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The Isle of Man is a British Crown Dependency but is not part of the United Kingdom. Errors to the contrary exist in the database and will be corrected by the next time of publication of the website.

Isle of Man At Large
1840 Birth Peter F. TEMPLE-136176
1842 Birth Martha KILLEY-79462
15 Feb 1845 Birth John BECK-50280
Isle of Man, Ayre, Ramsey
11 May 1863 Birth Benjamin Barnes TEMPLE-127044
Isle of Man, Foxdale
19 Jun 1864 Birth Ann Jane KELLY-121924
Isle of Man, Glen Faba Parish
27 May 1890 Birth Eveline Jane CORBETT-121287
Isle of Man, Glen Faba, Peel
3 Jun 1839 Birth John James CORBETT-121923

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