South Africa Events


Events after 31 May 1910 and before 31 May 1961 belong to the Union of South Africa; events after that time were under the Republic of South Africa.

Union of South Africa
bet 1899 and 1902 Military Reginald Herbert Montague TEMPLE-62371
Union of South Africa, Heidelberg
bet 1901 and 1905 Miscellaneous Reginald Herbert Montague TEMPLE-62371
Marriage Reginald Herbert Montague TEMPLE-62371 and Beatrice WOODD-62372
Union of South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal, Durban
Nov 1943 Education William Wortham TEMPLE Jr.-65965
Nov 1943 Education Charles Allen TEMPLE-78633
Union of South Africa, Simon's Town
24 Aug 1937 Birth Peter Livermore TEMPLE-131891
Union of South Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town
1942 Occupation William Wortham TEMPLE Sr.-33252

Republic of South Africa, Cape Town
2012 Residence William TEMPLE-151426
2012 Residence Katie TEMPLE-151427
2012 Residence Sarah TEMPLE-151428

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