IOWA Events, Part 5

IOWA Event List Five

IA, Pottawattamie Co. through IA, Wright, Rowan

IA, Pottawattamie Co.
17 Sep 1925 Marriage L.C. TEMPLE-136279 and Luella TUTIN-136280
27 Jan 1929 Marriage Lucian Reams HOBART-136284 and Myrtle Irene TEMPLE-136283
4 Sep 1929 Marriage Jerald C. TEMPLE-136281 and Evelyne SIMERSON-136282
IA, Pottawattamie, Avoca
1873 Election Samuel (Sam) TEMPLE-89025
26 Jun 1875 Birth Emma Belle (Belle) TEMPLE-89033
Jun 1880 Census Kate TEMPLE-89024
Jun 1880 Occupation Samuel (Sam) TEMPLE-89025
Jun 1880 Census Emma Belle (Belle) TEMPLE-89033
Jun 1880 Census Martha DRINKARD-89034
25 Oct 1881 Death Martha DRINKARD-89034
IA, Pottawattamie, Council Bluffs
Jun 1880 Occupation Jack TEMPLE-135135
Jun 1880 Occupation William TEMPLE-135136
Jun 1880 Occupation James Monroe TEMPLE-135137
Jun 1880 Census Lydia -135138
Jun 1880 Occupation James TEMPLE-135139
Jun 1880 Census Russell TEMPLE-135140
Jun 1880 Census Madison TEMPLE-135141
Jun 1880 Census Monroe TEMPLE-135142
Jun 1880 Census Susan TEMPLE-135143
1885 Occupation James Monroe TEMPLE-135137
1885 Census Lydia -135138
1885 Census James TEMPLE-135139
1885 Census Russell TEMPLE-135140
1885 Census Madison TEMPLE-135141
1885 Census Monroe TEMPLE-135142
1885 Census Susan TEMPLE-135143
1885 Occupation John TEMPLE-140339
19 Jul 1888 Birth Emma Louise SCHARNOW-95116
2 Dec 1895 Marriage Eugene E. CARRICK-136274 and Nellie E. TEMPLE-136273
1898 Residence Edward H. LOWERY-170297
12 Apr 1907 Marriage Howard Alvah TEMPLE-59478 and Edythe Amber (Edythe) WILCOX-73331
5 Nov 1914 Birth Bessie Mae BARRITT-86449
1915 Occupation Barbara M. (Barba) TEMPLE-51719
21 Jan 1922 Marriage Stanley R. SMITH-155701 and Pearl BROWN-155698
4 Jun 1924 Marriage Horace Schell (Schell) HARMON Sr.-18061 and Mary Frances (Mary) TEMPLE-18060
1925 Occupation Barbara M. (Barba) TEMPLE-51719
15 Sep 1926 Birth Kathryn Alice SPENCER-85047
27 Jan 1929 Marriage Lucian Reams HOBART-69729 and Myrtle Irene TEMPLE-53896
Apr 1930 Occupation Ernest Clarence (Ernest) TEMPLE-2611
Apr 1930 Occupation Gordon Tillman TEMPLE-28266
Apr 1930 Census Donald G. TEMPLE-40398
Apr 1930 Census Gertrude FROEMEL-42354
1931 Occupation Ernest Clarence (Ernest) TEMPLE-2611
1931 Occupation Gordon Tillman TEMPLE-28266
1931 Occupation Charles Luther (Charles) TEMPLE-40132
26 May 1931 Death Ernest Clarence (Ernest) TEMPLE-2611
10 Aug 1933 Birth Richard William TEMPLE-88467
29 Jan 1951 Marriage Gerald Dale NELSON-101793 and Betty Lou TEMPLE-87316
15 Oct 1987 Death Benjamin Lavern TEMPLE-52060
1991 Residence Sandy TEMPLE-61884
25 Jan 2004 Death Audrey Dean TEMPLE-52059
IA, Pottawattamie, Kane
Jun 1900 Occupation Edward H. LOWERY-170297
Jun 1900 Census Charlotte TEMPLE-170298
IA, Pottawattamie, Loveland
10 Feb 1879 Birth Sarah L. (Nellie) TEMPLE-2428
12 Jun 1890 Birth Claude E. TEMPLE-165718
12 Jun 1891 Birth Claudius E. (Claude) TEMPLE-2431
2 Dec 1895 Marriage Eugene SORICK-57932 and Sarah L. (Nellie) TEMPLE-2428
IA, Pottawattamie, Neola
Jun 1880 Census Thomas Isaac (Thomas) TEMPLE-125109
Jun 1880 Occupation Rachel P. SUTTON-125111
Jun 1880 Census Henry Herbert (Harry) TEMPLE-125144
IA, Poweshiek Co.
Jan 1945 Occupation John Le Roy (John/Roy) TEMPLE-42347
IA, Poweshiek, Deep River Twp.
23 Jan 1852 Birth James Warren MAY Sr.-58606
1859 Birth Millard MAY-59128
Jul 1860 Census James Warren MAY Sr.-58606
Jul 1860 Census Richard L. MAY-59121
Jul 1860 Census Eliza -59122
Jul 1860 Census Mary E. MAY-59123
Jul 1860 Census Emanuel F. MAY-59124
Jul 1860 Census John Q. MAY-59125
Jul 1860 Census Isabella J. MAY-59126
Jul 1860 Census Benna Vista MAY-59127
Jul 1860 Census Millard MAY-59128
May 1910 Census Clara A. TEMPLE-156131
May 1910 Census Emery A. CHENEY-156132
1936 Residence Irma D. CHENEY-156133
IA, Poweshiek, Grant Twp.
Apr 1940 Occupation Mary TEMPLE-152966
IA, Poweshiek, Grinnell
1910 Birth Nannette HUGHES-90773
19 Jan 1916 Birth Elna Marguerite (Elna) FLEMING-61883
Jan 1920 Occupation Sylvia Anna CHAMBERLAIN-55063
Jan 1920 Census Howard Irving TEMPLE-55064
Jan 1920 Census Kenneth M. TEMPLE-55065
Jan 1920 Census Sarah E. BRYAN-55067
Jan 1920 Census Eugene M. ERRETT-48448
Jan 1920 Census Elizabeth ERRETT-98246
1925 Census Sylvia Anna CHAMBERLAIN-55063
1925 Census Howard Irving TEMPLE-55064
1925 Census Kenneth M. TEMPLE-55065
Apr 1930 Census Sylvia Anna CHAMBERLAIN-55063
Apr 1930 Occupation Howard Irving TEMPLE-55064
Apr 1930 Occupation Kenneth M. TEMPLE-55065
Apr 1930 Census Sarah E. BRYAN-55067
1935 Birth Barbara Jean DEEDS-90777
1 Apr 1935 Residence Ruth A. SEARS-77598
1937 Residence Nannette HUGHES-90773
1939 Residence Kenneth M. TEMPLE-55065
1939 Residence Ruth A. SEARS-77598
Apr 1940 Census Sylvia Anna CHAMBERLAIN-55063
Apr 1940 Occupation Howard Irving TEMPLE-55064
Apr 1940 Census Nellie VAN GORP-86290
Apr 1940 Occupation John Le Roy (John/Roy) TEMPLE-42347
Apr 1940 Census Nannette HUGHES-90773
Apr 1940 Census Barbara Jean DEEDS-90777
1941 Residence William Joseph TEMPLE-44244
1945 Residence John Le Roy (John/Roy) TEMPLE-42347
Mar 1946 Residence Sylvia Anna CHAMBERLAIN-55063
1949 Residence John Le Roy (John/Roy) TEMPLE-42347
28 Jul 1970 Death John Le Roy (John/Roy) TEMPLE-42347
27 Sep 1991 Death Elna Marguerite (Elna) FLEMING-61883
IA, Poweshiek, Montezuma
7 Jan 1884 Birth Sylvia Anna CHAMBERLAIN-55063
1915 Occupation J.M. -140335
6 Mar 1946 Death Sylvia Anna CHAMBERLAIN-55063
IA, Poweshiek, Washington
1915 Census Sylvia Anna CHAMBERLAIN-55063
1915 Census Howard Irving TEMPLE-55064
1915 Census Kenneth M. TEMPLE-55065
IA, Ridgedale
23 Jun 1889 Baptism Lucy TEMPLE-143616
Dec 1889 Death John TEMPLE-143610
28 Feb 1891 Baptism Mary TEMPLE-143615
6 Mar 1891 Baptism John TEMPLE-143614
IA, Ringgold, Kellerton
1926 Birth Lyndon Lee GUESS-122136
IA, Ringgold, Tingley
12 Jan 1903 Birth Geraldine OXENREIDER-86591
14 Sep 1903 Death Ida Mae HATHAWAY-56196
1905 Census Harold Everett (Everett) TEMPLE-86590
Apr 1910 Census Harold Everett (Everett) TEMPLE-86590
Apr 1910 Census Geraldine OXENREIDER-86591
1915 Census Harold Everett (Everett) TEMPLE-86590
IA, Ringgold, Watterson
30 Oct 1883 Birth Lillian Ethel (Lillie) TEMPLE-50241
IA, Sac, Lake View
Apr 1930 Occupation Algernon Foreman TEMPLE-42003
Apr 1930 Census Charlotte Isabelle TEMPLE-42005
12 Sep 1937 Marriage Orville Philip HEIN-68564 and Charlotte Isabelle TEMPLE-42005
IA, Sac, Odebolt
1914 Birth Margaret Evelyn MORGAN-57248
IA, Sac, Sac City
3 Jan 1896 Birth Orville Philip HEIN-68564
Apr 1910 Occupation Wilbur Roy (Wilbur) TEMPLE-41998
Apr 1910 Census Raye Ethel (Raye) DOBSON-41999
Apr 1910 Census Louis Kirk (Kirk) TEMPLE-42000
31 Jan 1911 Birth Robert Dobson TEMPLE-42001
1913 Birth Floris Evelyn MOLSBERRY-60263
1915 Occupation Wilbur Roy (Wilbur) TEMPLE-41998
1915 Census Raye Ethel (Raye) DOBSON-41999
1915 Census Louis Kirk (Kirk) TEMPLE-42000
1915 Census Robert Dobson TEMPLE-42001
7 Oct 1917 Birth Norma Kathleen (Norma) TEMPLE-42002
1918 Occupation Wilbur Roy (Wilbur) TEMPLE-41998
1918 Residence Raye Ethel (Raye) DOBSON-41999
Jan 1920 Occupation Wilbur Roy (Wilbur) TEMPLE-41998
Jan 1920 Census Raye Ethel (Raye) DOBSON-41999
Jan 1920 Census Louis Kirk (Kirk) TEMPLE-42000
Jan 1920 Census Robert Dobson TEMPLE-42001
Jan 1920 Census Norma Kathleen (Norma) TEMPLE-42002
Jan 1920 Occupation Algernon Foreman TEMPLE-42003
Jan 1920 Census Lora Isabelle (Belle) FITKIN-42004
Jan 1920 Census Charlotte Isabelle TEMPLE-42005
Jan 1920 Census Floris Evelyn MOLSBERRY-60263
1925 Census Wilbur Roy (Wilbur) TEMPLE-41998
1925 Census Raye Ethel (Raye) DOBSON-41999
1925 Census Louis Kirk (Kirk) TEMPLE-42000
1925 Census Robert Dobson TEMPLE-42001
1925 Census Norma Kathleen (Norma) TEMPLE-42002
1925 Census Algernon Foreman TEMPLE-42003
1925 Census Lora Isabelle (Belle) FITKIN-42004
1925 Census Charlotte Isabelle TEMPLE-42005
1930 Education Norma Kathleen (Norma) TEMPLE-42002
Apr 1930 Census Raye Ethel (Raye) DOBSON-41999
Apr 1930 Census Robert Dobson TEMPLE-42001
Apr 1930 Census Norma Kathleen (Norma) TEMPLE-42002
1937 Residence Norma Kathleen (Norma) TEMPLE-42002
14 Aug 1937 Marriage Robert James SWALLUM-90778 and Norma Kathleen (Norma) TEMPLE-42002
Apr 1940 Occupation Raye Ethel (Raye) DOBSON-41999
Apr 1940 Occupation Louis Kirk (Kirk) TEMPLE-42000
3 Jan 1941 Marriage Louis Kirk (Kirk) TEMPLE-42000 and Floris Evelyn MOLSBERRY-60263
Dec 1947 Residence Lora Isabelle (Belle) FITKIN-42004
Dec 1947 Residence Algernon Foreman TEMPLE-42003
12 Dec 1947 Death Algernon Foreman TEMPLE-42003
1952 Death Raye Ethel (Raye) DOBSON-41999
16 Jun 2020 Death Janet L. (Janny) TODD-158965
IA, SAC, Schaller
2015 Residence Susan Beth TEMPLE-45226
IA, Scott Co.
6 Feb 1844 Marriage Francis Jackson PARKER-12324 and Elizabeth POSTEN-12343
1867 Birth Mary E. SIMONSON-3367
1877 Birth Mabel DOWNS-135185
8 Aug 1922 Birth Irene Josephine (Irene) -105605
1 Apr 1935 Residence Margaret A. STOLTENBERG-86447
1 Apr 1935 Residence David TEMPLE-152973
IA, Scott, Bettendorf
Apr 1930 Occupation Charles TEMPLE-131107
16 Feb 2011 Death Betty J. MC MAHON-57467
IA, Scott, Big Rock
26 Aug 1846 Death Rhoda CHAPLIN-12321
Aug 1881 Death Francis Jackson PARKER-12324
IA, Scott, Blue Grass
Jul 1860 Census Mary A. BILLSBOROUGH-124484
Jul 1860 Occupation Thomas B. TEMPLE-124485
Jul 1860 Census Elizabeth TEMPLE-124486
Jul 1860 Census Louisa Artenestia TEMPLE-124487
Jul 1860 Census John Thomas (John) TEMPLE-124489
IA, Scott, Buffalo Twp.
Apr 1940 Census Margaret HENDRIX-176090
IA, Scott, Davenport
1840 Military Major George W. TEMPLE-1159
13 Apr 1842 Marriage James Strong THORINGTON-12297 and Mary Ann PARKER-12292
1843 Birth Sarah THORINGTON-12298
1843 Birth Mary THORINGTON-12299
1845 Birth Naomi THORINGTON-12300
1847 Birth Parker THORINGTON-12301
1849 Death Parker THORINGTON-12301
1850 Birth Ella THORINGTON-12302
1851 Birth Cora THORINGTON-12303
1852 Census James TEMPLE-140336
1853 Birth Monroe P. THORINGTON-12304
12 Jan 1853 Marriage John WALRAVEN-12358 and Mary Chaplin PARKER-12327
1855 Moved Jonathan S. (John) REED-144362
1856 Marriage Benjamin F. GUE-12374 and Elizabeth PARKER-12330
1856 Moved Thomas B. TEMPLE-124485
1856 Moved John Thomas (John) TEMPLE-124489
1856 Residence E.W. TEMPLE-136271
1859 Occupation Thomas B. TEMPLE-124485
1862 Death Thomas B. TEMPLE-124485
1862 Occupation John Thomas (John) TEMPLE-124489
30 Dec 1868 Marriage John Thomas (John) TEMPLE-124489 and Josephine A. AHREN-124686
19 Feb 1870 Birth Clara Amelia (Clara) WOLFF-5696
Aug 1870 Occupation Mary A. BILLSBOROUGH-124484
Aug 1870 Census Louisa Artenestia TEMPLE-124487
Aug 1870 Occupation John Thomas (John) TEMPLE-124489
Aug 1870 Census Josephine A. AHREN-124686
21 Mar 1875 Death Naomi TITUS-12288
17 Feb 1876 Marriage Walter LeRoy DOWNS-129938 and Louisa Artenestia TEMPLE-124487
1878 Death William Parker CAMPBELL-12421
25 Jul 1878 Marriage Robert Elias TEMPLE-24162 and Alice Selina (Alice) BUSCH-24708
29 Apr 1880 Marriage John W. TEMPLE-135183 and Amanda E.J. (Amanda) WILLIAMS-135184
Jun 1880 Census Robert Elias TEMPLE-24162
Jun 1880 Census Alice Selina (Alice) BUSCH-24708
Jun 1880 Census Mary A. BILLSBOROUGH-124484
Jun 1880 Census Louisa Artenestia TEMPLE-124487
Jun 1880 Occupation John Thomas (John) TEMPLE-124489
Jun 1880 Census Walter LeRoy DOWNS-129938
Jun 1880 Occupation Charity -135182
Jun 1880 Occupation John W. TEMPLE-135183
Jun 1880 Census Amanda E.J. (Amanda) WILLIAMS-135184
Jun 1880 Census Mabel DOWNS-135185
3 Jan 1881 Marriage George W. HENDERSON-162176 and C.M. TEMPLE-162175
May 1882 Death TEMPLE-168931
1 Sep 1882 Birth Lillie Marie DOWNS-140353
1885 Census Mary A. BILLSBOROUGH-124484
1885 Census Louisa Artenestia TEMPLE-124487
1885 Occupation John Thomas (John) TEMPLE-124489
1885 Census Josephine A. AHREN-124686
1885 Census Walter LeRoy DOWNS-129938
1885 Census Mabel DOWNS-135185
1885 Census Lillie Marie DOWNS-140353
15 Feb 1892 Death James Monroe PARKER-12293
1894 Occupation John Thomas (John) TEMPLE-124489
1894 Birth Wilbur V. DOWNS-156148
1895 Census Josephine A. AHREN-124686
May 1899 Death Mary A. BILLSBOROUGH-124484
May 1899 Residence Louisa Artenestia TEMPLE-124487
16 Jul 1901 Death George Washington PARKER-12290
bet 1904 and 1910 Occupation Seth Justin (Seth) TEMPLE-1826
1904 Moved Seth Justin (Seth) TEMPLE-1826
1905 Census Seth Justin (Seth) TEMPLE-1826
1905 Census Alice Maud GAMBLE-2468
1905 Census Holmes TEMPLE-2471
1905 Census Gilbert Vance (Gilbert) TEMPLE-25790
1905 Census Arthur TEMPLE-25795
1905 Residence Mary Belle (Mamie) TEMPLE-56216
1905 Census Arthur TEMPLE-140320
19 Apr 1905 Death Josephine A. AHREN-124686
1 Dec 1906 Birth Malcolm (Mike) TEMPLE-25796
2 Aug 1909 Birth Alice Muriel (Alice) TEMPLE-9782
28 Dec 1909 Birth Dorothy Elizabeth LYNCH-22043
bet 1910 and 1925 Occupation Seth Justin (Seth) TEMPLE-1826
Apr 1910 Occupation Seth Justin (Seth) TEMPLE-1826
Apr 1910 Census Alice Maud GAMBLE-2468
Apr 1910 Census Holmes TEMPLE-2471
Apr 1910 Census Alice Muriel (Alice) TEMPLE-9782
Apr 1910 Census Gilbert Vance (Gilbert) TEMPLE-25790
Apr 1910 Census Arthur TEMPLE-25795
Apr 1910 Census Malcolm (Mike) TEMPLE-25796
Apr 1910 Occupation John Thomas (John) TEMPLE-124489
17 Mar 1912 Death Holmes TEMPLE-2471
4 Jan 1913 Death John Thomas (John) TEMPLE-124489
1915 Census Alice Maud GAMBLE-2468
1915 Census Alice Muriel (Alice) TEMPLE-9782
1915 Census Gilbert Vance (Gilbert) TEMPLE-25790
1915 Census Arthur TEMPLE-25795
1915 Census Malcolm (Mike) TEMPLE-25796
1916 Birth Elizabeth Anne DALEY-98356
24 Apr 1917 Birth Margaret A. STOLTENBERG-86447
1 Jun 1917 Marriage Earl Howard TEMPLE-764 and Mildred Everest MIX-73422
1918 Miscellaneous Seth Justin (Seth) TEMPLE-1826
1918 Residence Alice Maud GAMBLE-2468
22 Apr 1918 Death Louisa Artenestia TEMPLE-124487
28 Nov 1918 Marriage Everett Wesley TEMPLE-39204 and Clara Elizabeth HEEREN-40046
1920 Residence Evelyn Mae (Evelyn) TEMPLE-23858
Jan 1920 Occupation Seth Justin (Seth) TEMPLE-1826
Jan 1920 Census Alice Maud GAMBLE-2468
Jan 1920 Census Alice Muriel (Alice) TEMPLE-9782
Jan 1920 Occupation Gilbert Vance (Gilbert) TEMPLE-25790
Jan 1920 Census Arthur TEMPLE-25795
Jan 1920 Census Malcolm (Mike) TEMPLE-25796
Jan 1920 Census Harold Wilbur TEMPLE Sr.-98352
14 Sep 1921 Death Lillian Elizabeth (Lilly) TEMPLE-140261
1922 Birth Margaret HENDRIX-176090
17 May 1922 Death Cassius M. (Cash) TEMPLE-44769
8 Aug 1923 Death John Charles (Charles) TEMPLE Jr.-124776
1924 Birth Ralph G. SMITH Jr.-57200
16 Oct 1924 Birth Jane Edith PATTERSON-63637
bet 1925 and 1940 Occupation Seth Justin (Seth) TEMPLE-1826
1925 Census Seth Justin (Seth) TEMPLE-1826
1925 Census Alice Maud GAMBLE-2468
1925 Census Alice Muriel (Alice) TEMPLE-9782
1925 Census Olive Irena (Ollie) HYDE-16254
1925 Census Harry Grant (Harry) TEMPLE-21043
1925 Census Gilbert Vance (Gilbert) TEMPLE-25790
1925 Census Arthur TEMPLE-25795
1925 Census Malcolm (Mike) TEMPLE-25796
1925 Census Anna Isabelle TEMPLE-46453
1925 Census Larkalee (Larkie) TEMPLE-50636
1925 Census Harry G. LOWE-57166
1925 Census Harry T. LOWE-57167
1925 Census Alice J. LOWE-57168
1925 Census Ralph G. SMITH-57199
1925 Census Ralph G. SMITH Jr.-57200
1925 Census Roy W. EVERS-57284
1925 Census Kathleen E. EVERS-57285
1925 Census Dillon EVERS-57289
1925 Census Lulie DONNS-140228
1925 Census Elmer R. DOWNS-140241
1925 Census Thomas Edward GAYMAN-140263
1925 Census Edna Jane DOWNS-140296
11 Feb 1927 Birth Betty J. MC MAHON-57467
19 Feb 1927 Marriage Erna Conrad (Ernie) TEMPLE-54400 and Tietje Anna BREWER-54410
25 Oct 1927 Miscellaneous Seth Justin (Seth) TEMPLE-1826
1929 Residence Pearl Anna TEMPLE-48406
22 Jan 1929 Birth Patricia Louise TEMPLE-85910
1930 Residence Larkalee (Larkie) TEMPLE-50636
Apr 1930 Occupation Seth Justin (Seth) TEMPLE-1826
Apr 1930 Census Alice Maud GAMBLE-2468
Apr 1930 Census Alice Muriel (Alice) TEMPLE-9782
Apr 1930 Occupation Arthur TEMPLE-25795
Apr 1930 Census Malcolm (Mike) TEMPLE-25796
1 Apr 1935 Residence Theron Wilbur TEMPLE-50624
1 Apr 1935 Residence Walter Herbert (Wilbur) TEMPLE-83932
1 Apr 1935 Residence Donna TEMPLE-83934
1 Apr 1935 Residence Phyllis A. SWEET-50633
6 May 1935 Birth Harold Wilbur TEMPLE Jr.-98353
12 Jun 1936 Marriage James Francis GLENN-9783 and Alice Muriel (Alice) TEMPLE-9782
8 Oct 1937 Marriage Kenneth Frederick (Kenneth) TEMPLE-57424 and Bessie Mae BARRITT-86449
25 Nov 1938 Death Walter LeRoy DOWNS-129938
Apr 1940 Occupation Seth Justin (Seth) TEMPLE-1826
Apr 1940 Census Alice Maud GAMBLE-2468
Apr 1940 Occupation Arthur TEMPLE-25795
Apr 1940 Occupation Malcolm (Mike) TEMPLE-25796
Apr 1940 Occupation David TEMPLE-152973
29 Sep 1940 Marriage Leonard Ivan GRAY-80408 and Katharine M. TEMPLE-42077
10 Jan 1942 Birth Susan TEMPLE-120517
16 Feb 1942 Occupation Theron Wilbur TEMPLE-50624
16 Feb 1942 Residence Arthur TEMPLE-25795
16 Feb 1942 Residence Seth Justin (Seth) TEMPLE-1826
13 Nov 1942 Birth John Michael TEMPLE-126200
Sep 1945 Residence Margaret HENDRIX-176090
Sep 1945 Occupation Harold ATWOOD-176094
14 Sep 1945 Marriage Harold ATWOOD-176094 and Margaret HENDRIX-176090
26 Oct 1945 Death Alice Maud GAMBLE-2468
26 Apr 1947 Marriage Joseph Lee (Lee) TEMPLES-105603 and Irene Josephine (Irene) -105605
Sep 1947 Occupation Malcolm (Mike) TEMPLE-25796
Sep 1947 Residence Virgilyn (Virgie) ELDRIDGE-25797
25 Sep 1947 Marriage Malcolm (Mike) TEMPLE-25796 and Virgilyn (Virgie) ELDRIDGE-25797
1948 Death Hazel TEMPLE-150965
Apr 1948 Residence Hazel Marie TEMPLE-122090
Jun 1949 Residence Seth Justin (Seth) TEMPLE-1826
4 Jun 1949 Death Seth Justin (Seth) TEMPLE-1826
Aug 1949 Residence Evelyn POTTER-122088
12 Nov 1950 Death Hazel TEMPLE-150963
30 Nov 1951 Death Arthur TEMPLE-25795
14 Apr 1964 Death Richard Leroy TEMPLE-63681
11 Apr 1969 Death Helen WESTERHOF-142613
21 Apr 1972 Death Martha M. TEMPLE-18439
14 May 1975 Death Margaret A. STOLTENBERG-86447
11 Nov 1996 Death Flora Marie TEMPLE-48982
14 Jul 1998 Death Alice Veronica TEMPLE-40379
2002 Residence Deborah B. TEMPLE-57461
2003 Residence Carl TEMPLE-119297
2006 Residence Brian E. TEMPLE-56018
16 May 2009 Marriage Jason FARNSWORTH-119300 and Wendy TEMPLE-119299
2010 Residence Debbie Marie -119292
2010 Residence Carl TEMPLE-119297
25 Dec 2016 Death Stephen Edward (Steve) TEMPLE-63645
Marriage Ross WOODMANSEE-12313 and Jessie THORINGTON-12305
Marriage William M. WADSWORTH-12317 and Annie THORINGTON-12307
Marriage George C. PRESTON-12320 and Margaret THORINGTON-12308
IA, Scott, Le Claire
19 Dec 1862 Marriage Edgar W. TEMPLE-5569 and Ellen Charity DURMAN-21834
IA, Scott, Rockingham
1925 Census Fred G. DANZ-140235
IA, Shelby, Defiance
2018 Residence Peter TEMPLE-114150
IA, Shelby, Elk Horn
Jan 1920 Occupation Oscar Otis TEMPLE-74271
IA, Shelby, Harlan
9 Jul 1897 Birth Lucian Reams HOBART-69729
1905 Census Earl Herrick (Jack) TEMPLE-2433
2007 Residence Sue R. TEMPLE-57618
IA, Sioux, Boyden
Mar 1920 Census Alice A. TEMPLE-132586
Mar 1920 Census Henry WARGOWSKY-132587
IA, Sioux, Hawarden
aft 1933 Residence Doris Marilyn (Doris) HELDT-88476
IA, Sioux, Maurice
1903 Birth Edna Frances STRAUSS-95954
IA, Sioux, Orange City
25 May 1947 Marriage Floyd Chester BASTEMEYER-29161 and Elva Jean TEMPLE-29130
IA, Sioux, Rock Valley
Apr 1940 Census Gerrit GERRITSEN Jr.-29185
1955 Residence Gerrit GERRITSEN Jr.-29185
IA, Story Co.
29 Dec 1870 Marriage James Albert (Albert) TEMPLE-23926 and Sarah M. DAWSON-26898
IA, Story, Ames
Apr 1910 Census Orville TEMPLE-75459
Apr 1910 Occupation Francis M. (Frank) TEMPLE-30042
Apr 1910 Census Sarah Emma (Emma) DIXSON-75461
Apr 1910 Census Etta TEMPLE-75462
1918 Residence Francis M. (Frank) TEMPLE-30042
20 Dec 1925 Birth Edwin George CRYSLER-67917
1927 Residence Helen Jo TEMPLE-42207
1927 Residence Emerson R. COLLINS-67248
24 Dec 1927 Marriage Emerson R. COLLINS-67248 and Helen Jo TEMPLE-42207
1935 Residence Carl Virgil TEMPLE-52632
Feb 1940 Birth Jerry Wayne TEMPLE-109743
Apr 1940 Occupation Ella Blanche (Blanche) BESSIE-40131
Apr 1940 Occupation John L. TEMPLE-75463
Apr 1940 Census Ruby Javerna ANFINSON-109742
Apr 1940 Census Jerry Wayne TEMPLE-109743
16 Oct 1940 Residence LaVern Orvil TEMPLE-39894
1942 Residence Martha Jean KOOS-122160
20 Jan 1943 Residence Arthur Edward TEMPEL Jr.-51827
15 Nov 1944 Birth David Eugene TEMPLE-109746
1948 Residence Martha Jean KOOS-122160
22 Feb 1948 Marriage Lee Douglas (Douglas) TEMPLE-39742 and Martha Jean KOOS-122160
23 Mar 1948 Birth Sandra Kay TEMPLE-109747
Apr 1968 Death Arthur Edward TEMPEL Sr.-51825
Aug 1973 Death John L. TEMPLE-75463
Oct 1980 Death Howard Irving TEMPLE-55064
bef 1990 Residence John TEMPEL-59485
1999 Residence David Eugene TEMPLE-109746
13 Mar 1999 Death Ruby Javerna ANFINSON-109742
2012 Residence David Eugene TEMPLE-109746
2012 Residence Travis TEMPLE-109751
29 Oct 2012 Death Nancy Jean TEMPLE-109749
21 Feb 2013 Death Vera M. BAUER-72090
2018 Residence Vivian TEMPEL-115115
14 Jul 2019 Death David Eugene TEMPLE-109746
IA, Story, Gilbert
1999 Residence Sandra Kay TEMPLE-109747
2012 Residence Sandra Kay TEMPLE-109747
15 Oct 2016 Death Sandra Kay TEMPLE-109747
IA, Story, Indian Creek
18 Aug 1869 Birth William Albert HILTON-26915
Jun 1870 Occupation James Albert (Albert) TEMPLE-23926
Jun 1870 Census Ruth Eliza (Ruth) TEMPLE-23930
Jun 1870 Census Jesse Kilgore HILTON-26899
Jun 1870 Census Georgetta (Etta) HILTON-26914
Jun 1870 Census William Albert HILTON-26915
1915 Census Mallery -140344
IA, Story, Nevada
18 Mar 1906 Birth Naomi Irene WHERRY-149678
26 Jun 1916 Marriage P.T. MELLOWS-98250 and Etta TEMPLE-75462
21 Dec 1933 Marriage Guy W. TEMPLES-94523 and Blanche H. WIKE-94536
2011 Residence Carol Kay TEMPLE-77211
IA, Story, Slater
17 May 1920 Birth Ruby Javerna ANFINSON-109742
IA, Story, Story City
2007 Residence Mildred Winifred BUCHHOLZ-80826
IA, Story, Washington
1915 Census Orville TEMPLE-75459
1915 Occupation Francis M. (Frank) TEMPLE-30042
1915 Census Sarah Emma (Emma) DIXSON-75461
1915 Census Etta TEMPLE-75462
1915 Census John L. TEMPLE-75463
1925 Census John L. TEMPLE-75463
Apr 1940 Occupation Donald Gene (Don) TEMPLE-52635
IA, Tama Co.
1 May 1887 Birth Florence Beatrice (Florence) QUINTARD-39632
4 Apr 1891 Death Philip TEMPLE-80881
IA, Tama, Clark
Apr 1910 Occupation Jefferson Gilbert (Jefferson) TEMPLE-2923
Apr 1910 Census Mary E. SIMONSON-3367
Apr 1910 Census Emma Edith TEMPLE-3370
Apr 1910 Census Benjamin Franklin (Ben) TEMPLE-3371
18 Jun 1913 Death Emma Edith TEMPLE-3370
IA, Tama, Dysart
1885 Occupation Tillotson C. TEMPLE-5403
1885 Census Ann Eliza (Eliza) CARSNER-5568
1885 Census Victoria A. TEMPLE-21825
11 Aug 1885 Death Ann Eliza (Eliza) CARSNER-5568
3 Nov 1889 Marriage Lewis P. TEMPLE-21827 and Minnie Belle DAYTON-42651
1 Apr 1891 Birth Emma Edith TEMPLE-3370
26 Aug 1891 Birth Dr. Raymond Dayton (Raymond) TEMPLE-42650
1895 Census Jefferson Gilbert (Jefferson) TEMPLE-2923
1895 Census Mary E. SIMONSON-3367
1895 Census Nellie Arvilla TEMPLE-3368
1895 Census Mabel C. TEMPLE-3369
1895 Census Emma Edith TEMPLE-3370
1895 Census Lewis P. TEMPLE-21827
1895 Census Dr. Raymond Dayton (Raymond) TEMPLE-42650
1895 Census Minnie Belle DAYTON-42651
1895 Census Nellie A. TEMPLE-142093
6 Apr 1895 Birth Benjamin Franklin (Ben) TEMPLE-3371
Jun 1900 Census Dr. Raymond Dayton (Raymond) TEMPLE-42650
Jun 1900 Occupation Minnie Belle DAYTON-42651
1905 Census Jefferson Gilbert (Jefferson) TEMPLE-2923
1905 Census Mary E. SIMONSON-3367
1905 Census Nellie Arvilla TEMPLE-3368
1905 Census Mabel C. TEMPLE-3369
1905 Census Emma Edith TEMPLE-3370
1905 Census Benjamin Franklin (Ben) TEMPLE-3371
1905 Census Dr. Raymond Dayton (Raymond) TEMPLE-42650
1905 Census Minnie Belle DAYTON-42651
1905 Census Nellie A. TEMPLE-142093
IA, Tama, Garwin
1874 Birth Lowell M. PATTERSON-57313
IA, Tama, Geneseo
1874 Moved Tillotson C. TEMPLE-5403
Jun 1880 Occupation Tillotson C. TEMPLE-5403
Jun 1880 Census Ann Eliza (Eliza) CARSNER-5568
Jun 1880 Occupation Edgar W. TEMPLE-5569
Jun 1880 Occupation Lincoln E. TEMPLE-21826
Jun 1880 Occupation Lewis P. TEMPLE-21827
30 Oct 1888 Death Edgar W. TEMPLE-5569
IA, Tama, Indian Village
26 Oct 1869 Birth Lillian Maude (Lillian\Lilly) TEMPLE-6326
Aug 1870 Occupation Justin TEMPLE-6065
Aug 1870 Census Jane Ophelia WINCHELL-6324
Aug 1870 Census Ida May TEMPLE-6325
Aug 1870 Census Lillian Maude (Lillian\Lilly) TEMPLE-6326
IA, Tama, Perry
1885 Occupation Annie G. TEMPLE-140319
IA, Tama, Spring Creek
Jun 1900 Census Ida May (Ida) TEMPLE-38488
Jun 1900 Census Mark E. BAKER-61421
Jun 1900 Census William BAKER-61437
Jun 1900 Census Edwin BAKER-61438
IA, Tama, Tama
11 Dec 1986 Death Josie Irene TEMPLE-50599
IA, Tama, Toledo
2 Jan 1915 Marriage Ned Arthur NORRIS-101096 and Bertha KAUTZ-101097
Jan 1920 Occupation Frank TEMPLE-129143
IA, Taylor Co.
1882 Birth Caroline (Carrie) REED-98216
IA, Taylor, Bedford
12 May 1909 Marriage Carlyle E. TEMPLE-98215 and Caroline (Carrie) REED-98216
IA, Taylor, Blockton
25 Aug 1897 Death Catherine MARQUIT-11487
IA, Taylor, Clearfield
1927 Birth Duane Elmer (Duane) ABELS-33376
IA, Taylor, Lenox
abt 1823 Marriage William GELVIN-19533 and Elizabeth (Betsey) TEMPLE-4645
IA, Union Co.
abt 1875 Birth G.S. MERRITT-98221
IA, Union, Afton
abt 1870 Death Cyrus TEMPLE-1158
9 Feb 1879 Birth Daniel Harlan (Harlan) TEMPLE-50640
13 May 1879 Death Thomas TEMPLE-142248
Moved Cyrus TEMPLE-1158
IA, Union, Creston
1870 Census Hannah A. (Anna) MARVIN-37761
Aug 1870 Occupation Mathew B. (Matt) TEMPLE-37760
1871 Moved Augustus Dodge TEMPLE-2289
1872 Election Augustus Dodge TEMPLE-2289
23 Oct 1872 Birth Elizabeth E. (Lizzie) TEMPLE-2857
27 Nov 1874 Birth George Porter TEMPLE-2859
26 Feb 1878 Marriage Thomas TEMPLE-162088 and Catherine SHELTON-162089
Jun 1880 Occupation Augustus Dodge TEMPLE-2289
Jun 1880 Census Julia Ann SWETT-2852
Jun 1880 Occupation Frank Augustus (Frank) TEMPLE-2853
Jun 1880 Occupation Fannie Forest (Fannie) TEMPLE-2854
Jun 1880 Census Della Marceline TEMPLE-2855
Jun 1880 Census Nettie Eleanor TEMPLE-2856
Jun 1880 Census Elizabeth E. (Lizzie) TEMPLE-2857
Jun 1880 Census George Porter TEMPLE-2859
bet 1900 and 1903 Residence Mary CALVEY-50559
Jun 1900 Census Mary CALVEY-50559
Jun 1900 Census Ralph H. MAC LEAN-83483
16 Jun 1900 Marriage Laurence Robertus (Laurence) TEMPLE-1793 and Ethel A. SCOGGIN-35031
12 Dec 1906 Marriage William Nathaniel (William) TEMPLE-2610 and Edna M. HEMPHILL-40133
Jan 1920 Occupation Thomas P. TEMPLE-125105
Jan 1920 Census Euphemia (Euphemy) BROWN-125106
1922 Residence Dr. HERRON-170107
27 Apr 1924 Marriage Harold Everett (Everett) TEMPLE-86590 and Geraldine OXENREIDER-86591
1925 Census Euphemia (Euphemy) BROWN-125106
1928 Residence Fannie -170109
30 Mar 1928 Death Fannie -170109
1979 Residence Alice Edna -43989
IA, Union, Cromwell
1928 Death Euphemia (Euphemy) BROWN-125106
IA, Union, Douglas
1915 Occupation Thomas P. TEMPLE-125105
1915 Census Euphemia (Euphemy) BROWN-125106
IA, Union, Jones
Jul 1860 Census Electa ALDRICH-1155
IA, Union, Lorimor
1914 Residence Leroy Bell (Roy) TEMPLE-21935
IA, Union, New Hope
Jan 1920 Occupation Leroy Bell (Roy) TEMPLE-21935
Jan 1920 Census Addie Leona (Addie) PEW-61332
Jan 1920 Census Laura Mae TEMPLE-61333
IA, Union, Sand Creek
Jun 1880 Census Thomas Wilbur (Wilbur) TEMPLE-50615
Jun 1880 Occupation Joshua TEMPLE-50619
Jun 1880 Census Catherine (Kate) SMITH-43337
Jun 1880 Census Walter Heber (Walter) TEMPLE-50621
Jun 1880 Census Minnie Belle TEMPLE-43339
Jun 1880 Census Elizabeth Mae (Mae) TEMPLE-50639
Jun 1880 Census Daniel Harlan (Harlan) TEMPLE-50640
Jun 1900 Occupation Daniel Harlan (Harlan) TEMPLE-50640
IA, Union, Spaulding Twp.
1905 Census Thomas P. TEMPLE-125105
1905 Census Euphemia (Euphemy) BROWN-125106
1905 Census Ellen S. (Nellie) TEMPLE-130784
Apr 1910 Occupation Thomas P. TEMPLE-125105
Apr 1910 Census Euphemia (Euphemy) BROWN-125106
IA, Van Buren Co.
abt 1812 Birth Julia MICHAEL-59064
Sep 1838 Moved Joel T. AVERY-59035
9 Mar 1842 Marriage John AVERY-59045 and Julia MICHAEL-59064
21 Mar 1842 Birth William E. AVERY Jr.-58987
4 Mar 1843 Death Sarah CAMPBELL-59041
1850 Census William E. AVERY-58986
1851 Birth Sarah E. AVERY-58989
21 May 1893 Death Joel T. AVERY-59035
Birth John M. STEWART-98319
IA, Van Buren, Farmington
1856 Occupation Morris TEMPLE-124614
1856 Census Mary -124615
1856 Census Mary TEMPLE-124616
1856 Census Charles TEMPLE-124617
1856 Census Mary Ann TEMPLE-124618
1856 Census Louisa TEMPLE-124619
Jul 1860 Occupation Morris TEMPLE-124614
Jul 1860 Census Mary -124615
Jul 1860 Census Mary TEMPLE-124616
Jul 1860 Census Charles TEMPLE-124617
Jul 1860 Census Mary Ann TEMPLE-124618
Jul 1860 Census Louisa TEMPLE-124619
Jul 1860 Census George TEMPLE-124620
IA, Van Buren, Selma
1814 Birth Mary AVERY-59036
1818 Birth Elizabeth AVERY-59038
IA, Van Buren, Van Buren
1856 Occupation William TEMPLE-140367
IA, Van Buren, Village Twp.
Apr 1839 Moved Joel T. AVERY-59035
bet 1843 and 1847 Occupation Joel T. AVERY-59035
Jul 1865 Moved Joel T. AVERY-59035
IA, Wapello Co.
22 Jun 1842 Death Harrison TEMPLE-26897
1846/7 Residence Lewis Fields TEMPLE-23324
1847 Census Lewis Fields TEMPLE-23324
16 Apr 1849 Will Lewis Fields TEMPLE-23324
30 Mar 1850 Death Lewis Fields TEMPLE-23324
Sep 1850 Occupation Henry Clay TEMPLE-23325
Sep 1850 Occupation William Kennedy (William) TEMPLE-23341
Sep 1850 Census James Albert (Albert) TEMPLE-23926
Sep 1850 Census George Dudley TEMPLE-23927
Sep 1850 Census Judson Albert TEMPLE-23928
Sep 1850 Census Malinda KANADY-23929
Sep 1850 Census Ruth Eliza (Ruth) TEMPLE-23930
Sep 1850 Census John Lewis (John) TEMPLE-26893
Sep 1850 Census Sarah Louisa (Sarah) TEMPLE-26895
Sep 1850 Census Thadeus Taylor TEMPLE-26900
Oct 1850 Census Martha J. SUTHERLAND-77994
15 Sep 1851 Death Thadeus Taylor TEMPLE-26900
26 Apr 1855 Marriage Henry Clay TEMPLE-23325 and Martha J. SUTHERLAND-77994
3 Aug 1858 Birth William W. TEMPLE-26905
25 Aug 1858 Death George Dudley TEMPLE-23927
8 Sep 1859 Birth TEMPLE-33305
13 Sep 1859 Death TEMPLE-33305
6 Mar 1860 Birth Ella C. TEMPLE-23340
24 Sep 1861 Death William W. TEMPLE-26905
16 May 1869 Death Judson Albert TEMPLE-23928
12 Apr 1877 Marriage Thomas Webster NELSON-26902 and Mary PEARSON-26903
5 Oct 1882 Marriage U.R. TEMPLE-142256 and Cynthia A. CAVANAUGH-142257
20 Sep 1913 Marriage William TEMPLE-162090 and Sarah FLEMMING-162091
19 Jun 1918 Marriage Jacob GLOTFELTY-162086 and Sarah M. TEMPLE-162085
IA, Wapello, Agency
5 Jul 1844 Birth Judson Albert TEMPLE-23928
26 Mar 1846 Birth Ruth Eliza (Ruth) TEMPLE-23930
4 Mar 1852 Marriage F.L.S. WILLIAMSON-26896 and Sarah Louisa (Sarah) TEMPLE-26895
12 Mar 1852 Marriage Thomas J. NELSON-26901 and Malinda KANADY-23929
24 Apr 1857 Birth Lewis F. TEMPLE-26904
30 Aug 1858 Death Lewis F. TEMPLE-26904
1861 Residence James Albert (Albert) TEMPLE-23926
9 Sep 1879 Marriage Jesse Kilgore HILTON-26899 and Nancy SULLIVAN-26913
18 Apr 1880 Death Malinda KANADY-23929
16 Jul 1891 Death Hugh CONNELLY-24424
2 Sep 1893 Death Martha KING-24425
22 Mar 1909 Death Jesse Kilgore HILTON-26899
IA, Wapello, Bladensburg
8 Dec 1890 Death William Albert HILTON-26915
IA, Wapello, Center
Jun 1900 Census Emily Case (Emma) TEMPLE-47040
Jun 1900 Census Herman W. MERRILL-76699
Jun 1900 Census Sarah Pope MERRILL-76700
Jun 1900 Census Elizabeth S. (Lizzie) STAGES-42654
Jun 1900 Census Joseph MERRILL-76703
IA, Wapello, Competine
1915 Occupation John TEMPLE-72588
1915 Census Frances (Francie) WOODWARD-72591
Jan 1920 Occupation John TEMPLE-72588
Jan 1920 Census Frances (Francie) WOODWARD-72591
IA, Wapello, Eldon
12 Feb 1908 Death Hannah Mae HILTON-26919
IA, Wapello, Farson
1918 Occupation John TEMPLE-72588
1918 Residence Frances (Francie) WOODWARD-72591
IA, Wapello, Kirksville
23 Dec 1869 Marriage Lucien Lindsey PARKER-11493 and Elizabeth FORSYTH-11498
1 Jul 1871 Birth Oscar Leo PARKER-11499
IA, Wapello, Ottumwa
1844 Miscellaneous Lewis Fields TEMPLE-23324
24 Apr 1856 Marriage Henry Clay TEMPLE-23325 and Mary Elizabeth (Bette) CONNELLY-23326
1860 Moved Major George W. TEMPLE-1159
Jun 1860 Occupation Major George W. TEMPLE-1159
Jun 1860 Census Sarah Forest DEATON-2284
Jun 1860 Occupation Edward Ames TEMPLE-2287
Jun 1860 Census Augustus Dodge TEMPLE-2289
Jun 1860 Census Cecelia Ann (Cecelia) TEMPLE-2290
Jun 1860 Census Julia Ann SWETT-2852
Jun 1860 Census Elizabeth Jane (Jane) SWETT-17380
Jun 1860 Census Judson Albert TEMPLE-23928
Jun 1860 Census Malinda KANADY-23929
Jun 1860 Census Ruth Eliza (Ruth) TEMPLE-23930
24 Feb 1861 Birth Frank Augustus (Frank) TEMPLE-2853
6 Feb 1863 Birth Fannie Forest (Fannie) TEMPLE-2854
9 Nov 1866 Birth Della Marceline TEMPLE-2855
Jul 1870 Occupation Major George W. TEMPLE-1159
Jul 1870 Census Sarah Forest DEATON-2284
Jul 1870 Occupation Jonas Dewitt (Joe) TEMPLE-2288
Jul 1870 Census Cecelia Ann (Cecelia) TEMPLE-2290
3 Apr 1872 Death Minerva HARRIS-125098
23 Jan 1878 Death Major George W. TEMPLE-1159
Jun 1880 Census Sarah Forest DEATON-2284
Jun 1880 Census Cecelia Ann (Cecelia) TEMPLE-2290
Jun 1880 Occupation Henry W. Charles (Henry) TEMPLE-24570
Jun 1880 Census Elizabeth S. (Lizzie) STAGES-42654
Jun 1880 Occupation Emily Case (Emma) TEMPLE-47040
4 Oct 1881 Marriage Herman W. MERRILL-76699 and Emily Case (Emma) TEMPLE-47040
8 Dec 1881 Marriage Charles L. PEARL-142259 and Lucy J. TEMPLE-142258
1885 Occupation Henry W. Charles (Henry) TEMPLE-24570
14 Nov 1890 Marriage Wilfred E. KELLER-147490 and Minnie E. TEMPLE-147489
1895 Census Henry W. Charles (Henry) TEMPLE-24570
1895 Census Elizabeth S. (Lizzie) STAGES-42654
1896 Death Henry W. Charles (Henry) TEMPLE-24570
1902 Death Elizabeth S. (Lizzie) STAGES-42654
1905 Census John TEMPLE-72588
15 Feb 1906 Marriage John TEMPLE-72588 and Frances (Francie) WOODWARD-72591
Apr 1910 Occupation John TEMPLE-72588
Apr 1910 Census Frances (Francie) WOODWARD-72591
20 Sep 1913 Marriage William TEMPLE-142249 and Sarah CRAWFORD-142252
10 Oct 1914 Birth Carl Edwin (Edwin) CARLSON-48424
1921 Residence Emily Case (Emma) TEMPLE-47040
6 Nov 1921 Death Emily Case (Emma) TEMPLE-47040
1925 Census John TEMPLE-72588
1925 Census Frances (Francie) WOODWARD-72591
1925 Census Sarah Pope MERRILL-76700
1925 Census Clara RICKARD-140316
21 Dec 1926 Birth Gene Dueard COWDERY-149682
Apr 1930 Occupation John TEMPLE-72588
Apr 1930 Occupation Frances (Francie) WOODWARD-72591
Apr 1940 Occupation John TEMPLE-72588
Apr 1940 Occupation Frances (Francie) WOODWARD-72591
28 Jul 1945 Death John TEMPLE-72588
19 Dec 1972 Death Frances (Francie) WOODWARD-72591
2012 Residence Glenn TEMPLE-85317
IA, Wapello, Pleasant Twp.
16 Apr 1849 Birth Thadeus Taylor TEMPLE-26900
22 Apr 1854 Birth Thomas Webster NELSON-26902
1856 Census Henry Clay TEMPLE-23325
1856 Census Mary Elizabeth (Bette) CONNELLY-23326
1856 Census James Albert (Albert) TEMPLE-23926
1856 Census George Dudley TEMPLE-23927
Jun 1860 Occupation Judson Albert TEMPLE-23928
4 Oct 1866 Marriage Jesse Kilgore HILTON-26899 and Ruth Eliza (Ruth) TEMPLE-23930
8 Nov 1884 Death Thomas J. NELSON-26901
24 Jul 1891 Death Georgetta (Etta) HILTON-26914
IA, Wapello, Washington
1856 Census Judson Albert TEMPLE-23928
1856 Census Malinda KANADY-23929
1856 Census Ruth Eliza (Ruth) TEMPLE-23930
1856 Census Thomas J. NELSON-26901
1856 Census Thomas Webster NELSON-26902
IA, Warren, Indianola
14 Dec 1929 Marriage John TEMPEL-59485 and Helen I. SANER-78531
1940 Birth John D. MAC DONALD-156008
2004 Residence James Garrett TEMPLE-142214
IA, Warren, Norwalk
2011 Residence John A. TEMPLE-52291
IA, Warren, Prole
12 Sep 1900 Birth Rosa Catherine (Rose) HUSS-50229
IA, Washington Co.
1836 Moved Conrad TEMPLE-54381
16 Jun 1838 Birth Elizabeth M. TEMPLE-57222
22 Apr 1840 Birth John Calvin TEMPLE-54384
1842 Birth Sarah J. TEMPLE-54385
1846 Birth Martha Junkin (Martha) TEMPLE-54386
1849 Census Conrad TEMPLE-54381
1850 Birth James S. TEMPLE-54387
1851 Census Conrad TEMPLE-54381
30 Apr 1856 Marriage David A. TILTON-60268 and Lucinda TEMPLE-60267
6 Jul 1858 Marriage Nathaniel M. IRWIN-60265 and Elizabeth M. TEMPLE-57222
12 Mar 1860 Marriage David Carson (Carson) TEMPLE-54383 and Lea Rhoda YEOMAN-57184
20 Sep 1860 Marriage John W. COX-54397 and Sarah J. TEMPLE-54385
27 Dec 1860 Birth Rosemay Ella (Rozella) TEMPLE-66001
10 Mar 1861 Death Eugene TEMPLE-172827
3 Jan 1862 Death Conrad TEMPLE-54381
9 Oct 1862 Marriage Joshua TEMPLE-50619 and Catherine (Kate) SMITH-43337
3 Apr 1863 Marriage Benjamin F. COX-60266 and Martha Junkin (Martha) TEMPLE-54386
29 Jul 1866 Birth Franklin TEMPLE-66010
16 Nov 1867 Birth Minnie Belle TEMPLE-43339
16 Sep 1868 Birth George S. TEMPLE-66011
28 Jul 1869 Death George S. TEMPLE-66011
10 Sep 1871 Birth Walter Heber (Walter) TEMPLE-50621
23 Feb 1873 Birth Rhoda Gertrude (Rhoda) TEMPLE-54412
20 Feb 1875 Death Lea Rhoda YEOMAN-57184
20 Nov 1875 Death Franklin TEMPLE-66010
1877 Moved Elias TEMPLE-24163
9 Oct 1878 Marriage Elias TEMPLE-24163 and Martha A. (Mattie) MAPLE-51221
4 Jun 1879 Marriage William THORNHILL-66003 and Rosemay Ella (Rozella) TEMPLE-66001
27 Sep 1881 Marriage William L. REIGHARD-66013 and Nancy Margaret (Nannie) TEMPLE-66009
14 Jan 1882 Birth David William TEMPLE-54390
13 Jan 1885 Birth Erna Conrad (Ernie) TEMPLE-54400
1886 Birth George Carson REIGHARD-98226
12 May 1886 Birth James Trio (James) TEMPLE-54391
17 Sep 1891 Marriage Thomas Samuel (Thomas) REIGHARD-57176 and Rhoda Gertrude (Rhoda) TEMPLE-54412
1899 Birth Tietje Anna BREWER-54410
IA, Washington, Ainsworth
17 Sep 1861 Death George W. TEMPLE-81024
25 Mar 1866 Death Cora A. TEMPLE-81025
26 Mar 1875 Death Mary Ann (Mary) DAY-27523
26 Mar 1875 Death Mary A. -150962
1895 Census Carrie -131436
2018 Residence Bruce TEMPLE-114143
IA, Washington, Brighton
1925 Census Archer C. REIGHARD-57177
9 May 1930 Death Rhoda Gertrude (Rhoda) TEMPLE-54412
IA, Washington, Crawfordsville
2018 Residence Jeff TEMPLE-114149
IA, Washington, Dutch Creek
1852 Census Conrad TEMPLE-54381
1856 Occupation Conrad TEMPLE-54381
1856 Census Margaret RITCHEY-54382
1856 Census David Carson (Carson) TEMPLE-54383
1856 Census John Calvin TEMPLE-54384
1856 Census Sarah J. TEMPLE-54385
1856 Census Martha Junkin (Martha) TEMPLE-54386
1856 Census James S. TEMPLE-54387
1856 Census Elizabeth M. TEMPLE-57222
Nov 1856 Birth Francis (Frank) TEMPLE-54388
Nov 1856 Census Francis (Frank) TEMPLE-54388
Jun 1860 Occupation Conrad TEMPLE-54381
Jun 1860 Census Margaret RITCHEY-54382
Jun 1860 Occupation David Carson (Carson) TEMPLE-54383
Jun 1860 Occupation John Calvin TEMPLE-54384
Jun 1860 Occupation Sarah J. TEMPLE-54385
Jun 1860 Census Martha Junkin (Martha) TEMPLE-54386
Jun 1860 Census James S. TEMPLE-54387
Jun 1860 Census Francis (Frank) TEMPLE-54388
Jun 1860 Census Emma M. GRIMES-54389
29 Jul 1864 Birth Nancy Margaret (Nannie) TEMPLE-66009
Aug 1870 Census Lucinda -124688
Aug 1870 Census William P. TEMPLE-124689
Aug 1870 Census Mary TEMPLE-124690
Aug 1870 Census Maggie TEMPLE-124691
Aug 1870 Census John TEMPLE-124692
5 May 1874 Marriage Francis (Frank) TEMPLE-54388 and Sarah Gertrude (Gertrude) YEOMAN-54393
21 Apr 1876 Marriage David Carson (Carson) TEMPLE-54383 and Caroline FIGGINS-60269
Feb 1880 Birth Charles C. TEMPLES-54401
Jun 1880 Census Margaret RITCHEY-54382
Jun 1880 Occupation Francis (Frank) TEMPLE-54388
Jun 1880 Census Sarah Gertrude (Gertrude) YEOMAN-54393
Jun 1880 Census Daisy TEMPLE-54394
Jun 1880 Census Charles C. TEMPLES-54401
Jun 1880 Census Ada (Addie) TEMPLE-54406
1885 Census Margaret RITCHEY-54382
1885 Occupation David Carson (Carson) TEMPLE-54383
1885 Census Emma M. GRIMES-54389
1885 Census David William TEMPLE-54390
1885 Census Emma A. TEMPLE-54399
1885 Census Rhoda Gertrude (Rhoda) TEMPLE-54412
1885 Census John TEMPLE-57257
1895 Census David Carson (Carson) TEMPLE-54383
1895 Census Emma M. GRIMES-54389
1895 Census David William TEMPLE-54390
1895 Census James Trio (James) TEMPLE-54391
1895 Census Emma A. TEMPLE-54399
1895 Census Erna Conrad (Ernie) TEMPLE-54400
Jun 1900 Census Rhoda Gertrude (Rhoda) TEMPLE-54412
Jun 1900 Census Thomas Samuel (Thomas) REIGHARD-57176
Jun 1900 Census Archer C. REIGHARD-57177
Jun 1900 Census Clarence R. REIGHARD-57178
Jun 1900 Census Howard R. REIGHARD-57179
Jun 1900 Census Nellie M. REIGHARD-57180
1905 Census David William TEMPLE-54390
1905 Census James Trio (James) TEMPLE-54391
1905 Census Emma A. TEMPLE-54399
1905 Census Erna Conrad (Ernie) TEMPLE-54400
1905 Census Rhoda Gertrude (Rhoda) TEMPLE-54412
1905 Census Thomas Samuel (Thomas) REIGHARD-57176
3 May 1909 Death James Trio (James) TEMPLE-54391
2 Jun 1909 Death David Carson (Carson) TEMPLE-54383
Apr 1910 Census Emma M. GRIMES-54389
Apr 1910 Occupation David William TEMPLE-54390
Apr 1910 Census Emma A. TEMPLE-54399
Apr 1910 Occupation Erna Conrad (Ernie) TEMPLE-54400
1915 Census Emma M. GRIMES-54389
1915 Occupation David William TEMPLE-54390
1915 Census Emma A. TEMPLE-54399
1915 Occupation Erna Conrad (Ernie) TEMPLE-54400
Jan 1920 Census Emma M. GRIMES-54389
Jan 1920 Illness Emma M. GRIMES-54389
Jan 1920 Occupation David William TEMPLE-54390
Jan 1920 Census Emma A. TEMPLE-54399
Jan 1920 Occupation Erna Conrad (Ernie) TEMPLE-54400
13 Jun 1921 Death Emma M. GRIMES-54389
Apr 1930 Occupation David William TEMPLE-54390
Apr 1930 Census Sikke David TEMPLE-54409
Apr 1940 Occupation David William TEMPLE-54390
IA, Washington, Franklin
Jun 1880 Occupation George W. TEMPLE-40793
1925 Census Emma A. TEMPLE-54399
9 Jun 1928 Death Wiebrie S. (Emma) BREWER-54392
Apr 1930 Occupation Erna Conrad (Ernie) TEMPLE-54400
Apr 1930 Census Tietje Anna BREWER-54410
Apr 1940 Occupation Erna Conrad (Ernie) TEMPLE-54400
Apr 1940 Census Tietje Anna BREWER-54410
Apr 1940 Census Sikke David TEMPLE-54409
IA, Washington, Gowrive
1925 Census Bertha Mae TEMPLE-50586
IA, Washington, Iowa
1856 Census Sidney TEMPLE-140361
IA, Washington, Kalona
9 Feb 1894 Birth Wiebrie S. (Emma) BREWER-54392
IA, Washington, Lime Creek Twp.
18 Dec 1879 Birth Rayburn DeVere (Ray) TEMPLE-51222
Jun 1880 Occupation Elias TEMPLE-24163
Jun 1880 Census Martha A. (Mattie) MAPLE-51221
Jun 1880 Census Rayburn DeVere (Ray) TEMPLE-51222
IA, Washington, Marion
26 Mar 1875 Death Mary A. TEMPLE-125104
IA, Washington, Oregon
Aug 1860 Occupation Thomas TEMPLE-27516
Aug 1860 Census Mary Ann (Mary) DAY-27523
Aug 1860 Census Joshua TEMPLE-50619
Aug 1860 Census George TEMPLE-53562
Jul 1870 Birth Carrie TEMPLE-43340
Aug 1870 Census Catherine (Kate) SMITH-43337
Aug 1870 Census Theodore TEMPLE-43338
Aug 1870 Census Minnie Belle TEMPLE-43339
Aug 1870 Census Carrie TEMPLE-43340
Aug 1870 Census Harriet TEMPLE-43341
Aug 1870 Occupation Joshua TEMPLE-50619
IA, Washington, Riverside
Jun 1880 Census Maria L. TEMPLE-46496
Jun 1880 Census Joseph DUDLEY-57674
IA, Washington, Washington
24 Apr 1868 Birth Georgetta (Etta) HILTON-26914
Aug 1869 Birth Peter TEMPLE-135534
Jul 1870 Occupation Peter TEMPLE-135530
Jul 1870 Census Helen -135531
Jul 1870 Census George TEMPLE-135532
Jul 1870 Census Anna M. TEMPLE-135533
Jul 1870 Census Peter TEMPLE-135534
8 Aug 1870 Birth Eddie HILTON-26916
18 Jun 1871 Birth Charles Henry HILTON-26917
7 Aug 1872 Birth Jesse Kilgore HILTON-26918
15 Sep 1874 Birth Hannah Mae HILTON-26919
21 Aug 1878 Death Ruth Eliza (Ruth) TEMPLE-23930
14 Jul 1879 Birth Ada (Addie) TEMPLE-54406
25 Feb 1885 Death Benjamin TEMPLE-1393
18 Jun 1885 Death Margaret RITCHEY-54382
11 Aug 1911 Death Erma TEMPLE-60396
1923 Birth Beulah Evelyn (Beulah) STEWART-114142
27 May 1923 Birth Sikke David TEMPLE-54409
Apr 1930 Census Emma A. TEMPLE-54399
24 Mar 1945 Marriage Sikke David TEMPLE-54409 and Beulah Evelyn (Beulah) STEWART-114142
18 Feb 1962 Death David William TEMPLE-54390
28 Dec 1962 Death Erna Conrad (Ernie) TEMPLE-54400
1966 Residence Tietje Anna BREWER-54410
1966 Residence John R. HUGHES-88336
2018 Residence Beulah Evelyn (Beulah) STEWART-114142
2018 Residence Mary Margaret TEMPLE-114144
2018 Residence Timothy TEMPLE-114146
IA, Washington, West Chester
1915 Occupation Arthur TEMPLE-63928
IA, Wayne Co.
1863 Moved Alexander WADE-17744
abt 1875 Birth John P. KING-98227
4 Apr 1878 Marriage George Washington (George) TEMPLE-1992 and Margaret (Mag) BOTT-2606
10 Apr 1903 Death Theodore WADE-17315
11 Sep 1905 Birth Beatrice TEMPLE-57241
22 Jul 1911 Birth Erma TEMPLE-60396
IA, Wayne, Allerton
Birth Virginia (Sue) BETTS-63519
IA, Wayne, Benton
Jul 1870 Census Margaret (Mag) BOTT-2606
IA, Wayne, Cambria
13 Apr 1909 Birth Mable Corrine (Corrine) TEMPLE-98257
IA, Wayne, Clay
Aug 1870 Occupation Benjamin TEMPLE-1393
Aug 1870 Census Matilda REEVES-1984
Aug 1870 Occupation George Washington (George) TEMPLE-1992
18 Nov 1879 Birth Eliza Jane (Jennie) TEMPLE-23959
Jun 1880 Occupation John Reeves (John) TEMPLE-1989
Jun 1880 Occupation George Washington (George) TEMPLE-1992
Jun 1880 Census Mary Elizabeth WATTERS-2597
Jun 1880 Census Benjamin F. TEMPLE-2598
Jun 1880 Census Hannah Matilda TEMPLE-2599
Jun 1880 Census Charles Jefferson (Charley) TEMPLE-2600
Jun 1880 Census Sarah Catharine TEMPLE-2601
Jun 1880 Census Luther Clarence (Clarence) TEMPLE-2602
Jun 1880 Census James Jasper (Jasper) TEMPLE-2603
Jun 1880 Census Margaret (Mag) BOTT-2606
Jun 1880 Census Eliza Jane (Jennie) TEMPLE-23959
1885 Occupation Benjamin TEMPLE-1393
1885 Census Matilda REEVES-1984
1905 Census Sarah ABLE-57240
1915 Occupation Benjamin Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-2607
1915 Census Sarah ABLE-57240
1915 Census Beatrice TEMPLE-57241
1915 Census Velma TEMPLE-57242
IA, Wayne, Corydon
1869 Moved Benjamin TEMPLE-1393
9 Nov 1878 Birth Ebenezer (Eben) HOWELL-24171
4 Dec 1879 Birth James Jasper (Jasper) TEMPLE-2603
13 Oct 1881 Marriage Frank TEMPLE-162158 and Martha HAND-162161
11 Sep 1888 Death George Washington (George) TEMPLE-1992
aft 1899 Death Sarah TEMPLE-1985
Apr 1910 Occupation Jesse Wade TEMPLE-2608
Apr 1910 Census Mary Iretia (Mary) SMITH-98256
Apr 1910 Census Mable Corrine (Corrine) TEMPLE-98257
1926 Birth Maurice Elvin NICKEL-103338
1 Apr 1935 Residence Leota ALEXANDER-166078
bef 1985 Residence Barbara Lee WHITED-63515
IA, Wayne, Humeston
22 Sep 1891 Marriage Benjamin L. ELLIS-80931 and Margaret (Mag) BOTT-2606
1913 Birth Velma TEMPLE-57242
IA, Wayne, Promise City
10 Jul 1911 Death Eliza TEMPLE-1400
29 Oct 1915 Birth Leota ALEXANDER-166078
IA, Wayne, Read
14 Apr 1860 Birth Louisa Melvina (Louisa) PARTCH-21758
IA, Wayne, Richman Twp.
Apr 1910 Occupation Benjamin Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-2607
Apr 1910 Census Sarah ABLE-57240
Apr 1910 Census Beatrice TEMPLE-57241
IA, Wayne, Walnut Twp.
Apr 1910 Occupation Edd TEMPLES-133486
IA, Wayne, Washington
26 Nov 1869 Death Eliza Ellen (Eliza) TEMPLE-1991
Jul 1880 Census Martha HAND-162161
5 Apr 1891 Death Matilda REEVES-1984
IA, Webster Co.
Jun 1943 Occupation Arthur Edward TEMPEL Jr.-51827
IA, Webster, Clare
12 Jun 1920 Death Jenny Lind THAYER-10095
IA, Webster, Douglas Twp.
1 Dec 1881 Marriage James S. TEMPLE-61072 and Lavina E. THOMPSON-115815
IA, Webster, Elkhorn Twp.
16 Feb 1942 Residence Arthur Edward TEMPEL Sr.-51825
IA, Webster, Fort Dodge
Jun 1880 Occupation Moses R. TEMPLE-61070
Jun 1880 Census Derinda (Dora) KNIGHT-61071
Jun 1880 Census Ida J. TEMPLE-61075
Jun 1880 Census Mary Elizabeth TEMPLE-61084
Jun 1880 Census John W. TEMPLE-61090
1884 Birth Hugh Hiram LAIRD-74323
1895 Census William TEMPLE-131437
1895 Census Anna -131438
1895 Census Myra TEMPLE-131439
Jun 1900 Occupation William E. TEMPLE-61074
Jun 1900 Census William Anthony (William) TEMPLE-61086
Jun 1900 Census Eliza Ann (Liza) ROBINSON-61087
1905 Census William Anthony (William) TEMPLE-61086
1905 Census Eliza Ann (Liza) ROBINSON-61087
Apr 1910 Occupation William E. TEMPLE-61074
Apr 1910 Occupation William Anthony (William) TEMPLE-61086
Apr 1910 Census Eliza Ann (Liza) ROBINSON-61087
Apr 1910 Occupation Joseph Edward (Edward) TEMPLE-6389
1915 Census William E. TEMPLE-61074
1915 Occupation William Anthony (William) TEMPLE-61086
1915 Census Eliza Ann (Liza) ROBINSON-61087
Jan 1920 Census Helen E. (Nell) BROOME-5953
Jan 1920 Occupation Charles Liston TEMPLE-5954
Jan 1920 Census Helen C. TEMPLE-5955
Jan 1920 Census Liston M. TEMPLE-26984
Jan 1920 Occupation John Dwight (Dwight) TEMPLE-26992
Jan 1920 Death Frank Henry TEMPLE-44375
Jan 1920 Occupation William E. TEMPLE-61074
Jan 1920 Census Eliza Ann (Liza) ROBINSON-61087
Jan 1920 Census Clara Mae WINTERS-74321
Jan 1920 Census Eleanor LAIRD-74322
Jan 1920 Census Hugh Hiram LAIRD-74323
Jan 1920 Census Martin WINTERS-74324
Jan 1920 Census Mary Jane WETZELL-74325
1924 Residence John Andrew TEMPLE Jr.-55668
1924 Occupation John Andrew TEMPLE Jr.-55668
12 Sep 1929 Death Eliza Ann (Liza) ROBINSON-61087
Apr 1930 Occupation William E. TEMPLE-61074
1 Apr 1935 Residence Mary M. BUGAN-87035
1937 Residence Orville Philip HEIN-68564
1938 Residence Arthur Edward TEMPEL Sr.-51825
Apr 1940 Occupation Arthur Edward TEMPEL Sr.-51825
Apr 1940 Census Elsie Lucy FERGUSON-51826
Apr 1940 Census Arthur Edward TEMPEL Jr.-51827
Apr 1940 Census Dr. Paul Frederick TEMPEL-51828
1941 Moved Harry Travis (Harry) TEMPLE-24540
13 Jun 1941 Death William E. TEMPLE-61074
19 Aug 1941 Birth Rita Kay TEMPLE-56509
aft 1941 Occupation Gladys Etta Wilhelmine (Gladys) GEORG-24544
bef 2006 Residence Curtis TEMPLE Jr.-138359
2 Sep 2020 Death Willie Ray (Woody) TEMPLE-179002
IA, Webster, Gowrie
1924 Residence Raymond Theodore TEMPLE-50588
1925 Census Raymond Theodore TEMPLE-50588
1925 Census Helen Genevive (Helen) HOBBS-57290
26 Aug 1926 Birth Lillian Rae (Lil) TEMPLE-61357
Jul 1950 Residence Rolland Dale COOKLIN-66996
5 Jul 1950 Marriage Rolland Dale COOKLIN-66996 and Karma Jean TEMPLE-66985
IA, Webster, Lehigh
1930 Birth Julia Anne BAILEY-72096
1930 Residence Mary BAILEY-122210
Apr 1930 Occupation Raymond Theodore TEMPLE-50588
Apr 1930 Census Helen Genevive (Helen) HOBBS-57290
Apr 1930 Census Lila Genevive (Jean) TEMPLE-61356
Apr 1930 Census Lillian Rae (Lil) TEMPLE-61357
IA, Webster, Wahkonsa
1925 Census William E. TEMPLE-61074
1925 Census Eliza Ann (Liza) ROBINSON-61087
1925 Census John Will (Willie) TEMPLE-56431
1925 Census Clara Mae WINTERS-74321
1925 Census Eleanor LAIRD-74322
1925 Census John Andrew TEMPLE Jr.-55668
IA, Webster, Washington
Jun 1880 Census Mary TEMPLE-133119
Jun 1880 Census James KELLY-133122
IA, Westfield Twp. Plymouth
Apr 1910 Occupation William E. TEMPLE-133479
Apr 1910 Census Emma -133480
Apr 1910 Census Mildred TEMPLE-133481
IA, Winnebago Co.
14 Jan 1899 Birth Verne Franklin (Verne) OLESON-155865
IA, Winnebago, Buffalo Center
Jun 1900 Occupation Reverend Ezra Sommerville (Ezra) TEMPLE-2020
Jun 1900 Census Mary Adelaide (Mary) PEPPERS-2625
Jun 1900 Census Ray Darwin TEMPLE-2627
Jun 1900 Census Obed Darius (Dick) TEMPLE-2628
Jun 1900 Census Ruth Dorcas (Ruth) TEMPLE-2629
Jun 1900 Census Paul Dewitt (Paul) TEMPLE-2630
23 Nov 1900 Birth Arvilla Darcus (Arvilla) TEMPLE-23673
IA, Winnebago, Mount Valley
Jun 1900 Census Theresa BAKKE-703
Jun 1900 Census Earl J. HELGESON-48689
Jun 1900 Census Ole BAKKE-121905
Jun 1900 Census Nikolena -121906
IA, Winneshiek, Decorah
Jun 1860 Census James Mars (James) TEMPLE-4469
1925 Census Therese (Tessie) TEMPLE-30080
1925 Census James P. BURLING-54708
IA, Winneshiek, Pleasant Twp.
Apr 1930 Census Milton H. SCHNITZLER-137591
IA, Woodbury Co.
10 Dec 1920 Miscellaneous William Warner (William) TEMPLE-57310
Jul 1942 Occupation Robert Dobson TEMPLE-42001
1943 Residence Clifton Michael (Michael) TEMPLE-43970
IA, Woodbury, Anthon
3 Oct 1887 Birth William Edward (William/Willis) TEMPLE-54169
1895 Census Frank Arthur (Frank) TEMPLE-39631
1895 Census Grace Ella TEMPLE-54163
1895 Census William Edward (William/Willis) TEMPLE-54169
IA, Woodbury, Correctionville
27 Dec 1884 Birth Grace Ella TEMPLE-54163
1909 Birth Calvin Charles STEVENS-39640
Jan 1920 Occupation Frank Arthur (Frank) TEMPLE-39631
Jan 1920 Census Florence Beatrice (Florence) QUINTARD-39632
Jan 1920 Census Clair Arthur (Clair) TEMPLE-39635
Jan 1920 Census Lucille Bernice (Lucille) TEMPLE-39637
Jan 1920 Census Helen Maureen (Maureen) TEMPLE-39638
17 May 1927 Birth Betty Charlene (Betty) TEMPLE-39639
Apr 1930 Occupation Frank Arthur (Frank) TEMPLE-39631
Apr 1930 Census Florence Beatrice (Florence) QUINTARD-39632
Apr 1930 Census Clair Arthur (Clair) TEMPLE-39635
Apr 1930 Occupation Lucille Bernice (Lucille) TEMPLE-39637
Apr 1930 Census Helen Maureen (Maureen) TEMPLE-39638
Apr 1930 Census Betty Charlene (Betty) TEMPLE-39639
9 Nov 1930 Marriage Calvin Charles STEVENS-39640 and Lucille Bernice (Lucille) TEMPLE-39637
IA, Woodbury, Danbury
Apr 1941 Residence Florence Irene (Florence) TEMPLE-649
IA, Woodbury, Kedron
1905 Census Frank Arthur (Frank) TEMPLE-39631
1905 Census Grace Ella TEMPLE-54163
1905 Census William Edward (William/Willis) TEMPLE-54169
IA, Woodbury, Rock Branch
30 Jun 1901 Death Charles DICE-54165
2 Apr 1908 Death Hattie EDLEMAN-54166
IA, Woodbury, Rock Twp.
1885 Census William Clark (Clark) TEMPLE-2922
1885 Census Frank Arthur (Frank) TEMPLE-39631
1885 Census Grace Ella TEMPLE-54163
IA, Woodbury, Sergeant Bluff
28 Apr 2012 Death Tracie Ann TAINTER-151620
IA, Woodbury, Sioux City
12 Feb 1861 Birth Nellie TEMPLE-5383
24 May 1868 Birth Hessie Inez (Bessie) TEMPLE-5385
1869 Marriage Albert Monson PARKER-8684 and Elizabeth VAN ZANDT-8685
8 Dec 1878 Birth Lottie E. TEMPLE-5387
abt 1880 Residence Stella B. TEMPLE-5381
1895 Census Alice E. TEMPLE-131440
3 Jun 1899 Birth Mildred Karolyne TEMPLE-128980
1903 Death Palmer Milroy (Milroy) TEMPLE-556
1904 Birth Jane Faye CONGDON-5156
1909 Birth Mildred Marion HOBLIT-122123
31 Dec 1912 Marriage George TEMPLE-72633 and Albertine (Alba) MILLER-72634
1915 Occupation Matthew TEMPLE-37784
1915 Census Minnie M. OHLS-37786
1915 Occupation William I. TEMPLE-140365
1918 Occupation Matthew TEMPLE-37784
1918 Residence Minnie M. OHLS-37786
1918 Occupation William Logan (Bill) TEMPLE-52942
1918 Residence Rhoda VAN SICKLE-52941
Jan 1920 Occupation Matthew TEMPLE-37784
Jan 1920 Occupation Minnie M. OHLS-37786
Jan 1920 Census William Robert TEMPLE-57309
Jan 1920 Census Mary Jane (Mary) MILLS-57311
Jan 1920 Census Elizabeth TEMPLE-57312
Jan 1920 Occupation Lowell M. PATTERSON-57313
Jan 1920 Occupation Ray TEMPLE-129146
Dec 1920 Occupation William Warner (William) TEMPLE-57310
Dec 1920 Residence William Warner (William) TEMPLE-57310
12 Apr 1922 Birth Frances Elizabeth TEMPLE-57318
1925 Census Matthew TEMPLE-37784
1925 Census Minnie M. OHLS-37786
1925 Census William Robert TEMPLE-57309
1925 Census Mary Jane (Mary) MILLS-57311
1925 Census Jane Sarah (Sarah) TEMPLE-57321
1925 Census Joseph A. OTT-57329
1925 Census Joseph Temple OTT-57330
1925 Census Paul Phoebos MAC COLLIN-45986
1925 Census Manning Eugene CASE-61634
1925 Residence Mary Jane (Mary) MILLS-57311
1925 Census Frances CHANDLER-140217
1925 Census John DUNN-140244
1925 Census Harriet WARD-140295
1925 Census Daniel TEMPLE-140322
16 May 1925 Death William Robert TEMPLE-57309
29 Sep 1926 Birth Constance W. (Connie) WOOD-52955
7 Dec 1926 Death Rhoda VAN SICKLE-52941
10 Aug 1927 Birth Arlene M. COLE-52956
26 Oct 1929 Birth Patricia Ruth TEMPLE-109493
2 Feb 1930 Death Patricia Ruth TEMPLE-109493
Apr 1930 Occupation Marvin Hughett TEMPLE-37780
Apr 1930 Occupation Matthew TEMPLE-37784
Apr 1930 Census Minnie M. OHLS-37786
Apr 1930 Occupation George Francis TEMPLE-40376
Apr 1930 Census Doris -44607
1932 Birth Jerry Clement PADRTA-105612
1934 Residence Oscar Otis TEMPLE-74271
May 1934 Residence Matt TEMPLE-176544
1936 Residence Doris -44607
1936 Residence Forest BETZ-48725
Apr 1940 Occupation Matthew TEMPLE-37784
Apr 1940 Occupation Minnie M. OHLS-37786
Apr 1940 Census Hans FRIES-122126
Apr 1940 Census Noel FRIES-122127
Apr 1940 Census Mildred Marion HOBLIT-122123
2 Apr 1941 Death Florence Irene (Florence) TEMPLE-649
Jun 1941 Occupation Robert Dobson TEMPLE-42001
10 Sep 1944 Birth Eleanor Margaret MURPHY-165003
14 Mar 1945 Death Matthew TEMPLE-37784
1946 Residence George Francis TEMPLE-40376
1946 Residence Mildred Marion HOBLIT-122123
4 May 1946 Marriage George Francis TEMPLE-40376 and Mildred Marion HOBLIT-122123
31 Jan 1947 Marriage Stanton William (Tony) TEMPLE-52947 and Arlene M. COLE-52956
Dec 1948 Residence Minnie M. OHLS-37786
17 Dec 1948 Death Minnie M. OHLS-37786
1949 Residence Clifton Michael (Michael) TEMPLE-43970
1949 Residence Robert Craig TEMPLE-52946
1949 Residence Stanton William (Tony) TEMPLE-52947
4 Jun 1949 Marriage Robert Craig TEMPLE-52946 and Constance W. (Connie) WOOD-52955
8 Jan 1951 Marriage Cletus J. TEMPLE-43972 and Marilyn M. LAMP-122218
7 Dec 1955 Death Agnes M. TEMPLE-174930
13 Feb 1964 Death Lisa Marie TEMPLE-151066
1966 Residence Virginia TEMPLE-161137
1966 Residence Janet PETERS-161139
Jan 1967 Death Lisa Marie TEMPLE-142393
17 Sep 1973 Death William Logan (Bill) TEMPLE-52942
Jan 1975 Death George Francis TEMPLE-40376
1979 Residence Alice Elizabeth (Alice) DONNELLY-52943
2 Feb 1983 Death Alice Elizabeth (Alice) DONNELLY-52943
1989 Residence William Lee (Bill) TEMPLE-75843
15 Dec 1992 Death Clifton Michael (Michael) TEMPLE-43970
5 Jul 2009 Death Theola Jeanine TEMPLE-29145
2 Jun 2010 Death Robert Craig TEMPLE-52946
4 Jul 2010 Death Gerrit GERRITSEN Jr.-29185
2011 Residence Elizabeth Abigail TEMPLE-75842
4 Nov 2011 Death Constance W. (Connie) WOOD-52955
IA, Worth Co.
1928 Death Catherine (Katie) TEMPLE-45081
IA, Worth, Fertile Twp.
17 Dec 1870 Birth Alzada Arvilla (Allie) JOHNSON-127546
IA, Worth, Northwood
1895 Occupation Cary Alvin (Cary) TEMPLE-45082
1895 Census Enos TEMPLE-48691
1895 Census Sarah Jane DUNAWAY-48697
29 May 1898 Birth Ervan TEMPLE-48698
28 May 1900 Birth Dora Belle TEMPLE-48699
1925 Census Catherine (Katie) TEMPLE-45081
1925 Census Emery D. ECKERT-57113
1925 Census Agnes May ECKERT-57114
1925 Census Shirley T. ECKERT-57117
29 Sep 1936 Marriage Richard Eugene TEMPLE-61245 and Marie A. LA BELLE-61256
21 Nov 1941 Marriage Rollin Louis BORNE-6904 and Dorothy Eleanor DUERR-6915
12 Jan 1946 Marriage Luther ANDERSON-102985 and Martha Jane TEMPLE-24440
25 Jan 1947 Marriage Rene Marcellus WOLFE-57808 and Evelyn Muriel (Evelyn) TEMPLE-21287
9 Jul 1949 Marriage Walter VOITA-109126 and Jean Priscilla TEMPLE-39037
IA, Wright, Clarion
13 Mar 1906 Birth Charlotte Isabelle TEMPLE-42005
1918 Occupation Algernon Foreman TEMPLE-42003
1918 Residence Lora Isabelle (Belle) FITKIN-42004
IA, Wright, Dows
4 Jun 1982 Death Helen I. SANER-78531
IA, Wright, Eagle Grove
22 Aug 1905 Birth Maxine LINDLEY-85108
1923 Birth Velda Mae STUMPF-122112
21 Apr 1946 Marriage Dr. Paul Frederick TEMPEL-51828 and Velda Mae STUMPF-122112
IA, Wright, Rowan
Apr 1910 Occupation Dr. Raymond Dayton (Raymond) TEMPLE-42650
Apr 1910 Census Minnie Belle DAYTON-42651
Apr 1910 Census Alton D. FRENCH-76223
Apr 1910 Census Ola FRENCH-76225

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