Missouri Events, Part 7

MISSOURI Event List Seven

MO, Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve through MO, Wright, Mountain Grove

MO, Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve
7 Aug 1924 Birth Bernice Emily LA BRUYERE-163906
MO, Stockton Co.
1 Apr 1935 Residence Billie TEMPLE-153290
MO, Stoddard Co.
1 Feb 1849 Birth Andrew F. COOPER-47537
Sep 1860 Birth Isaac H. DODD-54935
21 Oct 1860 Marriage Colonel John Jackson (Jackson) TEMPLE(S)-35429 and Martha WOTTON-70440
1861 Residence Martha Armenty(Patsy) TEMPLE-35433
1861 Residence Charles Cannon HORN-70438
16 Jun 1861 Marriage Charles Cannon HORN-70438 and Martha Armenty(Patsy) TEMPLE-35433
1868 Residence Susan Marian TEMPLE-163656
1868 Residence Andrew Jackson HARKY-163657
24 Oct 1868 Marriage Andrew Jackson HARKY-163657 and Susan Marian TEMPLE-163656
20 Sep 1869 Marriage Andrew Jackson HARKEY-26545 and Susan Mariah (Susan) TEMPLE-10906
6 Apr 1871 Marriage Pleasant Thomas (Plea) TEMPLE(S)-38522 and Lucinda SIMMINEAUX-38518
14 Dec 1871 Marriage Andrew F. COOPER-47537 and Elizabeth Lela Eulea (Bett) TEMPLE-45148
14 Sep 1872 Birth Charles Monroe (Charlie) TEMPLE-10907
12 Oct 1873 Marriage Andrew Jackson HARKEY-26545 and Hulda STRAWN-26546
10 Apr 1879 Marriage Cyrus TEMPLE(S)-37535 and Amanda ALLEN-60358
20 Jan 1881 Marriage Peter M. MACOM-55633 and Mary Ella (Ellie) TEMPLE(S)-47536
bet 1885 and 1888 Occupation Andrew F. COOPER-47537
15 Feb 1885 Marriage William L. WARREN-125958 and Martha D. TEMPLE-125957
3 Jun 1888 Marriage William P. TEMPLE(S)-57914 and Mary A. (Mollie) HOBBS-57915
10 Nov 1889 Marriage Louis Ballard (Lewis) TEMPLE(S)-55638 and Nancy Melvina SADLER-44194
1892 Residence Ellen Jessie TEMPLES-44200
1892 Residence James Preston LARSEN Sr.-56885
12 Jun 1892 Marriage James Preston LARSEN Sr.-56885 and Ellen Jessie TEMPLES-44200
12 Aug 1893 Birth Henry Herbert LARSEN-56892
22 Mar 1896 Birth Zelmar Laben IVESTER-70227
11 Aug 1897 Marriage Charles (Charlie) TEMPLES-38520 and Mary Ann (Mollie) MC CLARD-44084
17 Oct 1897 Marriage T.D. TEMPLE-125955 and Rebecca J. BOYER-125956
5 Jan 1898 Birth Grace Simpson LARSEN-56887
1903 Residence Harvey (Harve) TEMPLE(S)-38523
1903 Residence Mary Jeannette (Nettie) STEVENS-38536
1903 Residence Ella TEMPLES-144134
1903 Residence Howard HINEY-144135
9 Dec 1903 Marriage Harvey (Harve) TEMPLE(S)-38523 and Mary Jeannette (Nettie) STEVENS-38536
9 Oct 1904 Birth James Preston LARSEN Jr-56891
7 Oct 1908 Birth Joseph Bryan LARSEN-56889
1909 Residence Della TEMPLES-38525
1909 Residence Thomas Jefferson (Jeff) MC FARLIN-63053
21 Feb 1909 Marriage Thomas Jefferson (Jeff) MC FARLIN-63053 and Della TEMPLES-38525
28 Dec 1912 Marriage Luther Timothy TEMPLES-38526 and Anna Lorena (Annie) ROBINSON-38532
11 Jan 1914 Marriage George Walker S. CORLIES-70738 and Ruth TEMPLE-70737
11 Apr 1915 Marriage Zelmar Laben IVESTER-70227 and Julia Ann TEMPLES-70226
12 Jun 1918 Birth Ruby Elenor HARPER-63059
12 Mar 1921 Marriage Charles Samuel (Sam) TEMPLES-55033 and Ethna J. GARNER-55034
2 Jun 1923 Marriage Oden ROSS-70209 and Gladys TEMPLES-70208
17 Apr 1928 Death Pleasant Thomas (Plea) TEMPLE(S)-38522
12 Mar 1943 Death Ellen Jessie TEMPLES-44200
1945 Residence Alvin Lee (Jimmie) TEMPLES Sr.-55039
4 Jan 1946 Marriage Roy E. (Roy) TEMPLE(S)-38531 and Imogene (Jean) COX-52719
8 Sep 1950 Death Charles Samuel (Sam) TEMPLES-55033
18 Apr 1964 Marriage Garry Joe TEMPLES-70182 and Peggy Louise RIDENOUR-70183
2 Nov 1972 Death George William MILLER-70217
3 Jan 1975 Death Ruth TEMPLE-70737
31 Mar 1980 Death Nina Elizabeth ROBINSON-70222
3 Jul 1985 Death Alvin Lee (Jimmie) TEMPLES Sr.-55039
18 Nov 2001 Death Marjorie Ellen BLACKMAN-55040
MO, Stoddard, Bernie
22 Jan 1915 Death Martha Armenty(Patsy) TEMPLE-35433
25 Aug 1934 Marriage Cline Denzil THIEKE-63041 and Addie TEMPLES-44085
Feb 1942 Residence Kenneth Gwendolph (Short) TEMPLES-55035
Feb 1942 Residence Elsie Etta (Elsie) WHITE-63055
13 Jun 1970 Death Zelmar Laben IVESTER-70227
1998 Residence Peggy Louise RIDENOUR-70183
1998 Residence Garry Joe TEMPLES-70182
2018 Residence Garry Joe TEMPLES-70182
2019 Residence Lisa TEMPLES-119699
23 Sep 2019 Death Garry Joe TEMPLES-70182
MO, Stoddard, Bloomfield
abt 1870 Birth James Preston LARSEN Sr.-56885
abt 1877 Death Mary J. WILSON-10905
24 May 1877 Birth Mary Ann (Mollie) MC CLARD-44084
5 Nov 1884 Birth John A. Logan TEMPLES-53594
1897 Residence Mary Ann (Mollie) MC CLARD-44084
24 Feb 1912 Marriage Orland R. KILMER-88150 and Anna Belfrey (Annie) TEMPLES-44203
20 Aug 1914 Marriage Elmer TEMPLES-44202 and Miza GARNER-44210
22 Apr 1918 Death William P. TEMPLE(S)-57914
1927 Residence Loy A. WILLIAMS-143998
9 Dec 1927 Marriage Loy A. WILLIAMS-143998 and Edith Hazel TEMPLE-143997
5 Oct 1935 Marriage Fred TEMPLES-44086 and Nina Elizabeth ROBINSON-70222
6 Sep 1936 Marriage Willis MIDDLETON-70224 and Charlene TEMPLES-44088
2 Oct 1937 Marriage Edward (Ed) TEMPLES-44087 and Geraldine (Jerri Ann) WEBB-63054
Apr 1940 Census Mary A. (Mollie) HOBBS-57915
29 Mar 1946 Death Mary A. (Mollie) HOBBS-57915
1981 Residence Michael William DUNCAN-144131
22 Jan 1990 Death Lois Chlorine TEMPLES-38542
MO, Stoddard, Castor
Sep 1850 Occupation Samuel TEMPLE(S)-35428
Sep 1850 Census Colonel John Jackson (Jackson) TEMPLE(S)-35429
Sep 1850 Census James M. TEMPLE-35430
Sep 1850 Census Julia TEMPLE-35432
Sep 1850 Census Martha Armenty(Patsy) TEMPLE-35433
Sep 1850 Census Rebecca JINKINS-45143
Sep 1850 Census William TEMPLE(S)-45146
Sep 1850 Census Pleasant Thomas (Plea) TEMPLE(S)-38522
Jun 1860 Occupation Samuel TEMPLE(S)-35428
Jun 1860 Occupation Colonel John Jackson (Jackson) TEMPLE(S)-35429
Jun 1860 Occupation James M. TEMPLE-35430
Jun 1860 Census Martha Armenty(Patsy) TEMPLE-35433
Jun 1860 Census Rebecca JINKINS-45143
Jun 1860 Census William TEMPLE(S)-45146
Jun 1860 Census Pleasant Thomas (Plea) TEMPLE(S)-38522
Jun 1860 Census Elizabeth Lela Eulea (Bett) TEMPLE-45148
Jun 1860 Census Sarah E. -47533
Jun 1860 Census John TEMPLE(S)-47534
Jun 1860 Census Anise J. TEMPLE(S)-47535
Jun 1860 Census Mary Ella (Ellie) TEMPLE(S)-47536
1862 Birth Sarah HARDISTER-77541
Jun 1870 Occupation Colonel John Jackson (Jackson) TEMPLE(S)-35429
Jun 1870 Occupation James M. TEMPLE-35430
Jun 1870 Census Martha -38519
Jun 1870 Occupation Pleasant Thomas (Plea) TEMPLE(S)-38522
Jun 1870 Occupation William TEMPLE(S)-45146
Jun 1870 Census John TEMPLE(S)-47534
Jun 1870 Census Mary Ella (Ellie) TEMPLE(S)-47536
Jun 1870 Census Amos J. TEMPLES-55634
Jun 1870 Census Mary E. -55635
Jun 1870 Census Cecelia Ann (Lela) HOWELL-55636
Jun 1870 Census Minerva TEMPLES-55637
Jun 1870 Census Louis Ballard (Lewis) TEMPLE(S)-55638
Jun 1870 Census William P. TEMPLE(S)-57914
Jun 1870 Census Mary A. (Mollie) HOBBS-57915
Jun 1870 Census Isaac HOBBS-57916
Jun 1870 Census Mariah -57917
16 Jan 1880 Birth Frederick (Fred) TEMPLE(S)-38521
Jun 1880 Occupation Colonel John Jackson (Jackson) TEMPLE(S)-35429
Jun 1880 Census Lucinda SIMMINEAUX-38518
Jun 1880 Census Martha -38519
Jun 1880 Census Charles (Charlie) TEMPLES-38520
Jun 1880 Occupation Pleasant Thomas (Plea) TEMPLE(S)-38522
1885 Residence William L. WARREN-125958
Jun 1900 Census Lucinda SIMMINEAUX-38518
Jun 1900 Census Frederick (Fred) TEMPLE(S)-38521
Jun 1900 Occupation Pleasant Thomas (Plea) TEMPLE(S)-38522
Jun 1900 Census Harvey (Harve) TEMPLE(S)-38523
Jun 1900 Census Ella TEMPLE-38524
Jun 1900 Census Della TEMPLES-38525
Jun 1900 Census Luther Timothy TEMPLES-38526
Jun 1900 Occupation William P. TEMPLE(S)-57914
Jun 1900 Census Mary A. (Mollie) HOBBS-57915
3 Dec 1906 Birth Opal Lillian TEMPLES-38538
1907 Birth Edith H. TEMPLE(S)-38537
Apr 1910 Occupation Pleasant Thomas (Plea) TEMPLE(S)-38522
Apr 1910 Occupation Luther Timothy TEMPLES-38526
Apr 1910 Occupation William P. TEMPLE(S)-57914
Apr 1910 Census Anna Lorena (Annie) ROBINSON-38532
6 May 1910 Census Gertrude M. LARSEN-56881
16 Nov 1917 Birth Lilla May (Ella Mae) TEMPLES-38535
Jan 1920 Census Lucinda SIMMINEAUX-38518
Jan 1920 Occupation Pleasant Thomas (Plea) TEMPLE(S)-38522
Jan 1920 Occupation Harvey (Harve) TEMPLE(S)-38523
Jan 1920 Occupation Luther Timothy TEMPLES-38526
Jan 1920 Census Anna Lorena (Annie) ROBINSON-38532
Jan 1920 Census Ray Rudolph (Ray) TEMPLES-38533
Jan 1920 Census Ralph Verlin TEMPLES-38534
Jan 1920 Census Lilla May (Ella Mae) TEMPLES-38535
Jan 1920 Census Mary Jeannette (Nettie) STEVENS-38536
Jan 1920 Census Edith H. TEMPLE(S)-38537
Jan 1920 Census Opal Lillian TEMPLES-38538
Jan 1920 Census Hayden Pleasant TEMPLE(S)-38539
Jan 1920 Census Homer Stevens (Homer) TEMPLES-38540
Jan 1920 Census Woodrow Wilson (Woody) TEMPLES-38541
Jan 1920 Census Lois Chlorine TEMPLES-38542
Jan 1920 Census Mary A. (Mollie) HOBBS-57915
20 Jan 1920 Census Gertrude M. LARSEN-56881
7 Sep 1926 Birth Nelson Luther TEMPLES-44083
Apr 1930 Occupation Harvey (Harve) TEMPLE(S)-38523
Apr 1930 Occupation Luther Timothy TEMPLES-38526
Apr 1930 Census Anna Lorena (Annie) ROBINSON-38532
Apr 1930 Census Ray Rudolph (Ray) TEMPLES-38533
Apr 1930 Census Ralph Verlin TEMPLES-38534
Apr 1930 Census Lilla May (Ella Mae) TEMPLES-38535
Apr 1930 Occupation Hayden Pleasant TEMPLE(S)-38539
Apr 1930 Occupation Homer Stevens (Homer) TEMPLES-38540
Apr 1930 Census Woodrow Wilson (Woody) TEMPLES-38541
Apr 1930 Census Lois Chlorine TEMPLES-38542
Apr 1930 Census Gene Hale TEMPLE-43370
Apr 1930 Census Vera Eloise (Vera) TEMPLES-43371
Apr 1930 Census Iva Lee TEMPLES-44082
Apr 1930 Census Nelson Luther TEMPLES-44083
Apr 1930 Census Mary A. (Mollie) HOBBS-57915
Apr 1940 Occupation Luther Timothy TEMPLES-38526
Apr 1940 Census Anna Lorena (Annie) ROBINSON-38532
Apr 1940 Census Iva Lee TEMPLES-44082
Apr 1940 Census Nelson Luther TEMPLES-44083
Apr 1940 Census Leroy F. TEMPLES-83946
Apr 1940 Occupation Harvey (Harve) TEMPLE(S)-38523
Apr 1940 Census Mary Jeannette (Nettie) STEVENS-38536
Apr 1940 Occupation Hayden Pleasant TEMPLE(S)-38539
Apr 1940 Occupation Lois Chlorine TEMPLES-38542
Apr 1940 Census Gene Hale TEMPLE-43370
Apr 1940 Census Vera Eloise (Vera) TEMPLES-43371
MO, Stoddard, Dexter
25 Dec 1873 Birth Charles (Charlie) TEMPLES-38520
25 Dec 1873 Birth James Anderson TEMPLE-44197
16 Jan 1880 Birth Fred TEMPLES-151669
14 Mar 1882 Birth Harvey (Harve) TEMPLE(S)-38523
6 Nov 1883 Birth Thomas Jefferson (Jeff) MC FARLIN-63053
17 May 1885 Birth Ella TEMPLE-38524
4 Sep 1888 Birth Della TEMPLES-38525
28 Jun 1890 Birth Luther Timothy TEMPLES-38526
29 Sep 1890 Birth Elmer TEMPLES-44202
18 Oct 1896 Birth Ruth TEMPLE-70737
1897 Residence Charles (Charlie) TEMPLES-38520
17 Sep 1898 Birth Julia Ann TEMPLES-70226
4 Sep 1900 Birth Charles Samuel (Sam) TEMPLES-55033
2 Jan 1902 Birth Thomas Benton (Tom) TEMPLES Sr.-70187
29 Jan 1903 Birth Luther Printis TEMPLES-44208
20 Dec 1903 Marriage Howard HINEY-144135 and Ella TEMPLES-144134
14 Jun 1904 Birth Gladys TEMPLES-70208
19 Sep 1907 Birth Addie TEMPLES-44085
7 Nov 1909 Death James M. TEMPLE-35430
5 Jul 1911 Birth Naomi (Oma) TEMPLES-70216
1912 Residence Luther Timothy TEMPLES-38526
1912 Residence Anna Lorena (Annie) ROBINSON-38532
1912 Residence Etta E. (Ettie) TEMPLES-44204
1912 Residence Charles A. MASTERS-76548
1912 Residence Anna Belfrey (Annie) TEMPLES-44203
1912 Residence Orland R. KILMER-88150
30 Apr 1912 Marriage Charles A. MASTERS-76548 and Etta E. (Ettie) TEMPLES-44204
13 Jul 1912 Birth Homer Stevens (Homer) TEMPLES-38540
22 Jul 1912 Birth Ralph TEMPLES-44209
6 Oct 1913 Birth Ray Rudolph (Ray) TEMPLES-38533
1914 Residence Elmer TEMPLES-44202
1914 Residence Miza GARNER-44210
23 Aug 1914 Birth Fred TEMPLES-44086
16 Nov 1914 Birth Woodrow Wilson (Woody) TEMPLES-38541
19 Dec 1914 Birth Roy E. (Roy) TEMPLE(S)-38531
1915 Residence Julia Ann TEMPLES-70226
1915 Residence Zelmar Laben IVESTER-70227
13 Jan 1915 Birth Hazel GAINES-70188
19 Feb 1915 Birth Ralph Verlin TEMPLES-38534
1916 Residence Florence Olive TEMPLES-44206
1916 Residence Robert PEARSON-74108
25 Aug 1916 Birth Edward (Ed) TEMPLES-44087
1917 Occupation Elmer TEMPLES-44202
1917 Residence Miza GARNER-44210
1917 Occupation Luther Timothy TEMPLES-38526
1917 Residence Anna Lorena (Annie) ROBINSON-38532
29 Apr 1917 Birth Lois Chlorine TEMPLES-38542
6 Nov 1917 Birth Norris (Bud) TEMPLES-44211
1918 Occupation Frederick (Fred) TEMPLE(S)-38521
1918 Residence Christina Leora (Christa) HAYNES-38528
1918 Occupation Harvey (Harve) TEMPLE(S)-38523
1918 Residence Mary Jeannette (Nettie) STEVENS-38536
27 Feb 1919 Birth Charlene TEMPLES-44088
25 Jan 1920 Birth Iva Lee TEMPLES-44082
1921 Residence Charles Samuel (Sam) TEMPLES-55033
1921 Residence Ethna J. GARNER-55034
3 Nov 1921 Birth Evelyn TEMPLES-44089
1 Jan 1922 Birth Charlie Curtis (Curt) HUNT-70225
13 Jan 1922 Birth Velma TEMPLES-44214
27 Feb 1922 Birth Elsie Etta (Elsie) WHITE-63055
19 Jun 1922 Death Lucinda SIMMINEAUX-38518
27 Sep 1922 Birth Lloyd Thomas Jefferson MC FARLIN-70532
9 Oct 1922 Birth Imogene DODD-167556
1923 Residence Gladys TEMPLES-70208
1923 Residence Oden ROSS-70209
12 Jun 1923 Birth Marjorie Ellen BLACKMAN-55040
10 Jul 1924 Birth James William (James) TEMPLE-53216
23 Oct 1924 Birth Gene Hale TEMPLE-43370
1 Mar 1925 Birth Juanita Faye TEMPLES-55038
31 Jan 1926 Birth Alvin Lee (Jimmie) TEMPLES Sr.-55039
1927 Residence Edith Hazel TEMPLE-143997
7 Feb 1928 Birth Leo TEMPLES-44215
1934 Residence Addie TEMPLES-44085
1934 Residence Cline Denzil THIEKE-63041
1934 Residence Thomas Benton (Tom) TEMPLES Sr.-70187
1934 Residence Hazel GAINES-70188
1935 Residence Fred TEMPLES-44086
1935 Residence Nina Elizabeth ROBINSON-70222
1 Apr 1935 Residence Charles Samuel (Sam) TEMPLES-55033
1936 Residence Willis MIDDLETON-70224
1937 Residence Edward (Ed) TEMPLES-44087
1937 Residence Geraldine (Jerri Ann) WEBB-63054
21 Nov 1937 Marriage Norris (Bud) TEMPLES-44211 and Lucille THROWER-55044
1938 Residence Ray Rudolph (Ray) TEMPLES-38533
1938 Residence Thelma FRANK-52521
1939 Residence Ralph Verlin TEMPLES-38534
1939 Residence Ruby Elenor HARPER-63059
1939 Birth Douglas A. TEMPLES-87095
1939 Residence Lilla May (Ella Mae) TEMPLES-38535
1939 Residence Otis CHRISTIAN-120062
1939 Residence Ella Mae TEMPLES-144136
1939 Residence Otis CHRISTIAN-144137
1940 Death Nancy Melvina SADLER-44194
Apr 1940 Occupation Ray Rudolph (Ray) TEMPLES-38533
Apr 1940 Census Thelma FRANK-52521
Apr 1940 Occupation Ralph Verlin TEMPLES-38534
Apr 1940 Census Ruby Elenor HARPER-63059
Apr 1940 Census Douglas A. TEMPLES-87095
Oct 1940 Residence Hayden Pleasant TEMPLE(S)-38539
Oct 1940 Residence Harvey (Harve) TEMPLE(S)-38523
Oct 1940 Occupation Ralph Verlin TEMPLES-38534
Oct 1940 Residence Ralph Verlin TEMPLES-38534
1941 Residence Kenneth Gwendolph (Short) TEMPLES-55035
1941 Residence Milton L. GARNER-62949
1941 Residence Elsie Etta (Elsie) WHITE-63055
1941 Residence Virginia May (Virginia) TEMPLES-55037
1941 Residence Orlen R. GAINES-70186
1941 Residence Nina TEMPLES-144153
1941 Residence Everett C. WILSON-144154
1942 Residence Evelyn TEMPLES-44089
3 Jan 1942 Marriage Estas Edward SMITH-77808 and Evelyn TEMPLES-44089
Jun 1942 Residence Ethna J. GARNER-55034
16 Jul 1942 Birth Shirley Ann SHIPMAN-55045
Dec 1942 Miscellaneous Gene Hale TEMPLE-43370
1944 Residence Velma TEMPLES-44214
1944 Residence Juanita Faye TEMPLES-55038
1944 Residence Edward BACKFISCH-63056
30 Jan 1944 Death Harvey (Harve) TEMPLE(S)-38523
29 Mar 1944 Marriage Arvel ROWE-63038 and Velma TEMPLES-44214
Sep 1944 Occupation Nelson Luther TEMPLES-44083
16 Dec 1944 Marriage Edward BACKFISCH-63056 and Juanita Faye TEMPLES-55038
1945 Residence Vera Eloise (Vera) TEMPLES-43371
1945 Residence Louie Hester CAMPBELL-63060
Jan 1945 Occupation Alvin Lee (Jimmie) TEMPLES Sr.-55039
Jan 1945 Residence Alvin Lee (Jimmie) TEMPLES Sr.-55039
Jan 1945 Residence Ethna J. GARNER-55034
20 Jan 1945 Marriage Louie Hester CAMPBELL-63060 and Vera Eloise (Vera) TEMPLES-43371
1946 Residence Charlene TEMPLES-44088
Feb 1946 Occupation Leo TEMPLES-44215
26 May 1947 Death Ruby Elenor HARPER-63059
13 Sep 1947 Death Louis Ballard (Lewis) TEMPLE(S)-55638
1949 Residence Alvin Lee (Jimmie) TEMPLES Sr.-55039
1949 Residence Cinda Belle MILLER-63042
8 Oct 1949 Marriage Alvin Lee (Jimmie) TEMPLES Sr.-55039 and Cinda Belle MILLER-63042
1950 Residence Ruth TEMPLE-70737
1950 Residence Naomi (Oma) TEMPLES-70216
1950 Residence Julia Ann TEMPLES-70226
1950 Residence Gladys TEMPLES-70208
1950 Residence Charlene TEMPLES-44088
1950 Residence Evelyn TEMPLES-44089
28 Feb 1956 Death Charles (Charlie) TEMPLES-38520
21 Apr 1956 Marriage Darrell Dwayne TAYLOR-60348 and Barbara Ann TEMPLES-60346
1958 Residence Mary Ann (Mollie) MC CLARD-44084
26 Aug 1958 Death Mary Ann (Mollie) MC CLARD-44084
14 Jul 1962 Death Luther Timothy TEMPLES-38526
1964 Residence Garry Joe TEMPLES-70182
1964 Residence Peggy Louise RIDENOUR-70183
13 Nov 1966 Death Nelson Luther TEMPLES-44083
23 Mar 1968 Death Ella TEMPLE-38524
27 May 1968 Death Mary Jeannette (Nettie) STEVENS-38536
22 May 1969 Death Della TEMPLES-38525
1970 Residence Kenneth Leon TEMPLES-63057
22 Dec 1973 Marriage Alvin Lee TEMPLES Jr.-63043 and Janet Leigh JAMES-63044
1974 Residence Karen Ann TEMPLES-144142
1974 Residence James Roger CHIAM-144143
4 May 1974 Marriage James Roger CHIAM-144143 and Karen Ann TEMPLES-144142
7 Sep 1977 Death Virginia M. -82599
1980 Residence Alvin Lee TEMPLES Jr.-63043
1980 Residence Janet Leigh JAMES-63044
1980 Residence Billie Wayne (Billie) TEMPLES-63045
1980 Residence Onia Faye -63049
11 Jan 1980 Marriage Billie Wayne (Billie) TEMPLES-63045 and Onia Faye -63049
10 Nov 1980 Marriage Alvin Lee TEMPLES Jr.-63043 and Janet Leigh JAMES-63044
1981 Moved Geraldine (Jerri Ann) WEBB-63054
1981 Residence Belinda Kay TEMPLES-144130
14 Apr 1981 Death Anna Lorena (Annie) ROBINSON-38532
1982 Residence Billie Wayne (Billie) TEMPLES-63045
1982 Residence Betty Jane PUTNEY-63046
24 Sep 1982 Marriage Billie Wayne (Billie) TEMPLES-63045 and Betty Jane PUTNEY-63046
25 Jul 1984 Death Rachel E. TEMPLES-151671
11 Mar 1994 Death Juanita Faye TEMPLES-55038
24 Aug 1994 Death Edward BACKFISCH-63056
14 Jan 1995 Death Dwight Harold (Pete) TEMPLES-55036
22 Feb 1995 Death Ethna J. GARNER-55034
10 May 1996 Death Opal Lillian TEMPLES-38538
1998 Residence Evelyn TEMPLES-44089
31 Dec 1998 Death Iva Lee TEMPLES-44082
1 Jun 1999 Death Imogene (Jean) COX-52719
1 Jun 1999 Death Imogene DODD-167556
3 Jul 1999 Death Ray Rudolph (Ray) TEMPLES-38533
16 Jan 2000 Death Otis CHRISTIAN-120062
2006 Residence Ronald D. TEMPLES-55048
2007 Residence Gary TEMPLES-60345
15 Aug 2007 Death Naomi (Oma) TEMPLES-70216
19 Oct 2008 Death James William (James) TEMPLE-53216
13 Dec 2008 Death Orlen R. GAINES-70186
5 Sep 2011 Death Alvin Lee TEMPLES Jr.-63043
2013 Residence Belinda TEMPLES-153827
27 Jul 2013 Death Terry G. WALKER-153825
27 Aug 2014 Death Lilla May (Ella Mae) TEMPLES-38535
16 Apr 2015 Death Geraldine (Jerri Ann) WEBB-63054
17 Mar 2018 Death Elsie Etta (Elsie) WHITE-63055
2019 Residence Tim TEMPLES-119698
Occupation Norris (Bud) TEMPLES Jr.-55043
MO, Stoddard, Dudley
12 Oct 1922 Birth Dwight Harold (Pete) TEMPLES-55036
1956 Residence Barbara Ann TEMPLES-60346
1956 Residence Darrell Dwayne TAYLOR-60348
15 Apr 1968 Death Miza GARNER-44210
15 Oct 1968 Death Elmer TEMPLES-44202
1978 Residence Gary Leon TEMPLES-144138
17 Aug 1986 Death Lucille THROWER-55044
abt 1997 Residence Glenda Jo TEMPLES-150364
2006 Residence Darren Len TEMPLES-55049
2006 Residence Aaron Lee TEMPLES-55050
16 Jul 2006 Death Shirley Ann SHIPMAN-55045
2007 Residence Norris (Bud) TEMPLES Jr.-55043
2007 Residence Thelma -60343
2007 Residence Clifford TEMPLES-60344
3 Aug 2007 Death Norris (Bud) TEMPLES-44211
MO, Stoddard, Essex
19 Dec 1981 Marriage Michael William DUNCAN-144131 and Belinda Kay TEMPLES-144130
MO, Stoddard, Liberty
Jun 1880 Census Charles Monroe (Charlie) TEMPLE-10907
Jun 1880 Occupation James M. TEMPLE-35430
Jun 1880 Census William Porter TEMPLE-36859
Jun 1880 Census Mary Ellen TEMPLE-36860
Jun 1880 Census Henry TEMPLE(S)-36861
Jun 1880 Occupation Cyrus TEMPLE(S)-37535
Jun 1880 Census Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPLE(S)-44195
Jun 1880 Census Amanda TEMPLE-44196
Jun 1880 Census James Anderson TEMPLE-44197
Jun 1880 Census Agnes TEMPLE-44198
Jun 1880 Occupation Richard DEASON-44199
Jun 1880 Census Ellen Jessie TEMPLES-44200
Jun 1880 Census Thomas TEMPLE(S)-44201
Jun 1880 Census Cecelia Ann (Lela) HOWELL-55636
Jun 1880 Census Louis Ballard (Lewis) TEMPLE(S)-55638
8 Jun 1880 Census Ellen Jessie TEMPLES-44200
1885 Residence Martha D. TEMPLE-125957
1894 Residence Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPLE(S)-44195
1894 Residence Isaac H. DODD-54935
27 Mar 1894 Marriage Isaac H. DODD-54935 and Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPLE(S)-44195
22 Jan 1900 Birth Owen Clarence TEMPLES-44207
Feb 1900 Birth William TEMPLES-54339
Jun 1900 Occupation James M. TEMPLE-35430
Jun 1900 Census Nancy Melvina SADLER-44194
Jun 1900 Occupation Thomas TEMPLE(S)-44201
Jun 1900 Census Elmer TEMPLES-44202
Jun 1900 Census Anna Belfrey (Annie) TEMPLES-44203
Jun 1900 Census Etta E. (Ettie) TEMPLES-44204
Jun 1900 Census Oden L. TEMPLE(S)-44205
Jun 1900 Census Florence Olive TEMPLES-44206
Jun 1900 Census Rebecca J. -54337
Jun 1900 Census Jesse R. TEMPLES-54338
Jun 1900 Census William TEMPLES-54339
Jun 1900 Census Cecelia Ann (Lela) HOWELL-55636
Jun 1900 Occupation Louis Ballard (Lewis) TEMPLE(S)-55638
Jun 1900 Occupation Charles (Charlie) TEMPLES-38520
Jun 1900 Census Mary Ann (Mollie) MC CLARD-44084
Jun 1900 Census Ruth TEMPLE-70737
Jun 1900 Census Julia Ann TEMPLES-70226
Jun 1900 Occupation Lafayette TEMPLES-127702
Oct 1909 Birth Lorene L. TEMPLES-38527
Apr 1910 Occupation Frederick (Fred) TEMPLE(S)-38521
Apr 1910 Census Lorene L. TEMPLES-38527
Apr 1910 Census Christina Leora (Christa) HAYNES-38528
Apr 1910 Occupation Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPLE(S)-44195
Apr 1910 Census Cecelia Ann (Lela) HOWELL-55636
Apr 1910 Occupation Louis Ballard (Lewis) TEMPLE(S)-55638
Apr 1910 Census Nancy Melvina SADLER-44194
Apr 1910 Occupation Elmer TEMPLES-44202
Apr 1910 Census Anna Belfrey (Annie) TEMPLES-44203
Apr 1910 Census Etta E. (Ettie) TEMPLES-44204
Apr 1910 Census Oden L. TEMPLE(S)-44205
Apr 1910 Census Florence Olive TEMPLES-44206
Apr 1910 Census Owen Clarence TEMPLES-44207
Apr 1910 Census Luther Printis TEMPLES-44208
May 1910 Occupation Charles (Charlie) TEMPLES-38520
May 1910 Census Mary Ann (Mollie) MC CLARD-44084
May 1910 Census Ruth TEMPLE-70737
May 1910 Census Julia Ann TEMPLES-70226
May 1910 Census Charles Samuel (Sam) TEMPLES-55033
May 1910 Census Thomas Benton (Tom) TEMPLES Sr.-70187
May 1910 Census Gladys TEMPLES-70208
May 1910 Census Addie TEMPLES-44085
May 1910 Census Orland R. KILMER-88150
12 Feb 1911 Death Cecelia Ann (Lela) HOWELL-55636
12 Oct 1915 Birth Geneva TEMPLES-54934
10 Sep 1916 Death Geneva TEMPLES-54934
Jan 1920 Occupation Frederick (Fred) TEMPLE(S)-38521
Jan 1920 Census Lorene L. TEMPLES-38527
Jan 1920 Census Christina Leora (Christa) HAYNES-38528
Jan 1920 Census Alene Roberta TEMPLES-38529
Jan 1920 Census Margaretta D. (Margaret) TEMPLE(S)-38530
Jan 1920 Census Roy E. (Roy) TEMPLE(S)-38531
Jan 1920 Census Nancy Melvina SADLER-44194
Jan 1920 Occupation Elmer TEMPLES-44202
Jan 1920 Occupation Oden L. TEMPLE(S)-44205
Jan 1920 Census Luther Printis TEMPLES-44208
Jan 1920 Census Ralph TEMPLES-44209
Jan 1920 Census Miza GARNER-44210
Jan 1920 Census Norris (Bud) TEMPLES-44211
Jan 1920 Occupation Louis Ballard (Lewis) TEMPLE(S)-55638
Jan 1920 Census Anna Belfrey (Annie) TEMPLES-44203
8 Jan 1922 Death Oden L. TEMPLE(S)-44205
22 Jul 1924 Death Glenn D. TEMPLES-73458
1930 Birth Mary Helen TEMPLES-70739
Apr 1930 Occupation Charles (Charlie) TEMPLES-38520
Apr 1930 Census Mary Ann (Mollie) MC CLARD-44084
Apr 1930 Census Addie TEMPLES-44085
Apr 1930 Census Fred TEMPLES-44086
Apr 1930 Census Edward (Ed) TEMPLES-44087
Apr 1930 Census Charlene TEMPLES-44088
Apr 1930 Census Evelyn TEMPLES-44089
Apr 1930 Census William Lee (Billie) TEMPLE(S)-44090
Apr 1930 Census Thomas Benton MC CLARD-44091
Apr 1930 Census Nancy Melvina SADLER-44194
Apr 1930 Occupation Elmer TEMPLES-44202
Apr 1930 Census Ralph TEMPLES-44209
Apr 1930 Census Miza GARNER-44210
Apr 1930 Census Norris (Bud) TEMPLES-44211
Apr 1930 Census Ely J. GARNER-44212
Apr 1930 Census Velma TEMPLES-44214
Apr 1930 Census Leo TEMPLES-44215
Apr 1930 Census Eliza J. CLAYTON-44217
Apr 1930 Occupation Charles Samuel (Sam) TEMPLES-55033
Apr 1930 Census Ethna J. GARNER-55034
Apr 1930 Census Kenneth Gwendolph (Short) TEMPLES-55035
Apr 1930 Census Dwight Harold (Pete) TEMPLES-55036
Apr 1930 Census Virginia May (Virginia) TEMPLES-55037
Apr 1930 Census Juanita Faye TEMPLES-55038
Apr 1930 Census Alvin Lee (Jimmie) TEMPLES Sr.-55039
Apr 1930 Occupation Louis Ballard (Lewis) TEMPLE(S)-55638
3 Sep 1936 Birth Barbara Ann TEMPLES-60346
28 May 1938 Birth Norris (Bud) TEMPLES Jr.-55043
Apr 1940 Occupation Dwight Harold (Pete) TEMPLES-55036
Apr 1940 Census Louis Ballard (Lewis) TEMPLE(S)-55638
Apr 1940 Occupation Charles (Charlie) TEMPLES-38520
Apr 1940 Census Mary Ann (Mollie) MC CLARD-44084
Apr 1940 Census Evelyn TEMPLES-44089
Apr 1940 Occupation Elmer TEMPLES-44202
Apr 1940 Census Miza GARNER-44210
Apr 1940 Census Velma TEMPLES-44214
Apr 1940 Census Leo TEMPLES-44215
Apr 1940 Census Ethna J. GARNER-55034
Apr 1940 Occupation Kenneth Gwendolph (Short) TEMPLES-55035
Apr 1940 Census Virginia May (Virginia) TEMPLES-55037
Apr 1940 Census Juanita Faye TEMPLES-55038
Apr 1940 Census Alvin Lee (Jimmie) TEMPLES Sr.-55039
Apr 1940 Census Mary Helen TEMPLES-70739
Apr 1940 Occupation Norris (Bud) TEMPLES-44211
Apr 1940 Census Lucille THROWER-55044
Apr 1940 Census Barbara Ann TEMPLES-60346
Apr 1940 Census Norris (Bud) TEMPLES Jr.-55043
MO, Stoddard, Painton
19 Feb 1928 Birth Edna Mae LONG-77332
MO, Stoddard, Pike
Mar 1920 Census Orlen R. GAINES-70186
MO, Stoddard, Puxico
1963 Residence Imogene (Jean) COX-52719
1963 Occupation Roy E. (Roy) TEMPLE(S)-38531
1965 Residence Sharon Lee TEMPLE-52918
1979 Residence Kathleen Marie TEMPLE-144046
1979 Residence Douglas Michael SCOTT-144047
6 Jan 1979 Marriage Douglas Michael SCOTT-144047 and Kathleen Marie TEMPLE-144046
24 Dec 1990 Death Ruby Gladys SISK-109968
2008 Residence Ruth J. MALKOWSKI-65112
2008 Residence Kathy TEMPLE-65114
2008 Residence Michelle TEMPLE-65115
11 Jan 2014 Death Leon E. (Leo) TEMPLES-87058
Occupation James William (James) TEMPLE-53216
MO, Stoddard, Pyletown
30 Jan 1942 Death Fred TEMPLES-151669
6 Mar 1943 Birth Garry Joe TEMPLES-70182
12 Mar 1965 Death Christa L. -151670
MO, Stoddard, Stoddard
23 Oct 1921 Birth Kenneth Gwendolph (Short) TEMPLES-55035
12 Mar 1965 Death Christina Leora (Christa) HAYNES-38528
MO, Stoddard, West Antioch
19 Nov 1894 Death Henry Herbert LARSEN-56892
12 Jul 1905 Death James Preston LARSEN Jr-56891
1 Dec 1922 Death Grace Simpson LARSEN-56887
17 Jan 1966 Death Joseph Bryan LARSEN-56889
MO, Sullivan Co.
17 May 1856 Birth John Thomas (John) TEMPLE-42295
Oct 1859 Birth Sarah Frances (Sadie) KLIPSCH-60927
9 Jun 1882 Birth Starkey Denise TEMPLE-137520
1964 Death Eugene Ferington ROUSE-60103
Death Mary TEMPLE-1394
MO, Sullivan, Buchanan
Apr 1910 Census Leona TEMPLE-60099
May 1910 Census John Gifford TEMPLE-60091
May 1910 Occupation Eugene Ferington ROUSE-60103
May 1910 Census Marie C. (Mary) ROUSE-60104
MO, Sullivan, Green City
26 Jul 1883 Death Starkey Denise TEMPLE-137520
30 Apr 1905 Birth Marie C. (Mary) ROUSE-60104
Jan 1920 Census John Gifford TEMPLE-60091
Jan 1920 Census Leona TEMPLE-60099
Jan 1920 Census Eugene Ferington ROUSE-60103
Jan 1920 Census Marie C. (Mary) ROUSE-60104
11 Nov 1923 Death John Gifford TEMPLE-60091
2 Jan 1969 Death Leona TEMPLE-60099
MO, Sullivan, Greencastle
Aug 1860 Occupation William Henry (William) TEMPLE-42291
Aug 1860 Census Mary Jane (Mary) ALEXANDER-42292
Aug 1860 Census James William TEMPLE-42293
Aug 1860 Census Lucinda Jane (Lucy) TEMPLE-42294
Aug 1860 Census John Thomas (John) TEMPLE-42295
Aug 1860 Census Charles Henry TEMPLE-42296
MO, Sullivan, Milan
18 Aug 1895 Birth Glenna Belle HALEY-38459
MO, Sullivan, Penn
Jun 1880 Census Sarah Frances (Sadie) KLIPSCH-60927
Jun 1880 Census Augustus (Gustus) KLIPSCH-60959
Jun 1880 Census Elizabeth -60960
MO, Taney, Forsyth
3 Dec 1993 Death Gwendolyn TEMPLE-62605
9 Sep 2001 Death Moritz B. ZEINER-62616
MO, Taney, Hollister
25 Jun 1922 Birth Leora Ann ZIRKLE-125504
MO, Texas Co.
1 Mar 1841 Birth Minerva LEWIS-18219
1883 Residence Jane M. (Jeanie) LYNCH-37812
1883 Residence Charles William (Charles) TEMPLE-5520
19 Nov 1898 Birth Marion Alva (Alva) WOFFORD-77015
26 Nov 1911 Marriage Charles Monroe TEMPLE-567 and Glenna Belle HALEY-38459
Jan 1920 Occupation Lyman TEMPLE-535
Jan 1920 Census Stella Leona (Stella) TEMPLE-569
Jan 1920 Census Martha Jane (Martha) RYAN-37975
Jan 1920 Census Mary Electa (Lecta) TEMPLE-37976
Jan 1920 Census Verna Leona TEMPLE-38465
2 Jan 1939 Death Charles William (Charles) TEMPLE-5520
MO, Texas, Arroll
abt 1890 Birth John Wilson (Wilson) COOK-66748
1901 Residence Bessa Fay TEMPLE-66747
22 Mar 1908 Marriage John Wilson (Wilson) COOK-66748 and Bessa Fay TEMPLE-66747
1911 Residence Glenna Belle HALEY-38459
May 1911 Birth Clinton Paul COOK-66749
Jun 1911 Death Clinton Paul COOK-66749
1912 Residence Lawrence Milton TEMPLE-568
1912 Residence Mary Ellen FOUTS-66766
4 Nov 1912 Birth Bernadine B. TEMPLE-38460
17 Nov 1912 Marriage Lawrence Milton TEMPLE-568 and Mary Ellen FOUTS-66766
21 Apr 1913 Birth Naomi Pearl COOK-66750
27 Aug 1913 Birth Dorlas TEMPLE-90869
17 Mar 1915 Birth Vinita TEMPLE-90880
25 Nov 1918 Death Charles Monroe TEMPLE-567
26 Mar 1919 Birth Wayne COOK-66751
1920 Death Wayne COOK-66751
10 Jun 1979 Death John Wilson (Wilson) COOK-66748
MO, Texas, Big Creek
Nov 1870 Miscellaneous Henry TEMPLE-145988
MO, Texas, Date Twp.
28 Sep 1906 Death Matthew TEMPLE-43418
Apr 1910 Occupation Lyman TEMPLE-535
Apr 1910 Occupation Charles Monroe TEMPLE-567
Apr 1910 Occupation Lawrence Milton TEMPLE-568
Apr 1910 Census Stella Leona (Stella) TEMPLE-569
Apr 1910 Census Willard (Dick) TEMPLE-570
Apr 1910 Census Martha Jane (Martha) RYAN-37975
Apr 1910 Census Mary Electa (Lecta) TEMPLE-37976
Apr 1910 Census Bessa Fay TEMPLE-66747
Jan 1920 Census Glenna Belle HALEY-38459
Jan 1920 Census Bernadine B. TEMPLE-38460
Jan 1920 Census Clyde Dale TEMPLE-38461
Jan 1920 Census Mabel TEMPLE-38462
Jan 1920 Census Paul TEMPLE-38463
5 Mar 1921 Death Lyman TEMPLE-535
17 Apr 1925 Death Martha Jane (Martha) RYAN-37975
Apr 1930 Census Bernadine B. TEMPLE-38460
Apr 1930 Census Mabel TEMPLE-38462
Apr 1930 Census Paul TEMPLE-38463
MO, Texas, Houston
1877 Marriage James Peter CASSIDY-146097 and Charlotte TEMPLE-146096
17 Dec 1934 Death Jane M. (Jeanie) LYNCH-37812
MO, Texas, Licking
Feb 1942 Occupation Raymond August (Ray) TEMPEL-173663
MO, Texas, Ozark
Jun 1900 Occupation Charles William (Charles) TEMPLE-5520
Jun 1900 Census Jane M. (Jeanie) LYNCH-37812
Apr 1910 Occupation Charles William (Charles) TEMPLE-5520
Apr 1910 Census Jane M. (Jeanie) LYNCH-37812
1 Oct 1913 Marriage J.M. TEMPLE-144026 and L.A. TEMPLE-144027
Apr 1930 Occupation Charles William (Charles) TEMPLE-5520
Apr 1930 Census Jane M. (Jeanie) LYNCH-37812
MO, Texas, Piney
1934 Death Jeanie -127140
1953 Death Emma E. TEMPLE-146352
MO, Texas, Sherrill Twp.
Apr 1940 Occupation Raymond August (Ray) TEMPEL-173663
Apr 1940 Census Donald Glen TEMPEL-173676
MO, Texas, Summersville
1918 Occupation Willard (Dick) TEMPLE-570
1918 Residence Berda E. (Birdie) NOFFSINGER-38464
5 Mar 1919 Birth Verna Leona TEMPLE-38465
2 Sep 1922 Birth Velma Lucille TEMPLE-41961
MO, Vernon, Badger Twp.
Jun 1900 Occupation William R. TEMPLE-37546
Jun 1900 Census Gertrude E. (Gertie) TEMPLE-44294
Jun 1900 Census Martha Elizabeth TEMPLE-44295
Jun 1900 Census William Bert (Willie) TEMPLE-44296
Jun 1900 Census Mary Lillie (Mary) TILLERY-44297
Jun 1900 Census Frank Oscar MC MILLEN-76684
MO, Vernon, Henry
Jun 1900 Census Mary D. TEMPLE-144067
Jun 1900 Census James J. STARK-144068
Jun 1900 Census Anthony S. STARK-149699
MO, Vernon, Indian Springs
25 Dec 1867 Marriage Lyman TEMPLE-535 and Louise A. GREGG-729
14 Dec 1870 Birth Leonard Jason (Leonard) TEMPLE-560
13 Apr 1873 Birth Lottie J. TEMPLE-561
6 Aug 1875 Birth Almeda (Alma) TEMPLE-562
8 Jun 1878 Birth Grace Edith TEMPLE-563
27 Aug 1880 Birth Lillian Grace TEMPLE-37925
8 Aug 1882 Birth Millie May TEMPLE-564
Oct 1884 Birth Burt TEMPLE-565
28 Aug 1898 Birth Willard (Dick) TEMPLE-570
15 Feb 1900 Birth Mary Electa (Lecta) TEMPLE-37976
MO, Vernon, Moundville
17 Mar 1928 Birth Ruth Marilynn OVERSTREET-31326
MO, Vernon, Nevada
10 Aug 1890 Birth Roy G. TEMPLE-147744
12 Apr 1901 Birth Mildred Louise SCOTT-61446
21 Aug 1902 Marriage Frank Oscar MC MILLEN-76684 and Gertrude E. (Gertie) TEMPLE-44294
12 Jul 1920 Death James Orville (Orville) TEMPLE-48513
MO, Vernon, Sandstone
1902 Residence Gertrude E. (Gertie) TEMPLE-44294
MO, Vernon, Sheldon
bet 1883 and 1889 Occupation George Washington (George) TEMPLE-5636
MO, Vernon, Washington Twp.
30 Mar 1958 Death John Hart (Hart) TEMPLE-39974
MO, Wardell, Homestown
14 Aug 1920 Birth Jessie Myrhl RUSSEL-14883
MO, Warren Co.
22 Sep 1864 Birth Johanna (Johannie) OFFEL-71402
25 Aug 1875 Death Herman Johann Friedrich (Herman) TEMPEL-71070
8 Apr 1877 Death Louise Sophia (Sophie) OFFLE-72361
28 May 1898 Birth Salma Johanne Sophie TEMPEL-72394
8 Apr 1977 Death Salma Johanne Sophie TEMPEL-72394
MO, Warren, Charrette Twp.
Apr 1940 Occupation Arlie William TEMPEL Sr.-72356
Apr 1940 Census Mildred Wilhelmina UTHLAUT-82617
Apr 1940 Census Arlie William (Arlie) TEMPEL Jr.-87099
Apr 1940 Census Mary TEMPEL-87100
Apr 1940 Census Randolf TEMPEL-87101
Apr 1940 Census Amalia TEMPLE-153286
Apr 1940 Census Reverend Henry A. TEMPEL-173662
Apr 1940 Census Mary L. BROOKS-173666
MO, Warren, Holstein
2 Mar 1888 Marriage Fritz C. TEMPEL-71401 and Johanna (Johannie) OFFEL-71402
Oct 1940 Occupation Arlie William TEMPEL Sr.-72356
18 Mar 2001 Death Mildred Wilhelmina UTHLAUT-82617
MO, Warren, Marthasville
Apr 1930 Occupation Arlie William TEMPEL Sr.-72356
13 Oct 1984 Death Adolph Floyd (Floyd) TEMPEL-72353
MO, Warren, Pinckney
6 Jun 1858 Birth Wilhelmina Sophia (Minnie) TEMPLE-72362
4 Oct 1863 Birth Charlotte Bertha (Bertha) TEMPEL-72370
6 Mar 1867 Birth Henry William TEMPEL-72371
May 1870 Birth Adolph TEMPEL-72375
bef Jun 1870 Death Adolph TEMPEL-72375
Jun 1870 Occupation Adolph H. TEMPEL-72360
Jun 1870 Census Louise Sophia (Sophie) OFFLE-72361
Jun 1870 Census Minnie TEMPEL-72369
Jun 1870 Census Charlotte Bertha (Bertha) TEMPEL-72370
Jun 1870 Census Henry William TEMPEL-72371
Jun 1870 Census Louisa A. TEMPEL-72374
2 Jul 1870 Birth August Wilhelm (Aug) TEMPEL-72351
2 Jul 1871 Birth Emma Louise (Emma) SCHROER-72352
3 Dec 1875 Marriage F. Wilhelm BRAKEMEIER-72377 and Louisa A. TEMPEL-72374
29 Mar 1878 Marriage William CORVEY III-72363 and Wilhelmina Sophia (Minnie) TEMPLE-72362
Jun 1880 Census August Wilhelm (Aug) TEMPEL-72351
Jun 1880 Occupation Adolph H. TEMPEL-72360
Jun 1880 Census Minnie TEMPEL-72369
Jun 1880 Census Charlotte Bertha (Bertha) TEMPEL-72370
Jun 1880 Census Henry William TEMPEL-72371
Jun 1880 Occupation William COREY-72372
Jun 1880 Census Edward COREY-72373
Jun 1880 Occupation Wilhelmine -146783
Jun 1880 Census Wilhelmina TEMPEL-146806
Jun 1880 Occupation Herman TEMPEL-146807
Jun 1880 Census Frederick TEMPEL-146808
Jun 1880 Census Auguste TEMPEL-146809
Jun 1880 Census Clinne BAKER-146811
Jun 1880 Census Louise BAKER-146812
1897 Residence August Wilhelm (Aug) TEMPEL-72351
1897 Residence Emma Louise (Emma) SCHROER-72352
1897 Residence Charlotte Bertha (Bertha) TEMPEL-72370
18 Aug 1897 Marriage Herman LENGER-72376 and Charlotte Bertha (Bertha) TEMPEL-72370
6 Apr 1900 Birth Adolph Floyd (Floyd) TEMPEL-72353
Jun 1900 Occupation August Wilhelm (Aug) TEMPEL-72351
Jun 1900 Census Emma Louise (Emma) SCHROER-72352
Jun 1900 Census Adolph Floyd (Floyd) TEMPEL-72353
Jun 1900 Census Adolph H. TEMPEL-72360
27 Nov 1900 Death Adolph H. TEMPEL-72360
11 Jun 1902 Birth Verna A. (Vernie) TEMPLE-72354
28 Sep 1904 Birth Leona TEMPLE-72355
Apr 1910 Occupation August Wilhelm (Aug) TEMPEL-72351
Apr 1910 Census Emma Louise (Emma) SCHROER-72352
Apr 1910 Census Adolph Floyd (Floyd) TEMPEL-72353
Apr 1910 Census Verna A. (Vernie) TEMPLE-72354
Apr 1910 Census Leona TEMPLE-72355
Apr 1910 Census Arlie William TEMPEL Sr.-72356
19 Mar 1918 Death F. Wilhelm BRAKEMEIER-72377
Jan 1920 Occupation August Wilhelm (Aug) TEMPEL-72351
Jan 1920 Census Emma Louise (Emma) SCHROER-72352
Jan 1920 Occupation Adolph Floyd (Floyd) TEMPEL-72353
Jan 1920 Census Verna A. (Vernie) TEMPLE-72354
Jan 1920 Census Leona TEMPLE-72355
Jan 1920 Census Arlie William TEMPEL Sr.-72356
11 Nov 1927 Death Louisa A. TEMPEL-72374
Apr 1930 Occupation August Wilhelm (Aug) TEMPEL-72351
Apr 1930 Census Emma Louise (Emma) SCHROER-72352
Apr 1940 Occupation August Wilhelm (Aug) TEMPEL-72351
Apr 1940 Census Emma Louise (Emma) SCHROER-72352
Apr 1940 Occupation Adolph Floyd (Floyd) TEMPEL-72353
15 Oct 1954 Death August Wilhelm (Aug) TEMPEL-72351
15 Oct 1954 Death Emma Louise (Emma) SCHROER-72352
MO, Warren, Smith Creek
19 Aug 1897 Marriage August Wilhelm (Aug) TEMPEL-72351 and Emma Louise (Emma) SCHROER-72352
25 Feb 1923 Marriage Adolph Floyd (Floyd) TEMPEL-72353 and Alice A.F. WINTER-72357
MO, Warren, Treloar
27 Jan 1888 Birth Wesley Henry CORVEY-104219
29 Mar 1908 Birth Arlie William TEMPEL Sr.-72356
26 Mar 1914 Birth Mildred Wilhelmina UTHLAUT-82617
1937 Residence Raymond August (Ray) TEMPEL-173663
Oct 1940 Residence Mildred Wilhelmina UTHLAUT-82617
MO, Warren, Warrenton
1918 Occupation Adolph Floyd (Floyd) TEMPEL-72353
19 Aug 1990 Death Verna A. (Vernie) TEMPLE-72354
MO, Washington, Bellevue
26 Jul 1811 Birth James Stephenson BREWER-58102
MO, Washington, Potosi
2 Oct 1836 Marriage Andrew Walker TEMPLE-21998 and Mary BURT-23178
MO, Washington, Weiser
Jan 1920 Census Ellen Viola (Viola) TEMPLE-37729
Jan 1920 Census George B. MONTGOMERY-76733
MO, Wayne Co.
1 May 1955 Marriage Harold Martin (Harold) TEMPLE-130304 and Ruth Ann YATES-144020
1986 Residence Frederick Louis HUSTON-156041
MO, Wayne, Burbank
6 Sep 2004 Death Juanita Mae NICHOLS-143982
MO, Wayne, Cedar Creek
12 Mar 1873 Birth Mary S. BROOKS-32824
MO, Wayne, Cowan
Jun 1900 Occupation Winchell Timothy (Winchell) TEMPLE-6327
Jun 1900 Census Mary S. BROOKS-32824
MO, Wayne, Greenville
1999 Residence Charles TEMPLE-124033
27 Oct 2001 Death Charles Terry TEMPLE-130261
MO, Wayne, Mill Spring
1955 Residence Ruth Ann YATES-144020
MO, Wayne, Piedmont
1999 Residence Annette TEMPLE-124027
MO, Wayne, Wappapello
4 Sep 1988 Death Ralph Verlin TEMPLES-38534
2006 Residence Ronald Paul TEMPLE-145582
2007 Residence Leo TEMPLES-44215
28 Mar 2013 Death Ronald Paul TEMPLE-145582
MO, Wayne, Williamsville
2 Jun 2010 Death Joy Maxine (Joy) CURTIS-114022
MO, Webster Co.
Jun 1990 Marriage Charles Jonas (Jonas) TEMPLE-146110 and Kristin Marie ZUEHLKE-146111
MO, Webster, Union Twp.
Jan 1920 Census Jewel ESSARY-140667
MO, Webster, West Dallas
1 Mar 1925 Death Judith JONES-56736
MO, Wheatridge Co.
14 Nov 1941 Death Violet Irene (Viva) TEMPLE-31340
MO, Worth, Allendale
10 Jun 1931 Death Eva Mae LONG-131639
MO, Worth, Grant
Jun 1900 Census Tillotson C. TEMPLE-5403
Jun 1900 Census Victoria A. TEMPLE-21825
Jun 1900 Occupation John W. GRIFFITH-21828
MO, Worth, Middlefork
Jun 1900 Census Martha GLADSTONE-29796
Jun 1900 Census Alexander GLADSTONE-61110
Jun 1900 Census Nancy Jane MAXWELL-61111
MO, Worth, Worth
1907 Residence Martha GLADSTONE-29796
24 Jul 1907 Marriage Charles Edward (Charles) TEMPLE-29794 and Martha GLADSTONE-29796
MO, Wright Co.
1913 Residence Pearl Beatrice RANDOLPH-62932
12 Feb 1924 Death Martha E. (Mattie) JONES-53884
1 Apr 1935 Residence David E. TEMPLE-45093
MO, Wright, Boone
14 Aug 1881 Marriage John Smith (John) TEMPLE Jr.-37544 and Missouri Agnes (Agnes) CHAMBERS-37838
Jun 1900 Occupation David E. TEMPLE-45093
Jun 1900 Census Ervin Harvey (Ervin) TEMPLE-53883
Jun 1900 Census Martha E. (Mattie) JONES-53884
May 1910 Occupation David E. TEMPLE-45093
May 1910 Census Ervin Harvey (Ervin) TEMPLE-53883
May 1910 Census Martha E. (Mattie) JONES-53884
Jan 1920 Occupation David E. TEMPLE-45093
Jan 1920 Census Martha E. (Mattie) JONES-53884
MO, Wright, Brush Creek
Apr 1930 Occupation David E. TEMPLE-45093
Apr 1930 Census Hepsy Virginia WILSON-53885
5 May 1938 Death Hepsy Virginia WILSON-53885
MO, Wright, Hartville
27 Jul 1862 Birth Hepsy Virginia WILSON-53885
2 Apr 1879 Birth Alfred Newton (Alfred) HEMBREY-49746
13 Jul 1890 Birth Pearl Beatrice RANDOLPH-62932
17 Mar 1895 Birth Ervin Harvey (Ervin) TEMPLE-53883
1913 Residence Ervin Harvey (Ervin) TEMPLE-53883
4 Jan 1914 Birth David Elsworth (David) TEMPLE-62931
MO, Wright, Mansfield
27 Oct 1965 Death George Franklin (George) TEMPLE-18314
MO, Wright, Mountain Grove
Apr 1930 Occupation George W. TEMPLE-127137
Apr 1930 Census Ida C. LINDON-127138
Apr 1940 Census Ida C. LINDON-127138
1962 Moved George Franklin (George) TEMPLE-18314
1965 Residence George Franklin (George) TEMPLE-18314
1965 Residence Agatha May TEMPLE-31510

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