Effy A. PARKER was born in 1873 in MS.8404 Parents: William M. PARKER-19033 and Melina F. (Malisia) TEMPLE-19029.

Eleanor PARKER was born in 1830.4544 Parents: Lott PARKER-9501 and Roccina E. SHATTUCK-9502.

Eleanor M. PARKER was born in September 1894 in CO.63239,63240 Parents: Arthur A. PARKER-160530 and Dora E. TEMPLE-160529.

Eleazar PARKER was born on 9 November 1661 in Groton, Middlesex, MA.16163 Parents: Captain James PARKER-10910 and Elizabeth LONG-10911.

Spouse: Mary WOODS-12471. Mary WOODS and Eleazar PARKER were married. Children were: Eleazar PARKER-12473, Lt. Zachariah PARKER-12475.

Eleazar PARKER63317 was born on 25 September 1695 in Norton, Bristol, MA. He died in 1741 at the age of 46. Parents: Eleazar PARKER-10912 and Mary WOODS-12471.

Spouse: Hannah HUMPHREY-12481. Hannah HUMPHREY and Eleazar PARKER were married on 24 March 1719/20 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.16163 Children were: Elizabeth PARKER-12485.

Eleazar PARKER16324 was born in 1743. Parents: Peter PARKER-11961 and Prudence LAWRENCE-11996.

Spouse: Abigail LAWRENCE-12001. Abigail LAWRENCE and Eleazar PARKER were married in 1767.16324 Children were: James PARKER-12002, Eleazar PARKER-12003, Sybil PARKER-12004, Sarah PARKER-12005.

Eleazar PARKER8449 was born in 1744. Parents: Samuel PARKER-12036 and Mary LAKIN-12041.

Eleazar PARKER16324 was born in 1770. Parents: Eleazar PARKER-11997 and Abigail LAWRENCE-12001.

Eleazar PARKER11831 was born on 25 February 1802 in Peru, Berkshire, MA. Parker database indicates 3 children born between abt 1825 and 1835, but gives no names. Parents: Samuel PARKER-11067 and Mary (Polly) RHODES-11079.

Spouse: Dyantha BARRETT-11128. Dyantha BARRETT and Eleazar PARKER were married.

Electa PARKER was born in 1794 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.4544 Parents: Josiah PARKER III-7576 and Hannah GARDNER-7577.

Spouse: Samuel Carter BUCKMAN-7719. Electa PARKER and Samuel Carter BUCKMAN were married in 1813 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.11009

Eli PARKER6501 was born on 11 July 1774 in Coventry, Tolland, CT. Parents: Samuel PARKER-11062 and Sarah BADCOCK-11063.

Spouse: Lydia MANN-11141. Lydia MANN and Eli PARKER were married in 1794 in Peru, Berkshire, MA.6501

Elias PARKER11831 was born on 3 May 1765 in Coventry, Tolland, CT. He died on 5 January 1813 at the age of 47 in Fort Oswego, Oswego, NY. Parents: Samuel PARKER-11062 and Sarah BADCOCK-11063.

Spouse: Elidicy OULD-11131. Elidicy OULD and Elias PARKER were married on 10 April 1788 in MA.11831 Children were: Oliver Crary PARKER-11132.

Elijah PARKER (private). Parents: Elijah PARKER-11357 and Martha STILES-11368.

Children were: Stiles PARKER-11401, Daniel PARKER-11402, Elijah PARKER-11403, Pitts PARKER-11404, Martha PARKER-11405, Joshua PARKER-11406, Azra PARKER-11407, Cyrus PARKER-11408, Aschel PARKER-11409, Rachel PARKER-11410, Mehitabel PARKER-11411, Dr. Lemuel PARKER-11412.

Elijah PARKER (private). Parents: Elijah PARKER-11375.

Elijah PARKER12963 was born in 1730 in Belchertown, Hampshire, MA. Parents: James PARKER-13405 and Tabitha STRONG-11142.

Spouse: BELKNAP-11366. BELKNAP and Elijah PARKER were married. Children were: James PARKER-11367.

Spouse: Martha STILES-11368. Martha STILES and Elijah PARKER were married in 1753.12963 Children were: Esther PARKER-11374, Elijah PARKER-11375, Stiles PARKER-11376, Abigail (Nabby) PARKER-11377.

Elijah PARKER was born in 1757 in Methuen, Essex, MA.4544 Parents: John PARKER-6951 and Hannah Edith UPTON-6952.

Elijah PARKER was born about 1776.63318 Appears that there is a generation missing between Elijah and Mary Morse Parker. Parents: Stephen PARKER-9368 and Mary MORSE-9386.

Children were: Mary Morse PARKER-7013.

Elijah PARKER was born in 1787.10918,56083 He died in 1868 at the age of 81 in Cambria, Jamaica, NY.10918 Parents: Elisha PARKER-7106 and Sally BAKER-7524.

Spouse: Rhoda BUTLER-7674. Rhoda BUTLER and Elijah PARKER were married in 1810.4544 Children were: Cho Rhoda PARKER-8012, Charles Rollin PARKER-8013, Cho Augusta PARKER-8015, Caroline Miranda PARKER-8017, Martha Cornelia PARKER-8019, Amanda Bowdish PARKER-8020, Isaac Butler PARKER-8021, Frederick DeForest PARKER-8023.

Eliphalet PARKER7871 was born on 20 May 1776 in Litchfield, Hillsborough, NH. He died on 5 March 1835 at the age of 58 in Montville, New London, CT. Parents: Dr. Jonathan PARKER-11637 and Dorothy COFFIN-11819.

Spouse: Sarah COMSTOCK-11834. Sarah COMSTOCK and Eliphalet PARKER were married in 1808.7871 Children were: Abisha Alden PARKER-11835, Jared Chester PARKER-11836, Eliphalet PARKER-11837, Dolly Elizabeth PARKER-11838, Harriet PARKER-11839, Augustus Alden PARKER-11840, Samuel Chester PARKER-11841, Frederick F. PARKER-11842, Sarah PARKER-11843.

Eliphalet PARKER9089 was born in 1814. Parents: Eliphalet PARKER-11824 and Sarah COMSTOCK-11834.

Spouse: Helen M. RISLEY-11851.

Elisha PARKER was born in 1727.4544 Parents: Jonathan PARKER-7418 and Barbara ELSELEY-7419.

Elisha PARKER was born on 21 July 1749.18514,41364 He died on 9 November 1823 at the age of 74.362 Parents: Benjamin PARKER-9045 and Sarah PARKER-9065.

Spouse: Mehitable HARTSHORNE-9554. Mehitable HARTSHORNE and Elisha PARKER were married on 24 September 1771.41364 Children were: Levi PARKER-9555.

Elisha PARKER was born on 31 December 1754 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.10918,63189,63319 He died in 1818 at the age of 64 in Lancaster, Worcester, MA.10918,63320 Parents: Amos PARKER-7031 and Anna Curwen STONE-7083.

Spouse: Sally BAKER-7524. Children were: Sally E. PARKER-7669, Betsey PARKER-7668, Lydia PARKER-7667, Elisha PARKER-7672, Elijah PARKER-7671, Patty PARKER-7676, Francis Dana PARKER-7675, Francis Dana PARKER-7679, Augusta PARKER-7678, James Sullivan PARKER-7680, Jonas PARKER-7525, Frederick PARKER-7682, Frederick PARKER-7683.

Elisha PARKER was born in 1759 in Methuen, Essex, MA.4544 Parents: John PARKER-6951 and Hannah Edith UPTON-6952.

Spouse: Lydia MORGAN-6964. Children were: Elisha PARKER-9523.

Elisha PARKER was born in 1775 in Lincoln, Middlesex, MA.63321 Parents: Joseph PARKER-7041 and Eunice HOBBS-7102.

Spouse: Jerusha WENTWORTH-7592. Jerusha WENTWORTH and Elisha PARKER were married in 1800 in Weston, Middlesex, MA.63322 Children were: Chloe PARKER-7792, Isaac PARKER-7794, Elisha H. PARKER-7796, Rebecca R. PARKER-7798, Samuel Austin Whitney (Saw) PARKER-7800, Hannah PARKER-7801, Hiram PARKER-7803, Jonathan Capin PARKER-7805, David Manley PARKER-7807.

Elisha PARKER was born in 1784 in NH. He died in 1852 at the age of 68 in Mexico, Oswego, NY. Parents: Elisha PARKER-6960 and Lydia MORGAN-6964.

Spouse: Lydia AMBROSE-9524. Lydia AMBROSE and Elisha PARKER were married on 7 April 1811 in Sutton, Merrimack, NH.4544 Children were: Sophia Maria PARKER-9525, Mary Ann PARKER-9526, Harriet PARKER-9527, Julia Franklin PARKER-9528, Charles PARKER-9529, Mark PARKER-9530, Susan Elvira PARKER-9531, Newton PARKER-9532, Lydia PARKER-9533.

Elisha PARKER was born in 1787.4544 He died in 1847 at the age of 60.4544 Parents: Elisha PARKER-7106 and Sally BAKER-7524.

Spouse: Eunice DEAN-7673. Eunice DEAN and Elisha PARKER were married in 1811.4544 Children were: Elisha H. PARKER-8006, Minerva E. PARKER-8008, Robert D. PARKER-8010.

Elisha PARKER was born in 1798 in Hubbardston, Worcester, MA.4544 Parents: Levi PARKER-7131 and Mary LYON-7589.

Spouse: Alvira COLBURN-7770.

Elisha A. PARKER11831 was born on 16 February 1822 in Batavia, Genesee, NY. He died on 16 December 1895 at the age of 73 in Grass Lake, Jackson, MI. Parents: Oliver Crary PARKER-11132 and DODGE-11133.

Spouse: Cordelia G. YALE-11135. Cordelia G. YALE and Elisha A. PARKER were married on 27 April 1848.11831 Children were: Ida May PARKER-11136.

Elisha F. PARKER14585 was born in 1836. Parents: Lewis PARKER-11442 and Matilda deForest LOCKETT-11441.

Spouse: Eliza Ann GOVER-11458. Children were: William PARKER-11459.

Elisha H. PARKER was born in 1805 in Weston, Middlesex, MA.4544 He died in 1845 at the age of 40 in South Windsor, Hartford, CT.4544 Parents: Elisha PARKER-7137 and Jerusha WENTWORTH-7592.

Spouse: Charlotte M. SKINNER-7797. Charlotte M. SKINNER and Elisha H. PARKER were married in 1830 in East Windsor, Hartford, CT.4544 Children were: Mary B. PARKER-8248, Louisa Catherine PARKER-8249, Benjamin Skinner PARKER-8251, Frances Janet PARKER-8732, Ellen Rebecca PARKER-8253, Emma Sarah PARKER-8255, Charlotte Maria PARKER-8257.

Elisha H. PARKER was born in 1818 in Barnard, Windsor, VT.4544 Parents: Elisha PARKER-7672 and Eunice DEAN-7673.

Spouse: Alvira P. FERRIN-8007. Alvira P. FERRIN and Elisha H. PARKER were married in 1847.4544 Children were: Julia A. PARKER-8504, John F. PARKER-8505, Lizzie A. PARKER-8506.

Elisha Melville PARKER was born in 1848 in Stoughton, Norfolk, MA.4544 Parents: Jonathan Capin PARKER-7805 and Martha Ann BRIGGS-7806.

Spouse: Caroline Frances COOTS-8279. Caroline Frances COOTS and Elisha Melville PARKER were married in 1869.4544 Children were: Melville Augustus PARKER-8737, Carrie Mattie PARKER-8738.

Elisha Sylvester PARKER was born in 1819 in Bakersfield, Franklin, VT.4544 He died about 1885 at the age of 66.4544 Parents: Amory PARKER-7629 and Lydia PARKER-7667.

Spouse: BARNES-7929. BARNES and Elisha Sylvester PARKER were married in 1839.4544 Children were: George A. PARKER-8441, Harry M. PARKER-8442.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-8440.

Eliza PARKER (private). Parents: Hezekiah PARKER-9452 and Sally AUSTIN-9461.

Spouse: Joseph MORGAN-9471.

Eliza PARKER (private). Parents: Thomas PARKER-11822.

Spouse: EATON-11833.

Eliza PARKER was born in 1803 in Methuen, Essex, MA.4544 Parents: Joseph Upton PARKER-6924 and Abigail WHITTIER-6925.

Spouse: Charles MITCHELL-6970.

Eliza PARKER was born in 1815 in Princeton, Mercer, NJ.63323 She died in 1892 at the age of 77.4544 Parents: Quincy PARKER-7695 and Patience BROOKS-7696.

Spouse: Jonas HUNT-8061. Eliza PARKER and Jonas HUNT were married in 1840 in Providence, Providence, RI.4544

Eliza Ann PARKER (private). Parents: Benjamin Harrison PARKER-12322 and Eliza Ann CROWNER-12332.

Eliza Ann PARKER was born in 1810 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA.4544 Parents: Josiah PARKER-7065 and Olive STONE-7066.

Spouse: Thomas HASTINGS Jr.-7831. Eliza Ann PARKER and Thomas HASTINGS Jr. were married on 12 November 1835 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA.4544,41537 Children were: Courtland Evarts HASTINGS-9630, Frederick Ashburton HASTINGS-9631, Ella Webster HASTINGS-9632.

Eliza Ann PARKER was born in 1824.4544 She died in 1856 at the age of 32.4544 Parents: John PARKER-7416 and Mary Ann FALES-7417.

Spouse: Burley COLLINS-8294. Children were: Dewitt COLLINS-8295.

Eliza Ann PARKER was born about 1828 in Fitzwilliam, Cheshire, NH.4544 Parents: Ephraim PARKER-7476 and Lucy STONE-7477.

Spouse: Lucas C. TOPPING-8046. Eliza Ann PARKER and Lucas C. TOPPING were married in 1852 in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.4544 Children were: Janette Frances TOPPING-8047.

Eliza Eleanor PARKER was born in 1804 in Lexington, Middlesex, MA.4544 Parents: Robert PARKER-7122 and Elizabeth SIMONDS-7123.

Spouse: Nathan ROBBINS-7162. Eliza Eleanor PARKER and Nathan ROBBINS were married in 1829.4544

Eliza Jane PARKER was born in 1817 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA.4544 Parents: Artemas PARKER-7068 and Almy CLARK-7069.

Spouse: David WASHBURN-7843. Eliza Jane PARKER and David WASHBURN were married in 1834 in Natick, Middlesex, MA.4544

Eliza Jane PARKER was born in 1837 in Albany, Albany, NY.4544 Parents: George Smith PARKER-7836 and Mary Ann WHITE-7837.

Spouse: Luther H. TURNER-8341. Eliza Jane PARKER and Luther H. TURNER were married in 1852 in Holliston, Middlesex, MA.4544

Eliza Richardson PARKER was born in 1808 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.4544 She died in 1886 at the age of 78.4544 Parents: Joseph PARKER-7727 and Betsey RICHARDSON-7728.

Spouse: Warner FOX-8144. Eliza Richardson PARKER and Warner FOX were married in 1827 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.34861

Elizabeth PARKER (private). Parents: Abijah PARKER-7338 and Lydia BALCOM-7339.

Spouse: John CARTER-7354.

Elizabeth PARKER (private). Parents: Robert D. PARKER-8010 and Sarah HAWES-8011.

Spouse: Frank M. MUZZY-8508.

Elizabeth PARKER (private). Parents: John PARKER-7303 and Sarah LILLEY-9031.

Elizabeth PARKER (private).

Spouse: Charlie L. ALBERTSON-41064. Children were: William Edward ALBERTSON-39304.