Judy TEMPEL (private).78356 Parents: Joseph Peter TEMPEL-71601 and Viola TURK-79761.

Spouse: Gerald TULEWEIT-79768.

Judy TEMPEL (private).78375 Parents: Frank Ball TEMPEL-89919 and Georgia -89929.

Judy Ann TEMPEL (private).51008

Spouse: Robert Michael (Mike) KURTZ Jr.-73717.

Julia TEMPEL was born in November 1892 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.5362 She died on 3 January 1900 at the age of 7 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.5362 Died of pertussis and emphysema lasting 10 days. Buried in St. Michael's Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA. Parents: George F. TEMPLE-140084 and Mary -140085.

Julie Ann TEMPEL was born on 13 January 1949 in Freeport, Stephenson, IL.78376 She lived in Oelwein, Fayette, IA in 1974.71051 She died on 27 July 2001 at the age of 52.78376 Parents: Walter Lee TEMPEL-125676 and Anna Mary SCHRADER-125677.

Spouse: William BURMEISTER-125695.

Spouse: RAY-125696.

Julie Anne TEMPEL (private).31322 Parents: William Leander (Bill) TEMPEL III-77618 and Angela Faye (Angela) PAYNE-77625.

Spouse: Ryan Lee SCHNELL-106653.

Julius TEMPEL was born in Germany.48465

Spouse: UNKNOWN-176677. UNKNOWN and Julius TEMPEL were married before 1869. Children were: William TEMPLE-135160.

Julius R. TEMPEL was born in 1908 in OH.5955 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Toledo, Lucas, OH.5955 Parents: Charles A. TEMPEL-151963 and Mina M. -151964.

Justin Charles TEMPEL (private).78377

Justin Michael TEMPEL (private). Parents: Michael Charles (Mickey) TEMPEL-95354 and Dana Michelle REEVES-95370.

Justin Ray TEMPEL (private).78378 Parents: Stanley Ray (Stan) TEMPEL-77603 and Cynthia Ann FLEEMAN-77604.

K.L. TEMPEL was born on 5 August 1927.78379 He/she lived in WI before 1951.78379 He/she died on 15 December 1987 at the age of 60.78379

Kaitlyn L. TEMPEL (private).41659 Parents: Brian L. TEMPEL-152436 and Julie Marie (Julie) HAVARD-152438.

Karen TEMPEL (private).17251 Parents: Roman B. TEMPEL-71936 and Elizabeth Jean (Betty) PUND-98173.

Spouse: Larry FRANCHVILLE-122730.

Karen TEMPEL (private).2898 Parents: George Anton TEMPEL-126854 and Leona ALTROGGE-126855.

Spouse: Bob LIVINGSTON-126860.

Karen-Ann TEMPEL (private).78380 Parents: Kurt TEMPEL-152371 and Ursula SCHULDT-152846.

Karen Marie TEMPEL (private).12904

Spouse: Stanley Joseph BEIER-172560.

Karen Rae TEMPEL (private).7690 Parents: Kenneth Raymond (Kenny) TEMPEL-71026 and Lillian Marie ABRAHAMSON-91550.

Spouse: Loren Lewis JOHNSON-91562.

Karen Sue TEMPEL (private).12862 Parents: Lawrence Joseph TEMPEL-106568 and Martha Rose WERNE-106569.

Spouse: James W. BEESON-106650.

Kari L. TEMPEL (private).56551 Parents: Jerry Kent TEMPEL-71206 and Denise Ann MC CORMICK-84486.

Karl TEMPEL died in 1968 in NY.78381 Buried in Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum, Hartsdale, NY, Plot HIC, 59.

Karl TEMPEL was born on 23 July 1890 in Kings Co., NY.78382

Karl TEMPEL was born on 5 November 1903 in Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany.78383 In 1936 he was a painter in Silver Lake, Westchester, NY.63752 He lived 263 Gainsborough Avenue in Silver Lake, Westchester, NY in 1936.63752 Karl lived 54 Franklin Avenue in White Plains, Westchester, NY on 14 February 1942.78383 Not found in 1940.

Spouse: Hilda PARSONS-170236. Hilda PARSONS and Karl TEMPEL were married in April 1936.63749 The newspaper report of their marriage gave only that they had married within the past week, published on 22 Apr 1936. The place is also elusive - the article reported that nine people associated with Harrison, Westchester, NY, had married int he past week, then proceeded to give different locations fo Karl and Hilda, but no place of marriage.

Karl (Carl) TEMPEL was born on 17 November 1898 in NY.13730,13732,13733,13734,78384 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Manhattan, New York, NY.13733 He appeared in the census in June 1905 in Manhattan, New York, NY.13731 Karl appeared in the census in April 1910 in Manhattan, New York, NY.13730 In January 1920 he was a shipping yard office clerk in Queens, Queens, NY.13732 He lived in NY before 1951.78384 Karl died in November 1980 at the age of 82 in Ridgewood, Queens, NY.13734,78384 Buried in Linden Hill Methodist Cemetery, Ridgewood, NY. Given as Carl in 1910, his marriage papers and SSDI, he appears as Karl in other places. Parents: George H. TEMPEL-126825 and Mary BEUMER-126826.

Spouse: Mae HORL-126838. Mae HORL and Karl (Carl) TEMPEL were married in November 1922 in Manhattan, New York, NY.44704 It is not clear when this marriage took place, but they took out a license, # 32686, 1 Nov 1922.

Karl E. TEMPEL was born on 11 February 1869 in Zittau, Saxony, Germany.78385 He immigrated on 12 September 1900 to NY.78385 Arrived aboard the Fuerst Bismarck which departed from Hamburg. He was naturalized on 16 July 1906 in Rochester, Monroe, NY.78385 In 1910 Karl was an instrument maker in Rochester, Monroe, NY.78385 He was described as 5 feet 3 inches, gray eyes, blonde hair in 1910.78385 He lived in Rochester, Monroe, NY in 1910.78385 Although he claimed residence in Rochester, NY in 1910, he was not found there in teh census.

Karl Ernst (Ernest) TEMPEL67776 was born on 10 July 1848 in Hainewalde, Gorlitz, Saxony, Germany.67777,78386 He immigrated in 1881.67777 He immigrated on 18 March 1881.78386 Arrived aboard the S.S. Maine from Bremen, Germany. Karl was naturalized on 6 February 1892 in Fort Scott, Bourbon, KS.78386 In June 1900 he was a quarryman in Marion, Bourbon, KS.67777 In 1910 he was a stone cutter in Redfield, Bourbon, KS.78386 Karl was described as 5 feet 6 inches, prominent forehead, gray eyes, with mustache and beard in 1910.78386 He lived in Redfield, Bourbon, KS in 1910.78386 Appeared with English spelling in 1900. Appeared with English spelling in his wife's obituary.

Spouse: Augusta RENNER-148192. Augusta RENNER and Karl Ernst (Ernest) TEMPEL were married on 5 May 1894 in Bourbon Co., KS.67777,67778

Karl F. TEMPEL was born in 1892.78387 He died on 10 October 1942 at the age of 50 in Williston, NY.78387 The place is uncertain, but the Williston part seems correct. The NY death index gave the place as Williston P, which could not be found. In NY, there is a Williston Twp. in Erie Co., and a Williston in Nassau Co.

Karl F. (Carl) TEMPEL78388 was born on 3 May 1907 in IL.42552,42553,78389,78390 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Freeport, Stephenson, IL.42553 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Freeport, Stephenson, IL.42552 Karl lived in Beloit, Rock, WI in 1938.42551 Between 1950 and 1970 he was an owner and operator of Tempel Jewelry Store in Edgerton, Rock, WI.10243 He lived in WI before 1951.78389 Karl lived in Edgerton, Rock, WI in 1956.42556 Between 1964 and 1969 he was a watchmaker in Edgerton, Rock, WI.78390 Daes are not inclusive. He lived 18 West Fulton Street in Edgerton, Rock, WI in 1970.78390 Karl died on 24 September 1971 at the age of 64 in Edgerton, Rock, WI.10243,78389,78391 Buried in St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Edgerton. Parents: Frederick Henry (Fred) TEMPEL-51810 and Helen A. HENDRICKS-51822.

Spouse: Gertrude M. AVENARIUS-84424. Gertrude M. AVENARIUS and Karl F. (Carl) TEMPEL were married on 14 February 1928 in Freeport, Stephenson, IL.4986,10243 Children were: TEMPEL-125737, TEMPEL-125738.

Karl Fred (Fritz) TEMPEL78392 was born on 1 February 1883 in Eibau, Saxony, Germany.2101,2102 He immigrated in 1923.2101 In April 1930 he was a restaurant chef in Millburn, Essex, NJ.2101 Staying with him were two nephews, Halmut and Max Rudolph. Karl died in 1942 at the age of 59 in NY.78393 Buried in Plain Lawn Cemetery, Hicksville, NY. In 1942 he was an employee of Ryan's Restaurant in Union City, Hudson, NJ.2102 Gave middle name as Fritz in his WWII draft registration, but Fred in the census.

Spouse: Elizabeth -151930. Elizabeth and Karl Fred (Fritz) TEMPEL were married in 1905.2101 Children were: Leo Gustave TEMPEL-151931.

Karl William TEMPEL63137 was born on 17 July 1912 in Warrensburg, Johnson, MO.37890,37891,63136,63137,78394 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Montserrat, Johnson, MO.37890 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Chilhowee, Johnson, MO.37891 In April 1940 Karl was a filling station attendant in Fayette, Howard, MO.63136 In October 1940 he was an employee of Home Oil Company in Fayette, Howard, MO.63137 He lived 506 West Spring Street in Fayette, Howard, MO in October 1940.63137 Karl died on 14 August 1995 at the age of 83 in Clinton, Henry, MO.78394,78395 Buried in Sunset Hill Cemetery, Warrensburg, MO. He holder of Railroad Pension # 495010454.4910 Also given as Karl G. when spelled with Germanic spelling. Appeared as Carl Temple in 1940. Parents: William Herman (William) TEMPEL Sr.-71429 and Anna Marie (Anna) GOODWIN-71432.

Spouse: Floy Virginia PARK-71443. Floy Virginia PARK and Karl William TEMPEL were married before 1940. Children were: Billie TEMPLE-71447.

Katharina E. TEMPEL was born in 1842.78396 She died in 1934 at the age of 92 in Marion, Turner, SD.78396 Buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Marion, SD.

Spouse: HANDEL-155643.

Katharina Elizabeth TEMPEL was born on 20 March 1909 in Winterlingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.78397 She immigrated on 14 June 1928 to New York City, New York, NY.51018

Spouse: William KURZ-173052. Katharina Elizabeth TEMPEL and William KURZ were married on 25 January 1933 in New Rochelle, Westchester, NY.51018

Katherina TEMPEL was born in 1840.78398 She died on 6 March 1895 at the age of 55 in Chicago, Cook, IL.78398 Buried in Saint Boniface Cemetery, Chicago, IL. Tempel may not be her maiden name.

Katherine TEMPEL was born on 17 October 1867 in Germany.37496,37633 She died on 3 June 1941 at the age of 73 in Chicago, Cook, IL.37496,37633 Buried in Saint Mary Catholic Cemetery and Mausoleum, Evergreen Park, IL. Parents: Johann (John) TEMPEL Jr.-72695 and Barbara OTT-72696.

Spouse: John GOETZ-114911. Katherine TEMPEL and John GOETZ were married in 1890 in Chicago, Cook, IL.37636 Marriage license issued 1 Oct 1890. Children were: John GOETZ-114912, Joseph GOETZ-114913, Andrew G. GOETZ-114914, Louis Eugene GOETZ-114915.

Katherine TEMPEL was born on 28 May 1869 in Germany.57939 She died on 29 March 1961 at the age of 91 in Ramsey Co., MN.57939 Buried in Calvary Cemetery, Saint Paul, MN.

Spouse: Franz MEINDEL-181854. Katherine TEMPEL and Franz MEINDEL were married in 1893.57939 Children were: Edward Peter MEINDEL-181855, Francis Xavier MEINDEL-181856.

Katherine TEMPEL was born in September 1874 in NY.67709 She died in 1943 at the age of 69 in Ridgewood, Queens, NY.67709 Buried in Linden Hill Methodist Cemetery, Ridgewood, NY. Parents: Anton TEMPEL-138196 and Carolina (Lena) HENDEL-138197.

Spouse: REINHEIMER-152764. Katherine TEMPEL and REINHEIMER were married about 1894. Children were: George REINHEIMER-152765, Elsie REINHEIMER-152766.

Katherine TEMPEL1890 was born on 19 April 1902 in Bad Durkheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.1890,43980,78399 She immigrated in 1922.43980 In 1926 she was a housekeeper in New York City, New York, NY.78399 Katherine appeared in the census in April 1930 in Valley, Nassau, NY.43980 She lived 63 Bismark Avenue in Valley Stream, Nassau, NY on 16 October 1940.78400 She died in March 1983 at the age of 80.78401 Parents: Heinrich (Henry) TEMPEL-126646 and Elisabeth -126647.

Spouse: Richard HOERZ Sr.-126650. Katherine TEMPEL and Richard HOERZ Sr. were married in 1927 in NY.43980 Children were: Katherine E. HOERZ-126651, Rchard HOERZ Jr.-126652.

Spouse: LIEN-126655.

Katherine Allison TEMPEL (private). Parents: Andrew John TEMPEL-78354 and UNKNOWN-78359.

Katherine C. (Katie) TEMPEL was born on 27 March 1908 in Berlin, Germany.728,78402 She immigrated in 1913.728 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Burlington, Des Moines, IA.728 Katherine appeared in the census in April 1930 in Chicago, Cook, IL.26341 She lived in Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA on 1 April 1935.78403 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA.78403 Katherine lived in Burlington, Des Moines, IA in 1979.78404 She died on 15 March 1989 at the age of 80.78402,78405,78406 Buried in Saint Luke (Saint Lucas) Cemetery, Chicago, IL. Parents: Richard Henry TEMPEL-120304 and Emilie Augusta Luise (Emilie) ANHALT-120305.

Spouse: Harry C. TRUMBO-120320. Katherine C. (Katie) TEMPEL and Harry C. TRUMBO were married in 1927 in IL.26341 Children were: Evelyn Lou TRUMBO-123804, Elisabeth Ann TRUMBO-123805, Cleton Harry TRUMBO-123806, Robert Tempel TRUMBO-120321.

Katherine Elaine TEMPEL (private). Parents: William Forrest TEMPEL-82245 and Sarah Elizabeth FALL-82246.

Katherine Elizabeth TEMPEL was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Reinhard BEISEL-177661. Katherine Elizabeth TEMPEL and Reinhard BEISEL were married before 1902. Children were: Reinhard Friedrich BEISEL-177662.

Katherine J. TEMPEL9922,41371,50236 was born in May 1881 in IL.71444 In June 1900 she was a stenographer in Chicago, Cook, IL.71444 Parents: Franz (Frank) TEMPEL-73560 and Barbara SEBECK-79747.

Spouse: John L. ARTMAIER-125809. Katherine J. TEMPEL and John L. ARTMAIER were married on 21 October 1909 in Lake Co., IN.9922

Katherine J. TEMPEL was born on 10 October 1907 in IL.48760,52688,52689,72610 Gave 1911 in 1920, but gave the same age as her sister Margareta in 1910, which might be an enumerator error, but she was indeed in the 1910 census. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Chicago, Cook, IL.52689 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Chicago, Cook, IL.52688 In April 1930 Katherine was a railway clerk in Chicago, Cook, IL.48760 She died on 24 March 1977 at the age of 69 in Chicago, Cook, IL.78407 Buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Chicago. She was also known as Catherine J. ZUSKAY.78407 Buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Chicago. Parents: John TEMPEL-72681 and Anna LETZKOWSKI-72682.

Spouse: Thomas ZUKAUSKIS-72698. Katherine J. TEMPEL and Thomas ZUKAUSKIS were married about 1927.

Katherine Joy TEMPEL (private).

Spouse: Michael Dennis KROMPASCIK-177580.

Katherine M. TEMPEL was born on 19 May 1939 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.25348,74560,78408 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.74560 She died on 17 February 2012 at the age of 72 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.25348,78408 Died at home. Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH, Plot: Garden LN, Section 128, Lot 34, Space 7. Parents: Friedrich Wilhelm (Fred) TEMPEL Sr.-126641 and Mamie Susan (Mamie) SPATZ-126642.

Spouse: SMITH-126659. Children were: David SMITH-126660.

Spouse: Robert SMULLEN-126657. Children were: Toni Lynn SMULLEN-126658.

Kathie Jean TEMPEL (private).7837

Spouse: Roger Brent DAVIS-152586.

Kathleen TEMPEL was born in 1924 in TX.70817,70819 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Dallas, Dallas, TX.70817 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Dallas, Dallas, TX.70819 Parents: Oswald Gus TEMPEL-72312 and Katherine SCHIEGE-72313.

Kathleen Edith (Kathy) TEMPEL (private).7584,78409 Parents: Albert Leopold TEMPEL-47092 and Bertha Ann CRAWFORD-47128.

Spouse: Oliver E. GEEN-82446.

Kathleen Marie (Kat) TEMPEL was born on 23 January 1953 in Huntingburg, Dubois, IN.31122,51641,78410 She lived 401 Mary Street in Evansville, Vanderburgh, IN in 1974.31122 In 1974 she was a registered nurse.31122 Kathleen lived in Evansville, Vanderburgh, IN before 1982.51641,77707 She moved in 1999 in Jasper, Dubois, IN.51641 She died on 4 February 2010 at the age of 57 in Indianapolis, Marion, IN.51641,78410 Buried iin St. Joseph Cemetery in Dale, IM. Parents: William Leander (Lee) TEMPEL Jr.-72860 and Edna Sophia LANGE-77611.

Spouse: Joseph Byron EARLY-106570.

Spouse: COLEY-77630. Children were: Ben COLEY-77631, Mariah COLEY-77632.

Kathrin TEMPEL (private).

Spouse: Tomas Acevedo CHAVEZ-160989.