Forrest Dean CALDWELL was born on 26 March 1923 in Leesburg, Highland, OH.19003,19004 He lived Route 1 in Leesburg, Highland, OH in February 1944.19004 He died on 2 October 1981 at the age of 58 in Dayton, Montgomery, OH.19003 Parents: Harold H. CALDWELL-116688 and Elizabeth DODDS-116689.

Spouse: Virginia Christine (Virginia) TEMPLE-49709. Virginia Christine (Virginia) TEMPLE and Forrest Dean CALDWELL were married on 6 February 1944 in Hillsboro, Highland, OH.19004 This was a first marriage for both. Children were: Tom CALDWELL-119496, Sheila CALDWELL-119497.

Gerald M. (Jerry) CALDWELL (private).19005

Spouse: Joyce A. TEMPLE-146083.

Hannah CALDWELL19006 was born in 1788 in Northfield, Franklin, MA.19007 She died on 28 January 1823 at the age of 35 in Bernardston, Franklin, MA.22,19007 Buried in West Northfield Cemetery, Northfield, MA. NEHGR gives her name as Elizabeth. Parents: John CALDWELL-17298 and Elizabeth SWAN-32525.

Spouse: Parmenas TEMPLE Jr.-219. Hannah CALDWELL and Parmenas TEMPLE Jr. were married on 9 November 1806 in Northfield, Franklin, MA.19008 Children were: Daniel Wasson (Wasson) TEMPLE-368, Minerva A. TEMPLE-1340, Solomon W. TEMPLE-1341, Warren TEMPLE-1343, George Wilson (George) TEMPLE-1342.

Harold H. CALDWELL19004 died.

Spouse: Elizabeth DODDS-116689. Elizabeth DODDS and Harold H. CALDWELL were married before 1923. Children were: Forrest Dean CALDWELL-116687.

Henry Daniel CALDWELL (private).

Spouse: Martha Ann SORDS-82365. Children were: Lelia CALDWELL-39465.

James CALDWELL (private).

Spouse: Margaret WASSON-23306. Children were: John CALDWELL-17298.

James Erwin CALDWELL III17137 was born in 1918.19009 He died in 1989 at the age of 71.19009

Spouse: Harriett E. TEMPLE-74925. Harriett E. TEMPLE and James Erwin CALDWELL III were married before 1958.19010

John CALDWELL (private).

Spouse: Anne FRAYNE-38288. Children were: Joseph CALDWELL-36867.

John CALDWELL19011 was born in 1756.19006 He died in 1840 at the age of 84.19006 Parents: James CALDWELL-23305 and Margaret WASSON-23306.

Spouse: Elizabeth SWAN-32525. Children were: Hannah CALDWELL-367.

John Gabriel CALDWELL7971 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Pauline Clara AHNER-81802. Pauline Clara AHNER and John Gabriel CALDWELL were married before 1914. Children were: Mildred Fern CALDWELL-63970.

Joseph CALDWELL19012 died on 15 April 1931 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.17832 Died at King's County Hospital, Brooklyn, NY. He was born in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.19013 Parents: John CALDWELL-38287 and Anne FRAYNE-38288.

Spouse: Annie TEMPLE-23056. Annie TEMPLE and Joseph CALDWELL were married about 1890.19012 Children were: Mabel CALDWELL-37623, Joseph CALDWELL-37620, Ray CALDWELL-37621, Regina CALDWELL-37622, Walter CALDWELL-37624, Lauretta CALDWELL-37625.

Joseph CALDWELL was born on 19 April 1894 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.17832 He died in November 1967 at the age of 73 in Valley Stream, Nassau, NY.17832 Parents: Joseph CALDWELL-36867 and Annie TEMPLE-23056.

Julia CALDWELL19014 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Rufus M. WALDROP-91298. Julia CALDWELL and Rufus M. WALDROP were married before 1873. Children were: Mae WALDROP-35185.

Lauretta CALDWELL was born on 10 August 1904 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.17832 She died on 9 October 1992 at the age of 88.17832 Buried in St. Johns' Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY. Lauretta was the mother of Loretta Smith, who was the provider of the information on this line. Parents: Joseph CALDWELL-36867 and Annie TEMPLE-23056.

Spouse: Joseph F. SMITH-37626. Lauretta CALDWELL and Joseph F. SMITH were married on 4 November 1940.17832 Children were: Jerome SMITH-37627, Loretta SMITH-37628.

Lelia CALDWELL was born in 1878 in MS.19015,19016,19017 She appeared in the census in May 1910 in Attala Co., MS.19015 She died in 1920 at the age of 42 in Sallis, Attala, MS.19016,19017 Buried in Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery, Sallis, MS. Her parents were both from MS. She had had only one child by 1910. Parents: Henry Daniel CALDWELL-82364 and Martha Ann SORDS-82365.

Spouse: Wilburn Benton TEMPLE-20221. Lelia CALDWELL and Wilburn Benton TEMPLE were married in 1908 in MS.19015 Children were: Jennie Sue TEMPLE-39466, Freeda TEMPLE-42686, Beatrice TEMPLE-42687.

Leta Mae CALDWELL19018,19019 died.

Spouse: Virgil Ruth LAMBERT-77121. Leta Mae CALDWELL and Virgil Ruth LAMBERT were married before 1932. Children were: Velma Lee LAMBERT-49816.

Louvisa CALDWELL (private).

Spouse: Stephen BISHOP-153855. Children were: Nancy BISHOP-153852.

Mabel CALDWELL was born on 9 December 1891 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.17832 She died on 24 January 1964 at the age of 72 in NY.17832 Died at Pilgrim State Hospital. Buried in St. Johns' Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY. Unmarried. Parents: Joseph CALDWELL-36867 and Annie TEMPLE-23056.

Margaret Virginia (Virginia) CALDWELL9444,19020 was born on 30 October 1906 in Mt. Pleasant, Titus, TX.19021,19022 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Titus Co., TX.19021 She lived Route # 2 in Mt. Pleasant, Titus, TX in February 1942.19023 Margaret lived 1014 East Weatherford Street in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX in 1962.19022 She died on 17 April 1962 at the age of 55 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX.19022 Died of myocardial infarction. Originally sent to the Masonic Cemetery, Titus Co., TX. Buried in Farmers Academy, Mount Pleasant, TX. She might be a second wife. Parents: T.B. CALDWELL-89953 and Bessie SLAUGHTER-89954.

Spouse: GIPSON-84900. Margaret Virginia (Virginia) CALDWELL and GIPSON were married about 1929. Children were: Patricia Lee GIPSON-84898.

Spouse: John Pat (J.P./Pat) TEMPLES Sr.-51796. Margaret Virginia (Virginia) CALDWELL and John Pat (J.P./Pat) TEMPLES Sr. were married on 2 May 1935 in Titus Co., TX.19024 This appears to be a remarriage or rededication since both used the Temples surname. It is not clear if there was an earlier marriage, though. Children were: Patricia Lee GIPSON-84898, John Pat TEMPLES Jr.-51804.

Margaret Walker CALDWELL19025 was born on 17 September 1884 in Chattanooga, Hamilton, TN.19002,19025,19026 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Chattanooga, Hamilton, TN.19026 She lived in Lookout Mountain, Hamilton, TN in 1918.19027 Margaret died on 9 February 1919 at the age of 34 in Chattanooga, Hamilton, TN.16954,19025,19028,19029,19030,19031 Died in a local hospital of pneumonia following influenza. Buried in Forest Hills Cemetery, Chattanooga, TN, Plot: Section K 369 W286. Her parents were from GA (father) and TN (mother). By 1910, she had had no children. Parents: F.H. CALDWELL-91310 and Mary Ellen WALKER-91311.

Spouse: Walter Theodore TEMPLE-23321. Margaret Walker CALDWELL and Walter Theodore TEMPLE were married on 6 January 1909 in TN.19025,19026,19028 This was a first marriage for both. Children were: TEMPLE-90365.

Marlena Faye CALDWELL (private).19032

Spouse: Jackson Clyde TEMPLE-48991. Children were: Lance Wade TEMPLE-48996, Jason Heath TEMPLE-48997.

Mary CALDWELL (private).18997 Parents: CALDWELL-63975 and Viva -63974.

Mary CALDWELL was born in 1895 in IL.4737,4738 In January 1920 she was a telephone operator in Fondulac, Tazewell, IL.4737 In April 1930 she was a Tinker Toy piece worker in Evanston, Cook, IL.4738 Her father was from IL. Parents: CALDWELL-134132 and Margaret -134133.

Spouse: Roy TEMPLE-134130. Mary CALDWELL and Roy TEMPLE were married in 1913 in IL.4738 They4738 were divorced before 1919 in IL.4737 Children were: Everett Guyer TEMPLE(S)-136084.

Spouse: Clarence SCHERF-136085. Mary CALDWELL and Clarence SCHERF were married in 1919 in IL.4738

Meredith CALDWELL (private). Parents: Richard Bruce CALDWELL-40388 and Ellen BATCHO-40389.

Mildred Fern CALDWELL was born on 26 January 1914.7971 She died on 8 February 1966 at the age of 52 in Stillwater, Payne, OK.7971,18997 Buried in Sunset Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum, Stillwater, OK. Parents: John Gabriel CALDWELL-81801 and Pauline Clara AHNER-81802.

Spouse: George Henry (Henry) TEMPLE-63969. Mildred Fern CALDWELL and George Henry (Henry) TEMPLE were married about 1942. Children were: Kenneth TEMPLE-63971.

Nancy CALDWELL (private).

Spouse: Austin Limiel TEMPLE Jr.-41892. Children were: Amy Elizabeth TEMPLE-76650.

Neal A. CALDWELL19033,19034 was born in 1919 in PA.19034 He lived 1221 Mulberry Street in Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA in 1941.19034 In August 1941 he was a steel mill laborer in Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA.19034 Neal died.

Spouse: Sarah C. TEMPLE-47914. Sarah C. TEMPLE and Neal A. CALDWELL were married on 29 August 1941 in Hagerstown, Washington, MD.19034

Ocie CALDWELL was born in 1912 in AL.19035 In April 1940 he was a cotton mill winder in Sylacauga, Talladega, AL.19035 He died.

Spouse: Margaret E. TEMPLE-60984. Margaret E. TEMPLE and Ocie CALDWELL were married before 1940.19035

Ray CALDWELL was born on 5 January 1897 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.17832 He died in November 1982 at the age of 85 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.17832 Parents: Joseph CALDWELL-36867 and Annie TEMPLE-23056.

Regina CALDWELL was born on 18 August 1898 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.17832 She died on 25 August 1992 at the age of 94 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.17832 Buried in St. Johns' Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY. Parents: Joseph CALDWELL-36867 and Annie TEMPLE-23056.

Richard Bruce CALDWELL (private). Parents: Walter CALDWELL-37624 and Esther NYQUIST-40387.

Spouse: Ellen BATCHO-40389. Children were: Meredith CALDWELL-40390.

Royal CALDWELL was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Charlotte PARKER-7741. Charlotte PARKER and Royal CALDWELL were married in 1823 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.4495

Ruth E. CALDWELL was born in AR.19036 She died.

Spouse: Dale G. WHITE-94911. Ruth E. CALDWELL and Dale G. WHITE were married. Children were: Patsy Ruth WHITE-94910.

Sarah K. CALDWELL19037 died.

Spouse: Robert Y. HANNA-102525. Sarah K. CALDWELL and Robert Y. HANNA were married. Children were: Hazel E. HANNA-72770.

Sheila CALDWELL (private). Parents: Forrest Dean CALDWELL-116687 and Virginia Christine (Virginia) TEMPLE-49709.

Sophia CALDWELL19038 died on 21 September 1906.

Spouse: John W.F. PARKER-11443. Sophia CALDWELL and John W.F. PARKER were married.

T.B. CALDWELL (private).

Spouse: Bessie SLAUGHTER-89954. Children were: Margaret Virginia (Virginia) CALDWELL-51803.

Tom CALDWELL (private). Parents: Forrest Dean CALDWELL-116687 and Virginia Christine (Virginia) TEMPLE-49709.

Walter CALDWELL was born on 9 December 1901 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.17832,19039 Some family research gives 5 Jan 1901. He died on 23 October 1992 at the age of 90.17832 Parents: Joseph CALDWELL-36867 and Annie TEMPLE-23056.

Spouse: Esther NYQUIST-40387. Children were: Richard Bruce CALDWELL-40388.

William B. CALDWELL15859 lived in Greenbrier, Monroe, OH before 1860. No issue.

Spouse: Ella Fauntleroy TEMPLE-18662. Ella Fauntleroy TEMPLE and William B. CALDWELL were married on 18 November 1860 in Rockingham, Tuscarawas, OH.15863,19040

Leila CALE19041 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elmer CARLSON-101157. Leila CALE and Elmer CARLSON were married before 1928. Children were: Margaret Helen CARLSON-54875.

Mary CALEASIE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Peter B. HODGES-24184. Mary CALEASIE and Peter B. HODGES were married on 7 April 1836 in Washington Co., MD.18445,19042 Children were: Francis Marion HODGES-44094.

Stephen CALEF19043 was born on 15 March 1734 in Waltham, Middlesex, MA. He died about 1814 at the age of 80 in MA. He served in the military.19043 Served as a Sergeant in the Revolutionary War. Name also given as Califf.

Spouse: Rebecca HOWE-353. Rebecca HOWE and Stephen CALEF were married in 1813 in MA.16553,19043 Intention filed in Westminster, MA, 17 Jun 1813.

Spouse: Anna STEARNS-27953. Anna STEARNS and Stephen CALEF were married on 22 May 1755 in Waltham, Middlesex, MA.19043

Henry CALENBERG (private).

Spouse: Sarah PARKER-8384.

Billie CALENTINE (private).19044

Spouse: Jacob NASH-106389. Children were: Tina Louise NASH-106387.

CALHOUN was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Dessie Edith LE FEVRE-91698. Dessie Edith LE FEVRE and CALHOUN were married before 1942.

Barnwell Rhett CALHOUN Jr.19045 was born in 1939. He died in 2016 at the age of 77.

Spouse: Rosemary TEMPLE-119710. Rosemary TEMPLE and Barnwell Rhett CALHOUN Jr. were married about 1962.

Brad T. CALHOUN (private).

Spouse: Teresa L. TEMPLE-174332.

Brenda CALHOUN (private). Parents: Lewis Victor CALHOUN-34295 and Gertrude Rountree (Gertrude) TEMPLE(S)-34258.

Elizabeth O. (Bessie) CALHOUN19046 was born in May 1885 in Beaver Co., PA.315,19047,19048,19049 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Hopewell, Beaver, PA.19047 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Bridgewater, Beaver, PA.19048 Elizabeth appeared in the census in January 1920 in Woodlawn, Beaver, PA.315 She died. Her parents were both from PA. She had had no children by the 1900 census. By 1910, she said she had had only 1 child, who survived, but she apparently did not count Stella. In the birth certificate of her daughter Stella in 1906, Stella was the 4th child of Bessie, but only the second living child. The timing of the birth of William is unknown, but would have been before 1918. They either divorced or she died before his WWI draft registration in 1918. Maiden name given as Callahan in her son John's death certificate, which she informed, but is given elsewhere as Calhoun. Parents: James CALHOUN-93579 and Amanda -93580.

Spouse: James Harris TEMPLE-3130. Elizabeth O. (Bessie) CALHOUN and James Harris TEMPLE were married in April 1900 in PA.19046,19047 Children were: John TEMPLE-92500, Stella Evelyn TEMPLE-92085, William Calhoun TEMPLE-3134.