Anna KEENY (private).

Spouse: Wesley COY-37258. Children were: Henry L. COY-18346.

Ruth KEEP10500 was born about 1753 in MA.

Spouse: Daniel WOODS-11977. Ruth KEEP and Daniel WOODS were married.

Melvina L. KEESE (private).

Spouse: Richard Featherstone GAINES-60812. Children were: Mary Frances GAINES-60797.

Bonnie KEESLER (private). Parents: Quentin M. KEESLER-41624 and Doris C. TEMPLE-40480.

Lauren M. KEESLER (private). Parents: Quentin M. KEESLER-41624 and Doris C. TEMPLE-40480.

Quentin M. KEESLER Jr. (private). Parents: Quentin M. KEESLER-41624 and Doris C. TEMPLE-40480.

Quentin M. KEESLER38754 was born on 21 July 1918.38755 He died on 26 September 2002 at the age of 84 in Utica, Oneida, NY.38755

Spouse: Doris C. TEMPLE-40480. Doris C. TEMPLE and Quentin M. KEESLER were married on 17 April 1940.38754 Specific year is approximate. Children were: Quentin M. KEESLER Jr.-41625, Bonnie KEESLER-41626, Lauren M. KEESLER-41627, Wayne KEESLER-41628.

Wayne KEESLER (private). Parents: Quentin M. KEESLER-41624 and Doris C. TEMPLE-40480.

Elaine M. KEEVER38756 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Robert D. SCOTT-158239. Elaine M. KEEVER and Robert D. SCOTT were married. Children were: Elizabeth Ruth SCOTT-158238.

John J. KEEVER (private).

Spouse: Mary MANNING-37415. Children were: Mary Ann KEEVER-37413.

Mary Ann KEEVER was born on 15 May 1898 in Salem, Essex, MA.22 Parents: John J. KEEVER-37414 and Mary MANNING-37415.

Spouse: David Henry (David) TEMPLE-2696. Mary Ann KEEVER and David Henry (David) TEMPLE were married on 14 November 1931 in Chelsea, Suffolk, MA.22,38757 They22,38757 were divorced after 1932. They were probably divorced, since his death record states he was single.

Kay F. KEEVERT (private).

Spouse: Vernon Dee (Dee) TEMPLE-69333. Children were: Stephen Dee TEMPLE-69335, Elizabeth Kaye (Beth) TEMPLE-69337, Kara Lynn TEMPLE-69338.

Larry Clifton KEFFABER (private).38758

Spouse: Barbara Ann DE MARCO-106502. Children were: Terri Lynn KEFFABER-80629.

Terri Lynn KEFFABER (private).38758 Parents: Larry Clifton KEFFABER-106501 and Barbara Ann DE MARCO-106502.

Spouse: Tyler Anthony TEMPLE-80628.

Ernest Cogill KEFFER (private).

Spouse: Dora Ellen SHEETS-29317. Children were: Leora Lillie (Lillie) KEFFER-27190.

George KEFFER (private).

Spouse: Jane SMITH-46223. Children were: Sarah Jane (Sarah) KEFFER-44777.

Leora Lillie (Lillie) KEFFER6618,15872 was born on 17 May 1918 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.15872,38759 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.38759 Her marker in Kirkersville Cemetery, Kirkersville, OH, had no death date as of Dec 2012. Parents: Ernest Cogill KEFFER-29316 and Dora Ellen SHEETS-29317.

Spouse: Clarence TEMPLE-27185. Leora Lillie (Lillie) KEFFER and Clarence TEMPLE were married on 5 January 1939 in Circleville, Pickaway, OH.6618,38760 Children were: Gloria Jean TEMPLE-29319, Robert Lee TEMPLE-29320, Leora Lillie TEMPLE-29321.

Spouse: Paul BURKHART-29318. Leora Lillie (Lillie) KEFFER and Paul BURKHART were married in 1935.15872 They15872 were divorced before 1939.

Spouse: Charles Lester WINN-29322.

Sarah Jane (Sarah) KEFFER was born on 28 July 1846 in Rockridge, Albemarle, VA.5216,29241,38761,38762 Gave 1848 and OH in the census. Her family Bible recorded 1850. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Springfield, Clark, OH.29241 In June 1900 she was a peddler in Springfield, Clark, OH.38762 Sarah died on 7 October 1919 at the age of 73 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.806,5216 Killed by a car. Buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus, OH. She has reference number RLT # (None).3490 Her parents were both from VA in 1880, but her mother was from OH in 1900. By 1900, she claimed she had had 2 children, both of whom survived. Parents: George KEFFER-46222 and Jane SMITH-46223.

Spouse: Jack GOLDEN-45325. Sarah Jane (Sarah) KEFFER and Jack GOLDEN were married on 28 August 1869.5216 Children were: Thomas Edward (Jack) GOLDEN-45326.

Spouse: George Washington (Wash) TEMPLE-44761. Sarah Jane (Sarah) KEFFER and George Washington (Wash) TEMPLE were married on 19 October 1872 in Springfield, Clark, OH.442,38763 Children were: Andrew Jackson (Andrew) TEMPLE-45327, Willis Carven (Willis) TEMPLE-44778, Emma Jane (Emma) TEMPLE-45328, Harry Paul (Harry) TEMPLE-46224.

Catherine (Katie) KEHN was born in 1870 in IN.38764 Parents: Henry KEHN-110119 and Catherine (Kate) TEMPLE-110118.

Henry KEHN1561 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Catherine (Kate) TEMPLE-110118. Catherine (Kate) TEMPLE and Henry KEHN were married on 10 December 1849 in Dubois Co., IN.1561 Various sources give Clark, Orange and Dubois counties. Children were: Sarah A. KEHN-110905, Louis D. KEHN-110906, Catherine (Katie) KEHN-110904.

Louis D. KEHN was born in 1864 in IN.38764 Parents: Henry KEHN-110119 and Catherine (Kate) TEMPLE-110118.

Sarah A. KEHN was born in 1854 in IN.38764 Parents: Henry KEHN-110119 and Catherine (Kate) TEMPLE-110118.

Edward Franklin KEHOE (private).22 Parents: James F. KEHOE-43382 and Grace A. BOWEN-43383.

Spouse: Ruth Mary (Ruth) TEMPLE-3263.

James F. KEHOE (private).

Spouse: Grace A. BOWEN-43383. Children were: Edward Franklin KEHOE-38715.

Fred KEHR (private).

Spouse: Irene TOWNES-66290. Children were: Lucille Marie (Lucille) KEHR-66288.

Lucille Marie (Lucille) KEHR was born on 20 October 1918 in Flint, Genesee, MI.26711,38765,38766 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Saginaw, Saginaw, MI.38766 She died on 26 February 2004 at the age of 85 in Saginaw, Saginaw, MI.26711,38765 Buried in Buena Vista Twp. Cemetery, Buena Vista Twp., MI. Parents: Fred KEHR-66289 and Irene TOWNES-66290.

Spouse: Theodore TEMPLE-66270. Lucille Marie (Lucille) KEHR and Theodore TEMPLE were married on 15 December 1939 in MI.26711 Children were: Theodore (Ted) TEMPLE-66291, Mary TEMPLE-66292.

Boyd R. KEHRBERG (private).

Spouse: Helen L. SIMMONS-136213. Children were: Janet KEHRBERG-136211.

Janet KEHRBERG (private). Parents: Boyd R. KEHRBERG-136212 and Helen L. SIMMONS-136213.

Spouse: TEMPEL-136210. Children were: Rebekah TEMPEL-136214.

Joel KEHRLEY38767 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Letha SIMPSON-159694. Letha SIMPSON and Joel KEHRLEY were married before 1922. Children were: Ruth Ada KEHRLEY-136127.

Ruth Ada KEHRLEY was born on 21 January 1922 in Livingston Manor, Sullivan, NY.38767 She lived in NY before 1951.38768 She died on 17 August 1998 at the age of 76 in Woodridge, Sullivan, NY.38768 She may have married August George Temple, based on timing and specific location. Parents: Joel KEHRLEY-159693 and Letha SIMPSON-159694.

Spouse: TEMPEL-159695.

Elizabeth KEIFER (private).

Spouse: Alexander KRAFT-80621. Children were: Ida Joe KRAFT-80612.

Andrew KEIFF was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Ann TEMPLE-132691. Ann TEMPLE and Andrew KEIFF were married on 16 June 1869 in Bexar Co., TX.38769,38770 License number 3280.

KEIL (private).

Spouse: Joan Gladys BOERST-124426.

Arthur KEISER was born on 28 June 1894 in NY.2484,33825 In April 1930 he was a pump and engine dealer in Findlay, Hancock, OH.33825 He died on 21 December 1977 at the age of 83 in Orange Co., FL.2484 His parents were from Germany (father) and NY (mother). Parents: Henry KEISER-77979 and Eva -77980.

Spouse: Viola Mae TEMPLE-624. Viola Mae TEMPLE and Arthur KEISER were married in 1919.33825

Edward Lewis KEISER was born on 19 September 1899 in OH.2484 He died on 21 July 1969 at the age of 69.2484 Parents: Lewis KEISER-61476 and Nora Duke TEMPLE-625.

Henry KEISER was born about 1870 in Germany.2484 Identification as the father of Arthur requires proof.

Spouse: Eva -77980. Eva and Henry KEISER were married. Children were: Arthur KEISER-44415.

Lewis KEISER was born in November 1876 in NY.2484,9657 The Baker genealogy puts the year as 1874. He died in 1963 at the age of 87 in Apopka, Orange, FL.2484,9657 Buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Findlay, OH.

Spouse: Catharine RADER-77981. Catharine RADER and Lewis KEISER were married on 15 February 1900 in Hancock Co., OH.2484

Spouse: Nora Duke TEMPLE-625. Nora Duke TEMPLE and Lewis KEISER were married on 23 January 1943.9657 Children were: Edward Lewis KEISER-77982.

Wanda Lee KEISER was born on 14 November 1941 in White Bluff, Dickson, TN.38771,38772 She died on 18 March 2003 at the age of 61.38771

Spouse: CORDER-156289.

Spouse: George W. TEMPLE-130329.

Spouse: NAVARRO-156290.

Amercus KEISLER23307 was born in 1871 in SC.23304 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Germanville, Saluda, SC.23304 She died. Her parents were both from SC.

Spouse: George A. DERRICK-63131. Amercus KEISLER and George A. DERRICK were married before 1903 in SC. Children were: Rosalie (Rose) DERRICK-34444.

Henry KEISNER was born in Germany.38773

Spouse: Elizabeth TEMPLE-147668. Elizabeth TEMPLE and Henry KEISNER were married before 1862. Children were: MacClellan KEISNER-147670.

MacClellan KEISNER38774 was born on 17 March 1862 in Haneyville, Lycoming, PA. He died on 1 March 1925 at the age of 62 in Watson, Lycoming, PA. Parents: Henry KEISNER-147669 and Elizabeth TEMPLE-147668.

KEISTER (private).

Spouse: Ruby Jean HENSON-100130.

Nora KEISTER was born in IL.38775 She died.

Spouse: George A. MORTON-94889. Children were: Howard George MORTON-88962.

Alice J. KEITH was born in 1916 in OK.6071 Parents: William G. KEITH-145779 and Ora -144178.

Cecil W. KEITH was born in 1912 in OK.6071 Parents: William G. KEITH-145779 and Ora -144178.

Daniel KEITH was born in July 1866 in IN.3219 He died.

Spouse: Ida -76276. Ida and Daniel KEITH were married. Children were: Ruth E. KEITH-76267.

Eleanor KEITH (private).38776

Spouse: William Nolan OVERTON-96345. Children were: Larry Charles OVERTON-70367.

George L. KEITH (private).

Spouse: Julia E. LARSEN-114196.

Haskell L. KEITH was born in 1914 in OK.6071 Parents: William G. KEITH-145779 and Ora -144178.

Heather R. KEITH (private).672

Spouse: Sherard Patrick TEMPLE-93402.