Roderick Berford PARKER9253 was born on 14 May 1919. Parents: Francis Llewellyn PARKER-11572 and Dorothy MILLER-11575.

Spouse: Gladyss GLESING-11578. Children were: Terry PARKER-11579.

Rodney PARKER7993 was born in 1801 in Goffstown, Hillsborough, NH. He died in 1867 at the age of 66 in St. Paul, Ramsey, MN. Parents: William PARKER-11775 and Hannah AIKEN-11781.

Spouse: Elizabeth PALMER-11818. Elizabeth PALMER and Rodney PARKER were married in 1830.7727

Rodolphus PARKER (private). Parents: Artemas PARKER-7523 and SPAULDING-7574.

Roland PARKER was born on 23 November 1853 in Milton, Chittenden, VT. He died on 20 March 1942 at the age of 88 in VT. Parents: Seymour Jeremiah PARKER-3728 and Marcia BATES-3729.

Spouse: Artimisia COOLEY-3832. Artimisia COOLEY and Roland PARKER were married in 1875 in VT.

Roland Everett PARKER was born in 1845 in Southborough, Worcester, MA.4495 He died in 1854 at the age of 9.4495 Parents: Presson PARKER-7826 and Mary NEWTON-7827.

Ronnie Rupert PARKER (private). Parents: William Job PARKER Jr.-3732 and Florence PETERS-3851.

Roselle Reone PARKER was born in 1845 in Phillipston, Worcester, MA.4495 She died in 1857 at the age of 12 in Ahnapee, Kewanee, WI.4495 Parents: James Maynard L. PARKER-7970 and Polly H. KIDDER-7971.

Rosemary Lucille PARKER14668 was born in September 1924. Parents: Zenas (Jack) Davies PARKER-11573 and Rowena May BROWN-11582.

Spouse: Harold H. REICHERT-11585.

Rosetta Francena PARKER was born in 1845 in Ashland, Middlesex, MA.4495 Parents: Josiah PARKER-7824 and Caroline PECK-7825.

Spouse: Walter Morris FLINT-8312. Rosetta Francena PARKER and Walter Morris FLINT were married in 1865 in Fayville, Worcester, MA.4495

Ross PARKER was born in 1871.4495 Parents: Charles Wallingford PARKER-7532 and Mary Jane SCHOFF-7533.

Roy Milton PARKER was born in 1887 in Charleston Twp., Orleans, VT.4495 Parents: Milton Augustus PARKER-8743 and Mae HAPGOOD-8744.

Roy Owen PARKER9253 was born on 5 September 1870 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY. He died in 1927 at the age of 57 in Glendale, Los Angeles, CA. Parents: Stiles Otis PARKER-11549 and Allice Katherine TILLER-11564.

Spouse: Alicia ELLIS-11570.

Spouse: Anne Elizabeth DAVIES-11571. Anne Elizabeth DAVIES and Roy Owen PARKER were married on 27 July 1895 in Hiram, Geauga, OH.9253 Children were: Francis Llewellyn PARKER-11572, Zenas (Jack) Davies PARKER-11573, Merrill Moore PARKER-11574.

Ruben C. PARKER48440 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lillian B. LANGFORD-172068. Lillian B. LANGFORD and Ruben C. PARKER were married before November 1919. Children were: Juel May (Jewel) PARKER-172066.

Rudolph Partee PARKER21094 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Susan Jane COOPER-20192. Susan Jane COOPER and Rudolph Partee PARKER were married before 1894. Children were: Stella May (Stella) PARKER-20190.

Ruel W. PARKER2009,59364 died. Parents: PARKER-30597.

Spouse: Leta S. TEMPLE-20005. Leta S. TEMPLE and Ruel W. PARKER were married before 1926. Children were: Lexie PARKER-104283.

Russell PARKER was born on 5 November 1777.35434 Parents: Joseph PARKER-303 and Hannah RISLEY-4433.

Ruth PARKER7201,11453 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Edmund RICE-13052. Ruth PARKER and Edmund RICE were married on 15 November 1692 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA.7201 They7201 were married. Children were: Thankful RICE-41366.

Ruth PARKER died on 27 April 1856 in Erie, Erie, PA.4495,49240 She was born in Royalston, Worcester, MA.4495 Parents: John PARKER-7051 and Deborah LAMB-7052.

Spouse: Nathan LELAND-7821. Ruth PARKER and Nathan LELAND were married on 12 September 1821 in Holliston, Middlesex, MA.4495,49240 Children were: Hon. Alden (Harry) LELAND-17342.

Ruth PARKER died in 1874.4495 Parents: Joseph PARKER-7727 and Betsey RICHARDSON-7728.

Ruth PARKER was born in 1686.4495 She died in 1705 at the age of 19.4495 Parents: Thomas PARKER-7192 and Deborah KIBBY-7200.

Ruth PARKER was born in 1704.4495 Parents: Kendall PARKER-7007 and Ruth -7243.

Spouse: Joseph BANCROFT-7245. Ruth PARKER and Joseph BANCROFT were married on 3 January 1721 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.4495,7201

Ruth PARKER was born in 1709.4495 Parents: Samuel PARKER-7203 and Hannah FELCH-7228.

Ruth PARKER16382 was born on 15 August 1748 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.4495,59387 Parents: Stephen PARKER-9366 and Abigail WRIGHT-9367.

Spouse: Samuel BRITTON Jr.-9375. Ruth PARKER and Samuel BRITTON Jr. were married on 4 October 1768 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.4495,7201,8285 Children were: Polly BRITTON-23578.

Ruth PARKER was born in 1765.59319 She died in 1838 at the age of 73.4495 Parents: John PARKER-7037 and Lydia MORSE-7038.

Spouse: David BENT Jr.-7119. Ruth PARKER and David BENT Jr. were married on 14 November 1787.12888 MB:9/24/95.

Ruth PARKER was born in 1766.4495 Parents: Josiah PARKER Jr.-7100 and Mary MUNROE-7101.

Ruth PARKER was born in 1769 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA.4495 She died in 1817 at the age of 48.4495 Parents: Peter PARKER-7046 and Ruth EATON-7050.

Spouse: Joseph BIGELOW Jr.-7057. Ruth PARKER and Joseph BIGELOW Jr. were married in 1785.13352 Children were: Josiah BIGELOW-7074.

Ruth PARKER was born in 1800.4495 She died in 1812 at the age of 12.4495 Parents: John PARKER-7115 and Hannah STEARNS-7116.

Sadie K. PARKER was born in 1888 in New York City, New York, NY.4495 Parents: George F. PARKER-8386 and Louisa ROSS-8387.

Sallie (Sally) PARKER19038 was born in 1794 in NY. She died in 1835 at the age of 41. Parents: Stiles PARKER-11376 and Demmis KAPLE-11413.

Spouse: Amos HART-11440.

Sally PARKER (private). Parents: Hezekiah PARKER-9452 and Sally AUSTIN-9461.

Spouse: HUTCHINS-9465.

Sally PARKER (private). Parents: Captain John PARKER-11636 and Lydia REED-11769.

Spouse: James MARTIN-11778.

Sally PARKER was born in 1765 in Barre, Worcester, MA.4495 Parents: Deacon Andrew PARKER Jr.-7091 and Abigail JENNISON-7092.

Spouse: Jonathan MAYHEW-7571.

Sally PARKER was born in 1775 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA.4495 She died in 1875 at the age of 100 in Holliston, Middlesex, MA.4495 Parents: Peter PARKER-7046 and Ruth EATON-7050.

Spouse: William CARNES-7063. Sally PARKER and William CARNES were married in 1800.4495

Sally PARKER was born in 1785 in Sutton, Merrimack, NH.4495 Parents: Hezekiah PARKER-6954 and Esther WILKINS-6962.

Spouse: Daniel RICHARDSON-9455. Sally PARKER and Daniel RICHARDSON were married in 1806.4495

Sally PARKER was born in 1785.4495 She died in 1872 at the age of 87.4495 Parents: Daniel PARKER Jr.-7422 and Sarah RICHARDSON-7423.

Spouse: Joseph SPOKESFIELD-9082.

Sally PARKER was born in 1785.4495 She died in 1877 at the age of 92.4495 Parents: Philemon PARKER-7554 and Susan STONE-7555.

Spouse: Samuel BENT-7602. Sally PARKER and Samuel BENT were married in 1807.4495

Sally PARKER6385 was born in 1790 in Coventry, Tolland, CT. Parents: Solomon PARKER-11165 and Lucina -11180.

Sally PARKER15559 was born in 1800. She died in 1826 at the age of 26. Parents: Peter PARKER-12010 and Sally BRADFORD-12013.

Spouse: Thomas HISCOCK-12020. Sally PARKER and Thomas HISCOCK were married in 1817.15559

Sally PARKER was born in 1801.4495 She died in 1831 at the age of 30.4495 Parents: Benjamin PARKER Jr.-7725 and Sally ALLEN-7726.

Spouse: Sylvanus JORDAN-8138.

Sally PARKER was born in 1817 in Princeton, Mercer, NJ.4495 Parents: Quincy PARKER-7695 and Patience BROOKS-7696.

Spouse: George Brown THOMAS-8063. Sally PARKER and George Brown THOMAS were married in 1847.4495

Sally A. PARKER was born in 1823.4495 She died in 1841 at the age of 18.4495 Parents: Amory PARKER-7629 and Lydia PARKER-7667.

Sally E. PARKER was born in 1780.4495 She died in Cambria, Jamaica, NY.52540 Died at her brother's home. Parents: Elisha PARKER-7106 and Sally BAKER-7524.

Sally Matilda PARKER19038 was born in 1830. Parents: Lewis PARKER-11442 and Matilda deForest LOCKETT-11441.

Spouse: Isaac William EMERSON-11463. Sally Matilda PARKER and Isaac William EMERSON were married in 1853.19038 Children were: Emma Florence EMERSON-11464.

Sally P. PARKER (private).

Spouse: William WAKEFIELD-46170. Children were: Thomas Scott WAKEFIELD-19395.

Samantha PARKER was born in 1809. She died in 1870 at the age of 61. Parents: Sterling PARKER-3754 and Eunice JEWETT-3755.

Spouse: Hibbard DELANO Jr-3760. Samantha PARKER and Hibbard DELANO Jr were married in 1830 in MA.

Samuel PARKER15411 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jonathan PARKER-12259 and Eleanor HUNT-12260.

Spouse: Hannah PLATTS-12427. Hannah PLATTS and Samuel PARKER were married in 1777.15411 Children were: Ellen PARKER-12428, Jonathan PARKER-12429.

Samuel PARKER was born on 1 February 1655/6 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, MA.11483 He died on 12 November 1712 at the age of 56 in Groton, Middlesex, MA.11483 Parents: Captain James PARKER-10910 and Elizabeth LONG-10911.

Spouse: Abigail LAKIN-11947. Abigail LAKIN and Samuel PARKER were married in 1685 in Groton, Middlesex, MA.11483 Children were: James PARKER-11948, Robert PARKER-11949, Samuel PARKER-11950, John PARKER-11951, Jonathan PARKER-11953, Rachel PARKER-11954, Eunice PARKER-11955.

Samuel PARKER was born on 24 October 1666.16233,59454 Parents: Hananiah PARKER-7014 and Elizabeth BROWNE-7015.

Spouse: Matha BROWN-23938.

Samuel PARKER was born in 1670.4495 Parents: Thomas PARKER-7192 and Deborah KIBBY-7200.

Spouse: Martha BROWNE-7227. Martha BROWNE and Samuel PARKER were married on 3 January 1688 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.17352 Children were: Martha PARKER-7229, Nicholas PARKER-7230.

Spouse: Hannah FELCH-7228. Hannah FELCH and Samuel PARKER were married on 16 April 1700 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.17352 Children were: Samuel PARKER-7231, Hannah PARKER-7232, Ruth PARKER-7233, Joseph PARKER-7234, Eunice PARKER-7235, Elizabeth PARKER-7236.

Samuel PARKER2572 was born on 22 September 1682 in Groton, Middlesex, MA. He died on 30 October 1775 at the age of 93 in Coventry, Tolland, CT. Parents: James PARKER-10918 and Mary PARKER-16434.

Spouse: Mary CARDER-11051. Mary CARDER and Samuel PARKER were married on 1 June 1704 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.2572 Children were: Samuel PARKER-11052, Mary PARKER-11053, James PARKER-11054, John PARKER-11055, Esther PARKER-11056, Phineas PARKER-11057, Joseph PARKER-11058.