Peter PFAFF died.

Spouse: Caroline STROHMEYER-107439. Caroline STROHMEYER and Peter PFAFF were married before November 1862.60666 Children were: Mary C. PFAFF-53496.

Ernestine J. PFAFFENHOUS (private).7462

Spouse: Albert Clement TEMPEL-72830.

Frederick PFAHL47467 was born in 1907.60667 He died in 1989 at the age of 82.60667

Spouse: Anna TEMPLE-151010. Anna TEMPLE and Frederick PFAHL were married.

Anna PFAU9401 was born on 25 August 1878.

Spouse: John Chrysostum FISCHER-111201. Children were: Cyril B. FISCHER-111176, Wilfred Edmund FISCHER-111239, Hugo W. FISCHER-111197, Alvin Louis FISCHER-111167, Urban FISCHER-111236, Genevive P. FISCHER-111187.

Mary PFAU (private).

Spouse: Francis DOUGHTY-156918. Children were: Marion Louise DOUGHTY-150207.

Charles M. PFEFFER43009,60668 was born in 1882.60668 He lived in Warrensburg, Johnson, MO in 1907.32332 He died in 1930 at the age of 48.60668

Spouse: Emma C. TEMPLE-71430. Emma C. TEMPLE and Charles M. PFEFFER were married on 11 February 1907 in Warrensburg, Johnson, MO.32332 Children were: George Mathew PFEFFER-86080, Mildred Elizabeth PFEFFER-86081.

Edwin A. PFEFFER60669 died.

Spouse: Hilda THIEL-104886. Hilda THIEL and Edwin A. PFEFFER were married before 1931.60669 Children were: Lorraine Mae PFEFFER-72331.

George PFEFFER (private).

Spouse: Anselma SCHNEIDER-95276. Children were: Isabella M. PFEFFER-47120.

George Mathew PFEFFER (private). Parents: Charles M. PFEFFER-71471 and Emma C. TEMPLE-71430.

Henry William PFEFFER (private).

Spouse: Mary Magdalena WILHELM-71907. Children were: Margaret Ann PFEFFER-71905.

Isabella M. PFEFFER1221,14196 was born on 18 June 1878 in Colfax, Mc Lean, IL.1221,40126,60670,60671,60672,60673 Gave 1888 in 1930. She immigrated in 1908 to Canada.60671 She appeared in the census in 1911 in MacDonald, Manitoba, Canada.60671 Isabella the Guardian Angel Church organist between 1916 and 1919 in Power, Teton, MT.60674 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Chouteau Co., MT.60672 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Cascade Co., MT.60670 Isabella appeared in the census in April 1940 in First Sun River Bench Twp., Cascade, MT.60673 She died on 13 September 1963 at the age of 85 in Great Falls, Cascade, MT.60675 Buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Cascade Co., MT. Her parents were from IN (father) and IL (mother), but she also claimed that she was of German descent. Parents: George PFEFFER-95275 and Anselma SCHNEIDER-95276.

Spouse: Jacob Charles (Jake) TEMPEL-47091. Isabella M. PFEFFER and Jacob Charles (Jake) TEMPEL were married on 26 August 1896 in Colfax Twp., Champaign, IL.60670,60676 Children were: Frank John TEMPEL-47121, Jacob Charles TEMPEL-120368, George Michael TEMPEL-47093, Albert Leopold TEMPEL-47092, Edith T. TEMPEL-64679, Catherine Mary TEMPLE-64680, Bernice Ann TEMPLE-47122, Paul Joseph TEMPEL-47123, Mary Cecelia TEMPLE-47124, Anna Irene (Ann) TEMPEL-47125, Leo William (Leo) TEMPEL-47126, Margaret Christine TEMPEL-47127.

Lorraine Mae PFEFFER was born on 13 January 1931 in Ganado, Jackson, TX.60669 She died on 15 March 1994 at the age of 63 in Missouri City, Fort Bend, TX.60677 Parents: Edwin A. PFEFFER-104885 and Hilda THIEL-104886.

Spouse: Billy Roy TEMPEL-72330. Children were: Bill Alan TEMPEL-72332, Patricia Ann TEMPEL-72335.

Margaret Ann PFEFFER47147 was born on 23 September 1914 in Pesotum, Champaign, IL.21974,60678 She died on 13 December 2002 at the age of 88 in Tuscola, Douglas, IL.21974,60678 Find-A-Grave says the place was Champaign, IL. Buried in Saint Joseph Church Cemetery, Pesotum, IL. Her obituary related that she had unnamed issue of two sons and two daughters. Parents: Henry William PFEFFER-71906 and Mary Magdalena WILHELM-71907.

Spouse: Joseph Michael (Joe) TEMPEL-48253. Margaret Ann PFEFFER and Joseph Michael (Joe) TEMPEL were married on 21 November 1940 in Pesotum, Champaign, IL.1221,21974 Children were: Joseph Michael (Joe) TEMPEL Jr.-95300, Barbara Ann TEMPEL-95302, David William (Dave) TEMPEL-95304, Mary Jane TEMPEL-80508.

Mildred Elizabeth PFEFFER (private). Parents: Charles M. PFEFFER-71471 and Emma C. TEMPLE-71430.

Janine M. PFEIFER (private).60679

Spouse: Mark E. TEMPLE-146234.

Christina PFEIFF60680 died in 1905 in Burlington, Des Moines, IA.9743,60681 She was born in IA.60681

Spouse: William STEYH-50372. Christina PFEIFF and William STEYH were married. Children were: Elizabeth C. STEYH-50369.

Jennifer PFEIFFER (private).

Spouse: Marvin TEMPLE-141976.

Mary PFEIFFER14804 died.

Spouse: Frank BOOZE-118890. Mary PFEIFFER and Frank BOOZE were married before December 1908. Children were: Caroline E. BOOZE-87371.

Catherine Ann PFEIL (private).60682

Spouse: Steven Richard William (Steve) TEMPLE-110020.

Marie Matilda (Marie) PFEIL60683 was born on 18 June 1885 in Wabash, Wabash, IN.60684,60685,60686,60687,60688,60689 She appeared in the census in May 1910 in Noble, Wabash, IN.60686 She lived 471 North Cass Street in Wabash, Wabash, IN in 1918.60690 Marie appeared in the census in January 1920 in Wabash, Wabash, IN.60684 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Wabash, Wabash, IN.60685 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Wabash, Wabash, IN.60688 Marie lived 1058 Stitt Street in Wabash, Wabash, IN in 1942.60691 She died on 28 August 1971 at the age of 86 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN.60687 Buried in Falls Memorial Gardens, Wabash, IN. Her father was from Kassel, Germany, and her mother from Bavaria. By 1910, she had had 3 children, all of whom survived. Surname from her son Richard's death records was Phiel. Parents: Simon PFEIL-80630 and UNKNOWN-80631.

Spouse: Rex TEMPLE-61338. Marie Matilda (Marie) PFEIL and Rex TEMPLE were married in 1902.60685,60686 Children were: Robert Shirley TEMPLE Sr.-61341, Louise E. TEMPLE-61340, Richard Ernest TEMPLE-61342, Leah Majorie TEMPLE-61343, Howard Rex (Bud) TEMPLE-61344, Helen Marie TEMPLE-61345.

Simon PFEIL (private).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-80631. Children were: Marie Matilda (Marie) PFEIL-61339.

Margaret PFENDER (private).

Spouse: Andrew STENGLEIN-66487. Children were: Mary Ann STENGLEIN-60676.

Mary PFENNIG (private).

Spouse: Nick SCHNELL-169702. Children were: Hilda SCHNELL-169701.

Lena Rose PFERTSCH60692 was born in 1895 in IL.3846,9227,21493,60693 She lived in Oakland, Coles, IL in 1917.60694 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in East Oakland, Coles, IL.60693 Lena appeared in the census in April 1930 in East Oakland, Coles, IL.9227 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in East Oakland, Coles, IL.21493 She died in 1963 at the age of 68 in Coles Co., IL.3846 Buried in Oakland Cemetery, Oakland, IL, Plot: Section 10 Lot 23. Her parents were from Germany (father) and MO (mother), except in 1920 when her parents were both from Germany. Parents: Michael PFERTSCH-106716 and Katherine -106717.

Spouse: William Jordan (William) TEMPLE(S)-50451. Lena Rose PFERTSCH and William Jordan (William) TEMPLE(S) were married in 1915 in IL.9227 Children were: Milton William TEMPLES-50453, Harold Gene (Harold) TEMPLES-50468.

Michael PFERTSCH3846 died.

Spouse: Katherine -106717. Katherine and Michael PFERTSCH were married before 1895. Children were: Lena Rose PFERTSCH-50452.

PFINGSTEN (private).

Spouse: RIENIETS-45770. Children were: Elizabeth Marie RIENIETS-45769.

Catherine (Katie) PFLAUM was born on 6 May 1904 in PA.1423,4675,60695 She lived in Filion, Huron, MI in 1921.60695 She died on 28 September 1928 at the age of 24 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.1423,4675 Died of tuberculosis, complicated by chronic nephritis. Buried in Colfax Cemetery, Bad Axe, Huron, MI. Parents: Fred PFLAUM-97045 and Margaret -97046.

Spouse: Glenn Harold TEMPLE-51749. Catherine (Katie) PFLAUM and Glenn Harold TEMPLE were married on 16 November 1921 in Elkton, Huron, MI.60695 They60695 were divorced before September 1927.21665 Divorce is assumed, as the records do not specify anything other than Kate was not living (with him). Children were: Irone TEMPLE-97410.

Fred PFLAUM60695 was born in Austria.4675 He died.

Spouse: Margaret -97046. Margaret and Fred PFLAUM were married before 1904. Children were: Catherine (Katie) PFLAUM-97044.

Emma Viola PFLEEGER8502 was born on 10 May 1907 in PA.20014,20018,60696 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Anthony, Montour, PA.20014 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Moreland Twp., Muncy, Lycoming, PA.20018 Emma lived in PA between 1955 and 1957.60696 She died on 22 June 1985 at the age of 78 in Montoursville, Lycoming, PA.60696,60697 Buried in Twin Hills Memorial Park, Muncy, PA. She was not listed as a survivor in her husband's obituary.

Spouse: Sherman Lester (Lester) TEMPLE-22836. Emma Viola PFLEEGER and Sherman Lester (Lester) TEMPLE were married about 1929 in PA. Children were: Francis James (Frank) PFLEEGER-45103, George Eugene TEMPLE-45104, Betty Lois TEMPLE-22849.

Francis James (Frank) PFLEEGER55494 was born on 18 January 1925 in Sunbury, Northumberland, PA.20014,20018,60698 Year was 1925 in 1940. He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Anthony, Montour, PA.20014 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Moreland Twp., Muncy, Lycoming, PA.20018 Francis was adopted before September 1941.60698 He lived Rural Deliver # 1 in Moreland Twp., Muncy, Lycoming, PA in February 1943.60699 He lived in PA before 1951.60700 Francis died on 4 January 1997 at the age of 71 in Muncy, Lycoming, PA.60698 He was also known as Francis James Temple.60698 His story is not clear. He was a Temple when he registered for the draft in WWII. His SSAN application gave his name as Temple, but listed only his mother, Emma Pfleeger. Then, it said his surname was Temple in Sep 1941, but changed to Pfleeger by Mar 1946. Several scenarios suggest themselves, but just which one is not known. He died as a Pfleeger, but his wife's obituary said he and she ran "Temple Tours." Parents: Sherman Lester (Lester) TEMPLE-22836 and Emma Viola PFLEEGER-22843.

Billy PFLUGARD (private).

Spouse: Bryanne TEMPLES-122660.

Emma PFLUGER47787 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Henry W. KUEMPEL-89721. Emma PFLUGER and Henry W. KUEMPEL were married before 1915.47788 Children were: Ruby Doris (Ruby) KUEMPEL-88782.

David Ray PFLUGHOEFT (private).6513

Spouse: Sylvia Ursula TEMPEL-151938.

Anna Mary PFOHL (private).

Spouse: Frank LABERT-47154. Children were: Anna Mary (Annie) LABERT-47116.

John PFUND was born in April 1838 in Germany.3907 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.3907

Spouse: Katie -132804. Katie and John PFUND were married in 1870. Children were: Kate PFUND-132802.

Kate PFUND was born in January 1872 in OH.3907 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.3907 Enumerated living with her parents. She had two children, one of which died young. Parents: John PFUND-132803 and Katie -132804.

Spouse: TEMPLE-132801. Kate PFUND and TEMPLE were married about 1892. Children were: Walter TEMPLE-132805.

Viletta M. PFUNDSTEIN (private).

Spouse: Vernon Edwin (Hap) TEMPLE-48340. Children were: Cynthia A. TEMPLE-63664, James E. TEMPLE-63665.

Spouse: Merle E. ATHERTON Jr.-120510.

Allie PHA60701 was born on 19 November 1919.60702 She died on 5 September 2000 at the age of 80 in MS.60702 Buried in Lakewood South Memorial Park, Jackson, MS.

Spouse: James Levon (Jim) TEMPLE-39807. Allie PHA and James Levon (Jim) TEMPLE were married before 1948. The date was sometime after James was inducted on 19 Jun 1941. Children were: Pha Jean TEMPLE-82310, James TEMPLE-82311.

Bob PHANEUF (private).

Spouse: Carolyn TEMPLE-76006.

Robert P. PHANEUF (private).

Spouse: Carolyn B. TEMPLE-164220.

Mary PHARES60703 was born in March 1823 in LA.7117,32551,60704,60705,60706 The 1870 census gives her birthplace as Mississippi. Her birth date is from the 1900 census. She appeared in the census in 1850 in West Feliciana Parish, LA.60704 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in St. Francisville, West Feliciana, LA.60706 Mary appeared in the census in June 1870 in West Feliciana Parish, LA.60705 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in St. Francisville, West Feliciana, LA.27925,32551 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in St. Francisville, West Feliciana, LA.7119,27925 Mary appeared in the census in April 1910 in St. Francisville, West Feliciana, LA.7117 She died. Her surname is from E. Duby. Her parents were both from NC. Did not appear with this family in 1870 as Mary but as Martha. By 1900, she had had 8 children, 7 of whom survived. In 1910, she claimed 10 children, with 4 survivors. Given with Germanic spelling in 1910.

Spouse: Henry C. TEMPLE Sr.-35288. Mary PHARES and Henry C. TEMPLE Sr. were married on 30 April 1840 in West Feliciana Parish, LA.2013,60703,60707 Children were: Martha Elizabeth TEMPLE-35291, Charles W. TEMPLE-35290, Francis F. TEMPLE-35292, Caroline M. TEMPLE-35293, Henry C. TEMPLE Jr.-35294, P. TEMPLE-55595, Sarah Jane (Sallie) TEMPLE-35296, Robert TEMPLE-89915, John Quincy TEMPLE-35298, John TEMPLE-35297, Edward W. TEMPEL-35295.

Nellie Marie PHARES (private).

Spouse: Arthur V. VANCE-91202. Children were: Ruthlean I. (Ruth) VANCE-91201.

Eliza J. PHARRIS60708 died in December 1878.

Spouse: Isaac Franklin (Franklin) ROBERTS-75192. Eliza J. PHARRIS and Isaac Franklin (Franklin) ROBERTS were married about 1875 in LA. Children were: William ROBERTS-75196, Thomas ROBERTS-75197, Marshall ROBERTS-75198.

Anne Louise PHEIFFER (private). Parents: Chester H. PHEIFFER-179132 and Catherine Ann TEMPLE-179131.

Chester H. PHEIFFER60709 died before August 2019.

Spouse: Catherine Ann TEMPLE-179131. Catherine Ann TEMPLE and Chester H. PHEIFFER were married. Children were: Anne Louise PHEIFFER-179133.

Ella Agnes PHEIFFER (private).

Spouse: Henry G. RAUB-68077. Children were: Annamay (Anna) RAUB-10199.

PHELPS22 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Eva May (Eva) HICKS-35703. Eva May (Eva) HICKS and PHELPS were married in 1912.17157 Children were: Ruth E. PHELPS-42661, Roger H. PHELPS-42662.

PHELPS (private).

Spouse: Bertha KNIGHT-91330.

Abiel PHELPS was born on 12 March 1714 in Mansfield, Tolland, CT.22 Parents: Benjamin PHELPS-5059 and Deborah TEMPLE-120.

Abigail PHELPS42379 was born on 13 May 1717 in Mansfield, Tolland, CT.42379 She died on 22 February 1741 at the age of 23 in Mansfield, Tolland, CT.42379 Parents: Benjamin PHELPS-5059 and Deborah TEMPLE-120.

Spouse: Thomas HOVEY-18635. Abigail PHELPS and Thomas HOVEY were married on 11 November 1736 in Mansfield, Tolland, CT.42379