Lola PARKER15362 was born on 24 April 1873 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY. Parents: Stiles Otis PARKER-11549 and Allice Katherine TILLER-11564.

Spouse: Ernie E. BROWN-11587. Lola PARKER and Ernie E. BROWN were married in 1895 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.15362

Lola Montez (Tez) PARKER44201 was born on 2 September 1919 in Plantersville, Lee, MS.28791,63482,63483 She appeared in the census in May 1940 in Lee Co., MS.63483 She lived Route # 1 in Anguilla, Sharkey, MS on 16 October 1940.63484 Lola died on 7 November 1992 at the age of 73 in Plantersville, Lee, MS.63485,63486 Buried in Plantersville Cemetery, Plantersville, MS. Also given as Montese. Parents: Lamar B. PARKER-73357 and Iva DERRICK-73358.

Spouse: Eugene Frank (Pete) TEMPLE-39809. Lola Montez (Tez) PARKER and Eugene Frank (Pete) TEMPLE were married before 1939 in MS. Children were: Sandra Dean (Sandy) TEMPLE-73001, Gloria TEMPLE-72997.

Lonzer PARKER was born in 1909 in AR.32466 He died. Parents: PARKER-85736 and Buna -85737.

Spouse: Bettie Bonni ESTRIDGE-78630. Bettie Bonni ESTRIDGE and Lonzer PARKER were married about 1938.

Lora PARKER was born in 1899.4544 Parents: Jonas C. PARKER-9177 and Libbie JOHNSON-9178.

Loren A. PARKER (private).

Spouse: Peter A. TEMPLE-164528.

Lorenzo PARKER was born in 1812 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA.4544 He died in 1887 at the age of 75.4544 Parents: Artemas PARKER-7068 and Almy CLARK-7069.

Spouse: Mary E. HERRICK-7841. Mary E. HERRICK and Lorenzo PARKER were married in 1837.4544

Loretta June PARKER was born on 27 February 1936 in Port Arthur, Jefferson, TX.63487 She lived in LA in 1952.63488 She died on 19 July 2003 at the age of 67 in Hornbeck, Vernon, LA.63488 Parents: Floyd PARKER-169455 and Melonie PREWITT-169456.

Spouse: TEMPLE-169453.

Lorinda PARKER was born in 1830. She died in 1838 at the age of 8. Parents: Clement PARKER-3748 and Mary PARKER-3821.

Loton PARKER was born in 1806.4544 Parents: Richard PARKER-9058 and Hannah POOL-9059.

Lott PARKER was born in 1805.4544 Parents: Caleb PARKER-9383 and Thankful PRATT-9390.

Spouse: Roccina E. SHATTUCK-9502. Roccina E. SHATTUCK and Lott PARKER were married in 1823 in Stukeley, Canada East.4544 Children were: Susan Ball PARKER-9503, Caleb Hamilton PARKER-9504, Mary PARKER-9505, Eleanor PARKER-9507, Elizabeth PARKER-9508, Maria Jane PARKER-9509, Charles Edward PARKER-9510.

Louian Sanford PARKER14585 was born on 2 November 1850 in Galena, Delaware, OH. Parents: Riley PARKER-11419 and Catherine MARQUIT-11487.

Louis D. PARKER was born in 1872.4544 He died in 1872 at the age of 0.4544 Parents: William Dwight PARKER-8595 and Margaret SMITH-8596.

Louis Francis PARKER was born in 1861 in Hopkinton, Middlesex, MA.4544 He died in 1863 at the age of 2.4544 Parents: Hiram Chamberlain PARKER-8285 and Hannah Laurania NEWTON-8286.

Louis Francis PARKER was born in 1874.4544 Parents: Eugene Costello PARKER-8580 and Adelia O. BARKER-8581.

Louis Franklin PARKER was born in 1879.4544 Parents: Benjamin Franklin PARKER-8664 and Mary M. CHILDS-8665.

Louisa PARKER was born in 1806 in Princeton, Mercer, NJ.4544 She died in 1844 at the age of 38.4544 Parents: Ebenezer PARKER Jr.-7702 and Hannah B. MERRIAM-7703.

Spouse: Eli WALKER-8074. Louisa PARKER and Eli WALKER were married in 1828.4544

Louisa PARKER was born in 1816 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.4544 Parents: Henry PARKER-7710 and Abigail HUTCHINSON-7711.

Spouse: John WESTON-8122. Louisa PARKER and John WESTON were married in 1839 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.63489

Louisa Catherine PARKER was born in 1833 in South Windsor, Hartford, CT.4544 Parents: Elisha H. PARKER-7796 and Charlotte M. SKINNER-7797.

Spouse: William G. TEFF-8250. Louisa Catherine PARKER and William G. TEFF were married in 1851.4544

Louisa Florence PARKER was born in 1858.4544 Parents: Ebenezer Warner PARKER-8079 and Chloe A. PARMENTER-8080.

Louisa Jane PARKER was born in 1812.4544 Parents: Amos PARKER-7651 and Elizabeth WHITNEY-7652.

Louisa Jane (Louie) PARKER23895 was born on 9 January 1879 in Selma, Johnston, NC.23882,45175,63490,63491 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in St. Matthews, Wake, NC.63490 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Selma, Johnston, NC.23882 Louisa appeared in the census in April 1930 in Selma, Johnston, NC.63491 She lived 401 North Pollock Street in Selma, Johnston, NC in October 1940.63492 She died on 9 June 1971 at the age of 92 in Durham, Durham, NC.227,45175,63493,63494 Buried in Sunset Memorial Park, Smithfield Twp., Johnston Co., NC. Some transcriptions of gravestone give the year as 1979 but they are mistaken. Her parents were both from NC. They had no children prior to 1900. By 1910, she had had 5 children, 3 of whom survived.

Spouse: Jackson Pettigrew (Pett) TEMPLE-17057. Louisa Jane (Louie) PARKER and Jackson Pettigrew (Pett) TEMPLE were married on 1 October 1899 in Selma, Johnston, NC.23882,23895,63490,63495,63496 Marriage records and newspaper reports of Johnston County give 1 Oct, but some still say it was 9 Oct. 9 Oct may be the minister's return. Children were: Ruth TEMPLE-17239, Mary Louise TEMPLE-17240, Joseph Alton (Joe) TEMPLE Sr.-17241, Margaret Elizabeth TEMPLE-17242, Iola Eunice (Eunice) TEMPLE-17243, James Pettigrew (J.P.) TEMPLE-17244.

Louisa Lockett PARKER20057 was born in 1827. Parents: Lewis PARKER-11442 and Matilda deForest LOCKETT-11441.

Spouse: Milton P. BUSTER-11465.

Spouse: David Leroy HICKS-11466. Louisa Lockett PARKER and David Leroy HICKS were married in 1854.20057

Louisa Maria PARKER16324 was born in 1841. She died in 1910 at the age of 69. Parents: Nathaniel PARKER-11990 and Mary PARKER-11991.

Spouse: George Frederick GAY-11993. Louisa Maria PARKER and George Frederick GAY were married in 1865.16324 Children were: Frederick Parker GAY-11994.

Lovisa PARKER8449 was born on 27 May 1818 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.63189 Parents: Seth PARKER-12062 and Mary (Polly) BOLLES-12064.

Lowell PARKER was born in 1840 in Waltham, Middlesex, MA.4544 Parents: Isaac PARKER-7787 and Lucy DUNSMORE-7788.

Lucelia J. PARKER was born (date unknown). Parents: Charles PARKER-9083 and Eliza BANCROFT-9088.

Spouse: John E. WALKER-9092. Lucelia J. PARKER and John E. WALKER were married in 1843.4544

Lucia Agnes VeNorma Crown PARKER was born on 10 November 1889 in Milton, Chittenden, VT. She died on 29 August 1975 at the age of 85 in Schenectady, Schenectady, NY. Buried in Schenectady, Schenectady, NY. Parents: William Job (Willie) PARKER-3679 and Abigail (Abbie) Inez CROWN-3680.

Spouse: George Loyal ROBERTS Sr.-3733. Lucia Agnes VeNorma Crown PARKER and George Loyal ROBERTS Sr. were married in 1910. Children were: George Loyal ROBERTS Jr.-3734.

Spouse: Jason C. PRIOR-3725. Lucia Agnes VeNorma Crown PARKER and Jason C. PRIOR were married in 1919.

Spouse: E. A. ANDERSON-3735. Lucia Agnes VeNorma Crown PARKER and E. A. ANDERSON were married in 1960 in Schenectady, Schenectady, NY.

Lucien Lindsey PARKER14585 was born on 30 June 1845 in Galena, Delaware, OH. He died on 19 February 1925 at the age of 79 in Hamilton, Marion, IA. Parents: Riley PARKER-11419 and Catherine MARQUIT-11487.

Spouse: Elizabeth FORSYTH-11498. Elizabeth FORSYTH and Lucien Lindsey PARKER were married on 23 December 1869 in Kirksville, Wapello, IA.14585 Children were: Oscar Leo PARKER-11499, Jesse Theopolis PARKER-11500, Sarah Catherine PARKER-11501, Cora Belle PARKER-11502, Alice M. PARKER-11503, Mary Elizabeth PARKER-11504, Jennie PARKER-11505.

Lucinda PARKER (private). Parents: John PARKER-11827 and MC GREGOR-11923.

Spouse: Captain BACHELDER-11928.

Lucinda PARKER died in 1803.4544 She was born in Hubbardston, Worcester, MA. Parents: Amos PARKER-7103 and Lucy R. ROBINSON-7560.

Spouse: Nathaniel BANGS-7619. Lucinda PARKER and Nathaniel BANGS were married in 1793.11274

Lucinda PARKER63497 was born in 1778 in MA.4550,63498 She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.4550 Living in the next residence to Abraham. She died on 24 April 1856 at the age of 78 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.63498 Buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Reading, MA. Lucinda has reference number RLT # 255W.21110

Spouse: Captain Jonathan TEMPLE-5701. Lucinda PARKER and Captain Jonathan TEMPLE were married on 1 May 1804 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.11216,63497 Children were: Lucinda TEMPLE-5735, Lydia Pratt TEMPLE-5736, Seth Heywood (Seth) TEMPLE-5737, Clarinda TEMPLE-5738, Abraham TEMPLE-5739, Cynthia TEMPLE-5740, Francis Pliny Fisk (Francisco) TEMPLE-5741, Sarah TEMPLE-38428.

Lucinda PARKER was born in 1779.4544 Parents: Caleb PARKER-7258 and Hannah GARFIELD-7269.

Lucinda PARKER was born in 1793.4544 Parents: Philemon PARKER-7554 and Susan STONE-7555.

Spouse: Jacob JACOBS-7611.

Lucinda (Lucy) PARKER63499 was born in 1780 in MA.63500 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.63500 Enumerated living with her daughter Lucy and her family.

Spouse: Samuel PRATT-25097. Lucinda (Lucy) PARKER and Samuel PRATT were married about 1800. Children were: Lucinda PRATT-5690.

Lucinda A. PARKER was born in 1827 in Chester, Windsor, VT.4544 Parents: Luther PARKER-7612 and Dolly BYAM-7613.

Spouse: Josiah AYERS-7849. Lucinda A. PARKER and Josiah AYERS were married in 1850.4544

Lucinda Bangs PARKER was born in 1807 in Hubbardston, Worcester, MA.4544 She died in 1856 at the age of 49 in Templeton, Worcester, MA.4544 Parents: Dana Robinson PARKER-7627 and Sarah Davis WILLIAMS-7628.

Spouse: Eli GRAY-7899. Lucinda Bangs PARKER and Eli GRAY were married in 1832 in Hubbardston, Worcester, MA.4544

Lucius PARKER was born in 1822 in Richford, Franklin, VT. Obituary write-up. He died on 20 December 1897 at the age of 75 in Enosburg Falls, Franklin, VT. Obituary write-up. In a newspaper account clipped to the Resolutions of the First Congregational Church, noting the death of La Fayette Parker and Isaiah Gray Parker, was an obituary:
"Died, Enosburg Falls, VT., Sunday, Dec 20th, Lucius R. Parker. "Uncle Lucius" as he was universally called in Richford, where he was born and raised, had been an invalid for some time, originally caused by disease contracted when in military service in the Civil War. He had passed the allotted age of man a few years, and was a most estimable
man - upright, kindly, charitable, lovable - a genuine Vermonter of the old school. He and the mother of the editor of this paper were cousins." Parents: Ariel PARKER-302 and Barsheba GRAY-3747.

Spouse: Jessie SCOFIELD-3825. Jessie SCOFIELD and Lucius PARKER were married in 1842 in VT.

Lucius N. PARKER was born in 1851.4544 He died in 1856 at the age of 5.4544 Parents: William Bowers PARKER-7168 and Priscilla Elizabeth GARFIELD-7169.

Lucius R. PARKER was born in 1806 in Richford, Franklin, VT.63501 He died on 20 December 1818 at the age of 12 in Enosburg Falls, Franklin, VT.21560 Obituary found in family papers, apparently from an Enosburg Falls newspaper:

"Died, at Enosburg Falls, Vt., Sunday, Dec. 20th, Lucius R. Parker. "'Uncle Lucius,' as he was universally called in Richford, where he was born and raised, had been an invalid for some time, originally caused by disease contracted when in military service in the civil war. He had passed the allotted age of man a few years, and was a most estimable man - upright, kindly, charitable - a genuine Vermonter of the old school. He and the mother of the editor of this paper were cousins." Parents: Ariel PARKER-302 and Barsheba GRAY-3747.

Lucy PARKER (private). Parents: Captain John PARKER-11636 and Lydia REED-11769.

Spouse: John TUFTS-11779.

Lucy PARKER was born in 1731. She was baptized on 4 April 1731.17045 Parents: Andrew PARKER-7028 and Sarah WHITNEY-7029.

Spouse: Joshua MEAD-7089. Lucy PARKER and Joshua MEAD were married on 24 May 1750 in Lexington, Middlesex, MA.4544,17045

Lucy PARKER8151 was born on 5 January 1731/2 in Dracut, Middlesex, MA. Parents: Rev. Thomas PARKER-11612 and Lydia RICHARDSON-11628.

Spouse: ABBOTT-11767.

Lucy PARKER was born in 1745 in Holden, Worcester, MA.4544 She died in 1813 at the age of 68 in Princeton, Worcester, MA.59320 Died at the home of her uncle Thomas Parker. Parents: Jonas PARKER-7030 and Lucy MUNROE-7082.

Lucy PARKER8449 was born in 1746 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA. Parents: Simon PARKER-12038 and Mary BOWKER-12049.

Lucy PARKER8449 was born in 1750. Parents: Samuel PARKER-12036 and Mary LAKIN-12041.

Lucy PARKER was born in 1771.4544 Parents: Thomas PARKER-9005 and Sarah PARKER-9014.

Lucy PARKER was born in 1777 in Sutton, Merrimack, NH.4544 Parents: Hezekiah PARKER-6954 and Esther WILKINS-6962.

Spouse: Jonathan DAVIS Jr.-9449.

Lucy PARKER was born in 1778 in Westborough, Worcester, MA.4544 She died in 1795 at the age of 17.4544 Parents: Isaac PARKER-7467 and Margaret (Margery) MAYNARD-7561.

Lucy PARKER was born in 1781 in Princeton, Worcester, MA.4544 Parents: Ebenezer PARKER-7563 and Dorcas MONROE-7564.

Spouse: Joseph BEAMAN-8071. Lucy PARKER and Joseph BEAMAN were married in 1801.4544

Spouse: Edward HANFORD-8072. Lucy PARKER and Edward HANFORD were married in 1809.4544

Lucy PARKER2625 was born on 1 August 1784 in Peru, Berkshire, MA. She died on 21 August 1825 at the age of 41 in Grafton, Lorain, OH. Parents: Samuel PARKER-11067 and Lucy STEPHENS-11075.

Spouse: Joseph THOMSON-11088. Lucy PARKER and Joseph THOMSON were married. Children were: Edwin THOMSON-11090, Lucy Fidelia THOMSON-11091, Milo THOMSON-11092, Ermina THOMSON-11093, Caroline THOMSON-11094, Monroe THOMSON-11095, Mary THOMSON-11096, Olive THOMSON-11097, Fayette THOMSON-11098, Joseph THOMSON-11099.