Essie E. MORRIS55333 was born in 1884 in PA.56041 She died.

Spouse: George MITCHELL-105780. Essie E. MORRIS and George MITCHELL were married. Children were: Sarah Helen (Helen) MITCHELL-105762.

Forest L. MORRIS (private).

Spouse: Nina TEMPLES-165708.

Francis Van (Francy) MORRIS was born in 1899 in Appanoose Co., IA.7533,56042 He appeared in the census in 1925 in Centerville, Appanoose, IA.7533 He died. Parents: Robert S. MORRIS-57244 and Effie WALKER-57245.

Spouse: Beatrice TEMPLE-57241. Beatrice TEMPLE and Francis Van (Francy) MORRIS were married on 3 July 1924 in Centerville, Appanoose, IA.56042

Fred MORRIS (private).

Spouse: Marion SMITH-95758. Children were: Cornelius Vernon (Neel) MORRIS-74205.

George MORRIS37565 died.

Spouse: Nettie HURT-118574. Nettie HURT and George MORRIS were married before 1889. Children were: Benjamin MORRIS-118572.

George H. MORRIS12795 was born about 1905.

Spouse: Elizabeth Wishart WILLIS-40756. Elizabeth Wishart WILLIS and George H. MORRIS were married on 29 August 1929 in Irwin, Westmoreland, PA. Children were: Mary Elizabeth (Libby) MORRIS-40763, Marjorie Jean MORRIS-40764, Wilma Pauline MORRIS-40765.

Gladys MORRIS15242 was born on 17 February 1895 in Axtell, Marshall, KS. Parents: John Adam MORRIS-21763 and Cora A. TEMPLE-21753.

Gladys Mae MORRIS56043 was born on 10 January 1910 in MI.56044,56045 In 1932 she was a stenographer in Detroit, Wayne, MI.49776 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.56045 Gladys lived 14203 Kilbourne Street in Detroit, Wayne, MI on 16 October 1940.56046 She lived in MI before 1951.56044 She died on 23 May 2004 at the age of 94 in Franklin, Oakland, MI.56044,56047 Buried in Zion Cemetery, Watertown, MI. Her identification as the wife of Clifton Temple is based on timing and location, but requires proof. Parents: John MORRIS-97152 and Minnie LINDKE-97153.

Spouse: Clifton Augustus TEMPLE-53624. Gladys Mae MORRIS and Clifton Augustus TEMPLE were married on 28 May 1932 in Croswell, Sanilac, MI.49776,56048 Children were: John Edward TEMPLE-94637, Donald R. TEMPLE-94639.

Gordon P. MORRIS (private).

Spouse: Florence J. JENNINGS-100276. Children were: William Page MORRIS-100274.

Grady MORRIS56049 was born in 1950. He died in 2012 at the age of 62. Parents: Grady Ferman MORRIS-89167 and Mary Helen TEMPLE-19217.

Grady Ferman MORRIS56049 was born in 1929. He died in 2013 at the age of 84.

Spouse: Mary Helen TEMPLE-19217. Mary Helen TEMPLE and Grady Ferman MORRIS were married on 10 July 1949 in De Soto Parish, LA.56050,56051 Children were: Grady MORRIS-89168.

H. Donovan (Don) MORRIS (private). Parents: E. Harold (Ace) MORRIS-32872 and Dorothy May (May) TEMPLE-32869.

Harrison Morton MORRIS (private).

Spouse: Grace Lavantia PALMER-68353. Children were: Richard Palmer MORRIS-68351.

Ida M. MORRIS2185,47032 died.

Spouse: Charles D. WILLIAMS-66571. Ida M. MORRIS and Charles D. WILLIAMS were married before 1905. Children were: Goldie O. WILLIAMS-60070.

Idus V. MORRIS (private).

Spouse: Alma STANTON-97398. Children were: Paul Leonard MORRIS-97396.

Jennie Bell MORRIS56052 was born on 24 August 1860 in Simpson Co., KY.6109,25818,34011,56053,56054 Gave Mar 1863 in 1900. She lived in Franklin, Simpson, KY in 1884.56052 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in North Franklin, Simpson, KY.6109,56055 In April 1910 Jennie was a farmer in Franklin, Simpson, KY.56053 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Franklin, Simpson, KY.25818 Enumerated with her son Homer and his family. She lived East Madison Street in Franklin, Simpson, KY in 1925.56056 Jennie died on 4 March 1925 at the age of 64 in Franklin, Simpson, KY.4846,13618,56054,56056,56057 Died at home of tuberculosis. Buried in Black Jack Cemetery, KY. Her parents were both from KY. By 1900, she had had 6 children, 4 of whom survived. By 1910, she had had 7 children, of whom 3 survived. As Janette J. Morris, enumerated with her parents in Clay, Logan, KY in 1870, and her parents were apparently William H. and Nancy J. Morris. Given as Jessie in 1900, Gennie in 1910 and Jennie in 1920. Parents: William MORRIS-56436 and Nannie -56437.

Spouse: Simeon B. TEMPLE-30816. Jennie Bell MORRIS and Simeon B. TEMPLE were married in 1880 in KY.6109 Children were: Georgia A. TEMPLE-120947, Stella TEMPLE-81214, Homer TEMPLE-56425, John Will (Willie) TEMPLE-56431, Edgar TEMPLE-56432, Frank TEMPLE-56435.

John MORRIS49776 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Minnie LINDKE-97153. Minnie LINDKE and John MORRIS were married before 1910. Children were: Gladys Mae MORRIS-63135.

John Adam MORRIS35366,56058 was born on 11 January 1864.15242 He lived in Marshall Co., KS in 1894.56059 He died on 29 May 1904 at the age of 40.15242 Parents: John S. MORRIS-25644 and Eliza Ann DITTAMORE-27749.

Spouse: Cora A. TEMPLE-21753. Cora A. TEMPLE and John Adam MORRIS were married on 21 February 1894 in Axtell, Marshall, KS.56059,56060,56061 Children were: Gladys MORRIS-27426, Effie MORRIS-27427, John R. MORRIS-27428.

John R. MORRIS15242 was born on 12 December 1898 in Axtell, Marshall, KS.19708,52521,52523 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Adams, Nemaha, KS.52521 Enumerated with his uncle John Temple. He appeared in the census in May 1910 in Axtell, Marshall, KS.52523 Enumerated with his uncle John and his family. Parents: John Adam MORRIS-21763 and Cora A. TEMPLE-21753.

John S. MORRIS29664 was born on 16 August 1834 in Wales, United Kingdom.4513 He died on 10 June 1908 at the age of 73 in Centralia, Nemaha, KS.4513

Spouse: Eliza Ann DITTAMORE-27749. Eliza Ann DITTAMORE and John S. MORRIS were married on 13 November 1856 in St. Joseph, Buchanan, MO.4513 Children were: John Adam MORRIS-21763, Effie Florence (Effie) MORRIS-21765.

Joseph H. MORRIS56062,56063 was born in 1929.56063 He died in 2008 at the age of 79.

Spouse: Annie Joe (Jo) TEMPLE-19219. Annie Joe (Jo) TEMPLE and Joseph H. MORRIS were married on 21 August 1954 in Shelby Co., TX.56064 Children were: Toni Joe MORRIS-115163, Ronald Dean MORRIS-115164, Marilyn Jonette MORRIS-115165.

Josephine MORRIS56065 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Anthony ZALNEROWICZ-65955. Josephine MORRIS and Anthony ZALNEROWICZ were married before 1914. Children were: Tessie ZALNER-65954.

Julia MORRIS28699 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John W. DUKE-90903. Julia MORRIS and John W. DUKE were married before 1921. Children were: Bruce W. DUKE-90902.

Julia Alice MORRIS (private).

Spouse: George Edward LUNSFORD-98569. Children were: William Edward LUNSFORD-98568.

Karen Darlene MORRIS (private).56066 Parents: Daniel Stephen MORRIS-99193 and Shirley Rose TEMPLE-88159.

Keith A. MORRIS (private).56067

Spouse: Mary H. TEMPLE-144415.

Kenneth MORRIS56068,56069 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Ellen Laverne (Laverne) TEMPLE-19218. Ellen Laverne (Laverne) TEMPLE and Kenneth MORRIS were married on 5 July 1952 in Mansfield, De Soto, LA.56069

Larry Alan MORRIS (private).

Spouse: Rebecca Ann TEMPLE-174740.

Lisa Anne MORRIS (private).

Spouse: William Scott TEMPLE-142087.

Lois E. MORRIS (private).

Spouse: Leslie M. STARKEY-102062. Children were: Catherine Jane (Cathy) STARKEY-24421.

Lorelei M. MORRIS (private).56070

Spouse: Adrian S. TEMPLE-143632.

Lula MORRIS (private).

Spouse: Martin GAY-69238. Children were: Estelle Idelle GAY-69230.

Mamie Del. MORRIS was born in 1912 in OK.946 She lived in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA in 1942.56071 In March 1944 she was a semiskilled chauffeur or driver of a bus, taxi, truck or tractor in Los Angeles Co., CA.4653 Mamie served in the military in 1944/5.946,4653 Dates approximate. Enlisted in the Women's Army Corps 28 Mar 1944 in San Francisco, CA, as a private. Service # A-905161. She lived in Las Vegas, Clark, NV in 1946.56072 She died. She might be the former wife of Frank F. Morris, of San Gabriel, CA, in 1940. She might be the Mamie M. Morris of Long Beach in 1940.

Spouse: Clide Hanson (Clide) TEMPLE-40145. Mamie Del. MORRIS and Clide Hanson (Clide) TEMPLE were married on 19 April 1942 in Clark Co., NV.56071 They56071 were married on 30 October 1943 in Clark Co., NV.56073 The reason for the second marriage is unknown. They56073 were divorced before April 1946.

Spouse: Oswald J. RENAUD-91702. Mamie Del. MORRIS and Oswald J. RENAUD were married on 8 April 1946 in Clark Co., NV.56072

Marilyn Jonette MORRIS (private). Parents: Joseph H. MORRIS-107892 and Annie Joe (Jo) TEMPLE-19219.

Marjorie Jean MORRIS12795 was born in 1932. Parents: George H. MORRIS-40762 and Elizabeth Wishart WILLIS-40756.

Spouse: JONES-40778. Marjorie Jean MORRIS and JONES were married on 14 April 1951. Children were: JONES-40779, JONES-40780, Joyce Anne JONES-40781.

Marsha Louise MORRIS (private).

Spouse: Albert Walter TEMPLE Jr.-29952.

Mary MORRIS (private).

Spouse: John GILL-139986. Children were: Elizabeth Ellen GILL-139985.

Mary MORRIS was born in LA.22684

Spouse: Isaac E. REYNOLDS-163949. Mary MORRIS and Isaac E. REYNOLDS were married. Children were: Herschel M. REYNOLDS-153862.

Mary MORRIS70,4866 was born in 1825 in Newton Co., MS. She died on 31 December 1860 at the age of 35 in Lavaca Co., TX. Parents: John George MORRISS-121629 and UNKNOWN-121630.

Spouse: John Ellison SMITH-58099. Children were: William B. SMITH-58329.

Mary Elizabeth (Libby) MORRIS12795 was born in 1931. Parents: George H. MORRIS-40762 and Elizabeth Wishart WILLIS-40756.

Spouse: IPNAR-40774. Mary Elizabeth (Libby) MORRIS and IPNAR were married on 12 October 1949. Children were: IPNAR-40775, IPNAR-40776, IPNAR-40777.

Mary Jasper MORRIS was born on 29 November 1908 in MO.49165,56074,56075,56076 She lived in Lexington, Lafayette, MO in 1930.56077 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Lexington, Lafayette, MO.56074 Enumerated with her uncle, John Hay. ae 52, b KY, apparently her mother's brother. Staying with them was one Maud Hagood, listed as a cousin, apparently the cousin of John, which may indicate his surname was shortened from Hagood. Mary appeared in the census in April 1940 in Lexington, Lafayette, MO.49165 She lived in MO in 1962.56076 She lived in Higginsville, Lafayette, MO in 1963.56078 She was the informant on her husband's death certificate. Mary died on 31 August 1986 at the age of 77 in Lexington, Lafayette, MO.56075,56076 Buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, Lexington, MO. Her parents were from IL (father) and KY (mother). She appears to be the Mary R. Morris, daughter of John S. and Rosa L. Morris of Fair, Platte, MO, in 1920, mainly because her parents were the closest matches to her responses in 1930.

Spouse: Robert Herman (Robert) TEMPEL-82227. Mary Jasper MORRIS and Robert Herman (Robert) TEMPEL were married on 24 December 1930 in Lexington, Lafayette, MO.594 Children were: Theodora Edna TEMPEL-87097, Frederick Morris TEMPEL-82233.

Mary Levina MORRIS (private).

Spouse: Edward MILLS-166483. Children were: Robert E. MILLS-166482.

Mary Nell MORRIS70 was born on 15 October 1926 in Kress, Swisher, TX.

Spouse: Ozey Andrew ARNOLD-14335. Mary Nell MORRIS and Ozey Andrew ARNOLD were married on 11 October 1946 in Tulia, Swisher, TX. Children were: Evelyn Jean ARNOLD-14742.

Melissa Dee MORRIS (private).56079

Spouse: Eric Joseph TEMPLE-158641.

Melissa H. MORRIS56080 was born in 1906 in FL.45023,56081 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Tallahassee, Leon, FL.56081 She lived in Tallahassee, Leon, FL on 1 April 1935.45023 In April 1940 Melissa was a beauty parlor operator in Thomasville, Thomas, GA.45023 She lived 525 Remington avenue in Thomasville, Thomas, GA in June 1942.56082 She died. Her parents were both from FL. Her maiden name is uncertain - some sources give Morris, but when she married Mark Temple, her surname was Hodges. Given name also appears as Malissie.

Spouse: Earnest O. JOINER-86058. Melissa H. MORRIS and Earnest O. JOINER were married before 1940.45023

Spouse: Mark Houston TEMPLE-60215. Melissa H. MORRIS and Mark Houston TEMPLE were married on 21 August 1920 in Marion Co., FL.56081,56083 Marion County Marriage Register, Book 7, p. 270. Children were: Mark Houston (Mark) TEMPLE IV-60213.

Melissa Marie MORRIS (private).56084 Parents: MORRIS-161920 and Loretta TEMPLE-161919.

Michael MORRIS (private). Parents: E. Harold (Ace) MORRIS-32872 and Dorothy May (May) TEMPLE-32869.

Mildred (Midge) MORRIS was born on 1 April 1924 in Aleppo Twp., Greene, PA.56085 She died on 30 August 2009 at the age of 85 in New Freeport, Greene, PA.56085 Buried in Centennial Cemetery, Aleppo, PA. Parents: Stoy E. MORRIS-90147 and Sarah RHOME-90148.

Spouse: Frank J. TEMPLE Sr.-60902. Mildred (Midge) MORRIS and Frank J. TEMPLE Sr. were married on 18 June 1945 in Greene Co., PA.56085

Milton MORRIS (private).

Spouse: Carrie ZIMMERMAN-88848. Children were: E. Harold (Ace) MORRIS-32872.

Nancy MORRIS56086 died.

Spouse: George W. OWSLEY-116798. Nancy MORRIS and George W. OWSLEY were married before 1882. Children were: Christopher C. OWSLEY-116797.