgar KINSEY-50582
1925 Census John T. KINSEY-50583
1925 Census Edward KINSEY-50584
1925 Census James Kenneth BROWN-57083
1925 Census Evan Edward BROWN-57084
1925 Census William L. BROWN-57085
31 Dec 1926 Death Tabitha WEST-48408
Apr 1930 Occupation Frederick (Freddie) TEMPLE-48411
Apr 1930 Occupation Daniel Bert (Bert) TEMPLE-48413
Apr 1930 Occupation Carl TEMPLE-48420
Apr 1930 Census Evelyn Marie (Evelyn) TEMPLE-48421
Apr 1930 Occupation Dorothy Virginia (Dorothy) TEMPLE-48422
Apr 1930 Census Lois Lorraine TEMPLE-48423
Apr 1930 Census Lowell Landon (Lowell) TEMPLE-48430
Apr 1930 Occupation Claude B. TEMPLE-48431
Apr 1930 Census Gertrude A. OCHELTREE-48432
Apr 1930 Occupation Melvin Carl (Melvin) TEMPLE-48434
Apr 1930 Census Geneva M. TEMPLE-48435
Apr 1940 Census Claude B. TEMPLE-48431
Apr 1940 Census Gertrude A. OCHELTREE-48432
Apr 1940 Occupation Daniel Bert (Bert) TEMPLE-48413
Apr 1940 Occupation Carl TEMPLE-48420
Apr 1940 Census Winifred Ethel (Winnie) LANDON-48427
Apr 1940 Census Ethel May (Ethel) TEMPLE-48450
Apr 1940 Census Lois Lorraine TEMPLE-48423
Apr 1940 Census Lowell Landon (Lowell) TEMPLE-48430
Apr 1940 Occupation Geneva M. TEMPLE-48435
Apr 1940 Occupation Dorothy Virginia (Dorothy) TEMPLE-48422
IA, Polk, Johnston
25 Sep 1911 Birth Dorothy May HUNT-66467
1917 Occupation Stacy Edward (Edward) TEMPLE-48441
23 May 1998 Death Geneva M. TEMPLE-48435
1999 Residence Kurt STOCKER-48416
29 Jul 1999 Death Lowell Landon (Lowell) TEMPLE-48430
2011 Residence Evelyn BOYD-52290
2011 Residence Thomas D. (Tom) TEMPLE-52292
20 Sep 2014 Death Mildred Maxine (Millie) BOMAR-62358
IA, Polk, Lee Twp.
3 Feb 1929 Death Fern Kathryn (Fern) TEMPLE-41556
IA, Polk, Lovington
20 Jan 1920 Birth James Waldo (James) TEMPLE-52634
IA, Polk, Madison
Jun 1900 Occupation John D. TEMPLE-48409
Jun 1900 Census Mary Amy HUNT-48437
Jun 1900 Census Mabel E. TEMPLE-57119
Jun 1900 Census Stacy Edward (Edward) TEMPLE-48441
Jun 1900 Census Frances Elma (Frankie) TEMPLE-48438
Jun 1900 Census Mary Esther (Mary) TEMPLE-48439
Jun 1900 Census John Elwood (John) TEMPLE-52630
IA, Polk, Mitchellville
1859 Birth Willis Frederick PARKER-8528
1861 Birth Clara Amanda PARKER-8529
1861 Residence William Henry (Henry) TEMPLE-50212
Dec 1861 Residence James Franklin (James) TEMPLE-50213
IA, Polk, Pleasant Hill
2018 Residence Barbara Jean (Barbara) TEMPLE-114145
IA, Polk, Polk City
1856 Census Charles Fordyce (Charles) TEMPLE-1664
1856 Census James Gardner (James) TEMPLE-1665
1856 Census Melissa ABBOTT-2885
1856 Census Ada M. TEMPLE-2886
1856 Census DeForest Charles TEMPLE-2887
1856 Census Rosina PIERCE-2888
30 Jun 1883 Birth John William (Billy) TEMPLE-50597
6 Feb 1891 Birth Albert Claude TEMPLE-50587
4 Aug 1895 Birth Stanley ELLIOTT-60193
21 Oct 1896 Birth Clyde CRABTREE-66834
1905 Birth James Cyrus MOSIER-48425
12 Feb 1909 Death Edward Faber TEMPLE-2916
1913 Death Rhoda DORMAN-2917
1914 Death Rosina PIERCE-2888
1915 Death James Gardner (James) TEMPLE-1665
15 Sep 1921 Birth Delie Agnes CRABTREE-66837
1925 Census Fern Kathryn (Fern) TEMPLE-41556
1925 Census Walter Carl BERGGREN-41567
1925 Census Glorienne Arlena BERGGREN-41568
1925 Census Fern Elaine BERGGREN-41569
1925 Census Annabel Maxine BERGGREN-41570
1925 Census Paul Walter BERGGREN-41571
1925 Census James Temple BERGGREN-41572
2 Nov 1968 Death Carl TEMPLE-48420
Birth Bertha EARLY-90716
IA, Polk, Ridgedale
24 May 1870 Birth Edward (Ed) TEMPLE-50576
9 Dec 1872 Birth Claude B. TEMPLE-48431
5 Nov 1890 Birth Gertrude Trepisla TEMPLE-48446
IA, Polk, Runnells
2018 Residence Katie TEMPLE-114147
IA, Polk, Saylor
abt 1904 Birth Minerva A. DAY-57422
1905 Census Elizabeth (Lizzie) LAIN-48433
1905 Census Merle Claude (Merl) TEMPLE-57094
1905 Census James C. DAY-57095
Apr 1910 Census Elizabeth (Lizzie) LAIN-48433
Apr 1910 Census Merle Claude (Merl) TEMPLE-57094
Apr 1910 Census James C. DAY-57095
IA, Polk, Saylorville
Birth Edgar SAYLOR-158303
IA, Polk, Urbandale
1925 Census William Walter BOATWRIGHT-57106
1925 Census Darlene Lucille BOATWRIGHT-57107
1925 Census Merle W. BOATWRIGHT-57108
11 Jun 1925 Death Mary Amy HUNT-48437
Aug 1968 Death Edna Mae (Edna) TEMPLE-52631
1972 Residence John William TEMPLE Jr.-42717
1980 Residence Frances Elma (Frankie) TEMPLE-48438
2011 Residence Jeffrey W. TEMPLE-52294
IA, Polk, Webster Twp.
17 Apr 1895 Birth Leo Dunham (Leo) TEMPLE-48442
10 Dec 1935 Birth Cleta Melva TEMPLE-86288
Apr 1940 Occupation Melvin Carl (Melvin) TEMPLE-48434
Apr 1940 Census Dorothy May HUNT-66467
Apr 1940 Census Charlotte TEMPLE-86287
Apr 1940 Census Cleta Melva TEMPLE-86288
29 Oct 1940 Death Cleta Melva TEMPLE-86288
IA, Polk, West Des Moines
1999 Residence Evelyn Marie (Evelyn) TEMPLE-48421
1999 Residence Dorothy Virginia (Dorothy) TEMPLE-48422

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