Indian Territory was the term used for parts of AR Territory and OK Territory prior to statehood, and included ill-defined nearby areas. The result is this separate listing for places referred to as "Indian Territory," some of which may fall outside Oklahoma.

OK, Indian Territory At Large
1863 Birth Martha ROBERSON-169121
1872 Birth Margaret Elizabeth ROBERTSON-3195
1872 Birth Fannie Cooper HEISTAND-136436
Oct 1884 Birth Myrtle ANDRES-90004
1890 Census Joel Taylor (Taylor) TEMPLE-21892
1890 Illness Joel Taylor (Taylor) TEMPLE-21892
1891 Marriage John O. LUMSDEN-23344 and Sarrah Dellar TIGNOR-40457
1892 Residence W.J. TEMPLE-158575
1892 Residence Emily TEMPLE-169150
1892 Residence W.J. TEMPLE-169151
1892 Residence Frank ELLWOOD-169153
19 Sep 1892 Miscellaneous Emily TEMPLE-158574
14 Feb 1894 Birth Vera (Bobbie) WHEELER-114532
19 Mar 1894 Birth Loyal Ernest (Loyal) TEMPLE-48451
31 Aug 1894 Birth Fern O. TEMPLE-42304
1896 Residence W.J. TEMPLE-158575
1896 Residence Mary Harriett FRUMAN-158578
17 Dec 1896 Marriage W.L. TEMPLE-169123 and Emma -169124
25 Aug 1897 Marriage Marion C. FAIR-169122 and Sarah -132014
Dec 1897 Birth John N. TEMPLES-169166
21 Dec 1897 Marriage Edmond W. EPPARD-74480 and Ethel Linzy TEMPLE-74479
1898 Birth Ruth B. CUNNINGHAM-23556
1898 Miscellaneous Edward TEMPLE-175034
20 Feb 1898 Marriage J.R. TEMPLE-169120 and Martha ROBERSON-169121
7 May 1899 Marriage W.J. TEMPLE-158575 and Martha Ellen COWAN-158577
1900 Residence Quilla Fay TEMPLE-18497
Jun 1900 Census Walter B. SATTERWHITE-56123
Jun 1900 Census Joseph SATTERWHITE-59526
Jun 1900 Census Amanda -59527
25 Oct 1900 Birth Okla DAVIS-29233
7 Jan 1903 Marriage Oliver H. TEMPLE-48000 and Roma POPEJOY-48001
26 Nov 1905 Marriage Thomas SIGLER-169233 and Bessie TEMPLES-169232
Indian Territory, Camp Supply
1884 Residence D. Mary TEMPLE-30862
1884 Residence John J. WOOTTEN-30865
Indian Territory, Chickasaw Nation
Jun 1900 Census Georgia E. (Georgie) MELTON-51888
Jun 1900 Census George M. MELTON-51890
Jun 1900 Census Sarah E. SMEDLEY-55643
Indian Territory, Chickasaw Nation, Pickens
Jun 1900 Occupation Joseph S. TEMPLES-169161
Jun 1900 Census Flora -169162
Jun 1900 Census Larina TEMPLES-169163
Jun 1900 Census Annie TEMPLES-169164
Jun 1900 Census Joseph E. TEMPLES-169165
Jun 1900 Census John N. TEMPLES-169166
Indian Territory, Echo
1897 Residence Edmond W. EPPARD-74480
1897 Residence Ethel Linzy TEMPLE-74479
Indian Territory, Korbo
1903 Residence Oliver H. TEMPLE-48000
1903 Residence Roma POPEJOY-48001
Indian Territory, Tamaha
1899 Residence W.J. TEMPLE-158575
1899 Residence Martha Ellen COWAN-158577

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