Velma Pinkie AARONS (private). Parents: Martin Van Buren (Mart) AARONS-19135 and Martha Ann (Martha) TEMPLE-19075.

Andrew M. ABARBANEL (private).7291

Spouse: Frances B. TEMPEL-141834.

Douglas Alan ABARE Sr. (private).

Spouse: Anita Hope TEMPLE-51500.

Frank D. ABARTA (private).7292

Spouse: Wanda Jane TEMPLE-85890.

Spouse: Jacqueline BEAN-85897.

Rosalie ABBE7293 died.

Spouse: George W. DUNSON-102574. Rosalie ABBE and George W. DUNSON were married. Children were: Mildred O. DUNSON-82847.

Francina Ruth ABBEY (private).

Spouse: Rufus Christopher STRAIGHT-75213. Children were: Elizabeth Martha STRAIGHT-75212.

Stephen Le Grand ABBEY7294 was born on 31 January 1853.7295

Spouse: Ida Hale GOODRICH-17946.

Flora ABBIT7296,7297 was born in 1873. She died in 1910 at the age of 37 in Wilson, Carter, OK. Buried in Cheek Cemetery, Wilson, OK.

Spouse: Joseph TEMPLE-159737. Flora ABBIT and Joseph TEMPLE were married before 1903. Children were: Lillie TEMPLE-125527.

ABBOTT (private).

Spouse: Lucy PARKER-11634.

ABBOTT7298 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Nora Lucille\Lorette (Lucille) TEMPLE-20518. Nora Lucille\Lorette (Lucille) TEMPLE and ABBOTT were married before 1936.

ABBOTT (private).

Spouse: Sandra Sue TEMPLE-108241.

Charles C. ABBOTT (private).

Spouse: Angelia TEMPLE-2873.

Eva ABBOTT (private).

Spouse: Carroll Van (Van) TEMPLE-20328.

Flora E. ABBOTT was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Josiah TEMPLE-165693. Flora E. ABBOTT and Josiah TEMPLE were married on 8 August 1887 in Hill Co., TX.7299

Frank ABBOTT (private). Parents: Robert ABBOTT-17879 and Amelia TEMPLE-2875.

Goldie Dean ABBOTT2844 was born on 11 November 1955 in NC.7300 She died on 26 October 2018 at the age of 62 in Bayboro, Pamlico, NC.2844 Buried in Cowell Cemetery, Alliance, NC. Parents: Jack ABBOTT-115738 and Gladys -115739.

Spouse: Charles Weston TEMPLE Jr.-99660.

Hattie ABBOTT (private). Parents: Robert ABBOTT-17879 and Amelia TEMPLE-2875.

Jack ABBOTT2844 died before 2018.

Spouse: Gladys -115739. Gladys and Jack ABBOTT were married before 1955. Children were: Goldie Dean ABBOTT-99664.

Lemuel ABBOTT (private).

Spouse: Deborah BALCH-43136. Children were: Lemuel ABBOTT-19372.

Lemuel ABBOTT7301 was born on 3 April 1799 in Windham, Windham, VT.22 He died. Parents: Lemuel ABBOTT-43135 and Deborah BALCH-43136.

Spouse: Mary TEMPLE-5935. Mary TEMPLE and Lemuel ABBOTT were married after 1841.7301

Mary ABBOTT (private).

Spouse: Terah SMITHSON-89152. Children were: Nettie SMITHSON-89147.

Mary E. ABBOTT (private).

Spouse: Dennis Ray TEMPLE-53740. Children were: Danny Ray TEMPLE-110221, Jennifer Ann TEMPLE-110222.

May ABBOTT (private). Parents: Robert ABBOTT-17879 and Amelia TEMPLE-2875.

Melissa ABBOTT7302 was born on 6 December 1822 in Morris Co., NJ.7303,7304,7305,7306,7307,7308,7309,7310,7311 Gave 1830 in 1870 while in Philadelphia. She gave Dec 1820 in 1900. She appeared in the census in July 1850 in Sugar Grove, Warren, PA.7305 She appeared in the census in 1856 in Polk City, Polk, IA.7310 Melissa appeared in the census in August 1860 in Freehold Twp., Warren, PA.7306 She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.7311 Enumerated with her was Eliza Ellis, who might be a sister, ae 28. She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Sugar Grove, Warren, PA.7309 Melissa appeared in the census in June 1880 in Sugar Grove, Warren, PA.7308 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Sugar Grove, Warren, PA.7307 She died on 14 March 1912 at the age of 89 in Sugar Grove, Warren, PA.7304,7312,7313 Died of shock following a hard fall. Buried in Cherry Hill Cemetery, Sugar Grove, PA, but her marker has no death date. Melissa has reference number RLT # 665W.7314 She did not know where her parents were from. By 1900, she had had 3 children, 2 of whom survived. Parents: Xavier ABBOTT-17883 and Elizabeth VAN NESS-24746.

Spouse: Charles Fordyce (Charles) TEMPLE-1664. Melissa ABBOTT and Charles Fordyce (Charles) TEMPLE were married on 11 January 1843 in Sugar Grove, Warren, PA.7302,7303 Children were: Ada M. TEMPLE-2886, DeForest Charles TEMPLE-2887, Maud E. TEMPLE-39350.

Michelle Eve-Lynn ABBOTT (private).

Spouse: Gregory Dean TEMPLE-131107.

Nabby ABBOTT7315 was baptized on 22 March 1772 in Berwick, York, ME.7316

Spouse: Thomas HASTINGS-9620. Nabby ABBOTT and Thomas HASTINGS were married on 3 April 1803.7315 Children were: Samuel Abbott HASTINGS-9622, Colonel William HASTINGS-9623, Hollis HASTINGS-9624, Thomas HASTINGS Jr.-7831, Eliphalet HASTINGS-9625, Josiah HASTINGS-9626, John Kittridge HASTINGS-9627, Otis Fisk HASTINGS-9628, Dexter HASTINGS-9629.

Phyllis J. ABBOTT (private).7317

Spouse: Leo Marvin TEMPLE-105578. Children were: Daniel Jay TEMPLE-105568.

Robert ABBOTT7318 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Amelia TEMPLE-2875. Amelia TEMPLE and Robert ABBOTT were married before 1865 in Busti, Chautauqua, NY.7318 Children were: Hattie ABBOTT-45977, Sadie ABBOTT-45978, May ABBOTT-45979, Wayne ABBOTT-45980, Frank ABBOTT-45981.

Sadie ABBOTT (private). Parents: Robert ABBOTT-17879 and Amelia TEMPLE-2875.

Wayne ABBOTT (private). Parents: Robert ABBOTT-17879 and Amelia TEMPLE-2875.

William C. ABBOTT was born on 28 September 1912 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.7319 He lived 2188 Chafield Drive in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH in 1934.7319 He died. Parents: William J. ABBOTT-108910 and Mary CROZIER-108911.

Spouse: Mary Margaret (Molly) TEMPLE-40330. Mary Margaret (Molly) TEMPLE and William C. ABBOTT were married on 25 November 1934 in Jamestown, Chautauqua, NY.22,7319 Their license was dated 25 Nov, which may also be the date of marriage.

William J. ABBOTT was born in Canada.7319 He died.

Spouse: Mary CROZIER-108911. Mary CROZIER and William J. ABBOTT were married before 1912. Children were: William C. ABBOTT-108909.

Willie E. ABBOTT (private).

Spouse: Forrest L. BOYD-101483. Children were: Ruby Emma (Ruby) BOYD-52037.

Xavier ABBOTT (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth VAN NESS-24746. Children were: Melissa ABBOTT-2885.

Nawir Aqil ABDULLA (private).7320

Spouse: Cynthia Sue TEMPLE-133002.

Alva ABEL was born on 24 December 1916 in Madison, Madison, MS.7321 He died on 7 July 2005 at the age of 88.7321 Parents: Troy C. ABEL-158962 and Nettie TEMPLE-158961.

Ethel F. ABEL (private).

Spouse: Charles Y. NEWMAN-101844. Children were: Vera Patricia (Patricia) NEWMAN-63377.

Eva Louise ABEL (private).7322

Spouse: John HARRISS-79734. Children were: Thomas C. HARRISS-50601.

Louisa Wilhelmina ABEL (private).

Spouse: George Henry LOTH-13489. Children were: Louise Abel LOTH-10897.

Patricia Nettie Lou ABEL (private).7323 Parents: Troy C. ABEL-158962 and Nettie TEMPLE-158961.

Richard Gaylord ABEL (private).7324

Spouse: Debra Kay TEMPLE-133069.

Richard Houston ABEL7325 was born on 7 December 1922 in Canton, Madison, MS. He died on 26 April 1995 at the age of 72. Parents: Troy C. ABEL-158962 and Nettie TEMPLE-158961.

Troy C. ABEL7323 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Nettie TEMPLE-158961. Nettie TEMPLE and Troy C. ABEL were married before 1933. Children were: Alva ABEL-162802, Richard Houston ABEL-162803, Patricia Nettie Lou ABEL-158963.

Bertha ABELE (private).

Spouse: Edgar FUEHRING-82682. Children were: Janet FUEHRING-82681.

Wendy Anne ABELEIN (private).

Spouse: Adam Kenneth TEMPLE-145700.

Dunbar B. ABELL (private).

Spouse: Pamela V. TEMPLE-168988.

Jill Annette ABELL (private).

Spouse: Thomas Eugene KLEM-112114.

Mary Ann ABELL (private).

Spouse: James Joseph (Jim) PANKAU-95256. Children were: Stacey PANKAU-95250, PANKAU-95257.

ABELS (private).

Spouse: SCHOUTS-119007. Children were: Minetta May SCHOUTS-119006.

Antje ABELS (private).

Spouse: George RADEMAKER-66600. Children were: Louella RADEMAKER-40200.