NOBLE (private).

Spouse: Bethel Janette (Janette) FLOWERS-168590.

Cassie F. NOBLE11911 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Bert O. BAUGUESS-101029. Cassie F. NOBLE and Bert O. BAUGUESS were married before 1924. Children were: Thelma Helen BAUGUESS-68606.

Charles Roy NOBLE was born in 1880 in Goderich, Huron, Ontario, Canada.57654 In 1901 he was a butler in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada.57654 He lived in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada in 1901.57654 Parents: Les NOBLE-79016 and Maggie HOOVER-79017.

Spouse: Emma Aurilla TEMPLE-79014. Emma Aurilla TEMPLE and Charles Roy NOBLE were married on 1 February 1901 in York Co., Ontario, Canada.57654

Emma NOBLE (private).

Spouse: Adam Dixon GLOVER-64525. Children were: Melbourne Lebester GLOVER-64524.

Emma Virginia NOBLE57655,57656 died.

Spouse: Clarence Earl WEST-83571. Emma Virginia NOBLE and Clarence Earl WEST were married before 1918. Children were: William Vogel (Pete) WEST-83570.

Ethel NOBLE15709 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: BRANCH-109712. Ethel NOBLE and BRANCH were married before 1949.15709

Spouse: Ora Harm TEMPLE-69807. Ethel NOBLE and Ora Harm TEMPLE were married on 16 August 1949 in Rockwall Co., TX.15709

George Edward NOBLE (private).

Spouse: Lucy Marlene BATEMAN-100235. Children were: Stephanie Lynn NOBLE-100233.

George Homer NOBLE was born on 1 August 1888.22 Parents: Homer Amos NOBLE-17529 and Mary Anna TEMPLE-1913.

Homer Amos NOBLE9342 was born on 17 April 1845 in Southwick, Hampden, MA.57657,57658 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Southwick, Hampden, MA.57658 He died in 1893 at the age of 48 in MA.57659 Parents: William Amos NOBLE-25364 and Eliza Ann COOK-25365.

Spouse: Mary Anna TEMPLE-1913. Mary Anna TEMPLE and Homer Amos NOBLE were married on 27 April 1864 in CT.9342,38958,57660 Children were: Margaret Eliza NOBLE-30483, Stella Sarah NOBLE-30484, George Homer NOBLE-35772.

Jose Elmer NOBLE (private).57661

Spouse: Eloisa Lucia TEMPLE-144018.

Les NOBLE (private).

Spouse: Maggie HOOVER-79017. Children were: Charles Roy NOBLE-79015.

Loura M. NOBLE (private).57662

Spouse: Richard Allen TEMPLE-158906.

Margaret Eliza NOBLE was born on 4 October 1865 in Stafford, Tolland, CT.57658,57660 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Southwick, Hampden, MA.57658 She died. Parents: Homer Amos NOBLE-17529 and Mary Anna TEMPLE-1913.

Nancy (Nannie) NOBLE22636 was born in July 1873 in Lenoir, Caldwell, NC.31244,57663,57664,57665 Gave her age as 52 in 1930. gave her age as 29 in 1910. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Kinston, Lenoir, NC.57663 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Kinston, Lenoir, NC.57665 Nancy appeared in the census in April 1930 in Kinston, Lenoir, NC.57664 Enumerated with her sons Herbert, Burwell and Henry. She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Kinston, Lenoir, NC.31244 She lived 114 East Peyton Avenue in Kinston, Lenoir, NC in October 1940.57666 Nancy died on 16 July 1961 at the age of 88 in Kinston, Lenoir, NC.57667 Buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Kinston. Her parents were both from NC. By 1900, she claimed she had had 3 children, all of whom had survived. However, of the three children enumerated with her and Rufus, only two of the children can be theirs jointly - one of them was born four years before Rufus married Nannie. Enumerated as Annie in 1900.

Spouse: Dr. Rufus Henry (Henry) TEMPLE-17056. Nancy (Nannie) NOBLE and Dr. Rufus Henry (Henry) TEMPLE were married in 1893 in Kinston, Lenoir, NC.57663,57665 Children were: Rufus H. TEMPLE-88767, Thelma TEMPLE-17234, Paul Littleton TEMPLE-17235, Herbert Dillard TEMPLE-17236, Burwell TEMPLE Sr.-17237, Dr. Rufus Henry (Henry) TEMPLE Jr.-17238.

Rebecca Hux (Hux) NOBLE was born on 30 May 1905 in NC.222,8498,57668,57669 NC death records gave the date in 1906, but SSDI gave it in 1905. She claimed 1909 in 1940. She lived in Fuquay Springs, Wake, NC in 1927.8498 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Fuquay Springs, Wake, NC.57669 Rebecca lived in Fuquay Springs, Wake, NC in 1942.57670 She lived in Fuquay-Varina, Wake, NC before 1978.222,57668 She died on 29 July 1978 at the age of 73 in Raleigh, Wake, NC.222,57668,57671 Buried in Greenlawn Memorial Gardens, Fuquay-Varina, NC. Her name is confusing, and was given in her son Clyde's obituary and on her grave marker as Noble Hux Temple.

Spouse: Marvin Lee (Marvin) TEMPLE-60475. Rebecca Hux (Hux) NOBLE and Marvin Lee (Marvin) TEMPLE were married before 1929.57670 Children were: Mary Rebecca TEMPLE-87278, James Allison (Buck) TEMPLE-87280, Margaret L. TEMPLE-87281, Clyde Lewis TEMPLE-87282, Peggy Ann TEMPLE-87276, Arlene TEMPLE-110446, Wade Phillip TEMPLE-110443.

Ronald Lee NOBLE Sr.29351 died before 2017.

Spouse: Vivian EARLES-109109. Vivian EARLES and Ronald Lee NOBLE Sr. were married before 1958. Children were: Ronda Alice NOBLE-65009.

Ronda Alice NOBLE9391 was born on 24 September 1958 in Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA.29351 She died on 3 April 2017 at the age of 58 in Summit, Pike, MS.29351 Buried in Lewiston Cemetery, Kentwood, LA. Parents: Ronald Lee NOBLE Sr.-109108 and Vivian EARLES-109109.

Spouse: Reverend Ronald Theo (Ronnie) TEMPLE-23393. Children were: Ronald Ferguson TEMPLE-67194, Ryan TEMPLE-109110, Teddy TEMPLE-109111.

Stella Sarah NOBLE was born on 5 March 1872 in Southwick, Hampden, MA.57658,57660 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Southwick, Hampden, MA.57658 She died. Parents: Homer Amos NOBLE-17529 and Mary Anna TEMPLE-1913.

Stephanie Lynn NOBLE (private).57672 Parents: George Edward NOBLE-100234 and Lucy Marlene BATEMAN-100235.

Spouse: Stephen Ray TEMPLE-99290.

William Amos NOBLE (private).

Spouse: Eliza Ann COOK-25365. Children were: Homer Amos NOBLE-17529.

NOBLES (private).

Spouse: Carrie Matilda TEMPLE-170853.

Daniel NOBLES was born in 1851 in GA.26949 He appeared in the census in August 1870 in Early Co., GA.26949 He died. Parents: Washington NOBLES-70130 and Lany DELAND-70131.

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth TEMPLES-34581. Mary Elizabeth TEMPLES and Daniel NOBLES were married on 1 October 1871 in Early Co., GA.57673 In Early County Marriage Book V, p. 60. There is some question about the marriage records' accuracy, since they were enumerated together as having been married in Dec 1869 by the time of the Aug 1870 census.

Dorothy NOBLES (private). Parents: Richard Warren NOBLES-70121 and Sarah M. (Sally) TEMPLE-34101.

Ed NOBLES (private). Parents: Richard Warren NOBLES-70121 and Sarah M. (Sally) TEMPLE-34101.

James L. NOBLES (private). Parents: Richard Warren NOBLES-70121 and Sarah M. (Sally) TEMPLE-34101.

Martha NOBLES (private). Parents: Richard Warren NOBLES-70121 and Sarah M. (Sally) TEMPLE-34101.

Mary NOBLES (private). Parents: Richard Warren NOBLES-70121 and Sarah M. (Sally) TEMPLE-34101.

Mary Emiline NOBLES19571 was born in 1852. She died in 1903 at the age of 51.

Spouse: Micajah Boston (Boss) CARGILE-117824. Mary Emiline NOBLES and Micajah Boston (Boss) CARGILE were married in 1874. Children were: Ada Virginia (Ada) CARGILE-117809.

Mary Thomas NOBLES (private). Parents: Richard Warren NOBLES-70121 and Sarah M. (Sally) TEMPLE-34101.

Richard Taylor NOBLES (private). Parents: Richard Warren NOBLES-70121 and Sarah M. (Sally) TEMPLE-34101.

Richard Warren NOBLES was born in May 1846 in Pitt Co., NC.8223 He died on 6 October 1930 at the age of 84 in Blakely, Early, GA.8223 Buried in Sardis Cemetery, Early Co, GA. Parents: Washington NOBLES-70130 and Lany DELAND-70131.

Spouse: Sarah M. (Sally) TEMPLE-34101. Sarah M. (Sally) TEMPLE and Richard Warren NOBLES were married in 1869.8223 Children were: Richard Taylor NOBLES-70122, Mary NOBLES-70123, Martha NOBLES-70124, Mary Thomas NOBLES-70125, James L. NOBLES-70126, Ed NOBLES-70127, Dorothy NOBLES-70128.

Syble NOBLES (private).

Spouse: Howard Bell HAZELTON-105613. Children were: Mary Anne HAZELTON-105601.

Washington NOBLES26948 was born in 1815 in NC.26949 He died.

Spouse: Lany DELAND-70131. Lany DELAND and Washington NOBLES were married. Children were: Richard Warren NOBLES-70121, Daniel NOBLES-76774.

Raymond Lee NOBLIN Jr. (private).57674

Spouse: Frances Lee TEMPLE-87792.

Albert Luther NOBLIT8752 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Eva Ellen WERTZ-47968. Eva Ellen WERTZ and Albert Luther NOBLIT were married before 1919. Children were: Elsie Mae NOBLIT-47965.

Elsie Mae NOBLIT8752 was born on 10 March 1919 in Dauphin Co., PA. She lived in Halifax, Dauphin, PA before 1966.57675 She died on 22 October 1966 at the age of 47 in Lakehurst, Ocean, NJ.57675,57676,57677 She died of undisclosed causes at the Naval Air Station Hospital, NAS Lakehurst. Buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Elizabethville, PA. Name given in History of Douglas County was Norbit. Parents: Albert Luther NOBLIT-47967 and Eva Ellen WERTZ-47968.

Spouse: Sidney James (Sid) TEMPLE-47964. Elsie Mae NOBLIT and Sidney James (Sid) TEMPLE were married on 29 December 1935 in Dallastown, York, PA.8752 Children were: Shirley Grace TEMPLE-47969.

Stella NODDIN (private).

Spouse: Ollo O'NEILL-115040. Children were: Norma Ruth (Norma) O'NEILL-67146.

Jane NODDING31168 was born in 1800.31168

Spouse: Adam TEMPLE-68049. Jane NODDING and Adam TEMPLE were married.

Nathan NOE3521 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Alice DELANEY-178205. Alice DELANEY and Nathan NOE were married before 1928. Children were: Patricia Ann NOE-139626.

Patricia Ann NOE3521,57678 was born in 1928.3521 She lived in KY in 1947. Parents: Nathan NOE-178204 and Alice DELANEY-178205.

Spouse: TEMPLE-139625. Patricia Ann NOE and TEMPLE were married before February 1947. Children were: Mary A. TEMPLE-139627.

Spouse: Jack Herbert KANOUSE-178206. Patricia Ann NOE and Jack Herbert KANOUSE were married on 15 July 1953 in Montgomery Co., OH.3521

NOEL died before 1930.192 He was born in PA.192

Spouse: Alice A. -135715. Alice A. and NOEL were married in 1883.192 Children were: Berenice Lucerne NOEL-135713.

Berenice Lucerne NOEL was born in 1893 in WA.192,193 Gave 1896 in 1930. In April 1930 she was an apartment manager in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA.192 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA.193 In 1940, she claimed to be a widow. Berenice lived in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA in 1941.57679 It is clear that the information she gave in the 1930 and 1940 censuses conflicts regarding her children. In 1930, she had a daughter Cecelia N., possibly with a middle name of Noel, and in 1940, she had a son Noel Chadwick Temple, but both were born in 1920. Also, the latter did not appear with her in 1930. Parents: NOEL-135714 and Alice A. -135715.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-135716. Berenice Lucerne NOEL and UNKNOWN were married before 1920. Children were: Cecilia N. -135717.

Spouse: TEMPLE-135712. Berenice Lucerne NOEL and TEMPLE were married in 1921.192 Children were: Noel Chadwick TEMPLE-157359.

Spouse: Joseph Louis THERIEN-160919. Berenice Lucerne NOEL and Joseph Louis THERIEN were married on 17 May 1941 in Las Vegas, Clark, NV.57679

Carrington F. NOEL Jr.57680 died in 2005.

Spouse: Dianne Judith TEMPLE-36989. Dianne Judith TEMPLE and Carrington F. NOEL Jr. were married before 27 April 1983.57681

Cora Irene (Irene) NOEL4082,57682,57683 was born in May 1919 in Mt. Eden, Spencer, KY.2467,4846,57684,57685 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Mt. Eden, Spencer, KY.2467 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Shelbyville, Shelby, KY.57685 Cora lived RFD # 4 in Shelbyville, Shelby, KY on 16 October 1940.57686 She lived in Mt. Eden, Spencer, KY in 1978.57684 She died on 21 January 1978 at the age of 58 in Shelbyville, Shelby, KY.4846,57684,57687 Buried in Grove Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, KY. Surname also given as Neel. Parents: Otha NOEL-86691 and Ethel -86692.

Spouse: Ray R. TEMPLE-50705. Cora Irene (Irene) NOEL and Ray R. TEMPLE were married before 1935. Children were: Lillian TEMPLE-86675, Ray Thomas TEMPLE-86676, Harold Jesse TEMPLE-86677, Alma F. TEMPLE-86678, Roy TEMPLE-86679, Helen Joyce TEMPLE-86680, Larry Dale TEMPLE-86683.

Otha NOEL was born in 1893 in KY.2467 He died.

Spouse: Ethel -86692. Ethel and Otha NOEL were married before 1919. Children were: Cora Irene (Irene) NOEL-86674.

Richard H. NOEL (private).37603

Spouse: Sally M. HALL-145963.

Ernest W. NOELDNER was born on 3 April 1903 in SD.6513,57688 He died in August 1969 at the age of 66 in SD.57688 Buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Watertown, SD.

Spouse: Selma PHILIPS-119564. Selma PHILIPS and Ernest W. NOELDNER were married on 21 August 1953 in Minnehaha Co., SD.57688

Spouse: Reka BROSDEN-54002. Reka BROSDEN and Ernest W. NOELDNER were married on 24 February 1961 in Lac Qui Parle Co., MN.6513,16680

Lillian Ann (Lillian) NOETZELMANN (private).

Spouse: Terrance Paul (Terry) TEMPLE-63383. Children were: Russell Paul (Russ) TEMPLE-121369, Michael Edward (Mike) TEMPLE-121370, Ronald Eugene (Ron) TEMPLE-121371.

Sammie Lee NOEY (private).57689

Spouse: Kenneth Wayne TEMPLE Sr.-158260.

Berda E. (Birdie) NOFFSINGER22,33946 was born in 1902 in MO.57690 She lived in Summersville, Texas, MO in 1918.57691 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in El Paso Co., CO.57690 Berda died in July 1982 at the age of 80 in Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO.57692 Buried 9 Jul 1982 in Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Colorado Springs, CO. Her parents were both from MO.

Spouse: Willard (Dick) TEMPLE-570. Berda E. (Birdie) NOFFSINGER and Willard (Dick) TEMPLE were married in 1918 in MO.57690 Children were: Verna Leona TEMPLE-38465, Velma Lucille TEMPLE-41961, William Ray TEMPLE-43426.