5,102 Sources Used In Creating This Website

These source citations are the basis of the Temple Lines in North America database. As a bibliography, this is included for serious researchers who want to see what has been found and included in the latest edition of the webpages. They are arranged alphabetically (sort of). In all cases, though, you will see a short title which is an artifact of the way I organized the sources to avoid duplication, and these short titles are often referred to in the notes associated with the biographical entries.
This approach also allows those interested in a particular surname to go directly to that surname and see what genealogies already exist, and in many cases, where they can be found.
No system is perfect - so there are many entries for TEMPLE-related genealogies under the letter "T," there are also some with other short titles, such as "Rise of the Temples," which is often referred to. In other cases, the source is not surname-related, so you will find the "Richmond Gazette Newspaper," for instance. I apologize for not having a better system for you - but this works well for me.

These sources support the citations and footnotes.

Source Short Titles

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