MISSOURI Events, Part 3

MISSOURI Event List Three

MO, Gentry, Stanberry through MO, Jackson, Van Buren

MO, Gentry, Stanberry
20 Nov 1883 Birth James Carter (James) TEMPLE Sr.-29795
1887 Residence Margaret Nancy (Maggie) TEMPLE-21930
15 Jan 1889 Birth Nellie Frances (Nellie) SAGER-24529
9 Jul 1890 Birth Leroy Bell (Roy) TEMPLE-21935
Jun 1900 Occupation George Breckinridge (George) TEMPLE-21925
Jun 1900 Census Susan Eliza (Susan) ROSS-24526
Jun 1900 Census William Earl (Earl) TEMPLE Sr.-24528
Jun 1900 Census Charles Edward (Charles) TEMPLE-29794
Jun 1900 Census James Carter (James) TEMPLE Sr.-29795
28 Feb 1901 Birth Harry Jewell TEMPLE-21938
1905 Residence James Carter (James) TEMPLE Sr.-29795
1905 Residence Nettie Pearl (Nettie) THOMAS-29797
22 Apr 1905 Marriage James Carter (James) TEMPLE Sr.-29795 and Nettie Pearl (Nettie) THOMAS-29797
1907 Residence Charles Edward (Charles) TEMPLE-29794
1908 Residence Edward TEMPLE-37819
1908 Residence Alta Nevada (Nevada) TEMPLE-37817
Apr 1910 Occupation George Breckinridge (George) TEMPLE-21925
Apr 1910 Census Susan Eliza (Susan) ROSS-24526
Apr 1910 Census William Earl (Earl) TEMPLE Sr.-24528
Apr 1910 Occupation James Carter (James) TEMPLE Sr.-29795
Apr 1910 Census Nettie Pearl (Nettie) THOMAS-29797
May 1910 Occupation Edward TEMPLE-37819
May 1910 Census Alma Maydonne SLAGLE-38309
29 May 1911 Birth William Merlin (Merlin) TEMPLE-38311
18 Dec 1911 Birth Frances Anna (Frances) TEMPLE-24532
30 Nov 1912 Death William TEMPLE-21913
12 Dec 1912 Marriage Porter HAZELWOOD-102108 and Gertrude Lee (Gertie) TEMPLE-37818
1913 Moved William Earl (Earl) TEMPLE Sr.-24528
28 Aug 1913 Birth Lora Violet (Violet) TEMPLE-38310
23 Sep 1913 Birth Susie Merle (Merle) TEMPLE-39869
1917 Occupation William Earl (Earl) TEMPLE Sr.-24528
1917 Residence Nellie Frances (Nellie) SAGER-24529
1918 Birth Wilma June (Wilma) TEMPLE-39870
1918 Occupation Edward TEMPLE-37819
1918 Occupation Oren Joseph TEMPLE-37815
31 Jan 1918 Death Augustus SAGER-24530
17 Sep 1918 Birth Eldon Edward (Eldon) TEMPLE-38312
1920 Residence Joseph S. (Joe) TEMPLE-21929
Jan 1920 Occupation George Breckinridge (George) TEMPLE-21925
Jan 1920 Occupation William Archie TEMPLE-21926
Jan 1920 Occupation Benjamin Bell (Ben) TEMPLE-21928
Jan 1920 Census Artis Mae (Artie) SWANK-21934
Jan 1920 Occupation Harry Jewell TEMPLE-21938
Jan 1920 Census Rolla Morgan (Rolla) TEMPLE-21939
Jan 1920 Census Susan Eliza (Susan) ROSS-24526
Jan 1920 Census Evelyn H. (Eva) CAMPBELL-37816
16 Dec 1921 Death Eva Dora KAISER-24531
1924 Residence Harry Jewell TEMPLE-21938
Apr 1930 Occupation William Archie TEMPLE-21926
Apr 1930 Census Evelyn H. (Eva) CAMPBELL-37816
1932 Residence Oralena TEMPLE-37992
1932 Residence Dorisey Ben PERRY-62959
25 Dec 1932 Marriage Dorisey Ben PERRY-62959 and Oralena TEMPLE-37992
11 Aug 1933 Birth Reverend William Merlin (Bill) TEMPLE Jr.-63509
1 Apr 1935 Residence William Merlin (Merlin) TEMPLE-38311
1 Apr 1935 Residence Mildred Louise MC CULLOUGH-63505
1 Apr 1935 Residence Reverend William Merlin (Bill) TEMPLE Jr.-63509
20 Aug 1935 Birth Shirley Ann TEMPLE-63508
2 Sep 1935 Death Shirley Ann TEMPLE-63508
17 May 1937 Birth Dorothy Faye TEMPLE-87083
1938 Residence George Breckinridge (George) TEMPLE-21925
1938 Residence Benjamin Bell (Ben) TEMPLE-21928
6 Aug 1938 Birth Alma Arlene TEMPLE-71691
6 Aug 1938 Birth Orinda Darlene (Darlene) TEMPLE-87084
Apr 1940 Census William Archie TEMPLE-21926
Apr 1940 Census Evelyn H. (Eva) CAMPBELL-37816
3 Jun 1940 Marriage Dale Ellis NEIDEIGH-76856 and Laura Mae TEMPLE-61333
Oct 1940 Occupation Eldon Edward (Eldon) TEMPLE-38312
Oct 1940 Residence Virginia Faye MEEK-71694
9 Nov 1945 Death William Archie TEMPLE-21926
29 Jan 1955 Death Evelyn H. (Eva) CAMPBELL-37816
6 Jan 1960 Death Orinda Darlene (Darlene) TEMPLE-87084
1961 Residence Alma Maydonne SLAGLE-38309
26 Jul 1961 Death Edward TEMPLE-37819
17 Apr 1975 Death Alma Maydonne SLAGLE-38309
28 Dec 2009 Death Maxine TEMPLE-50466
MO, Gentry, Union Grove
17 Aug 1890 Birth William Earl (Earl) TEMPLE Sr.-24528
MO, Gentry, Wilson Twp.
Jun 1880 Occupation William TEMPLE-21913
Jun 1880 Census Mary E. KLINGSMITH-21924
Jun 1880 Occupation George Breckinridge (George) TEMPLE-21925
Jun 1880 Occupation William Archie TEMPLE-21926
Jun 1880 Census Benjamin Bell (Ben) TEMPLE-21928
Jun 1880 Census Joseph S. (Joe) TEMPLE-21929
Jun 1880 Census Margaret Nancy (Maggie) TEMPLE-21930
Jun 1880 Census Dr. Harry Hughes (Harry) TEMPLE-21931
Jun 1880 Census Susan Eliza (Susan) ROSS-24526
Jun 1880 Census Charles Edward (Charles) TEMPLE-29794
1900 Birth Oralena TEMPLE-37992
Jun 1900 Occupation William Archie TEMPLE-21926
Jun 1900 Occupation Joseph S. (Joe) TEMPLE-21929
Jun 1900 Census Tempie Cynthia LITTIN-37813
Jun 1900 Census Leuna A. TEMPLE-37814
Jun 1900 Census Oren Joseph TEMPLE-37815
Jun 1900 Census Evelyn H. (Eva) CAMPBELL-37816
Jun 1900 Census Alta Nevada (Nevada) TEMPLE-37817
Jun 1900 Census Gertrude Lee (Gertie) TEMPLE-37818
Jun 1900 Census Edward TEMPLE-37819
Jun 1900 Census Bertha V. TEMPLE-37820
May 1910 Occupation William Archie TEMPLE-21926
May 1910 Occupation Joseph S. (Joe) TEMPLE-21929
May 1910 Census Tempie Cynthia LITTIN-37813
May 1910 Census Leuna A. TEMPLE-37814
May 1910 Census Oren Joseph TEMPLE-37815
May 1910 Census Evelyn H. (Eva) CAMPBELL-37816
May 1910 Census Gertrude Lee (Gertie) TEMPLE-37818
May 1910 Census Bertha V. TEMPLE-37820
May 1910 Census Oralena TEMPLE-37992
Jan 1920 Occupation Joseph S. (Joe) TEMPLE-21929
Jan 1920 Census Tempie Cynthia LITTIN-37813
Jan 1920 Occupation Oren Joseph TEMPLE-37815
Jan 1920 Occupation Edward TEMPLE-37819
Jan 1920 Census Oralena TEMPLE-37992
Jan 1920 Census Alma Maydonne SLAGLE-38309
Jan 1920 Census Lora Violet (Violet) TEMPLE-38310
Jan 1920 Census William Merlin (Merlin) TEMPLE-38311
Jan 1920 Census Eldon Edward (Eldon) TEMPLE-38312
Apr 1930 Occupation Joseph S. (Joe) TEMPLE-21929
Apr 1930 Census Tempie Cynthia LITTIN-37813
Apr 1930 Census Oralena TEMPLE-37992
Apr 1940 Occupation Tempie Cynthia LITTIN-37813
8 Dec 1954 Death Tempie Cynthia LITTIN-37813
MO, Girardeau, Whitewater
Jun 1900 Census James Albert HARP-56460
Jun 1900 Census James HARP-56467
MO, Greene Co.
13 Jun 1951 Death D.T. TEMPLE-129934
30 Sep 1972 Death Donald Leroy TEMPLE-129935
28 May 1987 Death Bessie TEMPLE-151217
Birth P.B. FREEMAN-65219
MO, Greene, Ash Grove
bef 1979 Residence Howard George (Howard) TEMPLE-21023
MO, Greene, Campbell Twp.
Jan 1920 Occupation Allen Porter (Allen) TEMPLE-45414
Jan 1920 Census Blanche WYATT-45700
Jan 1920 Census Jane TEMPLE-45701
Jan 1920 Census Mary Dell TEMPLE-45702
Jan 1920 Census Emma A. -45704
Jan 1920 Census Joe M. TEMPLE-128027
Jan 1920 Census Addie L. -128028
1923 Residence Dora Mae (Mae) TEMPLE-108396
22 Jan 1923 Birth Laverne F. DULEY-108398
1967 Death James Milton (Jay) TEMPLE-67827
17 May 1972 Death Carolyn A. TEMPLE-146408
1983 Death Emma H. CLOUSER-73263
MO, Greene, North Campbell
Jan 1920 Census Elizabeth (Eliza) TEMPLE-127502
Jan 1920 Census Philip SIMON-127503
MO, Greene, Pond Creek
Jan 1920 Census Margaret E. TEMPLE-131545
Jan 1920 Census Lee A. HENDRICKS-131546
Jan 1920 Census JosephC. (Joe) HENDRICKS-131547
MO, Greene, Springfield
24 Dec 1879 Birth Willie Douglas MAILES-177814
23 Aug 1883 Marriage Charles William (Charles) TEMPLE-5520 and Jane M. (Jeanie) LYNCH-37812
3 Nov 1887 Birth Jesse Wade TEMPLE-128935
1891 Residence P.B. FREEMAN-65219
Jun 1900 Census Sidney J. IMMEL-163552
abt 1909 Birth Barbara E. TEMPLE-137523
19 May 1909 Death HARTER-146367
19 Sep 1909 Birth Wayne Wilson TEMPLE-53443
Apr 1910 Occupation Joseph Marshall (Joe) TEMPLE Jr.-51865
Apr 1910 Census Frances A. (Minnie) WILSON-53441
Apr 1910 Census Frances L. TEMPLE-53442
Apr 1910 Census Wayne Wilson TEMPLE-53443
Apr 1910 Census Pet Maria TEEPLE-163551
Apr 1910 Census Sidney J. IMMEL-163552
1912 Residence J.M. TEMPLE-144026
1912 Residence L.A. TEMPLE-144027
28 May 1912 Marriage Homer Edwin (Homer) TEMPLE-6410 and Matilda Jane (Matilda) GUNN-6546
13 May 1914 Birth Marjorie KNOX-49829
15 Jan 1916 Birth Howard Russell TEMPLE-6547
21 Nov 1916 Birth Mary Dell TEMPLE-45702
1918 Occupation Allen Porter (Allen) TEMPLE-45414
1918 Residence Blanche WYATT-45700
1918 Occupation Homer Edwin (Homer) TEMPLE-6410
1918 Residence Matilda Jane (Matilda) GUNN-6546
1918 Residence Donald Tarrence (Don) TEMPLE-51868
1920 Residence Mary Elizabeth TEMPLE-33758
12 Nov 1922 Death Joseph Marshall (Joseph) TEMPLE Sr.-51863
Apr 1928 Residence Mary Elizabeth TEMPLE-33758
1930 Census Allen Porter (Allen) TEMPLE-45414
1930 Census Blanche WYATT-45700
1930 Census Mary Dell TEMPLE-45702
Apr 1930 Census Addie -60170
Apr 1930 Census Dollie -131544
Apr 1930 Census JosephC. (Joe) HENDRICKS-131547
Apr 1930 Census Elizabeth -131549
1 Apr 1935 Residence Donald Montreal (Donald) TEMPLE-67531
1 Apr 1935 Residence Betty TEMPLE-153090
31 Jul 1937 Death Pearl Elizabeth WORRELL-151644
Apr 1940 Occupation Donald Montreal (Donald) TEMPLE-67531
Apr 1940 Census Irene -86615
Apr 1940 Occupation Allen Porter (Allen) TEMPLE-45414
Apr 1940 Census Blanche WYATT-45700
Apr 1940 Occupation Jane TEMPLE-45701
Apr 1940 Occupation Mary Dell TEMPLE-45702
Apr 1940 Census Emma A. -45704
Apr 1940 Occupation Elizabeth L. BURTON-128697
Apr 1940 Occupation Barbara Elizabeth ICHINOMIYA-128698
Apr 1940 Occupation James TEMPLE-153285
25 Oct 1941 Marriage Chester Champ (Chester) TEMPLE-42309 and Helen P. CLOPTON-62924
21 Mar 1945 Death Allen Porter (Allen) TEMPLE-45414
7 Dec 1945 Divorce Donald (Don) TEMPLE-129932 and Myrtle Marie HAZARD-129933
15 Jun 1963 Death Blanche WYATT-45700
1967 Residence Dr. Lynn Leon TEMPLE-61360
1967 Residence Neva Lois HORNE-61361
Oct 1967 Death Jay M. TEMPLE-150629
May 1983 Death Emma H. -150630
3 Aug 1985 Marriage Timothy Alan TREAT-144074 and Patricia Sue TEMPLE-144073
Jan 1987 Death Alice TEMPLE-143645
18 Oct 1991 Death Nola Clyde (Nola) HODGE-18157
26 Dec 1991 Death Betty Ann HEAVEY-25573
1995 Residence Ronnie TEMPLE-70809
27 Oct 1996 Death Dorothy Mae CARMICHAEL-163942
10 Dec 1996 Death Lester Allen MEEK-26412
8 Mar 1999 Death Thomas Hill TEMPLE-67831
2001 Residence Rex Eugene (Rex) TEMPLE-63619
2001 Residence TEMPLE-145803
2001 Residence Frances FROELSCH-145804
2 Apr 2001 Death Harriet Rose SCHISLER-119757
22 Nov 2001 Death Neva Lois HORNE-61361
24 Jan 2004 Death Elwood Leslie (Elwood) TEMPLE-25666
2006 Residence Monica Rae (Monica) TROWBRIDGE-79819
10 Apr 2008 Death Sarah Lynn TEMPLE-39524
6 Feb 2010 Death Helen Irene (Helen) TEMPLE-38078
17 May 2015 Death Alma Arlene TEMPLE-71691
Birth Gregory Lynn TEMPLE-61363
Birth Sarah Morrow TYNES-61366
Residence Retta Ann -144081
MO, Greene, Walnut Grove
7 Sep 1999 Death Oren L. HEATON-71692
MO, Grundy Co.
1844 Birth Thomas TEMPLE-24188
7 Apr 1844 Birth Margaret Frances (Fanny) TEMPLE-24189
19 Jul 1846 Marriage Jacob William (Jacob) TEMPLE-124257 and Paulina C. (Polly) HARRINGTON-123686
14 Sep 1846 Birth Richard TEMPLE-24190
14 Sep 1847 Birth Stephen Wythe (Stephen) TEMPLE-24191
11 Mar 1849 Birth Henry Edward TEMPLE-23655
12 Mar 1849 Birth James Burt (James) TEMPLE-24192
Aug 1850 Occupation Andrew Walker TEMPLE-21998
Aug 1850 Census Mary BURT-23178
Aug 1850 Census Henry Edward TEMPLE-23655
Aug 1850 Census William S. (Will) TEMPLE-24185
Aug 1850 Census Josephine S. TEMPLE-24187
Aug 1850 Census Margaret Frances (Fanny) TEMPLE-24189
Aug 1850 Census Stephen Wythe (Stephen) TEMPLE-24191
Aug 1850 Census James Burt (James) TEMPLE-24192
Aug 1850 Census Emily TEMPLE-36691
10 Aug 1853 Birth Tavener Faulkner R. (Tavner) TEMPLE-24193
1876 Residence Henry H. TEMPLE-125110
27 Aug 1876 Marriage Henry H. TEMPLE-125110 and Rachel P. SUTTON-125111
MO, Grundy, Spickard
1922 Residence George Warren KING-132011
MO, Grundy, Trenton
1933 Birth Norma Jean (Jean) JONES-31381
MO, Grundy, Washington
Jul 1860 Occupation Andrew Walker TEMPLE-21998
Jul 1860 Census Mary BURT-23178
Jul 1860 Census Henry Edward TEMPLE-23655
Jul 1860 Occupation William S. (Will) TEMPLE-24185
Jul 1860 Census Josephine S. TEMPLE-24187
Jul 1860 Occupation Thomas TEMPLE-24188
Jul 1860 Census Stephen Wythe (Stephen) TEMPLE-24191
Jul 1860 Census James Burt (James) TEMPLE-24192
Jul 1860 Census Tavener Faulkner R. (Tavner) TEMPLE-24193
MO, Harrison Co.
14 Oct 1877 Marriage Thomas Jefferson (Thomas) TEMPLE-536 and Mary Jane (Mary) GILLPATRICK-732
7 Dec 1878 Birth Elery TEMPLE-71674
MO, Harrison, Bethany
5 Jul 1879 Death Elery TEMPLE-71674
Jun 1880 Census Bessie TEMPLE-155227
Jun 1880 Census G.W. WANAMAKER-155228
1881 Birth William Ashby HARRIS-41821
19 May 1941 Marriage James Waldo (James) TEMPLE-52634 and Ruby Marie GUESSFORD-75796
15 Jun 1942 Marriage Virgil (Virg) TEMPEL-45173 and Mary Katherine MC DONALD-45209
MO, Harrison, Eagleville
5 Jul 1879 Death Elery TEMPLE-82560
MO, Harrison, Hamilton
13 Aug 1878 Birth Harriet Elmina (Hattie) TEMPLE-651
Jun 1880 Occupation Thomas Jefferson (Thomas) TEMPLE-536
Jun 1880 Census Harriet Elmina (Hattie) TEMPLE-651
Jun 1880 Census Mary Jane (Mary) GILLPATRICK-732
8 Jul 1880 Birth Bertha Olive (Bertha) TEMPLE-652
MO, Harvey, Burrton
1890 Residence Lewis T. TEMPLE-33762
MO, Henry Co.
18 May 1877 Birth Joseph Elmer (Elmer) ALLEY-57386
MO, Henry, Big Creek
Apr 1930 Census Floy Virginia PARK-71443
Apr 1930 Census Lafayette (Lafe) PARK-71463
Apr 1930 Census Adelia Cornelia (Ada) VALENTINE-71464
MO, Henry, Blairstown
1 Apr 1939 Death Harriet Ida (Hattie) TEMPLE-28474
MO, Henry, Clinton
Apr 1910 Census William Franklin (Franklin) TEMPLE-21365
Apr 1910 Census Clarissa Jane (Clara) PAUL-21381
Apr 1910 Occupation Charles David (Charley) TEMPLE-21382
Apr 1910 Census Olive Anna Lucy WOLFE-21396
Apr 1910 Census Lucy Clarissa (Lucy) TEMPLE-38313
20 Aug 1912 Death Olive Anna Lucy WOLFE-21396
30 Jul 1914 Birth Elmer Edward MEREDITH-69868
1918 Occupation John Hart (Hart) TEMPLE-39974
1918 Residence Mary Etta (Etta) PETERMAN-39995
25 Feb 1918 Birth Edith Myrtle TEMPLE-77465
Jan 1920 Census William Franklin (Franklin) TEMPLE-21365
Jan 1920 Census Clarissa Jane (Clara) PAUL-21381
Jan 1920 Occupation Charles David (Charley) TEMPLE-21382
Jan 1920 Occupation Lucy Clarissa (Lucy) TEMPLE-38313
Jan 1920 Occupation John Hart (Hart) TEMPLE-39974
Jan 1920 Census Mary Etta (Etta) PETERMAN-39995
12 May 1920 Death William Franklin (Franklin) TEMPLE-21365
15 Feb 1921 Birth Edna Letitia TEMPLE-39997
2 May 1922 Marriage Eden Comfort BOOTH-40004 and Lucy Clarissa (Lucy) TEMPLE-38313
bef 1930 Residence Clarice J. (Clara) -131538
Apr 1930 Occupation John Hart (Hart) TEMPLE-39974
Apr 1930 Occupation Otis Reynolds TEMPLE-39976
Apr 1930 Census Mary Etta (Etta) PETERMAN-39995
Apr 1930 Census Edna Letitia TEMPLE-39997
Apr 1930 Census Edith Myrtle TEMPLE-77465
7 Jan 1934 Birth Marlene Rusk MONTGOMERY-31380
1936 Death George W. TEMPLE-127137
1939 Birth Shirley Ann HARRELSON-87057
Apr 1940 Occupation John Hart (Hart) TEMPLE-39974
Apr 1940 Census Edna Letitia TEMPLE-39997
Apr 1940 Occupation Charles Thomas ((Tommy) HARRELSON Sr.-70979
Apr 1940 Census Shirley Ann HARRELSON-87057
19 Oct 1946 Birth Sharon Lynn (Sharon) FOWLER-65225
9 Mar 1947 Death Ida C. LINDON-127138
12 Mar 1954 Death Otis Reynolds TEMPLE-39976
1958 Residence John Hart (Hart) TEMPLE-39974
bet 1970 and 1995 Residence Edna Letitia TEMPLE-39997
1975 Residence Mary L. TEMPLE-39977
20 Aug 1981 Death Mary Etta (Etta) PETERMAN-39995
1995 Residence Edith Myrtle TEMPLE-77465
8 Jan 1995 Death Mary Ellen BARNES-151638
14 Aug 1995 Death Karl William TEMPEL-71434
28 Dec 1998 Death Floy Virginia PARK-71443
7 Oct 1999 Marriage George JOHNSON-110282 and Edna Letitia TEMPLE-39997
3 Jan 2014 Death Edith Myrtle TEMPLE-77465
2 Oct 2017 Death Edna Letitia TEMPLE-39997
MO, Henry, Fields Creek
Apr 1930 Census Lavern Simon RIFFEL-69867
MO, Henry, Windsor
5 Mar 1914 Birth Gladys Esther GARBER-69869
1 May 1935 Marriage Lloyd Orville (Orville) TEMPLE-29039 and Gladys Esther GARBER-69869
MO, Hickory, Hermitage
Oct 1986 Death John TEMPLE-143850
MO, Holt Co.
Sep 1850 Census Jane TEMPLE-57339
Sep 1850 Census Winston ADAMS-57340
1851 Death Jane TEMPLE-57339
MO, Holt, Mound City
7 Jan 1906 Birth Ferne Marie BRUNK-25474
MO, Howard Co.
1827 Residence George Walker (George) TEMPLE-21997
14 Jan 1827 Marriage Andrew L. WALKER Jr.-21242 and Frances W. (Fanny) TEMPLE-25400
4 Feb 1827 Marriage George Walker (George) TEMPLE-21997 and Mariah THORNTON-39911
aft 1900 Death Virginia KEYSER-146398
10 Sep 1944 Marriage Harvey M. OSBORN-147043 and Evelyn H. TEMPLE-147042
MO, Howard, Armstrong
30 Jun 1904 Birth Cynthia Louise HANNERS-150589
MO, Howard, Fayette
Apr 1940 Occupation Karl William TEMPEL-71434
Apr 1940 Census Floy Virginia PARK-71443
Oct 1940 Occupation Karl William TEMPEL-71434
Oct 1940 Residence Karl William TEMPEL-71434
Oct 1940 Residence Floy Virginia PARK-71443
MO, Howard, Glasgow
1903 Residence Lucy TEMPLE-144063
1903 Residence Charles WHITLEY-144064
14 Oct 1903 Marriage Charles WHITLEY-144064 and Lucy TEMPLE-144063
Apr 1910 Occupation Dr. Charles H. (Charley) TEMPLE-55236
Apr 1910 Census India L. LITTRELL-55242
Apr 1910 Census Pearl M. TEMPLE-55243
2 Nov 1914 Death India L. LITTRELL-55242
1916 Residence Pansy Nevada PATTERSON-55245
1 Apr 1916 Marriage Dr. Charles H. (Charley) TEMPLE-55236 and Pansy Nevada PATTERSON-55245
19 Jan 1917 Birth Charles Lafayette TEMPLE-55246
1918 Residence Pearl M. TEMPLE-55243
Jan 1920 Occupation Dr. Charles H. (Charley) TEMPLE-55236
Jan 1920 Census Pansy Nevada PATTERSON-55245
Jan 1920 Census Charles Lafayette TEMPLE-55246
Jan 1920 Birth John Allen TEMPLE-55250
11 Jan 1925 Death Martha M. (Mattie) BROCKMAN-55251
1927 Death John Allen TEMPLE-55250
Apr 1930 Occupation Dr. Charles H. (Charley) TEMPLE-55236
Apr 1930 Census Pansy Nevada PATTERSON-55245
Apr 1930 Census Charles Lafayette TEMPLE-55246
3 Jun 1932 Death Dr. Charles H. (Charley) TEMPLE-55236
16 Jul 1964 Death Pansy Nevada PATTERSON-55245
MO, Howell Co.
19 Oct 1859 Birth Jane M. (Jeanie) LYNCH-37812
MO, Howell, Caulfield
13 Oct 1921 Birth Etna Ruth RILEY-165238
MO, Howell, Howell
17 Aug 1911 Marriage Dr. G.W. TEMPLE-126927 and Josephine -126928
22 Feb 1975 Marriage Duane Edward SEMRAU-144043 and Judy Ann TEMPLE-144042
MO, Howell, Lanton
26 Aug 1947 Birth Sandra Marie MOORE-4860
MO, Howell, Mountain View
6 Dec 1972 Death Bessa Fay TEMPLE-66747
MO, Howell, West Plains
1998 Residence Jack Harley (Jack) TEMPLE-45409
14 Mar 2009 Marriage Christopher Keith MURRAY-78566 and Toyah Marie TEMPLES-78565
MO, Iron, Ironton
6 Apr 1860 Birth James Henry (James) AUSTIN-124323
MO, Iron, Pilot Knob
15 Oct 1864 Death Altimont Lafayette (A.L.) TEMPLE-26759
MO, Jackson Co.
1831 Miscellaneous James TEMPLE-36692
1831 Moved James TEMPLE-36692
1832/3 Miscellaneous James TEMPLE-36692
1839 Death James TEMPLE-36692
1842 Residence Nancy -57342
24 Jun 1842 Marriage John FARMER-57343 and Nancy -57342
11 Jul 1847 Birth John Henry CORN-57718
22 Apr 1849 Marriage William CAVENDISH-124830 and Agnes TEMPLE-124829
11 Nov 1849 Birth George Washington CORN-76563
7 Nov 1850 Marriage John Smith TEMPLE-36693 and Marcella Dean (Marcella) BROWN-36694
5 Oct 1851 Birth William T. TEMPLE-71200
1852 Miscellaneous John Smith TEMPLE-36693
29 Jan 1854 Birth Nancy Jane (Nancy) TEMPLE-37537
5 Jul 1855 Birth Francis E. TEMPLE-71201
1856 Religion Marcella Dean (Marcella) BROWN-36694
abt 1856 Moved Marcella Dean (Marcella) BROWN-36694
8 May 1857 Birth Albert A. TEMPLE(S)-37538
23 May 1857 Death Francis E. TEMPLE-71201
1 Jun 1857 Death William T. TEMPLE-71200
Aug 1860 Census Samuel H. CORN-76561
Aug 1860 Census George Washington CORN-76563
7 Mar 1861 Birth Sarah Matilda (Sallie) TEMPLE-37543
1861/2 Military John Smith TEMPLE-36693
21 Mar 1875 Marriage George Washington CORN-76563 and Elizabeth J.A. TEMPLE-37539
24 Feb 1876 Marriage Albert A. TEMPLE(S)-37538 and Nancy Emily (Nancy) CORN-37725
17 Dec 1876 Birth TEMPLE-57395
17 Dec 1876 Death TEMPLE-57395
30 May 1878 Birth John Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-37727
19 Apr 1882 Marriage Hiram BLAIR-77167 and Mary E. PUGH-50430
24 Sep 1884 Birth CORN-76564
1888 Residence John Henry CORN-57718
6 Dec 1888 Marriage George P. BEBBER-78610 and Josephine TEMPEL-73512
1889 Residence Katie -137536
4 Aug 1889 Death Albert A. TEMPLE(S)-37538
4 Feb 1892 Death John Slaughter CORN-109040
29 Mar 1892 Death Marcella Dean (Marcella) BROWN-36694
1894 Residence Susanna M. STOUT-3261
27 Jan 1894 Death Saleta BRIDGES-109041
13 Apr 1902 Birth Dorothy Mercer TATE-54949
1903 Residence Anna May (Annie) WYATT-38297
2 Aug 1905 Birth Oral Washington ALLEY-57387
13 Jul 1906 Birth Ople Effie Ray (Ople) ALLEY-57388
3 Mar 1909 Birth Jewell Marie (Jewell) ALLEY-57389
25 Jun 1910 Birth Pearlie May (Pearl) ALLEY-57390
29 Jan 1912 Birth Robert Ray (Ray) ALLEY-57391
10 Oct 1916 Marriage August MATTHEWS-72457 and Wilhelmina (Minnie) TEMPEL-72437
15 Jan 1917 Marriage Edward TEMPLE-177233 and Sadie JOHNSON-177234
29 Jan 1918 Marriage Benjamin TEMPLE-124708 and May Louise FINLEY-126576
23 Jan 1922 Death Maggie May SLOAN-28095
27 Apr 1927 Birth Earl Eugene TEMPLE-43355
1934 Residence Estella A. (Stella) MOORE-43354
1934 Residence Arvel L. (Arvie) CARLYLE-57695
27 Oct 1934 Marriage Arvel L. (Arvie) CARLYLE-57695 and Estella A. (Stella) MOORE-43354
1943 Residence Sarabeth MILLER-136538
Jan 1943 Occupation Sarabeth MILLER-136538
Jan 1944 Occupation William Lincoln TEMPLE Jr.-37928
1945 Residence Margaret S. -136543
Mar 1945 Occupation Margaret S. -136543
26 Mar 1945 Death Theodore Alonzo KELLY-66517
1948 Death Flora W. FORBES-43174
1953 Residence Wilma Louise TEMPLE-71439
1953 Residence Stanley Jerome WARNER-71461
1954 Residence Hilarie TEMPLE-177278
1954 Residence Betty J. PEELER-177279
8 Jul 1954 Marriage Hilarie TEMPLE-177278 and Betty J. PEELER-177279
1962 Residence Ruth Annette TEMPEL-81160
1962 Residence B. David HARTWIG-81161
1965 Residence Verna V. TEMPLE-127131
1965 Residence James A. COX Jr.-127132
1965 Residence Shirley Ann TEMPLE-144105
1965 Residence Henry Eugene KIDD Jr.-144106
1968 Residence Beverly Jane HANES-54958
1968 Residence James Allen BERGANT-144011
1969 Residence Bobby R. FARMER-72411
1 Feb 1969 Marriage Bobby R. FARMER-72411 and Vicki L. TEMPLE-72410
18 Aug 1972 Death Anna Louise (Louise) TAWNEY-54956
1 Sep 1976 Death Hazel May (Hazel) HENSON-47437
10 Feb 1994 Death Marguerite E. -47435
MO, Jackson, Blue Springs
1891 Residence Manda TEMPLES-144148
1891 Residence Thomas M. MILLER-144149
1906 Residence Grace (Gracie) BRANN-54951
1906 Residence Thomas S. SMITH-77841
1979 Residence Kenneth Leroy TEMPLE-144048
12 Sep 1984 Death Herschel Owen (H.O.) TATE-43360
1989 Residence Ann Abigail WOODS-82234
27 Oct 1997 Death Ella R. WILLIAMS-143382
22 Jan 2004 Death Helen Louise TEMPLE-96268
26 Aug 2009 Death Richard R. TEMPLE-147451
2010 Residence Sharon TEMPEL-82582
2010 Residence David TEMPEL-82583
10 Jul 2010 Death Ruby Mae WHITAKER-82580
19 Jul 2010 Death Ruby Mae TEMPEL-148678
MO, Jackson, Blue Twp.
Feb 1850 Birth James CAVENDISH-142086
Sep 1850 Census William CAVENDISH-124830
Sep 1850 Census James CAVENDISH-142086
Sep 1860 Census Agnes TEMPLE-124829
Jan 1920 Occupation Anabel L. (Anna) FLYNN-42300
Jan 1920 Census Howard Melvin (Howard) TEMPLE-42307
Jan 1920 Occupation Albert Jeff (Albert) TEMPLE-47414
Jan 1920 Occupation John Henry (John) SHRANK-47416
Jan 1920 Census Pearl May LENTZ-47417
Jan 1920 Census John Albert Nelson (Nelson) TEMPLE-47418
Apr 1930 Census Olive May (Olive) SHRANK-47415
Apr 1930 Census John Henry (John) SHRANK-47416
Apr 1930 Census Pearl May LENTZ-47417
Apr 1930 Census John Albert Nelson (Nelson) TEMPLE-47418
Apr 1930 Census Kenneth Marvin (Kenneth) TEMPLE-47419
Apr 1930 Census Madeline Pearl (Madeline) TEMPLE-47420
Apr 1940 Census Anna M. MUSSER-26122
Apr 1940 Occupation Harold James (Harold) TEMPLE Jr.-27661
Apr 1940 Occupation Betty -88287
MO, Jackson, Brooking Twp.
Apr 1930 Occupation Arthur Rice TEMPLE-128944
Apr 1930 Census Leta O. SCHISLER-131645
Apr 1930 Census Jean A. TEMPLE-131646
Apr 1940 Occupation James Loy (Loy) TEMPLE-29025
Apr 1940 Census Mattie Rosetta (Mattie) ADAIR-29032
Apr 1940 Census Ella RALPH-43353
MO, Jackson, Buckner
1951 Residence Beverly Anne (Beverly) TEMPLE-35394
14 Apr 1951 Marriage Richard Neal STONE-59993 and Beverly Anne (Beverly) TEMPLE-35394
15 Feb 1968 Death Gilbert Edgar TEMPLE-35376
1993 Residence Mary Katherine (Katherine) MANSUR-35392
21 May 1993 Death Erwin Carl (Carl) TEMPLE-35378
MO, Jackson, Fort Osage
1935/6 Residence Lewis Eugene (Gene) TEMPLE-96254
MO, Jackson, Grain Valley
1903 Residence Grace (Gracie) BRANN-54951
1904 Residence Verdia May (Verdie) TEMPLE-57385
1904 Residence Joseph Elmer (Elmer) ALLEY-57386
6 Sep 1915 Birth Earl Franklin (Tince) ALLEY-57393
1935 Residence Dorothy Mercer TATE-54949
2 Jan 1937 Birth Carolyn Mayzell SHIPPY-65231
1958 Residence Dale Edgar TEMPLE-35382
MO, Jackson, Grandview
17 Oct 1940 Birth Patty Jo (Pat) ALLEY-57752
14 Nov 1982 Death Allen Norman GARNER-57719
MO, Jackson, Greenwood
28 Aug 1907 Marriage John Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-37727 and Bettie Saleta CORN-38300
21 Jan 1938 Birth Dale Edgar TEMPLE-35382
Feb 1942 Occupation Gilbert Edgar TEMPLE-35376
1998 Residence Ellen LARSEN-150466
MO, Jackson, Hickman Mills
1919 Residence Thomas TALLY-48403
Feb 1942 Description Kenneth Leroy (Kenneth) TEMPLE-29046
Feb 1942 Residence James Loy (Loy) TEMPLE-29025
MO, Jackson, Independence
1887 Death Fred Henry TEMPLE-153551
26 Jan 1888 Marriage John Henry CORN-57718 and Sarah Matilda (Sallie) TEMPLE-37543
5 Aug 1901 Birth Hazel May (Hazel) HENSON-47437
28 Jan 1903 Marriage George Martin TEMPLE-37726 and Anna May (Annie) WYATT-38297
23 Nov 1903 Marriage John Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-37727 and Grace (Gracie) BRANN-54951
5 Oct 1904 Marriage Joseph Elmer (Elmer) ALLEY-57386 and Verdia May (Verdie) TEMPLE-57385
14 Jan 1908 Marriage Virdia BENSON-43358 and Martha Effie (Effie) TEMPLE-43357
Apr 1910 Occupation Charles Thomas (Charley) TEMPLES Sr.-72395
5 May 1912 Birth Leonard James (Leonard) TEMPLE-47696
1916 Residence Albert Jeff (Albert) TEMPLE-47414
1916 Residence Olive May (Olive) SHRANK-47415
1916 Residence Harry Herschel (Harry) TEMPLE-47426
1916 Residence Eva NEWLAND-54950
8 Feb 1916 Birth Lelia Doris (Lelia) TEMPLE-47700
5 Jul 1916 Birth TEMPLE-54929
6 Jul 1916 Death TEMPLE-54929
26 Dec 1916 Marriage Harry Herschel (Harry) TEMPLE-47426 and Eva NEWLAND-54950
1917 Occupation Albert Jeff (Albert) TEMPLE-47414
1917 Occupation Roy G. TEMPLE-147744
1917 Residence UNKNOWN-147745
1918 Residence Orta A. TEMPLE-47427
1918 Residence Hazel May (Hazel) HENSON-47437
1918 Occupation Harry Herschel (Harry) TEMPLE-47426
1918 Residence Eva NEWLAND-54950
1918 Occupation Orta A. TEMPLE-47427
1918 Residence Hazel May (Hazel) HENSON-47437
1918 Residence Bertha -170070
19 May 1918 Birth John Albert Nelson (Nelson) TEMPLE-47418
19 Jun 1918 Marriage Orta A. TEMPLE-47427 and Hazel May (Hazel) HENSON-47437
25 Jul 1919 Marriage Thomas TALLY-48403 and Rachel Lavina (Lucy) WAGNER-43329
Jan 1920 Occupation Orta A. TEMPLE-47427
Jan 1920 Census Hazel May (Hazel) HENSON-47437
18 Apr 1921 Birth Kenneth Marvin (Kenneth) TEMPLE-47419
17 Apr 1922 Marriage Irwin W. TEMPLE-117714 and Elsie Fay BLAKE-117727
1 May 1922 Birth William Orta (William) TEMPLE-47438
8 Aug 1923 Birth Dr. Paul Frederick TEMPEL-51828
25 Oct 1924 Birth Earl Eugene TEMPLE-54909
25 Oct 1924 Death Earl Eugene TEMPLE-54909
5 Feb 1925 Birth Madeline Pearl (Madeline) TEMPLE-47420
13 Sep 1928 Death George Martin TEMPLE-37726
Apr 1930 Occupation Orta A. TEMPLE-47427
Apr 1930 Census Hazel May (Hazel) HENSON-47437
Apr 1930 Census William Orta (William) TEMPLE-47438
Apr 1930 Census Eva Mae LONG-131639
Apr 1930 Census Victor LONG-131640
Apr 1930 Census Callie -131642
Apr 1930 Census Roderick NEWLAND-131644
abt Feb 1934 Miscellaneous Helen Louise TEMPLE-96268
1935 Residence Lewis TEMPLE-96253
1935 Residence Dorothy DAVIS-96258
1 Apr 1935 Residence Olive May (Olive) SHRANK-47415
1 Apr 1935 Residence John Albert Nelson (Nelson) TEMPLE-47418
1 Apr 1935 Residence Kenneth Marvin (Kenneth) TEMPLE-47419
1 Apr 1935 Residence Madeline Pearl (Madeline) TEMPLE-47420
1 Apr 1935 Residence Jack L. TEMPLE-125666
23 Jun 1935 Marriage Earl Madison (Earl) TEMPLE-38298 and Dorothy Mercer TATE-54949
1936 Residence Harry Gordon WORKMON-54961
23 Apr 1936 Marriage Harry Gordon WORKMON-54961 and Virginia Lee TEMPLE-43351
1938 Residence Marguary M. BEUNENMAN-137553
16 Dec 1938 Marriage Thomas J. CANADY-137554 and Marguary M. BEUNENMAN-137553
12 Jun 1939 Birth Lloyd Eugene (Lloyd) TEMPLE-47423
Apr 1940 Occupation Orta A. TEMPLE-47427
Apr 1940 Census Marguerite E. -47435
Apr 1940 Census Ralph E. RING-87076
Apr 1940 Occupation Hazel May (Hazel) HENSON-47437
Apr 1940 Census William Orta (William) TEMPLE-47438
Apr 1940 Census Rosa -54953
Apr 1940 Census Lewis TEMPLE-96253
Apr 1940 Census William Perry (Bill) TEMPLE-96257
Apr 1940 Census Dorothy DAVIS-96258
Oct 1940 Residence John Albert Nelson (Nelson) TEMPLE-47418
31 Aug 1941 Marriage William Orta (William) TEMPLE-47438 and Anna Louise (Louise) TAWNEY-54956
1942 Residence Madeline Pearl (Madeline) TEMPLE-47420
1942 Residence Arthur Hugh SMEDLEY-47422
1942 Residence William Orta (William) TEMPLE-47438
Feb 1942 Occupation Orta A. TEMPLE-47427
Feb 1942 Occupation Kenneth Marvin (Kenneth) TEMPLE-47419
Jun 1942 Residence William Orta (William) TEMPLE-47438
Jun 1942 Residence Hazel May (Hazel) HENSON-47437
Dec 1942 Residence William Perry (Bill) TEMPLE-96257
1945 Residence Mable L. MC MILLAN-47433
1945 Residence Marguerite E. -47435
30 Jun 1945 Marriage Orta A. TEMPLE-47427 and Marguerite E. -47435
15 Dec 1945 Marriage Harry Herschel (Harry) TEMPLE-47426 and Mable L. MC MILLAN-47433
2 Jul 1946 Birth Darl Jean SHELDON-759
16 Feb 1952 Marriage Ray Henry MC CLAIN-54962 and Hazel May (Hazel) HENSON-47437
21 Mar 1956 Death Albert Jeff (Albert) TEMPLE-47414
1959 Death Della TEMPLE-142517
23 Jan 1959 Death Martha Effie (Effie) TEMPLE-43357
1965 Residence Mable L. MC MILLAN-47433
1965 Residence Darcy Evelyn (Mickey) GRAYER-47421
10 Dec 1965 Death Harry Herschel (Harry) TEMPLE-47426
13 Dec 1965 Death John Albert Nelson (Nelson) TEMPLE-47418
1966 Residence Stephen Lee TEMPLE-68001
1966 Residence Marsha Lynn TOWNSEND-68003
25 Mar 1966 Marriage Stephen Lee TEMPLE-68001 and Marsha Lynn TOWNSEND-68003
15 Apr 1967 Marriage Donald Wayne (Don) TEMPLE-35384 and Sharon Lynn (Sharon) FOWLER-65225
17 Aug 1968 Marriage Ronald William (Ronald) TEMPLE-482 and Darl Jean SHELDON-759
1977 Death Mable L. MC MILLAN-47433
27 Jul 1978 Death Cloyde Regis MC KEE-32874
13 Jul 1980 Death Olive May (Olive) SHRANK-47415
Oct 1986 Death Harold James (Harold) TEMPLE Jr.-27661
4 Sep 1987 Marriage Brian D. TEMPLE-137531 and Terry L. POINDEXTER-137532
19 Jul 1988 Death Harry Gordon WORKMON-54961
7 Aug 1988 Death Kenneth Marvin (Kenneth) TEMPLE-47419
30 Oct 1992 Death Virginia Lee TEMPLE-43351
1995 Residence John TEMPLE-147036
11 Mar 1999 Death Frances Margaret PIERCE-143691
12 Mar 1999 Death Lloyd Eugene (Lloyd) TEMPLE-47423
11 Jul 2002 Death Clifford Eugene TEMPLE-57457
29 Apr 2005 Death Marsha Lynn TOWNSEND-68003
21 Oct 2006 Death Lois Ramona -120026
2010 Residence Kevin TEMPEL-82626
MO, Jackson, Kansas City
Jul 1870 Census Flora TEMPLE-127628
Sep 1870 Occupation John Calvin(J.C.) TEMPLE Jr.-5351
Sep 1870 Census Lydia RAMSEY-5518
Sep 1870 Census Effie J. TEMPLE-5519
Sep 1870 Census Charles William (Charles) TEMPLE-5520
Sep 1870 Census Otto C. TEMPLE-5521
Sep 1870 Census Ada A. (Addie) TEMPLE-5522
Sep 1870 Census John Gordon (John) TEMPLE-5523
6 Oct 1871 Birth Henry Putnam (Harry) TEMPLE-5524
1883 Residence John W. HARPER-22627
8 Feb 1883 Birth Anne Duke (Addie) HUNTER-68702
bef 1885 Marriage David Franklin RHODES-30025 and Emma Royer (Emma) STONER-30026
6 Jun 1886 Death Lizzie -129937
21 Nov 1886 Birth Otis Reynolds TEMPLE-39976
Nov 1888 Birth James E. TEMPLE-146405
1889 Residence Edward TEMPLE-137535
1889 Birth TEMPLE-143746
25 Jan 1889 Death Hannah TEMPLE-152496
17 Apr 1889 Marriage Edward TEMPLE-137535 and Katie -137536
1890 Census James E. TEMPLE-129936
5 Jan 1890 Death James E. TEMPLE-146405
1892 Residence Effie J. TEMPLE-5519
1892 Residence May TEMPLE-137541
1892 Residence Samuel WILLIAMS-137542
3 Sep 1892 Marriage Samuel WILLIAMS-137542 and May TEMPLE-137541
1893 Occupation Lieutenant Elwood B. TEMPLE-5514
1893 Residence J.H. MANNING-96651
27 Jul 1894 Marriage Brigadier General Oscar Fitzhugh (Oscar) TEMPLE-3259 and Susanna M. STOUT-3261
1898 Education Dr. Isaiah Ulysses (Doc) TEMPLE-10021
28 Jun 1898 Birth Charles Snyder KIRCHMAIER-66182
1899 Residence James D. MOSHER-142475
1900 Residence Mary Maud HARWOOD-128808
Jun 1900 Occupation Dr. Harry Hughes (Harry) TEMPLE-21931
Jun 1900 Census Mary Ellen (Mollie) NUNN-37821
Jun 1900 Census Harry Hughes TEMPLE-37824
Jun 1900 Occupation Francis B. (Frank) TEMPLE-26608
Jun 1900 Occupation John W. TEMPLE-127795
Jun 1900 Occupation Lulu TEMPLE-127803
1901 Residence Georgia (Georgie) WOLF-128068
1901 Residence Marvin MINNEAR-137543
2 Nov 1901 Marriage Marvin MINNEAR-137543 and Georgia (Georgie) WOLF-128068
1902 Residence Frank Oscar MC MILLEN-76684
1903 Moved Robert Byron (Robert) TEMPLE-3139
1903 Moved James Herbert (Herbert) TEMPLE-3138
2 Feb 1904 Birth Ruth WEESE-137540
23 Apr 1905 Birth Sara Frances (Frances) TEMPLE-38303
1906 Residence Alice A. HITES-42129
10 Jul 1906 Marriage Edwin James (James) TEMPLE-42107 and Alice A. HITES-42129
11 Jul 1906 Marriage Thomas S. SMITH-77841 and Grace (Gracie) BRANN-54951
17 Dec 1907 Marriage Dr. Harry Hughes (Harry) TEMPLE-21931 and Geneva (Neva) RHODES-30024
13 Feb 1908 Birth Paul Orin TEMPLE-38304
5 May 1909 Birth Constance Lorraine (Constance) TEMPLE-37811
Apr 1910 Occupation Samuel A. TEMPLE-1787
Apr 1910 Census Lena BARTLING-2434
Apr 1910 Occupation Henry Fredrick (Fred) TEMPLE-2435
Apr 1910 Occupation Mary Annie (Mary) TEMPLE-2436
Apr 1910 Census Cinderella C. (Rella) CROMWELL-21356
Apr 1910 Occupation William Lincoln (Will) TEMPLE Sr.-21384
Apr 1910 Census William TEMPLE-21913
Apr 1910 Census Mary E. KLINGSMITH-21924
Apr 1910 Occupation Dr. Harry Hughes (Harry) TEMPLE-21931
Apr 1910 Occupation Charles Albert (Charles) TEMPLE-28084
Apr 1910 Census Geneva (Neva) RHODES-30024
Apr 1910 Occupation Oren TEMPLE-30430
Apr 1910 Census Constance Lorraine (Constance) TEMPLE-37811
Apr 1910 Census Mary Ellen (Mollie) NUNN-37821
Apr 1910 Census Eliza Frances (Frances) MADDOX-38302
Apr 1910 Census Sara Frances (Frances) TEMPLE-38303
Apr 1910 Census Paul Orin TEMPLE-38304
Apr 1910 Occupation Flora W. FORBES-43174
Apr 1910 Census Martha Maude (Maude) TEMPLE-43175
Apr 1910 Census Georgia Annabelle TEMPLE-49722
Apr 1910 Census Roy David TEMPLE-49723
Apr 1910 Census Wilbur BURGESS-49725
Apr 1910 Census Pearl M. BURGESS-49726
Apr 1910 Census Gertrude E. (Gertie) TEMPLE-44294
Apr 1910 Census Frank Oscar MC MILLEN-76684
Apr 1910 Occupation Georgie -127935
Apr 1910 Occupation James J. TEMPLE-127999
Apr 1910 Census Charlotte FUGATE-137502
Apr 1910 Census Benjamin F. REAVIS-137505
19 May 1910 Birth Sarabeth MILLER-136538
1911 Residence Mary Annie (Mary) TEMPLE-2436
1911 Residence Benjamin E. FORD-62950
1911 Residence Cleda Bell (Cleda) GIBBS-74652
15 Apr 1911 Marriage William Benedict (Will) TEMPLE-74651 and Cleda Bell (Cleda) GIBBS-74652
11 Oct 1911 Marriage Benjamin E. FORD-62950 and Mary Annie (Mary) TEMPLE-2436
14 Nov 1911 Birth Hugh TEMPLE-79960
1913 Birth Robert Carl WHEELER-31543
11 Jan 1913 Death Henrietta TEMPLE-21397
8 Dec 1913 Death Charlotte FUGATE-137502
1914 Residence Eddie HOLZER-100985
18 May 1914 Death Eva Alta TEMPLE-51206
9 Jul 1914 Marriage Eddie HOLZER-100985 and Flora TEMPLE-55955
1915 Residence Eva May POTTINGER-31541
1915 Residence Bert Harrison (Bird) TEMPLE-54930
1915 Residence Mabel T. STONE-104869
1915 Residence Oliver R. TEMPLE-137537
1915 Residence Margaret Ellen GRAY-137538
25 Apr 1915 Marriage Charles Albert (Charles) TEMPLE-28084 and Eva May POTTINGER-31541
5 May 1915 Marriage Oliver R. TEMPLE-137537 and Margaret Ellen GRAY-137538
15 Jun 1915 Marriage Bert Harrison (Bird) TEMPLE-54930 and Mabel T. STONE-104869
25 Jun 1915 Birth Thomas Samuel (Tom) TEMPLE-74653
14 Nov 1915 Death Mabel T. STONE-104869
22 Nov 1915 Birth Edith Sue DAMERON-54955
1916 Residence Marguerite TEMPLE-137546
1916 Residence Sarah TEMPLE-137548
1916 Residence Louis SMITH-137549
25 Mar 1916 Marriage Francis E. HOPKINS-137547 and Marguerite TEMPLE-137546
29 Apr 1916 Birth Frances Catherine TEMPLE-31542
24 Jun 1916 Marriage Albert Jeff (Albert) TEMPLE-47414 and Olive May (Olive) SHRANK-47415
22 Oct 1916 Marriage Louis SMITH-137549 and Sarah TEMPLE-137548
1917 Birth John Edward LEFLER-121464
1917 Residence Edward TEMPLE-163658
1917 Residence Sadie JOHNSON-163659
1917 Residence Edward TEMPLE-177233
1918 Occupation Bert Harrison (Bird) TEMPLE-54930
1918 Occupation William Lincoln (Will) TEMPLE Sr.-21384
1918 Residence Cinderella C. (Rella) CROMWELL-21356
1918 Occupation Henry Fredrick (Fred) TEMPLE-2435
1918 Residence Lillie Louise -38452
1918 Occupation George Howse TEMPLE Sr.-51058
1918 Residence Verna V. HEARON-51061
1918 Occupation Otis Reynolds TEMPLE-39976
1918 Occupation Roy David TEMPLE-49723
1918 Residence Flora W. FORBES-43174
1918 Residence May Louise FINLEY-126576
30 Mar 1918 Death Bert Harrison (Bird) TEMPLE-54930
7 Sep 1918 Marriage Hamilton M. SYDNEY-62948 and Pearl M. TEMPLE-55243
1919 Birth Leone TEMPLE-91649
4 Apr 1919 Birth Richard Dan TEMPLE-120275
21 Apr 1919 Birth Leroy William (Leroy) TEMPLE-47695
20 Oct 1919 Marriage James SMITH-137545 and Lillie B. TEMPLE-137544
5 Nov 1919 Birth Phyllis Lucille DAWE-104403
Jan 1920 Occupation Samuel A. TEMPLE-1787
Jan 1920 Census Lena BARTLING-2434
Jan 1920 Occupation Henry Fredrick (Fred) TEMPLE-2435
Jan 1920 Census Cinderella C. (Rella) CROMWELL-21356
Jan 1920 Census Mary E. KLINGSMITH-21924
Jan 1920 Census Margaret Nancy (Maggie) TEMPLE-21930
Jan 1920 Occupation Charles Albert (Charles) TEMPLE-28084
Jan 1920 Occupation Oren TEMPLE-30430
Jan 1920 Census Eva May POTTINGER-31541
Jan 1920 Census Frances Catherine TEMPLE-31542
Jan 1920 Occupation William S. WALDRON-37829
Jan 1920 Census William Lincoln TEMPLE Jr.-37928
Jan 1920 Census Eliza Frances (Frances) MADDOX-38302
Jan 1920 Census Sara Frances (Frances) TEMPLE-38303
Jan 1920 Census Paul Orin TEMPLE-38304
Jan 1920 Census Harold T. WALDRON-38450
Jan 1920 Census Clarence K. WALDRON-38451
Jan 1920 Census Lillie Louise -38452
Jan 1920 Census Samuel W. (Sam) TEMPLE-38453
Jan 1920 Occupation Flora W. FORBES-43174
Jan 1920 Census Martha Maude (Maude) TEMPLE-43175
Jan 1920 Census Leroy William (Leroy) TEMPLE-47695
Jan 1920 Occupation Leroy George (Roy) TEMPLE-47697
Jan 1920 Census Hellen Nell (Helen) MARTIN-47698
Jan 1920 Census Lois TEMPLE-47699
Jan 1920 Census Lelia Doris (Lelia) TEMPLE-47700
Jan 1920 Occupation Roy David TEMPLE-49723
Jan 1920 Census Wilbur BURGESS-49725
Jan 1920 Census Pearl M. BURGESS-49726
Jan 1920 Census Orvill BURGESS-49727
Jan 1920 Occupation George Howse TEMPLE Sr.-51058
Jan 1920 Census Verna V. HEARON-51061
Jan 1920 Census Elizabeth Hearon (Betty) TEMPLE-51062
Jan 1920 Census George Howse TEMPLE Jr.-51063
Jan 1920 Census Hugh TEMPLE-79960
Jan 1920 Occupation Harold Walter (Harold) TEMPLE-48532
Jan 1920 Census Theresa Marie (Sue) CHAMBERS-73353
Jan 1920 Census Leone TEMPLE-91649
Jan 1920 Census May A. -128065
Jan 1920 Occupation Jessie TEMPLE-128066
Jan 1920 Census Georgia (Georgie) WOLF-128068
Jan 1920 Census Mary J. TEMPLE-128069
Jan 1920 Occupation Edward B. WINKLER-128070
Jan 1920 Census Richard WINKLER-128071
Jan 1920 Occupation Paul TEMPEL-146468
Jan 1920 Census Lillian B. -146469
May 1921 Residence Henry Fredrick (Fred) TEMPLE-2435
6 Jul 1921 Birth Richard Cade (Richard) TEMPLE Sr.-91650
2 Dec 1921 Marriage Jack A. RAY-137551 and Anna M. TEMPLE-137550
1922 Residence Minnie M. SHANER-42771
1922 Residence Leonard BIERI Sr.-54959
1922 Residence Elsie Fay BLAKE-117727
11 Apr 1922 Birth Gladys Iowne BISBEE-31356
1 Aug 1922 Marriage George Breckinridge (George) TEMPLE-21925 and Minnie M. SHANER-42771
15 Aug 1922 Marriage Leonard BIERI Sr.-54959 and Sara Frances (Frances) TEMPLE-38303
4 Mar 1923 Death Mary E. KLINGSMITH-21924
15 Jul 1923 Birth Herbert Earl BENSON-101056
1924 Residence Roy David TEMPLE-49723
1924 Residence Myrtle Melinda (Myrtle) CARTWRIGHT-49728
24 Jan 1924 Marriage Roy David TEMPLE-49723 and Myrtle Melinda (Myrtle) CARTWRIGHT-49728
1925 Residence Harry W. MENDENHALL-76688
26 Aug 1925 Birth Jean Grace CARNAHAN-80479
1926 Education Gordon L. TEMPLE-50617
1926 Residence Leta O. SCHISLER-131645
9 Feb 1926 Death Hazel May (Hazel) TEMPLE-31336
18 Feb 1926 Death Delmar Lawrence SWINDLER-31351
22 Feb 1926 Birth Kathleen PATTERSON-125796
4 Aug 1926 Marriage Arthur Rice TEMPLE-128944 and Leta O. SCHISLER-131645
10 Oct 1926 Birth Mertyl Charlene (Charlene) NATION-31378
11 Apr 1927 Death Jo Richard TEMPLE Jr.-155597
31 Oct 1927 Birth Elizabeth Jane BOOTH-40005
1928 Residence Sydney Cowherd GENTRY-35386
1929 Residence Ledrue G. TEMPLE-176850
1929 Residence Thomas J. CLARK-176851
16 Jan 1929 Marriage Thomas J. CLARK-176851 and Ledrue G. TEMPLE-176850
13 Mar 1929 Birth Patricia Ann HARRIS-99033
14 Apr 1929 Birth Vera Adele (Adele) TEMPLE-43230
21 May 1929 Birth James E. MC CASLIN-155932
30 Jul 1929 Birth Gloria Rae TEMPLE-42653
1930 Residence Hugh TEMPLE-79960
1930 Residence Paul Orin TEMPLE-38304
1930 Residence Sara Frances (Frances) TEMPLE-38303
1930 Residence Eliza Frances (Frances) MADDOX-38302
Feb 1930 Occupation Lew TEMPLE-136537
Feb 1930 Census Sarabeth MILLER-136538
Apr 1930 Census Lena BARTLING-2434
Apr 1930 Occupation Henry Fredrick (Fred) TEMPLE-2435
Apr 1930 Census Cinderella C. (Rella) CROMWELL-21356
Apr 1930 Occupation William Lincoln (Will) TEMPLE Sr.-21384
Apr 1930 Occupation James Loy (Loy) TEMPLE-29025
Apr 1930 Occupation Mattie Rosetta (Mattie) ADAIR-29032
Apr 1930 Occupation Lloyd Orville (Orville) TEMPLE-29039
Apr 1930 Census Kenneth Leroy (Kenneth) TEMPLE-29046
Apr 1930 Occupation Hugh William (Hugh) TEMPLE Sr.-35485
Apr 1930 Census William Lincoln TEMPLE Jr.-37928
Apr 1930 Occupation Bertha I. -37966
Apr 1930 Census Lillie Louise -38452
Apr 1930 Census Samuel W. (Sam) TEMPLE-38453
Apr 1930 Census Flora W. FORBES-43174
Apr 1930 Census James TEMPLE-43229
Apr 1930 Census Vera Adele (Adele) TEMPLE-43230
Apr 1930 Census Virginia Lee TEMPLE-43351
Apr 1930 Census Ella RALPH-43353
Apr 1930 Occupation Roy David TEMPLE-49723
Apr 1930 Census Myrtle Melinda (Myrtle) CARTWRIGHT-49728
Apr 1930 Occupation George Howse TEMPLE Sr.-51058
Apr 1930 Census Verna V. HEARON-51061
Apr 1930 Occupation Elizabeth Hearon (Betty) TEMPLE-51062
Apr 1930 Occupation George Howse TEMPLE Jr.-51063
Apr 1930 Occupation Edward Leon TEMPLE-40150
Apr 1930 Census Arvel L. (Arvie) CARLYLE-57695
Apr 1930 Census Olive E. -75268
Apr 1930 Occupation Frederick Forrest (Forrest) TEMPEL-82226
Apr 1930 Census Katherine H. WINKLER-82228
Apr 1930 Occupation Harold Walter (Harold) TEMPLE-48532
Apr 1930 Census Theresa Marie (Sue) CHAMBERS-73353
Apr 1930 Census Richard Cade (Richard) TEMPLE Sr.-91650
Apr 1930 Census Iona Etho TEMPLE-42298
Apr 1930 Occupation William Lewis (Bill) TEMPLE-5644
Apr 1930 Census Rose Marie (Marie) MORRIS-60556
Apr 1930 Census Carroll Madeline (Carol) TEMPLE-60557
Apr 1930 Census Bertha Ann (Peggy) TEMPLE-60558
Apr 1930 Occupation Gustine -131648
Apr 1930 Occupation Georgia -131650
Apr 1930 Occupation Paul TEMPEL-146468
Apr 1930 Census Lillian B. -146469
Apr 1930 Occupation Ethyle E. REYNOLDS-155873
Jun 1930 Residence Oren TEMPLE-30430
12 Jun 1930 Death Oren TEMPLE-30430
1931 Residence Madonna May DOYLE-31372
1 Aug 1931 Death Adeline J. (Addie) TEMPLE-546
12 Dec 1931 Marriage William Cecil MC CANE-86623 and Madonna May DOYLE-31372
1933 Residence George Howse TEMPLE Jr.-51063
Mar 1933 Residence Laura Ann TEMPLE-23657
20 Nov 1933 Marriage George Howse TEMPLE Jr.-51063 and Lillian NICHOLSON-54954
1935 Residence Earl Madison (Earl) TEMPLE-38298
1 Apr 1935 Residence Irene -86615
1 Apr 1935 Residence Lillian L. -87078
1 Apr 1935 Residence Dorothy Mabel -102142
1 Apr 1935 Residence Lilly Lois WAERNER-102233
1 Apr 1935 Residence Henry Fredrick (Fred) TEMPLE-2435
1 Apr 1935 Residence Lew TEMPLE-136537
1 Apr 1935 Residence Sarabeth MILLER-136538
1 Apr 1935 Residence William L. (Will) TEMPLE-142861
1 Apr 1935 Residence Gladys -152834
1 Apr 1935 Residence Leon H. TEMPLE-153287
1936 Residence Virginia Lee TEMPLE-43351
1936 Residence Virgil Ulysses GARNER-54960
1936 Residence Walter Edward TEMPEL-71433
1936 Residence Blanche WATERS-71440
1936 Birth Gloria TEMPLE-87081
2 May 1936 Marriage Walter Edward TEMPEL-71433 and Blanche WATERS-71440
21 Nov 1936 Marriage Virgil Ulysses GARNER-54960 and Velma Rae TEMPLE-38315
Dec 1936 Residence Mary Annie (Mary) TEMPLE-2436
18 Dec 1936 Death Lena BARTLING-2434
1937 Residence Charlene Frances (Frances) HENSCHEL-40012
16 Oct 1937 Marriage William Lincoln TEMPLE Jr.-37928 and Charlene Frances (Frances) HENSCHEL-40012
1938 Residence Mary Etta (Etta) PETERMAN-39995
1938 Residence Elmer Fred GRANT-69858
1938 Marriage Forest BRIZENDINE-150332 and Annabelle EPPLES-150331
May 1938 Residence Margaret Nancy (Maggie) TEMPLE-21930
1940 Residence Paul Orin TEMPLE-38304
1940 Residence Edith Sue DAMERON-54955
Apr 1940 Occupation Walter Edward TEMPEL-71433
Apr 1940 Census Blanche WATERS-71440
Apr 1940 Census Dorothy Ana TEMPLE-71445
Apr 1940 Occupation Elizabeth Hearon (Betty) TEMPLE-51062
Apr 1940 Census Verna V. HEARON-51061
Apr 1940 Occupation George Howse TEMPLE Sr.-51058
Apr 1940 Census Michael Joseph OPITZ-87055
Apr 1940 Census Flora W. FORBES-43174
Apr 1940 Occupation Roy David TEMPLE-49723
Apr 1940 Occupation Myrtle Melinda (Myrtle) CARTWRIGHT-49728
Apr 1940 Occupation William Lincoln (Will) TEMPLE Sr.-21384
Apr 1940 Census Cinderella C. (Rella) CROMWELL-21356
Apr 1940 Census Eliza Frances (Frances) MADDOX-38302
Apr 1940 Occupation Paul Orin TEMPLE-38304
Apr 1940 Occupation Hugh TEMPLE-79960
Apr 1940 Occupation Bertha I. -37966
Apr 1940 Occupation Earl Madison (Earl) TEMPLE-38298
Apr 1940 Census Dorothy Mercer TATE-54949
Apr 1940 Census Elizabeth M. TEMPLE-57704
Apr 1940 Occupation Wayne Lafayette (Wayne) TEMPLE-31339
Apr 1940 Census Evelyn -31369
Apr 1940 Occupation George Howse TEMPLE Jr.-51063
Apr 1940 Census Lillian NICHOLSON-54954
Apr 1940 Census Gloria TEMPLE-87081
Apr 1940 Occupation William Lincoln TEMPLE Jr.-37928
Apr 1940 Census Charlene Frances (Frances) HENSCHEL-40012
Apr 1940 Occupation William Herman (Bill) TEMPEL Jr.-71435
Apr 1940 Occupation Harold Walter (Harold) TEMPLE-48532
Apr 1940 Census Theresa Marie (Sue) CHAMBERS-73353
Apr 1940 Census Richard Cade (Richard) TEMPLE Sr.-91650
Apr 1940 Census Lilly Lois WAERNER-102233
Apr 1940 Census Mae W. -102235
Apr 1940 Occupation Henry Fredrick (Fred) TEMPLE-2435
Apr 1940 Census Harry Herschel (Harry) TEMPLE-47426
Apr 1940 Census Verona (Verna) -113566
Apr 1940 Occupation Bernard NULL-113568
Apr 1940 Census Georgia (Georgie) WOLF-128068
Apr 1940 Occupation Lew TEMPLE-136537
Apr 1940 Residence Lew TEMPLE-136537
Apr 1940 Census Sarabeth MILLER-136538
Apr 1940 Occupation George TEMPLE-137539
Apr 1940 Occupation William L. (Will) TEMPLE-142861
Apr 1940 Occupation Paul TEMPEL-146468
Apr 1940 Census Lillian B. -146469
Apr 1940 Census Alice Faye -152047
Apr 1940 Occupation Sybil TEMPLE-153289
2 Sep 1940 Marriage Paul Orin TEMPLE-38304 and Edith Sue DAMERON-54955
Oct 1940 Occupation Harold James (Harold) TEMPLE Jr.-27661
Oct 1940 Residence Anna M. MUSSER-26122
Oct 1940 Residence Wayne Lafayette (Wayne) TEMPLE-31339
Oct 1940 Occupation Paul Orin TEMPLE-38304
Oct 1940 Residence Eliza Frances (Frances) MADDOX-38302
Oct 1940 Residence Paul Orin TEMPLE-38304
Oct 1940 Occupation Hugh TEMPLE-79960
Oct 1940 Occupation George Howse TEMPLE Jr.-51063
Oct 1940 Residence Lillian NICHOLSON-54954
Oct 1940 Residence George Howse TEMPLE Sr.-51058
Oct 1940 Occupation William Lincoln TEMPLE Jr.-37928
Oct 1940 Residence Charlene Frances (Frances) HENSCHEL-40012
Oct 1940 Residence Cinderella C. (Rella) CROMWELL-21356
Oct 1940 Residence Walter Edward TEMPEL-71433
Oct 1940 Residence Blanche WATERS-71440
Oct 1940 Occupation William Herman (Bill) TEMPEL Jr.-71435
Oct 1940 Residence William Herman (Bill) TEMPEL Jr.-71435
Oct 1940 Occupation George TEMPLE-137539
Oct 1940 Residence Alice Faye -152047
1941 Residence Anna Louise (Louise) TAWNEY-54956
1941 Moved Clarence Viren (Clarence) TEMPLE-31338
1941 Occupation Clarence Viren (Clarence) TEMPLE-31338
1941 Occupation Wayne Lafayette (Wayne) TEMPLE-31339
1941 Residence Hugh TEMPLE-79960
1941 Death James William STOUT-152669
25 Jul 1941 Birth Dr. Dennis Michael TEMPLE-71194
1942 Occupation Harry Herschel (Harry) TEMPLE-47426
1942 Residence Roy David TEMPLE-49723
1942 Residence Martha Maude (Maude) TEMPLE-43175
Feb 1942 Residence Verona (Verna) -113566
Feb 1942 Occupation Thomas Tillman (Tillman) TEMPLE Sr.-40246
Feb 1942 Occupation Walter Leonard TEMPLE-42856
Feb 1942 Occupation Earl Madison (Earl) TEMPLE-38298
Feb 1942 Education Richard Cade (Richard) TEMPLE Sr.-91650
Feb 1942 Residence Harold Walter (Harold) TEMPLE-48532
Jun 1942 Occupation William Orta (William) TEMPLE-47438
15 Jun 1942 Death Grace Eugene SHUART-155608
18 Oct 1942 Death Verna V. HEARON-51061
Dec 1942 Occupation William Perry (Bill) TEMPLE-96257
1943 Residence Henry FORTUNE Jr.-60059
1943 Residence Anna Belle TEMPLE-137575
1943 Residence William Emmett EASLEY-137576
5 Feb 1943 Birth David Roy TEMPLE-137533
31 Aug 1943 Marriage Donald Montreal (Donald) TEMPLE-67531 and Ethel Irene WILDER-86614
15 Apr 1944 Marriage Harry W. ALLEN-137558 and Jessie A. TEMPLE-137557
30 Oct 1944 Birth Stephen Lee TEMPLE-68001
18 Nov 1944 Birth Robert Paul TEMPLE-71195
1945 Residence Shirley TRUMP-62927
1945 Residence William Lincoln (Will) TEMPLE Sr.-21384
18 Oct 1945 Marriage Darrell Doric TEMPLE-40454 and Shirley TRUMP-62927
aft 1945 Moved Sanford James (Sanford) TEMPLES Jr.-48020
1946 Residence Tresa Dean(Terry) TEMPLE-32864
1946 Residence Cloyde Regis MC KEE-32874
4 Dec 1946 Birth Marsha Lynn TOWNSEND-68003
1947 Moved Helen Frances (Helen) TEMPLE-27818
1947 Residence Raymond M. STANSBURY Jr.-76452
1947 Residence Richard Louis PETRI-76453
1947 Residence Ruth WEESE-137540
1947 Residence Mary A. TEMPLE-137559
1947 Residence Lloyd T. FLEMING-137560
10 Jan 1947 Marriage Richard Louis PETRI-76453 and June Maden (June) TEMPLE-76449
25 Jun 1947 Death Lilly Lois WAERNER-102233
25 Jul 1947 Marriage Lloyd T. FLEMING-137560 and Mary A. TEMPLE-137559
23 Oct 1947 Marriage Raymond M. STANSBURY Jr.-76452 and June Maden (June) TEMPLE-76449
11 Dec 1947 Birth John Preston (John) TEMPLES Jr.-54323
1948 Residence Mertyl Charlene (Charlene) NATION-31378
Apr 1948 Residence Richard D. ZERZAN-103371
Apr 1948 Residence Patricia Louise TEMPLE-85910
25 Apr 1948 Marriage Lester Monroe (Lester) TEMPLE-31346 and Mertyl Charlene (Charlene) NATION-31378
1949 Occupation Martha Maude (Maude) TEMPLE-43175
1949 Residence Martha Maude (Maude) TEMPLE-43175
1949 Residence Edith Myrtle TEMPLE-137555
1949 Residence Dale E. MAHONEY-137556
15 Feb 1949 Death Georgia (Georgie) WOLF-128068
24 Mar 1949 Death Martha Maude (Maude) TEMPLE-43175
15 Apr 1949 Marriage Dale E. MAHONEY-137556 and Edith Myrtle TEMPLE-137555
16 Apr 1949 Baptism Dr. Dennis Michael TEMPLE-71194
16 Apr 1949 Baptism Robert Paul TEMPLE-71195
30 Apr 1949 Baptism Edith Sue DAMERON-54955
22 Jul 1949 Death Tina B. (Tiny) TEMPLE(S)-80768
14 Sep 1949 Marriage Joe L. TEMPLE-176848 and Bernice WASHINGTON-176849
3 Nov 1950 Death Minnie Lee TEMPLE-152668
bef 1951 Moved Nola J. NATION-146319
1951 Residence Richard Neal STONE-59993
1953 Residence Charles M. BROWN-113778
6 Jun 1953 Marriage Charles M. BROWN-113778 and Rosalie A. TEMPLE-113777
5 Nov 1953 Death William M. TEMPLE-155607
1954 Death Alice Faye -152047
23 Dec 1954 Death Fred Henry TEMPEL-44543
1955 Residence Alma Arlene TEMPLE-71691
1955 Residence Oren L. HEATON-71692
1955 Residence Shirley Anne TEMPLE-137561
1955 Residence Billy W. WOOTEN-137562
24 May 1955 Marriage Oren L. HEATON-71692 and Alma Arlene TEMPLE-71691
17 Oct 1955 Death William TEMPLE-155611
25 Nov 1955 Marriage Billy W. WOOTEN-137562 and Shirley Anne TEMPLE-137561
26 Mar 1956 Marriage Warren Dean (Warren) TEMPLE-44243 and Helen W. JENSON-54957
1957 Residence Robert Paul (Bert) TEMPEL-71021
1957 Residence Anna Faye (Ann) ROUSH-71190
1957 Residence George TEMPLE-137539
5 Apr 1957 Marriage Robert Paul (Bert) TEMPEL-71021 and Anna Faye (Ann) ROUSH-71190
29 Oct 1957 Marriage George TEMPLE-137539 and Ruth WEESE-137540
2 Apr 1959 Death Ralph V. WARD-76560
27 Jul 1959 Death Charles David (Charley) TEMPLE-21382
24 Dec 1959 Marriage Clarence Viren (Clarence) TEMPLE-31338 and Sallie Marie LANE-31363
29 Dec 1959 Birth Constance Teresa TEMPLE-177914
30 Dec 1959 Death Constance Teresa TEMPLE-177914
1960 Residence Marion Otto (Marion) TEMPLE-82158
1960 Residence Opal Jean (Opal) MARTIN-119613
31 Jul 1960 Marriage Marion Otto (Marion) TEMPLE-82158 and Opal Jean (Opal) MARTIN-119613
1962 Residence Robert TEMPLE-136715
1962 Residence Clarence TEMPLE-143985
1962 Residence Ester Mae BROWN-143986
17 May 1962 Marriage Clarence TEMPLE-143985 and Ester Mae BROWN-143986
1963 Residence Rosalie A. TEMPLE-113777
1965 Residence Edna Mae (Mae) MERRILL-54948
25 Jun 1965 Marriage Charles Carson (Bud) TEMPLE-42770 and Edna Mae (Mae) MERRILL-54948
30 Jul 1965 Marriage Henry Eugene KIDD Jr.-144106 and Shirley Ann TEMPLE-144105
12 Sep 1965 Marriage James A. COX Jr.-127132 and Verna V. TEMPLE-127131
1966 Residence John Preston (John) TEMPLES Jr.-54323
15 Jul 1966 Death Iona Etho TEMPLE-42298
23 Dec 1966 Death Minnie M. SHANER-42771
1968 Moved Sarabeth MILLER-136538
17 Jan 1968 Death Wayne Lafayette (Wayne) TEMPLE-31339
28 Jun 1968 Death Robert Ray (Ray) ALLEY-57391
2 Aug 1968 Marriage John Preston (John) TEMPLES Jr.-54323 and Beverly Jane HANES-54958
3 Aug 1968 Marriage James Allen BERGANT-144011 and Frances Geraldine MILES-144010
16 Aug 1968 Death Mattie Rosetta (Mattie) ADAIR-29032
15 Aug 1969 Death Eliza Frances (Frances) MADDOX-38302
11 Aug 1970 Death Theresa Marie (Sue) CHAMBERS-73353
28 Dec 1970 Death Edreena Grace (Grace) BIRK-33937
1971 Residence Clarence Bently RUMMAGE-31371
8 May 1971 Death Clarence Viren (Clarence) TEMPLE-31338
5 Oct 1972 Marriage David Roy TEMPLE-137533 and Sandra Lee PROVANCE-137534
26 Nov 1972 Death Leota Grace (Gracie) TEMPLE-37840
13 Aug 1973 Death Kenneth Leroy (Kenneth) TEMPLE-29046
Jul 1979 Death Jean Christian TEMPLE-54920
Jul 1979 Death Jean TEMPLE-143824
12 Jan 1980 Death Sarabeth MILLER-136538
1981 Residence James Henry TEMPLE-178446
Mar 1981 Death George TEMPLE-143717
Sep 1982 Death Bertha I. -37966
22 Nov 1982 Death Harold Walter (Harold) TEMPLE-48532
Jun 1983 Death Mary TEMPLE-143732
16 Aug 1984 Marriage Alfred TEMPLE Jr.-137527 and Addie GIBBS-137528
5 May 1985 Death Joe COONCE-146312
1986 Residence Kevin TEMPEL-148196
14 Feb 1986 Marriage Bennie L. TEMPLE-137529 and Gwendolyn D. MUNDY-137530
Jan 1988 Death Pinkey TEMPLE-18762
3 Mar 1988 Death Roy David TEMPLE-49723
2 Apr 1989 Death Paul Orin TEMPLE-38304
4 Apr 1989 Death Edith Lorine MYERS-54975
Oct 1989 Death Elizabeth Hearon (Betty) TEMPLE-51062
31 Oct 1992 Death Bennie L. TEMPLE-137529
1993 Residence Kathryn HATFIELD-146314
3 Mar 1993 Death Myrtle Melinda (Myrtle) CARTWRIGHT-49728
1 Oct 1993 Death Virgil Ulysses GARNER-54960
1994 Residence Florence E. TEMPLE-146320
16 Jan 1994 Death Maxine Spurlin TEMPLE-129171
Jun 1994 Death Frances E. TEMPLE-37967
27 Oct 1994 Death Mabel Irene TEMPLE-38301
25 Apr 1995 Death Elmer Fred GRANT-69858
abt 1996 Marriage Jud KNEUVEAN-147039 and Shelley TEMPLE-147038
19 Jan 1996 Death Glen E. CHRISTIAN-54918
5 Mar 1996 Death Rosia May (Rose) TEMPLE-70685
31 Aug 1996 Death Edith Sue DAMERON-54955
1997 Residence Charles Gary (Gary) TEMPLE-61678
1997 Residence Karen TEMPLE-61681
1997 Residence Leah DANIELS-120294
1997 Residence Georgina Marie TEMPLE-144015
1997 Residence Dane Michael GERDES-144016
12 Oct 1997 Marriage Dane Michael GERDES-144016 and Georgina Marie TEMPLE-144015
1998 Residence Kathy TEMPLE-45210
11 Feb 1999 Death Hugh TEMPLE-79960
23 Mar 2001 Death Mack TEMPLE-176811
17 Jul 2001 Death Ambrose E. TEMPLE III-130237
2002 Residence Vicki L. TEMPLE-72410
2002 Residence Bonnie TEMPLE-72418
2002 Residence Tracie Anne TEMPEL-82244
1 Jan 2002 Death Betty Payton YOUNG-82239
2004 Residence Jack TEMPLE-96269
22 Feb 2004 Death Helen Frances (Helen) TEMPLE-27818
2005 Residence Ronald James TEMPLE-64995
2006 Residence Norris W. TEMPLE-137577
17 Jun 2006 Death Betty Gene TEMPLE-144427
23 Jun 2006 Death Colonel Jack Wenton TEMPLE-87074
6 Aug 2006 Death Addie Mae TEMPLE-144438
1 Sep 2006 Death Donald Harold TEMPEL-81257
2007 Residence Rick TEMPLE-145673
19 Mar 2008 Death Cecil TEMPLE-144498
9 Aug 2009 Death Carleton Elijah LaMar TEMPLE-151443
11 Jan 2010 Death Roy August (Roy) TEMPEL-72433
2011 Residence Craig William TEMPLE-75840
2012 Residence Charles Gary (Gary) TEMPLE-61678
19 Sep 2013 Death Merla B. TEMPLE-174065
16 Oct 2016 Death Fannie B. -168981
2018 Residence Wilbur E. (Gus) STIEGLER-173923
13 Aug 2019 Death Marcia Lee (Marcia) ROGOFF-120285
Residence Ann TEMPLE-23993
Birth Pamela TEMPLE-61362
Residence George Howse TEMPLE III-73287
Residence Jacqueline Ann RYAN-73289
Residence Dorothy Faye TEMPLE-87083
MO, Jackson, Lee's Summit
Jul 1870 Census Marcella Dean (Marcella) BROWN-36694
Jul 1870 Census Nancy Jane (Nancy) TEMPLE-37537
Jul 1870 Census Albert A. TEMPLE(S)-37538
Jul 1870 Census Elizabeth J.A. TEMPLE-37539
Jul 1870 Census Sarah Matilda (Sallie) TEMPLE-37543
Jul 1870 Census John Smith (John) TEMPLE Jr.-37544
1903 Residence John Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-37727
26 Sep 1903 Birth Estella A. (Stella) MOORE-43354
12 Dec 1962 Death Joseph Elmer (Elmer) ALLEY-57386
29 May 1965 Death Verdia May (Verdie) TEMPLE-57385
15 Jan 1995 Death Katherina Elizabeth TEMPLE-71431
30 Jan 1995 Death Leonard BIERI Jr.-62763
11 Dec 1995 Death Mary Ruby (Ruby) FRY-25775
26 Jun 1996 Death Sara Frances (Frances) TEMPLE-38303
30 Jun 1997 Death Stephen Lee TEMPLE-68001
1998 Residence Wilma Louise TEMPLE-71439
2002 Residence William Chalmers TEMPEL-82242
1 Jan 2002 Death Betty Y. TEMPEL-146931
6 Oct 2004 Death Charles Carson (Bud) TEMPLE-42770
1 Dec 2004 Death Ople Effie Ray (Ople) ALLEY-57388
2007 Residence Sandra Sue TEMPLE-35383
22 Feb 2007 Death Mary Lucile HUGHES-35381
MO, Jackson, Lone Jack
10 Aug 1862 Birth John Smith (John) TEMPLE Jr.-37544
16 Aug 1862 Death John Smith TEMPLE-36693
18 Jun 1882 Birth Verdia May (Verdie) TEMPLE-57385
5 Apr 1885 Birth Martha Effie (Effie) TEMPLE-43357
1908 Residence Martha Effie (Effie) TEMPLE-43357
1908 Residence Virdia BENSON-43358
1918 Occupation John Franklin TEMPLE-147643
1918 Residence Bettie -147644
1928 Residence Martha Effie (Effie) TEMPLE-43357
Sep 1928 Residence Anna May (Annie) WYATT-38297
Sep 1928 Residence Earl Madison (Earl) TEMPLE-38298
Sep 1928 Residence Pearl Elizabeth TEMPLE-38299
Feb 1935 Residence Martha Effie (Effie) TEMPLE-43357
26 Feb 1935 Death Nancy Emily (Nancy) CORN-37725
Oct 1940 Residence Albert Jeff (Albert) TEMPLE-47414
MO, Jackson, Mt. Washington
1921 Residence Anna M. TEMPLE-137550
MO, Jackson, Oak Grove
23 Mar 1926 Death George Washington CORN-76563
30 Jan 1928 Death Elizabeth J.A. TEMPLE-37539
6 Dec 1930 Death John Henry CORN-57718
Feb 1942 Residence Anna May (Annie) WYATT-38297
18 Jun 1946 Death Anna May (Annie) WYATT-38297
Jun 1971 Death Bettie Saleta CORN-38300
1992 Residence Judy TEMPLE-113958
28 Aug 2008 Death Vera Nancy (Vera) ALLEY-57394
2009 Residence Richard R. TEMPLE-147451
5 Jan 2012 Death Mary Lorraine -172678
MO, Jackson, Prairie Twp.
Oct 1939 Birth Sandra Sue TEMPLE-35383
Apr 1940 Occupation Gilbert Edgar TEMPLE-35376
Apr 1940 Census Mary Lucile HUGHES-35381
Apr 1940 Census Dale Edgar TEMPLE-35382
Apr 1940 Census Sandra Sue TEMPLE-35383
MO, Jackson, Raytown
1978 Residence David Michael TEMPEL-147122
15 Nov 1987 Death Ruth Emily HICKAM-146955
1989 Residence Carol TEMPEL-72442
MO, Jackson, Sni-a-bar Twp.
10 Nov 1836 Marriage Winston ADAMS-57340 and Jane TEMPLE-57339
1859 Birth Elizabeth J.A. TEMPLE-37539
Jul 1860 Occupation John Smith TEMPLE-36693
Jul 1860 Census Marcella Dean (Marcella) BROWN-36694
Jul 1860 Census Nancy Jane (Nancy) TEMPLE-37537
Jul 1860 Census Albert A. TEMPLE(S)-37538
Jul 1860 Census Elizabeth J.A. TEMPLE-37539
Apr 1910 Census Charles E. BRANN-77843
26 Feb 1939 Death Sarah Matilda (Sallie) TEMPLE-37543
6 Dec 1939 Death John Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-37727
Apr 1940 Census Billie TEMPLE-153290
MO, Jackson, Stony Point
Aug 1860 Census Nancy Emily (Nancy) CORN-37725
MO, Jackson, Tarsney
17 Dec 1876 Birth George Martin TEMPLE-37726
1907 Residence John Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-37727
1907 Residence Bettie Saleta CORN-38300
9 Jun 1914 Birth Ralph Temple ALLEY-57392
5 Aug 1917 Birth Virginia Lee LANG-57748
1918 Occupation George Martin TEMPLE-37726
1918 Residence Anna May (Annie) WYATT-38297
MO, Jackson, Van Buren
Jun 1880 Occupation Albert A. TEMPLE(S)-37538
Jun 1880 Census Nancy Emily (Nancy) CORN-37725
Jun 1880 Census George Martin TEMPLE-37726
Jun 1880 Census John Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-37727
Jun 1880 Census Bettie Saleta CORN-38300
13 Jun 1904 Birth Earl Madison (Earl) TEMPLE-38298
20 Jul 1908 Birth Pearl Elizabeth TEMPLE-38299
24 Jul 1908 Birth Mabel Irene TEMPLE-38301
Apr 1910 Census Nancy Emily (Nancy) CORN-37725
Apr 1910 Occupation George Martin TEMPLE-37726
Apr 1910 Occupation John Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-37727
Apr 1910 Census Anna May (Annie) WYATT-38297
Apr 1910 Census Earl Madison (Earl) TEMPLE-38298
Apr 1910 Census Pearl Elizabeth TEMPLE-38299
Apr 1910 Census Bettie Saleta CORN-38300
Apr 1910 Census Martha Effie (Effie) TEMPLE-43357
Apr 1910 Occupation Virdia BENSON-43358
6 Jan 1913 Birth Velma Rae TEMPLE-38315
25 Oct 1916 Birth Vera Nancy (Vera) ALLEY-57394
9 Jun 1917 Birth Woodrow Packer BENSON-43359
Jan 1920 Census Nancy Emily (Nancy) CORN-37725
Jan 1920 Occupation George Martin TEMPLE-37726
Jan 1920 Occupation John Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-37727
Jan 1920 Census Anna May (Annie) WYATT-38297
Jan 1920 Occupation Earl Madison (Earl) TEMPLE-38298
Jan 1920 Census Pearl Elizabeth TEMPLE-38299
Jan 1920 Census Bettie Saleta CORN-38300
Jan 1920 Census Mabel Irene TEMPLE-38301
Jan 1920 Census Velma Rae TEMPLE-38315
Jan 1920 Census Martha Effie (Effie) TEMPLE-43357
Jan 1920 Occupation Virdia BENSON-43358
Jan 1920 Census Woodrow Packer BENSON-43359
Apr 1930 Census Nancy Emily (Nancy) CORN-37725
Apr 1930 Census Anna May (Annie) WYATT-38297
Apr 1930 Occupation Earl Madison (Earl) TEMPLE-38298
Apr 1930 Census Pearl Elizabeth TEMPLE-38299
Apr 1930 Census Estella A. (Stella) MOORE-43354
Apr 1930 Census Earl Eugene TEMPLE-43355
Apr 1930 Census Anna Bethune (Ann) TEMPLE-43356
Apr 1930 Census Martha Effie (Effie) TEMPLE-43357
Apr 1930 Census Woodrow Packer BENSON-43359
Apr 1930 Census Herschel Owen (H.O.) TATE-43360
Apr 1940 Census Anna May (Annie) WYATT-38297
Apr 1940 Occupation Albert Jeff (Albert) TEMPLE-47414
Apr 1940 Census Olive May (Olive) SHRANK-47415
Apr 1940 Occupation John Albert Nelson (Nelson) TEMPLE-47418
Apr 1940 Census Kenneth Marvin (Kenneth) TEMPLE-47419
Apr 1940 Census Madeline Pearl (Madeline) TEMPLE-47420
Apr 1940 Census Lloyd Eugene (Lloyd) TEMPLE-47423

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